Apollo Nida Speaks Out from Prison, Says He’ll Fight Phaedra Parks for Money

Posted on Dec 13 2014 - 1:42pm by BeachSpin


Apollo Nida, is locked up in prison paying for his crimes, but being incarcerated doesn’t mean silence, and he is speaking out about his pending divorce from “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s,” Phaedra Parks. He spilled his frustration to In Touch, elaborating that if his shady wife is going to proceed with divorce, he plans to go down swinging, and will fight for compensation.

“I will not walk away empty-handed, considering all I’ve put into the marriage over the five years,” he tells In Touch. “That is completely fair, I think. It wouldn’t be right for her to just take everything and leave me with nothing to come home to.”

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Apollo’s biggest complaint is the loss of relationship with his sons, and he blames Phaedra, not his icky new address, the Federal Medical Center, in Lexington, Kentucky, for his daddy loneliness.

“I can’t see why she would continue to hurt me by not allowing me to see my boys,” Apollo explains. “This isn’t right. If I don’t see my children for eight years, that would be some bulls—, and I would fight for that right! Who in their right mind would allow children to be away from their father for eight years, regardless of where the father is at in the world?”

“I certainly don’t think a prison is any place for two young boys. However, something tells me that he’s on target about his living quarters not being the reason for Phaedra keeping their boys away. Phaedra was distancing herself, and the children before Apollo was even sentenced, and we all know that the sketchy history with this couple is yet to be fully revealed.”

My fingers are crossed that Apollo Nida, sings like a caged canary, and the whole truth about this reinvented supermom is exposed to the world.


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  • WestCoastFeed

    Didn’t I see that he also had some advice for Teresa? Was that in some other article?

    • twifan2

      On another site, WCF.

      • WestCoastFeed

        Yes, I found it. Her told her to force herself to eat the vegetables. I love that.

        • twifan2

          I read that. 😀
          I don’t think Tre likes veggies that much, but she better learn to like them ASAP!

          • WestCoastFeed

            He also told her to stay humble and not try to act better than anyone else. I think she can do that. She was humble on CA and managed to last because she kept so quiet.

          • twifan2

            I think she’ll be the ‘child’ in prison.
            Not humble, but too scared to be arrogant. BUT then again, Tre has proven me wrong time after time.

          • Bingo!!!

  • cait

    How come Apollo’s sentence is much more severe than the Juiceys and for much less money, I think ? I said before that he hasn’t the brain cells to organise such a scheme and there are more than a couple of dodgy characters knocking around that show ! Judge Sallas worries me a lot ! She seems to work on personal feeling, rather than evidence !

    • WestCoastFeed

      Apollo was a repeat offender and that made a big difference.

    • Jennymckitty

      He was stI’ll on parole when he committed these crimes. If he hadn’t given up co-conspirators, he would be facing a lot longer time.

      • WestCoastFeed

        And, on top of that, it is said that he dry snitched on others for a reduced sentence, supposedly uncovering some law enforcement people involved in crime.

        • WTF

          Then Phaedra has every right to get as far away as possible form him.

      • WTF


    • Apollo was on parole and a repeated offender.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Cait, have you been able to read the blogs that Stacy Slotnik, Esq., has done here? I just took a peek at her twitter time line because I wanted to mention her to you. And she has just tweeted that she is going to be doing another blog for AAtT soon and will be talking about Apollo and Phaedra among other things. I am really looking forward to that. Stacy has been a wonderful source for legal info.

      • Jennymckitty

        I just love Stacy. She is a great asset to the site.

    • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

      Apollo had already served time for very similar crimes Cait. He did 5 years of an 8 year sentence. Lets hope this time around that track he will return home having learned that lesson.

    • WTF

      I wonder if it is because this is Apollo’s second offense?

      • Bad Barbie

        Try this is his like his 3rd or 4th time in jail….

  • murlut

    I am sure he will not get a DIME. That woman protected herself very well I am sure. Let him spend all the money he has trying, Hopefully his mommy can run down and put money on the books, hahahaha for maybe since he tried to be nice to Kenya, she will run down and give him money

    • Kathy

      I agree! Apollo has said on camera that he signed a prenup. he will get nothing except possibly half the proceeds from that “work out” video they made. Then again half of nothing is nothing…

  • WTF

    I find it rather pathetic that Apollo blames Phaedra for all his hurt. No fool it was you that did it to yourself. Do all prisoners run their businesses and get media coverage from prison?

  • shayvoe

    Could he be any scummerier if he tried? It is your fault you moron that you went asunder, and left your kids without a father for the next 8 years. You really are a pea brain….I don’t know who is dumber, you or Tre. She expects her kids to come EVERY weekend and you expect your soon to be ex to travel 8 hours one way, pay for hotel bills, or airfare or gas, and misc expenses, so you can see the kids whom you didn’t think about while committing your crimes. I wonder who you and the other imbecile think is going to pay for these trips to see your kids, whom neither of thought about while lying, cheating and stealing?

  • TartLemon

    Apollo’s constant barrage of very public attacks against Phaedra prove it’s all about Apollo and nothing about his children. She doesn’t want you anymore, Apollo, and Phaedra has NEVER indicated she doesn’t want the children to know their Father.

    • Kathy

      It doesn’t help him any that we are watching RHOA and we see that he wasn’t at home spending time with the kids before he went to prison. It makes his sob story about Phaedra not bringing his kids to see him in prison out of state laughable. If I was Phaedra I would say “you chose not to see your children when you had the chance, I am not dragging them out of state to see you in prison when you couldn’t be bothered to see them when you were in Atlanta.”

  • BuckJohnson

    He’ll sing, trust me he’ll sing real soon. You see you can’t say that Phaedra didn’t know what was going on in this crime and the other one that sent him away to federal prison the first time. What Phaedra is banking on is that no one will believe him and think it’s just sour grapes. I got news for you Phaedra, there is already Stanton who wrote that book and is still out there all he has to do is corroborate any of her stuff and your done also if he knows of other stuff and they fit your done. He’s going to rat her out and if she is smart truly smart she would have money for him and other things to pay the judgement and also when he gets out so he doesn’t rat her out. But Phaedra isn’t smart when it comes to relationships.

  • colleen

    1. I hope he sings, too, just for gossip sake. But those 2 adorable kids would be heart broken if mom goes down the river
    2.,Federal prison isn’t like state jail. Not sure but Apollo wouldn’t be chained or black/white prison garb. Phadrea is wrong about not taking kids to see him
    3. Shut your damn fool mouth, Apollo. Throwing thousands of $$ to strippers etc and u want compensation??? Shut up, fool

    • Bad Barbie

      Not even state minimum security jails are like that.