Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: Tea with a Side of Squashed Beef [Episode 8]

Posted on Dec 28 2014 - 2:30am by Editor


The ladies of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” return tonight. In episode eight, Kandi can’t seem to keep the peace with her family, causing Todd to suggest an alternate solution.


Phaedra looks ahead toward life as a single parent, while Claudia’s mom and grandma touch down in Atlanta to have some fun on the town.


Kenya looks for office space to help with the launch of her new ambitious business plans and also accepts an invitation to sit down with NeNe, Cynthia, and Porsha — which ends with a surprising conclusion.


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  • Karma

    I’m pretty sure momma Joyce is either possessed by the devil or is the daughter of the devl

    • Abby_Wabby

      Kandi is MJ make no mistake.

      • Addie2U

        I never saw it before, but I truly believe you’re correct. Only difference is — while Joyce usually has a sour puss on when she’s dishing it out, Kandi has a big old toothy grin.

      • lemon lime

        I hate kandi’s laugh.

      • Karma

        Hi Abby

        I think you’re right I’m starting to feel & see the similarities Kandi is MJ

    • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

      Karma, MJ is so ratchet, I’m pretty sure even Satan makes sure not to mess with Mama Joyce!

      • Karma

        hahaha LMAO yep I’m pretty sure Satan is shit scared of her that one crazy nut job

      • Karma

        LMAO I think you’re right

  • Marsbars09

    The “intervention” by Moose is totally producer driven. Moose doesn’t give two sh*ts about reconciling with Cynthia or that Kray and Porsha are cordial with one another.
    I also think it’s a bad idea for Kray and Porsha to be in the same room together. Porsha may not be able to control herself when dealing with Kray. And Kray did press charges against Porsha.

    • RonnieIsBack


  • Marsbars09

    It’s obvious Kandi didn’t care how her mother treated Todd’s late mother. I guess if Kandi puts up with it so can everybody else.
    Todd did have a point about not having Sharon and Joyless together at family gatherings. Joyless is plain evil and doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in her body. Any family gatherings would have been tortuous to all involved.

  • Addie2U

    Kandi is very immature. Instead of looking at the bigger picture & what would be best for all those involved, she just loves to instigate. Every time her mother (or someone else) says something negative (or vile) about another person, she just HAS TO RUN & tell them. Then after she drops the bomb she sits back & acts shocked when it detonates.

  • lemon lime

    If I hear roger Bob,one more time I’m pulling my eyelashes out.

    • lemon lime


      • Sunny


  • LymeDisease_Fighter

    What in the H E double hockey sticks is going on with Neners rug? That thing looks like an old rat-chewed mop head that she dug out of little orphan Annie’s back allie trash can. Surely Derrick didn’t do that ‘do. Lol

  • Bonita Gee

    so I see Cynthia is back up Nene’s butt crack again.. Damn isn’t one kiss enough. She kissed Nene on the cheek and couldn’t stop. OKAY, damn Cynthia we get you you want to be friends again… Sheese!!
    Oh and by the by, Is TWITTER down for anyone else tonight?