Kate Gosselin Dating Millionaire Businessman Jeff Prescott

Posted on Jan 2 2015 - 3:11pm by Dani-K


“Kate Plus Eight” has a date! According to E! News, the reality mega-mom star, Kate Gosselin, is dating 51-year old businessman, Jeff Prescott, who’s company is worth an estimated $25 to $30 million. Good for her because feeding eight kids has got to be a drain on the ole grocery budget.

These two have supposedly been seeing each other since October when they were spotting around New York City, where Kate had been shooting the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. Prescott is co-founder of Dreamstime, a supplier of digital images, who is a divorced dad of three. And if you look at his list of philanthropic ventures, it’s obvious this guy cares about kids. He’s president of the Deaf Children’s Foundation and director the Nature’s Youth Fit Kids Foundation. Sounds like he’s quite the catch!

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Kate is a very busy person (besides having twins and sextuplets) right now. In addition to participating on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice which begins on Jan. 4 on NBC, Kate will also return to TLC in Kate Plus 8 on Jan. 13.

Will there be a future for Kate and Jeff or will she emasculate this man like her ex, Jon Gosselin? Tell us what you think and don’t forget to tune in to All About the Tea’s Celebrity Apprentice recaps.


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  • jane grey

    I would guess that a man who makes that much money would be harder to emasculate.

    • Addie2U

      Time will tell. If anyone can emasculate him, Kate’s our girl.

  • Yolie

    Good for Kate. She deserves happiness after dealing with that bum, Jon. Looking forward to the new season of the show. I miss the kids.

  • ImaSayinIt

    Kudos to Kate!
    It’s not hard to emasculate a worthless POS as her first husband was and continues to be. There should be a picture of Jon by deadbeat in the dictionary.
    Hope she finds true love!

  • BuckJohnson

    I did a little research on the guy. He may have a few million dollars in the bank and/or as stock options but he’s not big money guy. That is why they keep talking about his company having a value of 25 to 35 million dollars. It’s a private company so we really don’t know how much the value is but they made last year (from what they said close to 10 million dollars). I think he may be angling for the publicity, companies like he have are becoming less of a rarity as more people are making companies that do microstock to make money. Especially if a Google or Microsoft (who tried to buy them and THEY said turned them down which means they either didn’t like the money offered and/or they declined because being private maybe microsoft wanted to get more information). And remember he’s divorced with a few kids and so he’s not the money man that they are saying.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Whatever happens I hope the kids are happy.

    I have serious issue with people who exploit their children for a paycheck. I understand that the cost to raise them all must be exorbitant. But you had them! I also understand wanting to share & show off your kids. Pretty much every parent thinks their kid is special, but to share them on TV with a national audience on a national stage?
    Just look at the stats. Almost every kid who was put on TV at a young age has serious issues. & those are the ones who survived it.
    I think it’s exploitation & the money doesn’t outweigh the price it costs that child. You are basically using your children to make an income for yourself.
    Imho, that’s not good parenting, unless you are willing to walk away from it all the moment you see that your child is being harmed.

    • Newchild

      Hon, those kids are not happy. J/S. Did you happen to catch their interview when momma was trying to pick their words outta their mouths? It was on The VIEW. They actually refused to speak – they looked at their Mom and rolled their eyes….and refused to speak.

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        I know NC. I saw it too, pretty sad & strange to watch & see how the girls interacted with their mom. They wanted to be anywhere else but there.
        I am hoping that maybe having a relationship with someone who seems to be a bit more stable & strong-willed will help make things better for the kids.
        I have always felt like they were treated like tools that both parents have used at their whim & they seem to be quite tired of the spotlight.

        I guess we will all find out as the show goes on & more comes out on social media. Just hate to see a kid consistently so unhappy on camera when it’s obvious they don’t want to be there & are being forced, manipulated or coerced.

  • Newchild

    chicklet teeth. ugly woan.


  • I’m glad “Kate Plus 8” is returning!

  • Ravello

    I used to read some of the Kate blogs and the stories that came out about that woman would curl your hair. She treated family, friends and Jon like dirt. But she totally bores me now. She is exhibit A on how people exploit their kids. The twins are teens now and it won’t be long until we read their Mommie Dearest books.