Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sneak Peek: Yolanda Feels Left Out

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 3:02pm by Nancy


Tonight the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” return. Yolanda and Eileen meet for lunch and bond over their love of family, discovering a surprising connection between their children. Lisa Vanderpump returns from Palm Springs to engage in some hanky panky with her pet swans. Then, Yolanda is less than pleased with Lisa Vanderpump when she doesn’t get an invitation to her award ceremony.


Lisa Rinna travels to her hometown of Medford, Oregon to visit her ailing parents and goes through her childhood home for the last time.


Kyle hosts a casual BBQ, complete with private chef, where Eileen gets a chance to meet all the ladies. Brandi tries to get an answer from Lisa Vanderpump about her housewarming party, but quickly learns that Lisa will not be pushed around.


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  • SDC

    I’m so sick of Yolanda always making things about her. I feel left out. Be my friend. You’re not my friend. Me, me, me, me, me! Yolanda is just mad that she called Lisa a Hollywood friend and she’s mad that Lisa is proving to be anything but.

    • twifan2

      Yoli needs to go back to Brando. Oh wait! Brando makes everything about herself too. Oh well…

      • SDC

        Not to mention 2 snakes can never truly be friends. One of them will always turn on the other. Yolanda is the epitome of a Hollywood friend.

    • Rochelle Barozzi

      God she is so freaking NEEDY! I canot handle women like that.

      • SDC

        I know right?! I mean, why is she so needy? 1. She has a husband 2. She claims to be a strong woman. So why does she have to be so needy?! I always feel like she feels the others have to prove themselves to her but she never proves herself to anybody

  • Babson_Chick

    Yo needs to chill, Blandi needs to go, don’t trust Klye and Kim – poor thing.

  • nn

    This looks interesting and Yo needs to back up and sit down. Everything is not about Yolanda. Love that Lis is not going to take Brandi’s nonsense.

    • SDC

      Yolanda desperately wants Queen Bee status in the group, and the truth is, nobody really gives a rat’s ass crack about her.

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    LOL good for Lisa.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    God Yolanda is so annoying! Yes Lisa went to David’s Star ceremony, BEFORE his wife staged a gang up on her. Why would she invite her now?

    • Trippinhhard

      IKR Lisa didn’t need her fake smile and pose, since that coup didn’t work, now Lisa is so important… Well Lisa should have invited her to that dinner and had her sit in the seat next to giggy, at the end of the table…

  • MorningYawn

    I’m kind of dreading the lisa Rinna bit with her parents. I didn’t watch it yet, waiting for show. My parents are very close to being in that situation as my mom is failing. They’ve been in their house 35 years. 🙁

    • Trippinhhard

      MY, you’re so blessed to still have both your parents and I know you do everything you can to help.. I know it hard bec older people still have their independence and they don’t like to be needy.. Bless you and your mom

      • MorningYawn

        Trippin, that was just beautiful. Thank you for the perspective. I am blessed to have both my parents. We are struggling with the independence for sure. I saw my dad in Lisa’s mom. She would be utterly lost without him. Thank God he still has his health. Bless you sweet lady. I hope you are feeling well yourself.

    • Tre’s Going to Prison

      Besides a wonderful Christmas Holiday wish I truly feel for you with your parents. It’s always difficult and a time of angst and concern when our parents are getting up their in age.
      Always remember the love you all share and let those smiles come right on across your face.
      Best of strength to you Mornin’ Yawn!

      • MorningYawn

        That was beautiful Tre’s! Thank you. Wishing you a very happy holidays!

  • Trippinhhard

    Yoyo no one cares what you think, your coup along with the rest didn’t work and now you’re upset you weren’t invited to Lisa’s event…. I think that non invite spoke volumes to me, your presence was not needed.. Now just remember to take care of my love, King David..
    OT: Merry Christmas to all of you, be safe and enjoy your family and friends..

    • Tre’s Going to Prison

      Blessings Trip. I hope that you are feeling a bit better.
      And Merry Everything to you and your family!

  • italiano bambino

    im so bored with them i know the season start with a bang but is been a dust so far.. Where’s Miami atleast with them you know they bring good crazy (besides RHOA). JMO

    • SDC

      LOL just be patient, apparently the drama isn’t too far behind.

    • MorningYawn

      I’ve been liking the glitz and glamour and not having to cringe at the fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward the the cattiness but enjoying the BH lifestyle (minus of course Brandi!)

      • itsjustme

        I MUCH prefer watching BH because of the glitz and glam and very little cat fights I refuse to watch NJ or ATL. I can’t stomach all the screeching and fighting with very little true interaction between people. I can do without the drama.

  • Karma

    Get the hint Brandi when you stab someone in the back that you call your BFF you you won’t be invited to anything special in your former BFF life same goes with you YoFo & I’m so sick of your BS I don’t care what you think or feel I have no zero respect for you& Brandi pkease go away

  • TartLemon

    It seems like BH is 2 different shows they’re trying to meld into one. There’s Lisa/Lisa/Eileen too busy with REAL lives to rehash the bs of last season. Then, the rest. Brandi’s just ignorant. PERIOD! Kyle’s lies at auditions was that she could act. Uh…NO! Kyle and Kim have nothing to talk about but themselves. Yolanda’s newest victimhood is BLECH! Lisa invited who she wanted at the start ceremony. Obviously she did not want Yolanda there.

    So, now Mauricio is referring to Kyle as “My Love”. Another BLECH! I did like when Lisa told Kyle to butt out of the situation between Lisa and Brandi. WTG Lisa.

  • Shinningstar

    Instead of complaining about why she didn’t receive an invite, she might want to worry about why her teenage daughter is drunk driving. Yolanda seems to put all her attention into her marriage and her “mini me” Gigi, no wonder Bella feels she has to rebel for attention.

    • annamaria10

      You will put that idiot Dr. Phil out off a job. Brilliantly stated!

  • She Stinks!

    I never had a feeling one way or the other on Lisa Rinna, but dare I say, I’m starting to like her?

  • itsjustme

    Brandi, Brandi, Brandi,,,,When will you learn that you tried knocking Lisa from her well deserved top spot and failed. WTF would Lisa want anything to do with you? Although it does appear that she did show up to your “housewarming”, I hope it’s just to tell you what a low life you truly are!

  • lemon lime

    I hope Santa is good to all of you!

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    This show SUCKED last night and I am a far more stupid person for having watched it.

    Vyle is SO phony. I don’t believe her “perfect” life and the way she tries to be down to earth when every other word out of her mouth is how rich they are, how many Chanel bags she has–but oh, she’s SO down to earth (/sarcasm). BLECH.

    Kimbecile is a rambling mess who should be off this show before we see a second tragic death in this series.

    Lisa Rinna is acting like she is still on a soap opera. She’s PLAYING the role of a BH housewife.

    The show last night had ZERO storyline and was soooo dumb. I am now officially over all things Bravo. BLECH.

    On another note–Happy Holidays Everyone! All of you are awesome, unlike these phony, narcissistic, two-faced HO’s.

    • Debbie

      Happy Holidays! I am in the minority because I actually like Kyle and her family. I felt Lisa was the one flaunting her wealth in the viewers faces when she had her “blouse designer” over to monogram her shirt cuffs with diamonds, and her $15,000 shoes!! To me, that seems so self indulgent and wasteful. I totally with your comment on the boring episode, this season seems to be starting out slow.

      • Sliceo’pie

        Unless you’re talking about a different episode-she said the Brian Atwood “Hooker” shoes were actually $1,500.00 🙂