Ladies of London Noelle Reno’s Broke Fiancé Scot Young Murdered by Russian Mobsters?

Posted on Dec 12 2014 - 2:55pm by Dani-K

Noelle Reno

The sad, but gruesome details are emerging about Scot Young, boyfriend of “Ladies of London” star, Noelle Reno, and his tragic death. As we told you earlier in the week, Young’s body was found by residents outside his flat in central London. He had fallen from a fourth story window onto the iron railing fence below. Firemen had to cut through the metal with an angle grinder in order to remove his body.

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At first police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, and were calling it a suicide, but now, detectives are going to re-investigate the death amid “fears they discounted foul play too soon.”

Noelle Reno and Scot Young first met in 2008. Americans who watched Bravo’s “Ladies of London” became acquainted with the couple last year. During the show Scot often seemed down-trodden by his ongoing divorce and pressure from Noelle to settle. By the time the divorce finalized, six years had gone by. At one time, Scot had been jailed for failure to disclose financial details to the judge. By the show’s finale, Noelle and Scot had announced their engagement, but it emerged yesterday they had called off the engagement in recent weeks after a series of arguments.

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Close friends of Young’s are now saying he is the 5th person to die under “unusual circumstances.” A friend of Young’s has now claimed the “millionaire tycoon” was hounded over debts in the months before his death by Russian mafia members. There are claims that these “Russian mafia members” had previously dangled Young out of a window at the Dorchester Hotel, in Park Lane, threatening to drop him next time if he did not pay up, though others claim that never happen. Also among the five victims was millionaire property magnate Robert Curtis, 47, who once dated the model Caprice, who also appeared on Ladies of London. He died falling under a Tube train in December 2012.

Noelle Reno

The Daily Mail is reporting that James Creed, 64, a friend of Young’s for more than 25 years said he believes he might have been the final person to speak to Young, who called two hours before his death. “He was quiet, which wasn’t like him. He seemed distracted but didn’t say anything unusual.” He also added, “I can’t believe he committed suicide, but there was a lot of pressure on him. He was under too much pressure and people do things when they are not thinking straight.”

Noelle Reno

Officers have refused to say if Mr Young left a note.

Neighbors said they believe he was alone in the £3million duplex flat when he fell, though they said his partner – American model Noelle Reno, 32 – had been at the property earlier that day.


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  • BuckJohnson

    I believe he was killed, he probably did alot of shady things with people and with him probably owing millions the Russian Mob is not a mob you want to take lightly. Especially since so many of their members are in England also. Someone threw his but out that window and made sure he cleared the little yard and got at least into something real hard or sharp.

    • After reading this article, I totally believe your theory. Noelle was lucky she didn’t swim with the fishes too.

      • Jennymckitty

        Could explain why she was coming back to the U.S. When her career is in UK…or was she just coming back for Christmas?

        • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

          Hi Jenny. Happy Friday. I read Noelle had been getting some good job offers before & had turned them down to stay with Scot. & that she was still getting really good offers & finally decided it was best to go home then wait any longer on her relationship with him to move forward. It also said they had broken up but were still living together until she finalized her move back to the U.S. But I can’t say it’s truth with any certainty.
          Maybe it contributed to what happened? idk. I think it quite odd for a male to jump. It”s not the typical M.O. for a man when choosing to commit suicide.

          • WestCoastFeed

            And jumping off a 4 story building sounds like a M.O. for a very painful death.

          • I read similar. The impalement is a brutal way to go.

  • This shit gets weirder and weirder everyday.

    • Karma

      yeah sure is i believe that they threw him out of the window as a warning to others their not mucking around they could have easily shot him with a silencer but they are warning others that you’re next we not playing.

  • Jennymckitty

    I don’t see how he could have accidentally fallen. He either dove out that window or was thrown. I read about another associate of Scot’s that was involved in Project Moscow. He was living in exile in the UK after a falling out with Putin. He was found hung to death in March. There is a lot going on with story.

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

    Wow. This stuff seems to go much deeper than what we first thought. Such a tragedy,

  • Karma

    Wow what a horrible way to go I certainly don’t believe that he took his life usually men when they commit suicide they don’t jump out of a window and impale themselves they usually shoot themselves stab themselves cut their wrists and lie in the bath with hot water.

    Definitely something fishy this was no suicide it’s imo a homicide

    May he RIP I actually felt sorry for him he was going through a messy divorce & he had Noelle on his back to finalize it and marry her asap

  • DLister

    All so incredibly sordid … and sad.

  • TartLemon

    IMO, 4 stories is not enough to assure death in a suicide.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Yes, I agree. It is the recipe for a lot of pain. Not for an assured death.

    • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

      Pretty much guaranteed if you aim & land on the metal spikes of the fence.

      • TartLemon

        No, still not a guarantee of death. Sure way to cause intense pain and severe physical injury, though.

  • September24

    O/T – The New York Daily News is reporting that Kim Richards’ 80 year old friend is suing her for the dog attack and she also named the production company for hiring that dog trainor who filmed on RHOBH. Wow!

  • DoneWithBravo

    How many more deaths is it going to take for Bravo to end the stupidity of semi-scripted shows? This seems to be yet another person faking his wealth for his significant other and for the viewers, and he winds up dead (either by suicide or murder). Russell Armstrong, anyone? When will this end??? Very sad, terrible loss.

  • WOW. Just wow. That’s horrible. RIP to him.