Video Proof Wendy Feldman Feeds Teresa Giudice Responses During Interviews – Watch The Video!

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 3:19pm by BeachSpin

Teresa Giudice & Wendy Feldman​​

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Reunion Hour(s) is morphing into a modern day, Cyrano de Bergerac….with Andy Cohen playing Roxane, Teresa Giudice, the faltering Christian, trying to win Roxane’s heart, and finally, Wendy Feldman, completing this crazy cast of misfits, playing Cyrano, the true poet with the gift of words, perfectly composed to win Roxane’s heart. Okay, okay, while that’s a bit of a lofty and artistic reach for this bunch, there is an increasingly relevant parallel being uncovered, as a new video footage obtained by All About The Tea, puts to rest any doubt that one of the many identities of Wendy Feldman, was to be Teresa’s own personal, media oriented, Cyrano.

It all began yesterday, when All About The Tea revealed how Feldman insinuated, through a tweet, that Teresa was wearing an earpiece and being fed responses throughout the reunion event.

Wendy Tweet

When Andy Cohen was asked to verify All About The Tea’s report, he answered with an emphatic, “no!” disputing our findings which were based on Feldman’s original claim.  Andy was officially miffed!

Andy's tweet

The story seemed to align with Teresa’s half dazed demeanor, and stiffly delivered dialogue.  There were awkward pauses in the exchanges between she and Andy, and while the rumored drugs would answer some of the questions surrounding her performance, this revelation would plunk the final piece in an appearance puzzle that left viewers scratching their heads, wondering what was going on.  An unreleased, behind the scenes video from an interview given to Insider, obtained exclusively by All About the Tea, has laid to rest ANY question as to whether this was a routine practice for Giudice and Feldman.

Was this video taken from the reunion taping? Nope. However, it clearly displays a newly discovered strategy that Feldman used to manipulate Teresa’s image, throughout the prison bound Giudice’s noticeable struggle for believable articulation. Does Andy deny that an earpiece was used during the taping? Yep. However, due to recent media reports, Andy’s credibility memory seems disputable. Radar Online recently produced a copy of a check that was an alleged payment from Bravo, to the Giudice couple, as compensation for the post sentencing interview with Cohen. While Cohen didn’t deny it outright, he vaguely disputed the story, evidently seeking to muddle the facts. 

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The reunion was very likely Teresa’s last appearance as a “Real Housewife.” It is reasonable to believe that if Teresa wants to emerge from the slammer with any chance of reviving her career, as well as keeping her product push alive, this window of opportunity would have been crucial.  If there was ever a time when coaching from Cyrano would be desperately necessary, especially through stress and the alleged haze of pills, this would be it. You make the call.


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  • Pinky Pie

    Wow! That explains a lot! So, now we know Andy Cohen lies, easily.

  • Nene robs kids

    This is the best blog of the year now! Andy is a liar and Teresa can’t speak for herself because she’s to damn dumb!

    • OMG!!!! She embarrassingly dumb. The Trehuggers can’t say shit now. The video speaks for itself.

      • Nene robs kids

        I know this is fabulous! AATT brings it again

      • Karma

        I like Tre but she really is dumb she has such a limited vocabulary even when promoted to say something she gets it wrong.

        I’m a Trehugger but please don’t think we’re all the same . Dr S & Tea know I’m a trehugger I’ve never made excuses for her & certainly don’t condone what she did & yes I do believe she needed to serve time in the hopes she comes out a better person

    • Babson_Chick

      Exactly!! We know she can’t form a simple sentence that makes sense.

  • Nene robs kids

    Also, may I dedicate this awesome blog to any and all bloggers that tried to discount your earlier article about this! #getinthebackoftheline

  • Boom!!! AATT came with the receipts!!! Great blog, Beach.

  • Well Well Well…The proof is in the pudding…as they say…*folds puppet arms* damn I can’t fold my arms right but you get it. lol. BAM!

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Shocker! This video is clear proof this woman is dumb as a box of rocks. Wendy’s feeding her word for word and she still mucks it up.

  • She Stinks!

    Let’s all tweet this, especially to the leopard idiot and that super Tre hugger.

    • Nene robs kids

      I tweeted it 3 times to Andy and also to Teresa lol

  • Nene robs kids

    Andy just replied to me on the tweet and here is what he said

    Andy Cohen ‏@Andy 3m3 minutes ago

    @nygirlallday that was her “crisis adviser” for a while so i guess that’s her giving her advice?

    • Birdie11

      Yeah…word for word..

      • Nene robs kids

        Exactly and Andy now knows he’s busted!

        • Birdie11

          Too delish for words.

          • Nene robs kids

            Yes Happy Friday! Thank you AATT

    • That just proved Wendy advised her during all her interviews.

  • Birdie11

    TELL IT AATT!!! Way to bring the SCALDING hot tea!!

  • guest1

    Teresa will get a spinoff when she gets out and will therefore be fine!

  • nan/4

    How on earth would ROL get a picture of that check? Just wondering….

    • WestCoastFeed

      Yes, that doesn’t seem plausible tro me.

      • I was wondering the same thing. Sounds like somebody snitched.

        • nan/4

          You mean at the bank? I don’t know….

          Happy Friday Doc and WCF! 🙂

          • Could have been an employee at the law firm…for instance the secretary made a copy of the check and sold the pic to ROL.

          • nan/4

            This was supposed to be a check from Bravo to Tre and Joe…

          • A check from Bravo made out to Tre’s lawyers. I guess they can’t be trusted with the funds directly.

        • WestCoastFeed

          I’d like to see a link to verify the claim.

      • nan/4

        Not to me either, WCF.

    • Hey Nan! How are you, hon?

      • nan/4

        Doing okay Doc, thanks. How about you and the rest of the Doclettes?

        • That’s good to hear, Nan! 🙂

          We’re all doing well. It’s freezing here. I hate cold weather. I gave in last night and turned the heat on. Ugh!

          • nan/4

            I miss those cozy nights….sorta, kinda, but I don’t miss this snow and the ice……Brrrrr!!!! I always hated driving in it. YUK!!!

            Stay warm and cozy! 😉

          • Thanks Nan! Has the cold front hit you yet?

          • nan/4

            That average winter temp here is about 65 degrees. We are in the desert though….This is the time of year we love the mostest! We hit 72 degrees today.

          • That’s how it’s usually here but we’re having unusually cold temps this year so far….65 degrees is awesome weather!

          • nan/4

            Hopefully it will warm up for you soon! Yeah. The summers are very bad, but the winters here are gorgeous.

            Love ya’ Doc! 😉

          • Thanks Nan and love you too!! ((((hugs)))

            Btw…did Kandi’s play make it to your town before the tour was canceled?

          • nan/4

            No! I was so bummed about it too! It’s all because she’s so cheap! She should have hired the right people to promote it, but “Save-a- Penny-Benny” didn’t do that! Grrrrr!

  • Karma

    I have no doubt that Teresa was told what to say even before this video emerged.

    Lets face it Tre has a limited vocabulary she can’t even get it right what she was promoted to say

    I’m also pretty sure her lawyers advised not to talk to much coz she’ll probably make things worse they probably advised to deflect any qu & just answer with a generic answer “all I care about are my girls”.

    This Wendy person ever since tre & her parted ways she hasn’t stopped talking to anyone & every one who’d listen IMO Wendy is a vendictive famewhore I’m so over her.

    By the way what kind of a person will seek her advice I certainly wouldn’t she’s a big mouth.

    By the way I know a few of you on here know I like Tre but I’ve never made excuses for her nor did I ever condone what they both have done Now their paying the price for there stupidity and fraud.

    It baffles me Tre is hated so much for watch she’s done & she talked about daily.

    Tre isn’t the only one out of the HW franchise that have committed with some sort of felony yet tre is constantly receiving hate.

    I wonder when the lauritas or Phaedra get busted will get they get the same sort of hate.

    Apollo h a s committed a similar crine for the 2nd time and he only cooped very little hate.

    As for Tre being on some sort of pills during the reunion yes probably if I were in Teresa shoes I think I would be popping xanax like lollies☺

    • Nene robs kids

      Apollo admitted his crimes and as of this moment Teresa has not accepted any responsibility she’s still blaming others

    • Jennymckitty

      Karma, I think that a lot of the backlash comes from her not acknowledging her wrongdoings or expressing sorrow for committing the crimes..just sorrow over getting caught.

      • Karma

        Hi Jenny

        At 1st I thought she was remorseful for her part in the fraud but I’m now wondering if she’s remorseful that t g e y got caught.

        I’m a bit of a softie I tend to believe what people say eg like they didn’t lie or steal & I’d like to think their truly remorseful for the crime they committed nor coz they got caught

        • Jennymckitty

          I feel for her & her family. I don’t rejoice in the fact that she is going to prison. I hope that she learns something while she is there.

          • Karma


            That’s exactly how I feel bout both of them like you I would never rejoice in people’s pain I also believe this had to happen like they say everything happens for a reason I hope they truly learn crime does not pay & it hurts many people not just their families.

            I really hope they come out better people & truly are remorseful & not materialistic & never try this again

    • Hi Karma,

      The backlash stems from Tre’s non-remorseful attitude unlike Apollo who admitted (on national TV) he was guilty and seemed very apologetic for his actions. For that reason, more people can sympathize with Apollo versus Tre.

      • Nene robs kids

        America is a very forgiving country to those that show true remorse and their actions also show remorse IMO

        • Precisely! Tre TRIED to sell us that story but she’s too transparent to pull off the charade.

        • MorningYawn

          Truth! The key being “true remorse” – that just never happened here!

      • Karma

        Hi thanksgiving

        True she’s yet to admit or claim any wrong doings

        I hate to be rude but Imo she doesn’t comprehend or fully understand what people are saying to her or either she takes it the wrong way.

        I also believe she can’t understand how people are feeling. It really baffles me that she came to the States as a 4yrs old *I think) and her comprehension of the English language is pathetic but I’ve noticed most of the NJ cast can’t articulate their English is very poor

        Thanks for replying hun

        • Hi Karma….very well said. I personally feel the issue with Teresa lies with that forehead, there simply isn’t enough space for a decent size brain to exist. LMAO!!

          • Karma

            Hi Thanks


          • Oops sorry! 🙂

          • Karma

            You owe me a vanilla Latte

          • Harleygirl0685

            LMAO! I love when that happens! That just totally validates what an awesome site this!!!! Two people with completely different opinions on someone, yet the discussion ended in laughter! You guys rock!

        • commonsense12

          Teresa was born here. Joe Giudice was a year old when his parents came here.

          • Karma

            Oh I thought she was also born in Italy& came to the States as a toddler thanks for the info.

            I remember Tre say they only spoke Italian at home and she found it hard when she started school coz she didn’t learn how to speak English just a few words here & there

  • WestCoastFeed

    IT. It looks like Joey& Mel are selling their new home with only the foundation poured. But it’s hard for me to research on kindle.

    • nan/4

      What? You mean the one that hasn’t been built yet? They are selling it? Maybe they are going to move back to their original one??? I’m confused today!!!! :-/

      • WestCoastFeed

        SELLINNG it as under construction, I suppose

    • Thanks. I’ll get on it. Seems like it would be a financial burden.

      • nan/4

        Yup. I’ll bet they move back to their “old” mansion.

        • That would make the most sense. Their struggling financially so I’m not sure how they can even afford their old mansion much less a new one.

    • Where did you get the “foundation is poured” all the pics indicate otherwise.

  • Jennymckitty

    Here is the part I find unbelievable….Teresa & a crisis PR person worked together and these were the best answers they could come up with? Have either of them heard of humility? How to make a sincere apology? I know Tre hasn’t, but couldn’t Wendy have coached her a bit on the art.

    • Hi Jenny, after looking at the video it’s obvious nothing penetrates that thick forehead. Wendy literally told her what to say and not even 2 minutes later she says something different. Tre is not coachable.

      • Jennymckitty

        Yes, she really isn’t a quick study. She seems to not grasp the way most people think and the emotions they feel.

        • She sure doesn’t. That aspect her being is vacant much like the space in her head.

    • nan/4

      They probably hadn’t gotten that far Jenny. She was still working on getting as much sympathy for them as possible. That seemed to be the main thrust of the entire season.

      HI JENNY! Hope you’re doing well honey! 🙂

      • Jennymckitty

        Hey Nan! We are cold up here in No. VA, but we are snuggling up on the couch having movie night. I’m glad we only rented Maleficent. How are you? Getting ready for Thanksgiving?

        • nan/4

          Yup! My son and DIL are coming in to town, so we’re doing a happy dance! 😉

          Oh, snuggle down and enjoy the movie. It looked good!

          Be well, Jenny!

          • Jennymckitty

            I am so glad your family can be together. My mom & dad are coming to our house. We are turkey shopping tomorrow so we will have time to brine it.

          • nan/4

            Me too Jenny! I love when the kids are here with us! How lucky are you to have your mom and dad coming for the holiday. Have fun shopping for your turkey!

            xo 😉

          • MorningYawn

            Hope you are enjoying your time with your son and DIL! Special time!

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      I think Teresa was just impossible to work with.

  • Cari

    How terrible for the celebrity crisis manager to sell her out. Teresa can’t trust anyone…even if they are paid to help.

    • murlut

      Maybe they are like her, take the money and run and spend it

  • italiano bambino

    Not surprised she try to sell an image that noone was buying. She’s only apologize to her fans not to all those people she screw to get on top. She’s not a chance woman.. selfish and arrogance runs in her veins. .

  • TartLemon

    Teresa apologized to her fan(s), NOT the victims of her crimes. ~~PLUS~~ Several times throughout the taping, Teresa said she never hurt anybody with what she did.

    Wendy Feldman truly sucks a PR manager if Teresa was regurgitating that slight. IMO, Teresa was not stating everything she was fed. I’ve suspected all along there was more to Wendy Feldman’s resignation than the letter to the Judge. As a manager, Wendy would have known the stupidity of what Teresa said and would have blamed on Wendy.

    • Jennymckitty

      Hey Tart! How are you doing. ITA. I imagine Teresa threw out a great deal of advice she was given. I’m sure that most people looking at this situation objectively think this as well. However, Wendy is damaging her reputation by speaking out against Tre. Her potential clients are going to think twice about hiring her now.

  • Bonita Gee

    See, you see there? Everyone so quick to think that Teresa is on drugs……….. Not only will her 15 months go by quick, But I’m WILLING TO BET that she’ll get her own spin off show like Porsha Williams has….. whether ya’ll like it not it’s going to happen.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apollo won’t get one when he gets out of prison…. They giving people show like Oprah gives away cars… DAMN!

    • Pinky Pie

      Teresa might get her own show, but the question is could she hold an audience? Teresa’s ability to communicate well seems to be poor. So, if she is going to talk, much, during the show, it will bomb. Now, let’s entertain the idea of a cooking show, because Teresa has mentioned this idea for years. Big question, can she cook. Her own brother says she doesn’t cook their mother goes to Teresa’s house to cook. We rarely see Teresa cooking, so that sounds like it would be a bomb. Then if we look at the possibility of Teresa doing a show where she raises her daughters on very little money in a small apartment, boring! And, in none of these possible “stories will it work for Teresa, as she will need someone else on the show to through her ignorant statements and insults at. Who would be Teresa’s targets? Her daughters? Who would watch that kind of mundane life as entertainment. And since her family says, she does cook. Those shows might work , as she does know how to cook, she doesn’t know how to speak in a coherent fashion, and cannot pronounce words correctly. So,,I think all cooking instruction willbe scrambled. To deflect her poor cooking, she could call the girls in and dress them down. It just won’t work for her to have an after prison show, and if she gets one, she won’t last for long. Maybe in prison she could take a class for saying the word “cumin”. No one will watch for long.

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      I’m not so sure what there is to watch when it comes to Teresa without all the other HWs for her to feed off. Her only other storyline outside of arguing with family was spending money and we all know that’s no longer an option. I just don’t see what kind of show they would give her when she gets out of jail and is living in her parents house.

    • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

      Awww Bonita, I have to give it up to you. Even though I don’t think she deserves it, you still have Tre’s back. You are Tre’s special little cheerleader.

      I hope she appreciates how much you support her.
      Have a lovely weekend Hon.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    We all guessed working with Teresa must have been a nightmare for any attorney or PR but that video clip shows just how bad she is at taking direction. She can hardly string a sentence together. It makes me laugh when her fans say at least Tre doesn’t attack on twitter etc – it’s not because she is a restrained composed paragon of virtue, it’s because she can barely write/type. That’s why she physically attacks people instead of verbally expressing herself.

    • Thank you for articulating the true essence of the matter. She doesn’t even run her Twitter and the person that is running it, is also an idiot. They leave the location turned on and some days it says Ohio and Tre can’t leave the state. LOL!

      • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

        Hey Suess. The Ohio location was so funny! She would have been better off asking Milania to do her tweeting for her.

  • MorningYawn

    For starters, the off camera coaching of t is unbelievable! I can’t believe an interviewer would allow that. That’s some crazy shit.

    That said. Any good pr / crisis manager should have media trained her (or any client). She should have had a list of the most outrageous questions, obvious questions, questions that would mKe t angry. The pr person should have been pounding her with questions, for hours, in front of lights and on film. You take a break, review the film, find mistakes and start all over and over and over. If you’ve done that, your answers are memorized and immediate. They either never did it or t never allowed it. Media training in this way is so very effective. For her to fail so spectacularly speaks volumes on so many levels!

  • Gloria

    Remember Teresa doesn’t need a dictionary, She knows everything. What she need’s when she does her time in prison is learn how to discipline her kid’s. Well really Milania. The only reason she hates her own cousin Kathy so much is because she tries to tell her the truth.

  • Norrth

    Shame on Andy for denying it. Not responding would have been better. ETA: Why do they say she is leaving the franchise? She doesn’t have a choice!!!! She will be in prison.

  • doggiedaddy

    Once a con-artist always a… @andy too

  • GinaXOXO

    Andy said Teresa wasn’t wearing an earpiece and the video doesn’t dispute that.

    Many of the housewives have PR help. Starting with CAMILLE. Viewers loved it when Camille changed her image but call Teresa a con artist when she gets help, what gives here?

    All this proves to me is that the housewives have jumped the shark and nothing we see is reality. It is carefully presented and, IMO, so is the drama. The drama has become unbelievable and I think the reason for that is clear.

  • Lisa Pat

    Yeah I saw this video.. but it WASNT A REUNION !! IT WAS AN INTERVIEW!! Wendy helped Teresa b/c Teresa has a hard time defending herself. SO WHAT? All of the POTUS speeches and interviews are read from teleprompters!!! Wendy is a traitor and gives us Jews a bad name. I hope no one pays Wendy a dime in the future for her services b/c she’s going to BLAB THE TEA to everyone and their mother about your business!!! Totally unprofessional. Wendy is a JOKE!

  • Lisa Pat

    Teresa has a hard time formulating her words.. so what if someone helps her??? Italian is Tre’s 1st language… if I needed help in this arena, I’d pay someone too!! Luckily for me, i dont need help. I can shoot down any argument on my own – like this one.