Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kenya Moore Says “I’m Painted As The Villain, But It’s Helped My Career”

Posted on Dec 12 2014 - 8:02am by Dani-K

Kenya Moore

Star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya Moore, says that even though she’s taken a lot of heat from some of the haters ladies on the show, such as being lied on by Apollo, she claims this

“has only helped propel her to other things.”

The former Miss USA joined Bravo’s RHOA in 2012. This season the viewership has exploded to four-million per episode, the highest ratings RHOA has ever received. Doors are wide open for Moore and she plans on boosting her movie production company, Moore Vision Media.

Beginning Jan 4, Moore will appear on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” alongside, Brandi Glaville, Kate Gosselin,  Vivica A. Fox and four other women teammates. Will she be the most hated there, too? Word has already leaked that Moore and Glanville don’t get along – at all. This is the first time Donald Trump has selected two Real Housewives – and maybe his last!

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As for whether Kenya triumphs over Brandi on “Celebrity Apprentice,” we’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out but one thing is for sure, Brandi has taken the low road in the feud by constantly flinging insults towards Kenya. In a recent interviewKenya Moore clapped back at Glanville’s classless attacks, 

“I think Brandi’s sole reason for joining the show was to be an irritant toward me. My purpose of being there was to really get some knowledge and skills, and just have a better sense of the business world. Brandi’s sole purpose of being there is probably to just be drunk and act an idiot.”


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  • I love Kenya. Can’t stand Scandi.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Kenya, the shade master. Gotta love her!

  • Broad’s delusional. No one in Hollywood will work with ever again after Donald Trump has labeled her “The most evil woman he’s ever met!”
    No man will have her, we’ve NEVER seen with a man she hasn’t paid for on the show in all the years. She cheat’s her landlord, then squats refusing to move out, letting police remove her while cameras roll, no self-respect! She’s been busted on blog rolls ghost posting about herself cuz she’s her only fan. Then writes/fights w/scathing comments about the rest of the cast.
    She lies about a dog getting eatin even tho photo surface of him alive w/her best friend in LA. KM will steal a biz idea from a friend she just met then try to steal her husband. All her evilness just to stay employed. She’ll pay in heaven, cuz she wont get there. Liar/Cheat/Greed
    She hasn’t been in one movie or commercial in 20 years!!
    Just a nasty, ugly,dirty self absorbed sociopath like Teresa Guidice. Yes, Fans hate her.

    • Norrth

      When did Kenya cheat the landlord? When did she squat? What man did she pay for? The picture of Brandon with Kenya’s dog predated its death. You can check IMDB to see her recent work. Nene, it’s not nice of you to show up to post things that are so rude and so nasty… and so untrue.

      • CoolBreeze14

        Thank you! They don’t know. They’re just easily led silly folks reciting what’s been told to them.

    • Jennymckitty

      Omarosa didn’t have a career until she played the evil girl in The Apprentice.

  • Norrth

    Every time Nene reads that the viewership JUMPED when Kenya joined, it must cause serious heartburn for her.

    • CoolBreeze14

      LOL! You know it does. As much as folks hate on her, idiot trolls with no rational judgment keep her rising.

  • murlut

    Trump dissed her, Apollo tried to recant the truth to tick off his wife. Doesn’t she get it, most of us think the delusional old windbag could never resurrect her career. No one wants her, Walter wouldn’t take money to be her boyfriend, No one in the whole world will be her boyfriend and they all ran away because she is such a hateful person. Took her 11 months to come up with 20k for the school in Detroit. What, was she selling cupcakes on the hooker corner she was standing on.?

    • Ridge Briar

      Nene? .. shouldn’t you be rehearsing for your evil wicked stepmother role instead of posting insults about Kenya because you feel so threatened by her stealing your spotlight.
      But on second thought – being evil and wicked for Nene comes naturally and wouldn’t require a rehearsal. And she needs to make sure and take the money she makes on Broadway – and do something that benefits someone besides herself … and write that check for charity like she should have done a long, long time ago.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        Howdy hey Ridge! So happy to *see* you. What’s shakin’ bacon?
        Happy Friday & happy posting.

        • Ridge Briar

          TGIF … looking forward to the weekend. Have a good one!

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            Same here. Need it. LOL! Enjoy!

  • CoolBreeze14

    Well I wish her well on everything that she does! She definitely has tough skin, I’ve got to give her that! Funny how her haters are reciting MADE UP LIES about her to prove their own delusions. Yet there has been plenty of receipts on the other cast members and their whorish ways. The fact that out of all the HWs other than Nene, Kenya was the ONLY one asked to be The Apprentice should tell the cast and viewers something! Regardless of what Donald Trump thinks about any of these stars personally, you can tell he loves pageant girls and smart, beautiful women. In fact, Claudia Jordan had been up there TWICE. He loves Letoya Jackson and Omarosa as well. I can’t wait to see this show!

  • CoolBreeze14

    murlut and Hollywood really ruin my commenting experience, as with
    others up here. All they do is recite lie after lie to prove right their
    own delusions. If you hate Kenya Moore so much, who do you waste so
    much time talking about her? What are you getting from all this hate you
    have for a woman you’ve NEVER met and that you’re never going to meet?
    You don’t think it’s stupid to go from post to post trying to make up
    lies about someone you hate? It makes you all look stupid and immature,
    NOT her. She’s getting her coins. I really enjoy posting on this blog
    but I’m sorry I’ve just got to speak up. Tired of these BS Reality Tea
    trolls coming over here. Go on back to that racist, trashy blog and all
    the other blogs that Moose and Fraudulent Parks pay to spread lies about
    Kenya ONLY to deflect from their own SHADY ways. Most of you chicks
    talking about whether she can get a man probably live alone you’re damn
    selves. I will NEVER understand miserable women who down another
    gorgeous woman because their MEN are lusting after that woman. No wonder
    the divorce rate is over 70% in AMERICAN households.

    Fact of the matter is, save all the BS you spew and take that ish to another
    blog because us intelligent commenters over here don’t want to hear it.
    There’s plenty of back end, virus infested, trashy blogs you are more
    than welcome to visit to spew your delusional Kenya Moore hate.

  • Jennymckitty

    Kenya plays the villain on Atlanta. I have no idea what she is like in real life. She always seems rational, professional and nice when being interviewed outside of Bravo.

  • CoolBreeze14

    Your favorite STILL looks like an out of shape, FROG. LOL.

  • CoolBreeze14

    If she was so secure and confidant in herself, why would she be CHASING behind EX CONS and sleeping with them on air mattresses???!! That just further validates Angela Stanton’s story! Apollo worked for Phaedra!

  • Shaneka Johnson

    What career does Kenya Moore have?She went from B movie actress, to moving to Atlanta to be on Miss NeNe’s show.NeNe is getting all the major gigs and Kenya is jelly.Only gig Kenya can get is hosting events at ghetto Bar One.Donald Trump fired her.Trump also hired NeNe to host and judge the same pageant Kenya won 21 yrs ago.Kenya brags about winning that tired 21 yr crown every other day.Kenya needs to ask NeNe’s manager to hook her up ,so she can get gigs in Las Vegas,Broadway and a clothing line on HSN.Oops my bad Kenya claims to be starring on a sItcom on the EBT card,i mean BET network.Why Fox,ABC and NBC not calling for her?Why superstar Kenya Moore is not starring in her own reality show by herself without NeNe and the rest of cast?

  • TJ Marcus

    Mrs WhooSA is a joke, she hasn’t done anything worth talking about since she was given that Miss America crown. She has had to downsize from last year. No one can handle working with her & for Trump to call her t he most evil thing he has ever come in contact with. That says a lot.
    Have you ever noticed, you never she Kenya & Dennis Rodman in the same room together. She looks a lot like Dennis. Just saying