Cynthia Bailey Explains Closer Friendship With Kenya Moore & Throws Shade at NeNe’s Wig!

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Prior to the premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last Sunday, the last time we saw the women was on a Bravo reunion stage, in the middle of a cat fight.  Kenya pointed, Porsha Williams pounced, and after the brawl, most of the cast ran to the aid of the Porsha Williams, that is, after Kenya’s hair was pried out of her fists. While the incident was cringe worthy, a silver lining has been uncovered as the cast has worked to move forward. The episode proved to be the catalyst for a deeper and more genuine friendship between Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore, which we got the first glimpses of, during the show’s premiere. As Cynthia reveals in her blog, she thought the violent scene was embarrassing, as well as mortifying.

“Watching a grown woman be pulled from her seat by her hair by another grown woman and dragged across the floor was a wakeup call. This was way more than what I signed up for. So imagine my surprise when all my cast mates ran to the aid of the person who initiated the physical assault. It really disturbed me that no one seemed concerned about Kenya.”

Cynthia goes on to clarify that after a few early bumps in the road, her friendship with Moore was just cordial, and after the problems with the one woman she did feel close to,  she resisted getting chummy with any of her cast mates. However, she and Kenya kept in touch post reunion, and their friendship has evolved to a better place.

“After my fallout with NeNe, I wasn’t interested in being super tight with any of the ladies. I felt it would be better to just “be cool” with everybody going forward, and not have a bestie. Kenya and I did not start our friendship right after the reunion, but we did keep in touch mostly via text. Our friendship has grown organically over time.”

The same can not be said of her friendship with Leakes, with Bailey admitting that neither of them made any effort to reconcile since the reunion. It didn’t surprise her, however when NeNe lashed out  onWatch What Happens Live, after viewing the segment on the show where Cynthia reveals to Kenya that she’s much happier in her new Moose free zone.

“That’s who she is. It’s the same ol’ two step. Embrace the people that are with you and try to destroy the people who are not. I have seen her do it to other ladies on the show (past and present), so although it was disappointing, it was not a big surprise when she did it to me. It’s no secret that NeNe has gotten into it or fallen out (at one time or the other) with mostly all the ladies.”

Cynthia seemed committed  to keeping her blog mature and straightforward until the end….but before she closed, she obviously couldn’t resist throwing in a quick zinger. BLESS YOU CYNTHIA!

“My thing is this — if I’m so irrelevant and you don’t want to be my storyline (or should I say me be yours), why spend so much energy talking about me? That energy could have been put to better use looking for a decent wig and a more flattering makeup direction.”

Maybe her gig on Broadway will bring a treasure trove of style tips….wicked stepmother inspired style seems just about perfect.

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  • TartLemon

    Cynthia, you’ve witnessed what a sssssnake Kenya is and you’ve been warned by people stronger and smarter than you who have been burned by Kenya. You’ll get no sympathy from me when Kenya turns on you too.

    • But who has Kenya turned on?

      • equinox2009

        Exactly!! She didn’t have a chance when she joined-NENE was intimidated by Kenya because she is a strong and beautiful woman. So NENE made sure the rest of the women didn’t get close to Kenya They all followed NENE’S lead and gave her nothing but grief and when she fought back she was made to look like a Detroit THUG, not ‘s USA!

        • Exactly! This is NeNe’s MO. She did the same thing to Kandi and Phaedra, as well. Anyone that comes off more likable than her or she sees a threat to her paper mache thrown, she has an issue with.

        • murlut

          Kenya is a Detroit thug. She came on the show to cause hate and discontent

          • CoolBreeze14

            Well Kenya is certainly not hurting the ratings, that’s for sure!

          • murlut

            True but usually that’s why they tune in for it, to watch the drama. I am sorry but Kenya outweighs Porsha with a good 50 lbs and then preaches how battered and drug around the stage she was. Its all BS. Kenya is a drama queen and wants to be a victim. When you screw over everyone, its had to get the victim card

        • CoolBreeze14

          You are so right. Beautiful and strong women are hated on that show. That’s why I hope Miss Claudia Jordan is ready cause from judging on her Instagram she has no problem going off on people!

      • murlut

        Who hasn’t she turned on lol

  • colleen

    Cynthia is such a gorgeous woman. Nene should be intimidated by her beauty. IMO, Cin & hubby are barely paying their bills. You know how a TV or movie set builds just the frame of a house with no back??? That’s how I picture the Bailey/Thomas cardboard home! Lol

  • I kind of lost some respect for Cynthia. Not that I had that much for her in the first place, but for a once in a lifetime chance, I am on NeNe’s side. For one, NeNe apologized for calling Petra a bitch. They moved on. Now she has let people on Twitter fill her head up with laughing gas and go against NeNe. And all of the sudden, NeNe was the root of Cynthia’s marital issues? GTFOH!

  • DLister

    Someone needs to tell Cynthia that driveway sealer is NOT eye makeup.

    • sid

      Call her number and tell her yourself.

  • Wendee Madison

    Cynthia is a beautiful, classy intelligent, peaceful female I get the impression she don’t enjoy making waves. I think she stood close to Nene B/C Nene helped her get on RHWOA and maybe she felt she owned her. There were probably times during the 6 seasons Cynthia was not in agreement with issues Nene had with soooooo many people and didn’t speak on it B/C she didn’t want to make waves with Nene.

  • I would respect it if she wasn’t so far up a new popular character’s ass….If I was Kenya..and Kenya is a very very smart girl..I wouldn’t trust Cynthia as far as I could throw her…because she is just using her..but i’m sure Kenya knows how close to keep Cynthia and what kind of a friend Cynthia is.

    • CoolBreeze14

      I agree but I really do think her and Kenya became closer since last season. They’ve been seen everywhere together over the last few months. Nene claims to be so tight with Porsha and Phaedra all of a sudden but notice you never see them hanging out. They are just forming an alliance because they all dislike Kenya. Lol.

    • sid

      Just as Nene want to dominate and use everybody she comes in contact with, that is why she have no friends no more in the show, but just accomplice in ghetto style.

  • Nene robs kids

    I love Cynthia throwing shade at Nene

    • nan/4

      I’ll tell you one thing, I like her a hell of a lot more than I like Nene “I’m on BROADWAY” Leakes!

      • CoolBreeze14

        Same here Nan!

    • CoolBreeze14

      I loved it! It was long overdue.

  • murlut

    Cynthia has nothing to bring to Bravo. She has no story line other than she allows her husband to run over her like a door mat. He lies and takes her money and even wanted his own apartment. She can team up with Kenya, it would be like Dumb and Dumber

  • dit

    Cynthia, is so sad that u have allowed miserable Kenya to influence u. Now u really throwing shade at Nene. There’s a saying that old friends are always the best. Whatever it is, remember u n Nene were once close. Stop revealing secrets that u guys shared in the past, is childish my dear.

  • CoolBreeze14

    I’m not understanding why Cynthia is getting so much hate all of a sudden!

    • sid


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