Watch What Happens Live: Brandi Glanville Says Kenya Moore Is A Horrible Human Being

Posted on Dec 10 2014 - 1:07pm by Nancy

Watch What Happens Live - Season 11

Sandra Bernhard and Brandi Glanville of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are both known for being incredibly outspoken, so it’s a little surprising that the two ladies did not get along swimmingly during last night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” Sandra Bernhard seemed annoyed and less impressed with a seemingly intoxicated, slurring words and vulgar Brandi Glanville.

Andy Cohen challenged the two stars to play a game called “Never Have I Ever for Advanced Players” where Sandra and Brandi tell just how naughty they have been. Considering these ladies are constantly landing in hot water for their sharp tongues, the game was due to get scandalous pretty quickly.


A caller asks Brandi what her issue is with “Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore and Brandi says, “she’s a horrible, horrible human being.”


During the after-show, Brandi doesn’t hold back about her feelings on Kyle Richard’s recent comments that she is not friends with Brandi anymore.


Brandi then responded to the Brandi-themed game of “Hot Po-titties” that former Housewives Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, and Taylor Armstrong threw shade at Brandi.



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  • italiano bambino

    I hardly watch WWHL I saw it last night I was laughing with all the trash talk going on. Sandra implying that Gerard butler might be gay lol…. they shift (andy) FAST.

    I’m not ashamed to admit I like brandi. Do I approve some of her antics NO but she looks like you can have fun around her. Jmo

    • Trippinhhard

      Fun you can have, but don’t tell her shit, because she will tell..
      She can’t keep her mouth closed..

      • italiano bambino

        But none of them do. They all trash each other. Brandi is vocal that’s the main problem

        • Trippinhhard

          Brandi is the victim in all situations, I did this bec you did that..
          Her mouth is like running water, never really listening to the tall tales she telling.. But she making money for herself.. Good for her, but the victim act is old and tired, just be the woman, she claims to be..

          • Karma

            Brandi’s not a victim, she’s just not anyone’s doormat. Who would sit there and be a doormat for any of those women? If you would be, then that sucks for you. But I wouldn’t sit there while those women ran over me.

            And seriously, what would be your best ‘woman’ response to them, and which allows you to keep your RH job? Do you see the conundrum that exists?

            These are essentially soaps, which is why RH brought soap stars on, they know how to bring the drama, in ways that Carlton and Joyce couldn’t, and Brandi still does.

            And let’s be honest, Lisa Rinna throwing wine in an alcoholic’s face and breaking a glass on the table, is drama. But if Brandi pulled that scene, the internet would be on fire, demanding her head.

            Bravo knows that the viewers would be bored to tears with more shots of Lisa’s closet, tame meals, and no drama. Which is why even Lisa is saying how great this season is, and chased after more Brandi and Scheana scenes for Pump Rules, she knows that drama sells too.

          • Trippinhhard

            That’s your opinion of Brandi, not mine and nothing you post will change that.. Brandi is the forever victim, that’s a fact..

          • commonsense12

            So opinion is not fact for others, but opinion is fact when it’s your opinion? Doesn’t work that way, Lol.

          • Poo

            Was it “soapy drama” that Brandi went on WWHL
            to discuss her cocaine use, bisexuality , joy of multi partners etc, etc, etc. OR that she slapped Lisa in the face. Doubt Lisa signed on for that part of the” soapy drama.”PS. Many people on the Internet already want her head because she talks like trash, dresses like trash and behaves like trash

          • LaurenAnn

            She didn’t go on there to discuss her cocaine use.. lol… she was asked a question during a game and she answered honestly.

  • I watched last night and I never saw anything so pathetic in all my days. It was worse than NeNe getting mad because Paula Patton was seated next to Andy and she wasn’t. The way Brandi kissed Sandra’s ass all last night was comical, especially since she’s supposed to be so “real”. She must have heard Sandra was a lesbian, but the way Sandra was getting her together, she can tell class from trash.

    • Trippinhhard

      Sandra and Madonna used to get down, Sandra could see that Brandi is trashy..
      I sure she wasn’t interested in Brandi’s crotch… Js

      • What? Really? This is my first time hearing about Madge and Sandra. And yes, Brandi has more miles on her than Route 77. Sandra doesn’t want any parts of that.

        • Trippinhhard

          @Bre—that’s old news that was in the early years, when she was sleeping with everyone, you may not be old enough, but she and Sandra was good friends…

      • Karma

        And Brandi wasn’t really interested in Sandra’s crotch Brandi was just playing with her, and Sandra knew it, but Sandra hates being next to pretty women. Madonna was the exception, but since she’s was a world famous singer, it’s a good exception to have. It gave her more fame than she ever had.

        Seriously, when was the last time you remember seeing Sandra standing next to a pretty woman? She’s always hated it, and knows her type of beauty, doesn’t fly standing next to them.

        And Sandra also didn’t like being second fiddle to Brandi, at all. Most of the calls were for Brandi. Even worse, Sandra always wants to be the outrageous one and there was no where for Sandra to go in order to shock people.

        Either way, Sandra lightened up during the after show. But the actual show unintentionally nailed Sandra in all of her weak spots.

    • Jennymckitty

      Sandra wasn’t interested at all in becoming a chapter in Brandi’s new book.

      • LMAO! So true! We all now Brandi loves to sleep and tell.

    • equinox2009

      Sandra seemed peeved Brandi kept touching her hand and arm, probably more skeeved then peeved!

      • Can you blame her? Brandi is like the plague. She infects everyone she comes in contact with.

  • murlut

    I was rolling. It was hilarious. WTG Brandi for calling Kenya out for what she really is. I bet Walter, the African Prince and all those she has screwed over were laughing too..

  • Brandi makes me want to throw up. That’s all.

  • I cant wait to watch Donald Trump tell Kenya Moore she’s “The most Evil woman he’s ever met” cuz she IS! Ask Walter or Phaedra. But mostly fans!!
    She came on the show just LYING about everything!! Her dog dying, home, $, dad, men, acting jobs, Bentley, stealing biz ideas, stealing husbands, fighting, nasty, & hard to look at.
    Brandi deserved a standing ovation, she just said what ALL RH fans have ben wantin Bravo to hear for 4 years!! Kenya shoulda been fired when Bravo found out she paid Walter to get her on the show, she made a fool outa that network.

    • Guest

      Sounds like you’ve been reading those lying, back alley, virus infested blogs that Phaedra and Nene pay to tell lies about the other cast mates to cover up their own BS. Had you been paying attention you would have realized Walter said

  • CoolBreeze14

    We’re supposed to listen to this drunk trashy chick tell us anything?! I’m telling you the women who have spoken negative about Kenya Moore are the lowest of the low. Far from role model material! Kenya keeps folks pressed so apparently she’s doing her job laughing all the way to the bank while the folks talking about her are getting fired from part time gigs, getting bad botox, getting divorced, snorting coke, getting drunk, you name it!

    Right now, Omarosa currently has the title of the biggest reality TV villain of all time!

  • CoolBreeze14

    I was done with Brandi with how she kept going after that beauty queen Joyce from last season on their show! She behaved like TRASH. I guess the viewers who watch these housewives shows relate so much with the petty, insecure, and mean girls because deep down that’s what they are.