Reunion Sneak Peek: Jim Marchese Calls Out Bobby Ciasulli As Housewife Groupie!

Posted on Nov 5 2014 - 11:12am by Avigail

Jim Marchese

The sh*t is about to hit the fan as we move into part 2 of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Reunion airing, Thursday, November 6.

Bravo has released a preview video of the mud-slinging as the men step into the arena and join their wives on set.

In the clip below, Jim and Amber Marches accuse Bobby of being a “famewhore” and Jim brings the evidence to prove it. It’s rib-tickling to watch and Bobby’s costars seem to agree, as they can’t hold back their amusement when Jim produces exhibit A: Bobby posing at a book signing with Teresa Giudice, then exhibit B: Bobby cheesing at a book signing with Melissa Gorga.


Please note: Part two of the RHONJ reunion airs this Thursday, November 6, NOT Sunday at 8:00pm ET on Bravo.


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  • Trippinhhard

    It well known that Bobby the bathroom hider is in it for fame. He’s a douche and pathetic man.. They all should know by now, Jim comes with facts.. Smh
    The ship has sailed and this show is boring…

    • Susie Whats Her Name

      They all are in it for fame…. just sayin

      • Trippinhhard

        That’s the whole truth….

  • Anne Mckinney-page

    Bobby reminds me of the creepy guy the Bunim-Murray brought in to woo poor Brenda on Season 1 of the now defunct “Starting Over”. He was a stalker/wannabe fame whore… who was used to make her think she was about to have a REAL relationship, after her messy divorce. He was scum… and outed on the SO Fan board, by a girlfriend who admitted he did it to be ‘famous’. I don’t know who I loathe more.. B-M Productions… or that guy.

    And WTH is the staus of Bobby & nasty Jim… who set up a contract, to get Bobby of RHONJ? If I was was BRAVO, or NBC Corporate… I would consider a lawsuit against Jim over that.

  • Traits of a liar….whenever Jim or Amber called Bobby out on truth, Bobby would immediately look at Nicole to gage her reaction. Then when Bobby would make an untruthful statement his eyes would scan the room searching for validation.

    • Trippinhhard

      Hey Doc—–Let West Coast know I’m missing her POV on the board…..
      get that computer fixed…

      • Yes!!! I miss her too. I will nudge her a little. LOL!

        • Trippinhhard

          Thank you —- tell her a family member is missing.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    OMG..I can’t wait!!!

  • italiano bambino

    LMFAO oh that’s good!

  • She Stinks!

    Not a Jim fan at all, but love that he called out that fame HO, with pics!

  • DLister

    Paging poster Bathroom Bobby for commentary! 🙂
    I am totally LMAO over here with Jim’s show and tell. Too funny, really.

    • Bathroom Bobby

      Reporting for duty! Well let’s see it’s show and tell and Jim has the pics! Bobby has taken lessons from Teresa on the perfection of eye blinking! The twins are complete idiots but that’s old news. The two Joe’s are getting to laugh at all the shenanigans

      • Hahahaha! Bobby’s costars are hamming it up when he whips out his “evidence.” That had to hurt poor Booby.

      • DLister

        Love you!

  • Bathroom Bobby

    This show is on tomorrow night at 8PM and I can’t wait

    • Chloe

      Your name is hysterical. I crack up every time I see it.

      • Bathroom Bobby

        Thanks it is courtesy of a poster on here that thought it would be funny if someone took that name!

        • RealitytvJunkie

          I love it too. Great choice!

          • Bathroom Bobby

            Thanks I’m always up for some fun at Bobby’s expense! He’s a douchebag

  • Bathroom Bobby

    Clearly Dina and Bobby need to hook up ASAP. I bet Miss Andy will talk some smack to Jim also.

  • Jennymckitty

    Jim says he got them off of Bobby’s FB page so how embarrassed do you think Bobby is? Doesn’t sound like he was trying to hide them.

    • Chloe

      I doubt Bobby wanted the public to see these photos, especially since his FB page is private.

    • Dave

      That’s a good point but judging from his reaction, I would say, he wasn’t too happy with his old friend.

  • Bathroom Bobby

    Maybe eye blinking in Bobby’s case is code for where is the bathroom?

    • DLister


  • Dave

    Jim and Bobby go way back, with friends like Jim who needs enemies. But I must admit, Jim says what most of the fans have been saying but said it to their face. I don’t think any of them were prepared for his personality.

    • Lisa Pat

      I disagree.. the way Bobby threw Jim and Amber under the bus in a New York second to gain favor with the “cool guys” showed me all I needed to know about him. Bobby is out for fame and he is using the twin AND willing to throw friendships away with zero remorse. He is a STONE COLD USER and a putz.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Lmao, Jim is too much. I think Amber started off shaky and had she had less cancer scenes and more of her having fun like in Vegas on the lost footage, she would have got a better reception. I’ think she may have potential to a Hw favorite.

    • Bathroom Bobby

      I agree the cancer all the time was too much for me. She could be great if she would lay off cancer as her storyline

      • RealitytvJunkie

        Hopefully if she’s back next season, she uses a different storyline. I want to see Amber the career woman or full time housewife.

        • Bathroom Bobby

          Yes it would help her a bunch if she has a story line other than cancer all the time

  • Yolie

    Jim’s delivery sucks but he’s right about Bobby. He’s a total fameho only out for himself and is using Nicole. I almost feel sorry for Nicole.

    • Lisa Pat

      Absolutely correct !!

  • Does anyone else think the husband & Rosie are more interesting than the rest of them?

    • RonnieIsBack

      But wait did Bobby say “you make up more stores than DR. SEUSS? Ur famous hun! Bwahhhhhh

      • Hahahahaha!!!!! You noticed my shout out! From a Big Bitch no less but it’s still a shout out! Woohoo!

  • Barbra

    LOL, I love Jim.

  • roxie

    this is classic. coming from someone who knows: yes bobby is fame obsessed. this call-out is incrediable cant wait to see the entire thing. jim n amber r crazy in their own way but the point they make here is a good one

  • Janice Marie

    Nicole is a fool and her sister is too for defending Bobby. If that was my sister I would rip into him right there for trying to use my sister. It boggles my mind what people put up with for fame.

  • I am so glad that Bobby was called out for his obvious motives. It’s so obvious he’s using the twin.

  • CoinkaDinka

    Wow, a middle aged man going to housewives book signings? Now that’s embarrassing. I could see some of my gay friends going for campy laughs and some ironic chuckles. Come to think of it, Bobby seemed waaaaayyyyy more into Joe Gorga than his menopausal harpy twin girlfriend. He sure did give him some thorough mouth to mouth when they were in Boca Raton. Hmmmmm, just file that thought under, “things that make you go hmmmmmm.”

    • O – M – G!!!! This comment is golden. Heeeee HILARIOUS!!

      • CoinkaDinka

        Awww Thank you!

  • RonnieIsBack

    They betta not edit that chit out!

    • Yep! Watch his reaction as he bends down to get that water and he turns red. Hahahaha!

  • murlut

    WTG Jim. I was rolling. Bobby got busted. What a low life piece of shit