Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: Friend or Faux [Episode 5]

Posted on Dec 7 2014 - 11:45am by Editor


Cynthia’s frustration concerning her defunct friendship with NeNe hits a peak, causing her to vent to her mom and sister. Hoping to get all the women to move past their issues, Kandi organizes a dinner so they can all hash out their differences, but Phaedra and Kenya get into it yet again when it comes to Apollo’s infamous lies. Claudia gets settled into her new life in Atlanta with Kenya’s help and also begins to open up about her troubled family history. Meanwhile, Kandi makes plans to put her old house on the market but is shocked once she and Todd uncover its alarming condition.


Plus, NeNe and Cynthia come face to face for the first time in months, which leads to a roller-coaster of emotions. Watch a sneak peek at NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s first sit down since the reunion.



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  • noarguingwithstupid

    Sounds like another night of Kenya’s whining–She really tires me out and I am sure that is what all men think of her too. She just doesn’t get how her personality really turns a lot of folks off!!!!

  • murlut

    I am so tired of the Kenya WHINING too. She is not a victim. She flirted with Apollo during filming and ignorantly made the comments on the show to get to Phaedra. Do I believe she slept with him, oh yeah she did. She has never been married and why is that. Well maybe most men see exactly what and who she is. She paid Walter and apparently there wasn’t enough money in the world for him to say yes to her. You can see her aunt doesn’t agree with her tactics either, trying to talk her out of the hateful and negative comments. Something is wrong with her. She has short circuited somewhere. All her ignorant comments about everyone show exactly who she is. She isn’t witty, she isn’t beautiful anymore, she isn’t talented or even working and sure the hell seems to be having a hard time paying the rent. Not al lot of pluses

    • charma

      She paid Walter but she has a hard time paying the rent? You haters contradict yourselves in the same conversation! How is that possible? And you better be careful repeating the slanderous things Phaedra says. Unless she has proof Kenya paid anybody, Kenya could go after her for the legally. Phaedra is imploding.

      • murlut

        She did pay Walter. She has been legally EVICTED for not paying her rent, court documents are available. She is broke. She had to wait to get paid from Bravo and Trump to give the 20 to the school. She flirted with a castmates HUSBAND, said he was fine, wiggled her ass for him. Trash is what she is. Kenya cant go after anyone cause what they say is true. Sorry. She cant find a husband because who the hell would want some psycho like her. She is delusional

  • Nene is so arrogant and pompous. She overtakes every conversation. Being her friend is an exhausting job!! Glad Cynthia finally woke up and cut her lose.

    Love Kenya, Cynthia, Claudia !!!

  • Marsbars09

    Hi all,
    I didn’t get any audio from the clips. I don’t know if it’s a technical difficulty on my laptop.

  • Bonita Gee

    Well I’d rather not see a Sneak Peek before the show I want to be surprised. ……….. And I hope Cynthia is NEVER dumb enough again to make friends with Nene.. Nene is crazy and think she should control and boss Cynithia. I’m glad they’re not friends anymore.
    I can’t STAND Kandi’s instigating ass this season. Seems like everything she does is insincere and just a set up to start trouble among the others.
    I think Apollo is sitting in his prison cell right day dreaming of Kenya and NOT Phaedra… He’s wanted that woman since he first laid eyes on her.. I think he was VERY SERIOUS when he asked Peter “Do you think she’ll visit me in prison?” LOL! He’s lusted after her for along time, from the first time he picked her up and jumped in the pool with her. … Poor thing.

  • Wigs & Cigs and Moose are on Watch What Happens Live pretending to like each other. I fathom Kim may be coming back to RHOA soon. UGH!!!