Breaking News: Mama Joyce Speaks! She Will NOT Attend Miss Sharon’s Funeral & She’s Sorry For Her Ratchet Behavior

Posted on Dec 3 2014 - 3:33pm by Nancy


As we reported, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Todd Tucker’s mom, Miss Sharon passed away on Tuesday.

Many fans of the show expressed condolences and many also addressed Miss Sharon’s and Mama Joyce ongoing feuding. Fans conveyed their concern over Mama Joyce’s toxic behavior towards Todd and his mother and hoped Mama Joyce would show remorse for ratchet behavior.

Last season, Mama Joyce went out of her way to shamelessly label her son-in-law, a gold digging opportunist and said his mom, Miss Sharon, was a prostitute and Todd’s dad was a pimp (false accusations).

Joyce spoke to TMZ and expressed regrets for her vile behavior and attacks on Miss Sharon. She also clarified that she will NOT be in attendance at Miss Sharon’s funeral out of respect for the Tucker family and their friends. In lieu of attending she’ll send flowers. Thank God!


In the most shocking turn of events, MJ said she wants to work on better relationship with Todd. I wonder how long this remorseful sentiment will last? Miss Sharon completed filming scenes for the current season. In the footage, Kandi makes some flippant remarks to mother-in-law.

We sincerely hope Bravo use intelligent judgement and pull those scenes from the current season. 


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  • Nene robs kids

    Bravo needs to pull all disrespectful scenes with Miss Sharon this season IMO

    • Shelly Jones

      That’s too much like right…. It’s bravo for Pete’s sake.

      • Nene robs kids

        You’re right what was I thinking?

    • Marsbars09


  • Trippinhhard

    That’s the best thing for her to do.. Her being there would only makes things tensed..
    They should not use that scene with kandi and Ms. Sharon at the table. Don’t do the same thing they did with Russell

  • Gabby

    Best for her NOT to attend. She berated this poor woman for no reason. Stay the hell away, Mama Joyce! What you did was unforgivable.

  • Shelly Jones

    Its the right thing to do. Hopefully this will stop her horrible treatment of Todd. He does not deserve that.

  • Marsbars09

    Thank God Joyless won’t show her sorry behind at Sharon’s funeral. The last thing Todd & Kayla is MJ acting a damn fool.

    • Jennymckitty

      Hey Mars! Good to see you! ITA. Nothing good can come from that old battleaxe attending Miss Sharon’s funeral. I’m sure everyone is grateful she is staying away & they won’t have to worry about what ish will come out of her mouth.

  • September24

    Bravo did right by Joe Gs dad when he died suddenly so I am sure they will do right by Todd and his mom.

  • Get out

    She don’t wanna show up cause she knows she will get an ass whooping on Miss Sharon’s home turf. Bless you Todd.

    • donna

      IRK? Joyce may be stupid, but she sho ain’t dumb! Cuz the Tucker Family will drag her a$$ all through that Funeral Home!

  • brasserie

    Mama Joyce got out in front of this situation by pronouncing her wise decision to not attend Miss Sharon’s funeral. Most sensible thing to come out of her mouth in two years. She would not be welcome after the juvenile, hood and disrespectful treatment directed at the lovely Miss Sharon. Mama Joyce needs a program. Neither Kandi nor a seven bedroom home can’t fix this woman. So sad when she has a majorly successful daughter, a wonderful granddaughter and a very decent and hard-working son-in-law. She’s jealous of Kandi and would destroy her happiness just because she could.
    RIP Miss Sharon. We all enjoyed meeting you through the TV.

  • murlut

    MaMa Joyce is playing the game. She is an obnoxious golddigger who thinks her daughter should support her and buy her whatever she wants. She is a very hateful person

  • Jessica

    Joyce (I refuse to refer to her by her hood name) really should just shut her pie hole and have a seat. Without his mother having his back, Joyce will go in on Todd full force. Mark my words. She is a vile creature who is probably the BIGGEST gold digger I’ve ever seen in my life! Joyce, go scratch your Dorothy Hamil weave and STFU!

  • Jessica

    Rest in eternal peace, Sharon. You are a light that Todd will forever carry in his heart…..xo

  • sandra

    Joyce’s guilty conscience is what’s talking…no sorrow in her for the way she has treated Sharon and Todd…