Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Apollo Confess He Lied About Kenya Moore [Episode 2]

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 6:36am by Ronnie D


Episode 2 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and this is a good one hunties!  Raise ya glasses!

First up, it is time for Ayden’s first dental appointment. No matter what you may feel about his parents, that Ayden is such a cute kid. Phaedra is dressed like she is going to the governor’s luncheon with pearls and lots of eye shadow with her mom and Mr. President who is napping, naturally. We see Apollo on his cell phone having an intense conversation (lawyer perhaps) walking into the dentist office when surprise, he sees his family. He looks stunned. Ayden announces, “Daddy, oh boy!” Gotta love children. I am like, well it is a pediatric dentist, who else were you meeting there if not  your son?  Strange.  Anyway, he tries to make small talk with Phaedra. She ignores him as if he is wearing a wire at the dentist office (allegedly). He speaks about how much he will miss his son while in prison. Yes sir, you will miss approximately the next 16 appointments. They drive away in separate cars in the opposite direction.

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Peter and Cynthia are at Bar One planning the party celebrating Cynthia’s five-page spread in Ebony magazine which is extremely huge (Google them). Peter throws shade about Cynthia’s high behind and airbrushing. Seriously Papa Smurf Peter? I say next time you bring him his Jamaican coffee, Cynthia, have a side of Rogaine on the saucer and see how he likes the shade. Cynthia goes over the guest list and says Porsha is not invited. Apparently Ms. Porsha has been bumping her big gums all across town saying Cynthia doesn’t have a mind of her own. This, coming from Kordell’s ex-beard ex-puppet.  The new and improved Cynthia isn’t having it, no ma’am. Cynthia also mentions, yet again, that she and NeNe are never ever getting back together. She says fibroids are less draining than a friendship with NeNe.  Bloop!

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Across the way at Kandi and Todd’s house, they are awaiting the arrival of  Mama Joyce. She is getting a brand new house from her real suga mama KandiTodd is feeling some kind of way and saying Kandi is acting like Oprah buying house after house after house. Todd, slow your roll, you are still only a thousand-aire, so don’t worry about Kandi’s coins. Kandi basically tells Todd to fall back because she can buy her momma whatever she wants. Besides, if Teresa Giudice won’t live in a used house, why should Mama Joyce? When Mama Joyce arrives, she and Todd have a stare down contest and very tense and brief pleasantries. Brrrrr.

Over at Kenya’s place, she is in a zen-like mood and making tea for her BFF, Brandon. They compare beatdowns, his with Apollo and hers with Porsha. She lets him know that the police are involved.  Brandon says he will avoid Apollo because he doesn’t want to contribute to beige on beige crime. He tells Kenya  to basically seek out her inner Iyanla and let go and let God. Forget the drama and continue to make money and remember who you are girlfriend! They do a little ditty about their new song, “Really Bish” which mocks Porsha’s unbeweavable horse mane and praises Kenya’s real hair. #Burn.


Back in Vegas with NeNe and Greg (carrying the bags), NeNe is all nervous with white teeth and nails ready for her close up on the stage. The makeup artist tells her she will be great. The Art Director, Ria, is telling her just remember your lines and be on the stage in 15 minutes, stat. Time to throw on the Marie Antoinette wig and get ready for an orgy. #MyEyes.


Mama Joyce loves her new home. Bravo lets us know that it has 7 bedrooms, 4 full baths, a two car garage and a basketball court so Mama Joyce can perfect her jump shot. She seems as excited as a koala bear on xanax. Seriously. Kandi is just glad her momma approves. She is also thrilled her mom will be right down the street because she and Todd are trying for children (it’s been a year). Mama Joyce asks if Todd had a Vie-Sect-A-Mee.  Kandi looks confused.


We see NeNe in all her drag queen glory on stage. Oh the Zumanity! She claims the show is sold out but I see quite a few empty seats. Bathroom breaks, perhaps? She is speaking in a deep Barry White voice and humping and grinding for the show. Greg looks stumped. NeNe pats herself on her back for all her accomplishments. We all know who her #WCW will be this week-herself-again.  Curtain call. Thank Gawd!

Finally we are at the real party at Bar One. Cynthia walks in looking fabulous in her white and black pant suit. Kandi arrives with Todd. Peter compliments Kandi’s curves. Hey, Peter it would be nice if you were that generous with the compliments TO YOUR WIFE. Ms. Lawrence is in the house and everyone continues to let us know that Cynthia is 47 and Fabulous! She actually is. Of course Kandi asks about Porsha (messy boots) and Cynthia lets her know that Porsha is Persona Non Grata and buh bye. 


Kandi speaks about Phaedra being stressed so she probably will not attend. Kenya and Claudia (finally) arrives. Kandi right away asks has Kenya spoken to Porsha. Really? Kenya just ignores her and congratulates Cynthia. This is the beginning of Team Pretty vs. Team Petty. Yasss! All of a sudden, who walks in, it’s Apollo. Kenya makes a beeline for the ladies room and asks Claudia to join her. Apollo says “I thought we were cool?” Idiot. Kandi makes a messy comment about Apollo sending Kenya the information so she can send him money in prison. Way to support women, Kandi  #TackyAzz. In the bathroom, Claudia tells Kenya that she grabbed her purse and checked her social security card when she saw Apollo. Something tells me I am gonna love Claudia


They return to the party and Kenya announces she is leaving. Kenya tells everyone bye except Apollo who then makes it his business to actually ask to speak with her privately. I was glad Cynthia stayed outside with them. Security! Apollo starts to offer a half-hearted apology but Kenya is having none of that. She presses for him to admit that EVERYTHING was a lie. Prison Apollo shows up and he gets loud and calls her an a**hole. He does admit that he lied about fellatio. He goes back inside. Cynthia sends for Kenya’s vehicle and goes inside to tell the others what went down. Kandi, Todd and Peter are shocked that Apollo lied. When Apollo comes inside they all asks him point blank did he admit to lying. He says “yup.” They are embarrassed that they chose to treat Kenya like dog poo the entire time out of loyalty to Apollo. Apollo laughs and tells them he appreciates their loyalty. This guy. 


Peter suggests they all owe Kenya an apology. Apollo goes back outside. Kenya doesn’t want to talk with him anymore. Then, the real apology comes. Apollo says he was mad because Kenya backed out of their money making deal (DVD sales for donkey booty were dismal; Stallion Booty sold very well). He was also mad because Kenya told Phaedra at the reunion that he texted her. He admitted Kenya never met him in LA and he made the entire scenario up. Apollo says at the end of the day he is going asunder (heehee) and he wants a clean slate. Kenya wishes him well.

wap-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-7-next-a-kenya-and-apollo-confrontation_0 (1)

Next week the showdown between Cynthia and Porsha.  This is going to be good.


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  • Good recap. First, WTF is asunder and what does it have to do with surrendering to the feds? Second, I feel Todd has every right to question Kandi about buying Mama Joyce a house. For one, Kandi GAVE Mama Joyce her perfectly good house. So are all those decorations and alterations Mama Joyce was making, on KANDI’S DIME, are they just going to fall to the waste side? Truth of the matter is, Mama Joyce is a raggedy old bat (hate to say it but she is) who will never be satisfied with life if she isn’t running her daughter’s. She wants the last say so in everything. Todd is a good one. There ain’t enough booze, pills, and money in the world that would make me deal with her. Onto Cynthia, I’m still trying to figure out what did NeNe actually do to Cynthia for her to have this newfound attitude. She’s literally been kissing the ground NeNe has walked on for years, now she wants to grow a spine, at the most inopportune time? Girl bye. And I’m finally glad that Kenya got her apology from Apollo. That scumbag lied on her on national TV and people just took it and ran with it. I never believed that rumor because it just didn’t make sense. If this happened, where’s the proof? Show me a receipt of purchase. There was none of that. However, Kenya made it easy for everyone to believe with her antics. Had she never texted this man there would have been no reason to doubt her. Overall good episode, better recap.

    • Norrth

      Oh, Breanna. You must be wrong. Remember, MJ takes care of herself, Kandi doesn’t do anything for her. Nope… a retiree in a 7 bedroom 4 full bath house… and I’m sure Kandi won’t give her another dime. No.. not one.

      • Right. I’m clearly jealous that this hard working senior takes care of herself with her 7 bedroom 4 bathroom home, and I hate to work for my tiny 3 bedroom 1.5 bedroom house … that I rent. Damn MJ! LOL

    • RonnieIsBack

      Thanks. You missed Apollo’s ignorant tweet that he was “going asunder” when he finally turned himself in. He really does have chit for brains.

  • Norrth

    That guy has the nerve to think that Kenya should be happy he FINALLY told the truth? That is the mentality that got him into trouble. His wife, and her friends, went on national television to tell a story they had to know couldn’t have been true. Not so much as an apology from any of them. Peter came closest and I think I missed his saying he was sorry. P.S. I have to record so that I can skip all Nene and Phaedra scenes. I did see the clip of next week’s show with Phaedra being “SHOCKED, I TELL YOU” that Apollo lied.

    So, um, Todd might want to listen to the fates and not have a child with Kandi, sorry. She’s laughing while her mother continues attacking Todd’s mother and keeps saying SHE is the victim. He should run while he can.

  • I❤bravo

    Stallion Booty sold well? Ok, Kenya

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I’m team Cynthia and Kenya. They seem to be the only two staying true to themselves. Kandi sit down somewhere and stop letting your momma run every man you have away. Mama Joyce is making Kandi’s life crazy for her financial gain!

  • Great recap, Ronnie!!

    First, I must state, you make some thought-provoking observations, like the one about Phaedra acting like Apollo is wearing a wire. WOW!!! I never thought about that and it’s VERY plausible.

    I give Todd credit. There is no way I could marry a woman who allows her mother to treat me and my family the way that Mama Joyce does. It’s downright disrespectful. Being a mother does not give you license to be a wicked little rat. The only person using someone for their money is Mama Joyce. That little lie she told about dreaming that Todd had a vasectomy is pure rubbish.

    Thank goodness the Kenya/Apollo drama is finally over. I’m glad he FINALLY fessed up. What he and his wife did to Kenya is beyond wrong and Phaedra owes Kenya an apology STAT. Phaedra is no dummy. She knew Apollo did not have a legal means of income. Phaedra doesn’t strike me as someone who can be fooled about anything.

    • murlut

      So I don’t know where Apollo’s lies start and end. Maybe he was just buddying up to Kenya so she will send him money on his books, cause its pretty obvious that the little wife wants nothing to do with him and his felon ways

  • Yolie

    Great recap. No shocker, Apollo lied. He’s a criminal and con artist so no surprise he lied on Kenya. I’m sure Phaedra knew he was lying also. She’s a lawyer, she knows the art of lying.


    “lied on”????? Is this bad grammar for laying on top of someone in the past tense? I believe you mean “lied about.”

  • Jersey

    Mama Joyce is just too much. I can’t stand her anymore and she always seems like she’s been drinking or taking something. After Kandi saying at the reunion that MJ had credit cards in her name without her knowing made me believe 100% that all she cares about is Kandi’s money. That is so shady and she has the nerve to say any man in Kandi’s life is after her money, she’s the only one that seems to be after it.

    • classycns

      Yes Kandi outed her own mother as a felon. LOL. Todd, DO NOT have a child with Kandi. Kandi said that she has not been on birth control for a year. I think Todd might have gotten a vasectomy and keep it quiet. I would if I was him. Kandi thinks she’s got Todd for life. Well according to the prenup Kandi and Todd get split any future earnings they make together. So I think Todd is using Kandi as a spring board for his own career. As soon as he gets a big and lucrative project, he’s out of the marriage. Lose, lose for Kandi.

  • murlut

    I am so over mama Joyce. What a gold digging old hen. She wants everything for nothing and she is just a downright nasty LIAR. Kandi needs to get her head out of her butt and see what her mom looks like in real life. I am sorry, if my mom ever treated my husband like that, I wouldn’t be laughing at her. Mama Joyce needs to GO AWAY.

    • MJ is a crook and a LIAR!! Why would a single elderly woman need a 7 bed/4bath house? What a complete waste of her daughter’s money. People that waste money like usually don’t stay rich for long.

      • WestCoastFeed

        Check Boston Herald . Com for the latest on teresa prepping for prison.

      • Jennymckitty

        IDK, Doc. MJ isn’t going to live forever & real estate, if purchased intelligently, can be a good investment.

  • BeachSpin

    The Ebony spread was gorg but I’m already sick of Cynthia’s preening, plus I think she’s had a nip and a tuck. Kandi can look at herself squarely in the mirror if she wants someone to blame for the diva beast that MJ has become. Apollo is a lying sack, but I have to admit that I was wowed by someone actually admitting that they are a filthy liar on any of these shows…I believe that was a first, so congrats to the felon thief. I’m sure his abs are coming right along…LOL…love Claudia so far.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks for the great recap, Ronnie. Am I the only viewer who thinks the mama Joyce character and story line is fake?

    • Jennymckitty

      No, I think so as well. I think MJ has always been critical of Kandi’s boyfriends but not like this. I think this is an act to get MJ screen time & promote “A Mother’s Love” which should be touring right now. Even if it is somewhat fake, it annoys me to no end. I can’t stand watching her.

      • If she’s faking that’s disgusting. The tour of “A Mother’s Love” was cancelled.

        • Jennymckitty

          Yes, but it wasn’t when this was taped. MJ upped her game last year prior to the premier of the the play.

          • Aha…I will pay closer attention to their facial expressions and body language.

        • Harleygirl0685

          What’s up Doc?

      • Harleygirl0685

        Hi Jen! She annoys me too! She claimed Todd was basically a gold digger, but I think she has proven she is a gold digger! Actually this whole show gets on my nerves!

    • Harleygirl0685

      I used. To like her but after her bullshit from last year I don’t like her anymore!

      • annebeth66

        After the bridal shop showdown and attempted shoe throwing, I was done with her. The 3 Sisters better known as “The Old Lady Gang” ready to throw down because Kandi wanted to look at gowns was too ghetto. Mama Joyce is a user, who couldn’t be satisfied with her daughters old house, which Kandi had remodeled for her. Now she has a new house right down the street, which is bad news for Todd because that woman will be in their house every day.

        • Harleygirl0685

          100% agree with you! Nothing good is going to happen with that living situation!

  • Kat

    “wearing a wire” …awesome theory. I think as long as Phaedra puts money on the books (and she will find a way without putting it in her name) and has a house and car waiting for him when he is released, Apollo will not spill her criminal past. She needs to just confess and get it over with
    Cynthia was a good friend to NeNe. Even when you realize your friend has very bad characteristics, a good friend will still try to support them, but when Nene turned her bad character on Peter, the friendship contract ended.
    Kandi oh Kandi, her true colors have been pouring out since the wedding special. Kandi supports her gold diggin mom but won’t share a dime with Todd. She lavishes her daughter with anything she wants, she feels the justice system is bias to black men and she endorses violence when nonviolently provoked…..You can now sit over there with Phaedra Porsha and Nene and MJ
    Nene…skip (nothing interesting to see or talk about)
    Porsha….skip (nothin interesting which is why she was fired

  • CoolBreeze14

    Great recap Ronnie! ☺ I thought this episode was way better than the premiere and I bet it got more ratings! How about the Kenya and Sherri Shepherd showdown on Twitter and on WWHL though?! That was crazy! Kenya has all these basic, out of shape no real job having women coming for her all the time. Last week it was revealed Naomi Campbell BEGGED Andy Cohen to keep Porsha and not fire her and screamed that she couldn’t stand Kenya Moore. LOL. I’m loving Team Pretty! Who is Team Pretty? Kenya, Cynthia, Claudia, and Demetra! ☺ Those are the only ones this season I’m really checking for. Why is Nene still on? Her scenes are short and boring and pointless! No way in the world would an A, B, or C-lister take the type of jobs she’s taking!

    Loved seeing Claudia she came in right off the bat shading Apollo! Apollo is an idiot and I’m glad he’s in the slammer but what disturbed me was how Apollo had so many people believing his story! How are you going to believe an EX CON over a beauty queen??? LOL. I don’t believe the entire cast believed Apollo. I think some of the girls just chose to hate Kenya because she’s a threat so once again, I hope Claudia is ready for the haters! With that backwards basic group, if you are not from Atlanta, are confidant, and attractive and in shape, you are a target by the ugly bots. LOL!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Hate makes fools believe a lot of things..they just cannot get past coochie crack I guess LOL. Thanks CB.

      • CoolBreeze14

        They living in the past with Kenya. I think they just want a reason to hate her. After all not all of us are fabulous. LOL!

  • CoolBreeze14

    Ayden and Dylan are cute yes, but Phaedra made me laugh talking about raising strong black men. Hoe please! She going to raise those boys to be schemers and frauds just like she is and it’s sad. Kandi is just shady and a simpleton. I think folks give Kandi praise because she has money but really she does not posses common sense. I have to come to Todd’s defense. Kandi’s mother runs her and if that continues her and Todd’s marriage is NOT going to last because it’s very obvious Kandi values her mother’s love over Todd! Kandi said she wanted a husband but some women just get married to have that title of a “wife” and I think Kandi is one of them. So that saying “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” really applies to Kandi, Phaedra, and Porsha!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Exactly and last time I check Gary Coleman was black…What chu talking bout Fakedra LOL…

      • CoolBreeze14

        LOL!! Yes! Her words are going to come back and bite her right in that donkey busted booty of hers.

    • Chloe

      You said that. Kandi better kiss that husband goodbye because that marriage won’t last.

      • CoolBreeze14

        That is the truth! He never acted that into Kandi to me! He’s always looking at Porsha!

    • annebeth66

      Apollo is nothing but a good looking, scamming sociopath, that loves drama. He doesn’t care that he has 2 sons that need their father, when he can steal other peoples money. Yes he has a wife, no real job but can drop $8,000 at the strip club. He stole millions and Phaedra had to know because that money was used for the house remodel, when he was shouting about HIS money being “up in the house.” So now he’s headed back to prison and he doesn’t seem too upset. Maybe he missed prison, hanging with the dudes, pumping weights.

      • CoolBreeze14

        “Maybe he missed prison, hanging with the dudes, pumping weights.” LOL! I’ve actually heard Apollo likes them men too. Although Apollo is a DOG there are some very insecure, color struck women out here who would take him at the drop of a dime! Her Instagram comments are a perfect example!

  • Chloe

    Great recap Ronnie. Apollo wearing a wire sounds about right to me. Phaedra did not say a word to that man. Claudia Jordan is a warm addition to the cast.

  • Bonita Gee

    Wow Apollo is one Cocky bastard….. apologizes and in the same breath gets angry and take the apology BACK! ……………Goes back into the party, gets read by Kandi, feels guilty (I guess) and goes back out to apologize AGAIN…. Okay I give him credit for apologizing AND for admitting to lying about her being in L.A, that’s all fine a well.. Now Kenya just MOVE ON and forget about an apology from Phaedra. … F*ck that donkey butt B%TCH!! …. Live your life girl.

    The only reason why Apollo up your ass with apologizes is because he know he’s about to be locked up for a LONG time, he’s scared and needs all the support he can get from any body, mainly Kandi and Todd because he said they’d be the first people he’ll call when he gets out… he thinks they’ll help him…………. yeah right okay.
    Any who, he feels super guilty about what he said and did to Kenya at the reunion.. I TRULY believe that he likes Kenya and want to GET WITH HER! He couldn’t take his eye off her the entire shoot on the reunion show that whole time. …. she sitting there looking better than his wife, so he was sitting there lusting after her.

  • Dave

    Todd is a really good guy too bad he’s caught up in a ridiculous Bermuda triangle. I like they way he schools Kandi on her spending habits with her mother and daughter.

    The whole Apollo/Kenya apology stuff is scripted. I believe they’re both at fault. When Apollo text Kenya, she should have ignored and not respond back. To a man that’s inviting more advances.

  • Harleygirl0685

    Ronnie, your recap is way more entertaining than the show!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Aw thanks!

  • Harleygirl0685

    Is it just me or does Apollo seem like a completely different person? I know his life is in shambles but his demeanor is just off. He’s like a little kid or something. I know what I’m trying to say, I just can’t get the words out …LOL ! Stressful day!