Timeline of Phaedra Parks Legal Drama & RHOA Filming Schedule: A Side By Side Comparison

Posted on Nov 9 2014 - 1:45pm by BeachSpin


The Bravo train is finally leaving the reality TV criminal capital of Giudice, New Jersey, and chugging south, to it’s often shady sister city of Atlanta.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres tonight, and while the convict parallel can be easily drawn between the slammer bound Joe and Teresa Giudice, and the now plopped back into the clink, Apollo Nida, how his wife, Phaedra Parks, fits into the seedy puzzle is certainly the wild card. She has worked long and hard to establish her over the top southern belle shtick, as well as keeping her accomplished career woman/supermom plates spinning, while covering who she really is underneath. Will the behind the scenes pressures crack the candy coated and hard fought for exterior, and reveal glimpses of the true Parks? While we know that her storyline is going to revolve around Apollo’s legal fiasco, there was much going on that will not be mentioned. 

All About The Tea has decided that it would be interesting to align what was going on in the background with Parks during these long months of taping…so we could all go into the season with a good grip on the gritty and not so syrupy sweet circumstances that she was tackling while cheesing it up for her Bravo talking heads.  

Kenya Moore

To begin, this season’s cast filming began in May or June.  At this point Phaedra would have brushed up on her acting skills, and had her shopping for her new ‘push ’em up the there’ bras completed.  In her real world, the May date when her husband, Apollo pleaded guilty to identity theft and bank fraud would likely be behind her, and the only question left unanswered would be how long he would be locked up this time.  She was also in the midst of the defamation lawsuit she was pursuing against the author of “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil,” Angela Stanton. This book candidly exposes the couples’ alleged scams involving check and theft fraud which resulted in Angela taking the fall and Phaedra wiggling free.


Angela also participated in a local radio interview on Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1, where she reiterated her assertion that Phaedra was the mastermind of an insurance scam in 2004, as well as dropped the bombshell that the feds had been in contact with her. This interview aired the day before Angela sat for a deposition in the above mentioned lawsuit.  So while Bravo kicks off season 7, the pressure to pull off her cool, collected, innocent exterior was probably already a challenge for Parks. We all know that Bravo routinely pulls wonky editing whammys, but I did my best to line up the Bravo timeline with what was going on behind the scenes with Phaedra…so we can all watch with timely background truth as the backdrop.



  • On June 19th, Phaedra sat for a five hour deposition with Stanton’s attorney, in which she displayed evasive, shifty, and obnoxiously unprofessional behavior.  She refused to answer any questions pertaining to Apollo, and had to be reminded that her testimony was under the penalty of perjury.  She was allegedly caught in lies several times throughout the process. Stanton’s attorney, James Radford has steadily maintained that her lawsuit against Stanton was frivolous, without merit, and also accused Parks of filing the lawsuit with the malicious intent of hindering the sales of Stanton’s book. This event lines up with the week of filming in which  Phaedra was strangely absent.  She sited family stress and the need for some days off to shift her focus there, but the broad suspicion is that she didn’t want attention drawn to the deposition process.
  • On July 8th, Apollo was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison, for cashing stolen checks and laundering $2.3 million through phony bank accounts.  Apollo expressed disappointment at Phaedra’s absence and her lack of support during his time of need.  Phaedra sited protecting her children from the paparazzi as the reason she removed them and herself from the family home.  She also chose to not be with him in court, which appeared to be the beginning of the public distancing of herself from her husband.   A few days later she was back full blast on social media, promoting solo events, and sharing photos with other Bravolebrities.
  • On July 17th, Apollo was seen on the red carpet at Peter Thomas’ and Cynthia Bailey’s Ebony Magazine, Bar One event, with Parks nowhere to be seen.  Divorce rumors continued to swirl, but no confirmation of a decision had been reported.  It is widely believed that by this point, the couple had been separated for weeks.
  • From August 25-28 the women took a cast trip to Puerto Rico.  This falls approximately two weeks before Apollo is to surrender to serve his 8 year sentence.  Apollo was purportedly filming frequently during this period, wanting to be seen and supposedly irking Parks with his showy need for attention, rather than keeping what she considered to be a respectful low profile.
  • On September 10th, Apollo was scheduled to surrender to begin his sentence, and even tweeted a farewell to the world, but it took about a day before his name was listed in the BOP data base.  The delay was puzzling, and rumors swirled around what was occurring during this period.  About a month later, Parks filed for divorce, as expected.
  • On October 10th, Angela Stanton’s attorney filed a second “Motion to Compel”, forcing Parks into being deposed a second time, with the requirement of submissive cooperation with full discovery, in direct response to her ornery refusal of full disclosure during the first go round.  A Gwinnett County judge signed off on the motion, but we have no evidence that the deposition has taken place yet.
  • On October 14th , Parks appeared on the Ellen show, declared her undying love for Apollo, her sadness for her children, and dished on impending Housewives drama. She also claimed that she was completely ignorant of all knowledge and denied having even the slightest hint of her husband’s criminal activity.  She appeared noticeably shifty and carefully rehearsed.  She also stupidly instigated cast member, Claudia Jordan, who fired back by tweeting a direct link to Stanton’s incriminating tell all.
  • From October 27- November 1st, the cast visited the Philippines and is currently preparing to wrap for the season.                    

Will Phaedra pull off her self proclaimed naive, perfectly innocent, overachieving, southern belle persona in a believable way? I plan to watch her body language, subtle expressions, and nuances carefully. I look forward to watching Phaedra Parks squirm. 


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  • Marsbars09

    Great story Spin! I will be observing Fake’s body language and demeanor closely when the show focuses on Apollo’s timeline to prison. A lot of people already see through Fake’s Southern Belle BS.

    • Birdie11

      Exactly Marsie!!! FUN to nail her to the wall.

    • Chloe

      I remember when Phaedra tried to sue VIBE magazine for $30 MILLION (HA!) after they attempted to run an article about how she was involved with Apollo’s previous scam that got him arrested in the first place but he and one of her friends (Angela Stanton) were the only ones who served time. Then her stupid mother tried suing VIBE for an additional $6 MILLION because Angela claimed that her mother (who is a preacher that is just as fake as Phaedra) gives at-home-abortions. Even if Angela was lying or exaggerating, I still always believed that Phaedra, Apollo and her parents were total trash up to no good.

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Chloe!
        Wow, I never heard about Fake’s mother filing a lawsuit against Vibe magazine or that she is phony.
        I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where Fake and her mother are concerned.

        • Chloe

          Hi Marsbar. It’s funny how everyone is talking about what Apollo, when shady Phaedra knew what he was up to all along and she was involved as well. It’s all making more sense now..why she’s pursued this funeral business so seriously (I thought the whole thing was a lame storyline at first).

      • wendee madison

        WOW!!!! Excellent cup of tea!!! I heard her preacher father left and divorced her preacher mother who Opollo can;t even talk to Padera w/o her standing there stiring at him. Disgusting!!!!!

    • BeachSpin

      Thanks Mars…you and me both!! A LOT do see through it..and I think even more will this season…the stress will crack her act.

  • Bathroom Bobby

    Phaedra and Teresa are both liars and full of crap!

  • Excellent piece Beach!

    Phaedra’s days of FAKE holy water, quoting bible scriptures and prayer clothes are coming to an end. Her legal day of reckoning is coming soon. No deed goes unpaid for and when you act with malice intent to HURT others, you’re only hurting yourself. Good luck Phaedra & God bless the haters!

    • BeachSpin

      TY gobblin’ Seuss! We get to witness a little of what I believe, is the beginning of her downfall.

  • Dave

    Phaedra knew Apollo was a criminal. We all did. In her defense, she is a lawyer, goes to school, has the funeral gig…yadda yadda yadda . She has something to validate her finances. Not LIKE Some Ppl Who Just Spend money, Buy Fancy Cars , clothes and homes w/o so much as a check stub or paid taxes from any legit source.

  • Chloe

    Phaedra is so fake from the start I felt like she was shady. The funeral business makes you wonder is she getting rid of bodies and all the money they flossin. She knew thats why she hook up with Apollo the first place lets be real as long she gets her cut. She hides behind the show, funeral business, being a lawyer, etc. and it’s finally caughing up with her.

  • Phae Phae was my favorite but she lost me as a fan when she constantly blamed Kenya for her life collapsing. NEWSFLASH: YOUR MAN FLIRTED WITH KENYA, YOUR MAN LIED ABOUT KENYA STALKING HIM, YOUR MAN IS GOING TO PRISON FOR 8 YEARS, so place the blame on YOURSELF, cause who is the one who spread their legs and got pregnant twice by a now multiple time convicted felon, you or Kenya? Oh ok. Then she had the nerve to come for Kenya’s infertility issues with that whack ass rehearsed “read”. I would read Phaekdra dumb. Sorry for the explicits but this woman makes me sick.

    • Dave

      Bravo loves scandalous drama. They purposely look for sheisty motherfuckers. Remember how poor Dashawn Snow from Season 1 was fired for being “too normal?” I thought she was nice, a little slow but nice none the less. I felt bad when I heard her asshole husband cheated on her and got his mistress knocked up, after Dashawn had been with him since before he was famous, when they were broke. You can buy condoms, Valtrex, the morning after pill and abortions but you can’t buy loyalty.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Phaedra is just as shady. She only wants to start her own funeral service because she is greedy and knows that eventually everybody dies and that grieving relatives are easy to take advantage of. Funeral homes get sued a lot so she supposedly has the knowledge to get around the law. I’m sure she knew about Apollo all along and was probably giving him tips to avoid getting caught but the other person took them both down.

  • TartLemon

    I’m one who actually likes Phaedra. She fights with her brain. That’s why she seems so shady, IMO. Kenya is very smart, too, but she’s no match for Phaedra.

    One thing that really annoys me about Kenya is when she does that teary, wide eyed victim thing. She brings shit on herself, then the oh poor me damsel in distress thing.

    • Dave

      Phaedra is up next to be indicted and serve time. Felons by Bravo.

    • Birdie11

      She might have brain…but she uses it in a completely different direction than how she tries to come across on the show. Criminal mind.

    • Hey Tart…she seems so shady (to me) because she lied and refused to answer questions throughout her entire Angela Stanton deposition.

  • Newchild

    cancer sucks.

    • Hi Newchild…how have you and hubby been?

      • Newchild

        🙂 Hey!

      • Newchild

        You have a sweet soul – j/s

        • Thank you. Hang in there, God don’t give you more than you can handle. I’ve still kept you and hubby in my prayers.

    • BeachSpin

      Yes…big time.

      • Newchild

        emotions come and go….and come back with a vengence (sp?)

  • Birdie11

    Phaedra thinks the viewers are as dumb as her convict husband.

  • BeachSpin

    I am getting stressed about watching another season of boobs shoved up and together so high it hurts to look at her….UGH!!!

  • Bonita Gee

    Well …well…..WELL! What a conundrum Ms. Parks is in… Looks like she just MIGHT get caught up in the web that Mrs. Teresa Giudice got caught up in because of her spouse. … I always knew Phaedra’s hands weren’t that clean.
    Looks like she keeps the legal ‘backs and forth’ thing going on between her and Angela Stanton some things will be revealed and those illegal dealings will be EXPOSED! Move OVER Teresa Giudice.. Ooohhh!!

    • Lisa Pat

      No way! I cant believe how many of yall think Phaedra was in on Apollo’s illegal dealings!! He is SO mad at her – best believe if she was in on it – he would be calling her out !!!

      • PBY401

        Exactly! The fact that she’s the mother of his two kids would not stop him from ratting her out if she had been involved in his mess. I think Phaedra might have ignored clues and her own hunches about Apollo’s dealings, but there is no way she would have been involved in his “ventures.”

        • Lisa Pat

          Omg I was just on another site and heard something,, but I dunno what to think.. it’s being said that Pha & apollo struck a deal that she would have a car and house waiting for him when he gets out in 8..that he agreed to take the fall or the government would seize all of their $$

      • wendee madison

        I do’nt think he can afford to reveal Padera yet. But my gut feeling tell me the time will come, just have to be patient and wait. It may take 5 yrs.!!!!! We all stand accountable for our own deeds and Padera’s time will aslo come. I amagine internally her guts are going through hell because she know her time is coming.

  • doggiedaddy

    Is anyone on these Housewives show’s not running a scam,
    and getting paid a lot of money for it?

  • BeachSpin

    Fakery#1 NO paparazzi…Phaedra the LIAR.

  • BuckJohnson

    Phaedra is neck deep in this whole situation. The feds going to talk to stanton earlier this year says alot. They may be running a major investigation and if you don’t think Stanton didn’t drop Phaedra names on everything you got another thing coming.

  • CoolBreeze14

    Wow, was it just me or did it seem like the most boring cast members got the airtime tonight on the season premiere? LOL I know this is just foreshadowing what to come. What I like about RHOA NOW as that as the show goes, excellent blogs like this drop tea to keep the viewers interested and wanting more info! I really believe Phaedra could experience ANYTHING in the coming year. For a few seconds I did feel sorry for Apollo when he was talking to his brother about to cry, but what he did was WRONG. That’s what he gets for trying to say a woman came onto him when he knew that wasn’t true. Apollo looked like a Muslim finding Allah in tonight’s episode. LOL.

    • Bwaahahaha! Giiiiirl, you are a trip!!

      • CoolBreeze14

        LOL! You’re welcome!

  • CoolBreeze14

    Although I can’t stand Phaedra, her boys are adorable. Dylan has Apollo’s eyebrows and he’s a cutie but still he can be anyone’s baby. Somebody said he looked like Neyo. LOL! I had wished Kenya and Cynthia had gotten more airtime! I’m sure they will in the coming episodes and I was hoping they’d introduce Claudia and Demetria tonight but I guess soon they will. What did surprise me was the Apollo and Kenya confrontation ONCE AGAIN! I didn’t know Cynthia was standing there too. I love how supportive Cynthia has been of Kenya. That reunion was pure trash. I could only watch it once. A lot of people on Twitter were going in on NENE this past hour!

  • BeachSpin

    Good for Apollo…owning his crap, accepting responsibility, and displaying honesty in what he was going through. He exposed Phae as the heartless, lying dirtbag that she is. A crook felon shined in this episode..while the supposedly innocent Supermom looked like the shady, posing liar.

  • Bravo Changed

    If anyone has anything to say about Apollo, they better have hell to say about Teresa. He owned up to everything and he did not expose his wife (who was clearly in on it as we are finding out). It’s funny how his white collar crimes got him 8 years yet the slumford, hurricane sandy victim stealing, Fraudices get an absurdly lenient sentencing. I really enjoyed the relationship with Cynthia and Kenya. They looked genuinely happy especially Cynthia.

    • CO-SIGN!!!

    • Birdie11


    • aemish

      I agree, but this is Apollo’s second time committing the same crime..

    • Karma

      Hi Bravo

      The only reason Apollo hot 8yrs is cause it’s his 2nd offence committing fraud but yes he was man enough to own up to his activities I just really hope he threw Fakedra under the bus if it were the other way round she’d have no problem throwing him & every1 else involved under the bus to get a lighter sentance as they day every dog has its day I only hope hers is round the corner

  • Karma

    I would LOVE it if Apollo spills his guts on Phaedra.

    I’m sure the Feds are looking into phaedra dealing they are def investigating her when they have solid proof they will come down on her like a ton of brinks.

    And maybe she can share a cell with Teresa.

    IMO I believe their should be a prison just for the howsewives/househusbands

    • misstc

      I saw Phaedra on WWHL last night. She confirmed getting a divorce. Andy tried to get more, but PhonyPhae was holding her cards up HIGH on her chest. LOL

      • Karma

        Oh yeah she’s good at holding her cards close to her chest but I heard that she filed for divorce in November I think or October.

        I knew she’d file for divorce so I wasn’t in the least surprised when a month or so ago I read she filled for divorce.

        She’s probably already got someone keeping her bed warm at night LOL

  • Karma

    Call me what you will but I really like Apollo he’s HOT & I kinda like bad boys but don’t like the ones that steal from others just bad in a good way like my hubby he’s a great fighter he was a pro kick boxer now he trains others in all combat sport MMA kick boxing boxing etc.

    I honestly hope Fakedra gets caught for all the shifty things she’s done.

    I NEVER fell for southern Belle BS act

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    Phaedra is way too smart to not know what Apollo was doing….in truth they had a terrible marriage he seemed to despise her …they had no respect for each other…..