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[Blind Gossip] This reality star is not naturally thin. She has a very serious eating disorder. While reality fans and body critics debate whether or not she looks healthy, there is a private battle going on behind the scenes.

The reality star‘s ex is talking about taking full custody of their child/ren. He believes that their child/ren is in grave danger due to the mother’s continued eating disorder, and does not want the child/ren witnessing or imitating the mother obsessing over food, binging, purging, starving herself, vomiting, or popping laxatives like candy.


Reality Star:

Her Ex:


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  • CoinkaDinka

    That poor child! I hate when people demonize Jason Hoppy, honestly who wouldn’t act that way when the person they expected to start a stable and loving family turns out to be such an unhinged vicious harpy? I pray that he will be given full custody and that Bethenny will get the help she so desperately needs. The recent pictures of her have been outright scary, to the point that I wondered if she was smoking crack or meth, because really she was always skinny but now she looks like she’s dying of cancer or something equally life threatening.

    • Anne Green

      I agree! An eating disorder is not the only thing that this girl has going on. I’ve never liked her because she just seems to try way too hard to be real and it comes off as fake.

      • CoinkaDinka

        She seems like a very troubled woman from a troubled background. It’s very telling that she has no stable lasting relationships or seemingly friendships. It’s sad to come from a broken background, but especially when you have children you just have to make your best effort to heal yourself and be a good role model for your child.

    • dj j

      what I hate is her insistence that he not give their child bacon, because she has her kid on a vegetarian diet. She has gone on about how she hates her mom for putting her on a diet at age 8, when she didn’t need to be on one. Doesn’t she realize she is acting even worse with her own kid?

  • itsjustme

    That’s gotta be Betheny. I feel sorry for Bryn and hope Jason is able to be the guiding force in her life,

  • MorningYawn

    Bethany for $200 Alex (and Jason hoppy)

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    She is horrifically thin. I really annoys me that she is promoting a “skinny” lifestyle as if she is any example of a healthy body image. Her recently comment about the pressure being off her in terms of dating because she has a kid and doesn’t need to marry made it sound like Jason was just there for one purpose and discarded once the deed was done.
    I think Brandi Glanville is also another example of an unhealthy body – she is skinny but still looks unfit. These stars seems to think all that matters is being skinny rather than being healthy and slim.

  • DoneWithBravo

    IMO, as a former diet/nutrition consultant, there are so many RHWs that could fall into this category. Betheny is in the lead for the thinnest, most unhealthy looking (ex)RHW. She has the lollipop-head look goin’ on and she’s mentioned her eating issues in the past. I’m sure they reared up again due to her recent stress. Brandy is another one who could fit into this category. She looks very unnatural when she’s exercising on the show, but I doubt that her ex would start this battle since his current wife has her own (more serious) eating issues. It could be Adrienne (BH), who has young children and she often looks way too thin/unhealthy, or it could be Camille, who has health issues but she looks far too frail most times.

  • Yolie

    Bethenny Frankel

  • Anne Green

    Bethenny for sure. Look at her…..she looks like Sketator

  • Bathroom Bobby

    Bethenny for sure

  • italiano bambino

    Good luck Jason!

  • the ugly truth

    Bethenny…duh! That’s why I think all her books are a joke, the woman needs help and she is perpetuating that old garbage that being bone skinny is somehow hot.

  • Jennymckitty

    I really suck at these but even I know it’s Bethenny.

  • I know it’s Bethenny..she doesn’t even look good..she just looks a hot mess..she is headed into Nicole Richie world mid 2000’s..she has that lollipop head thing going.

  • Gabby

    Bethenny’s mother had or still has an eating disorder and so does she! She spoke about her mom binging and purging and having to help her clean up the vomit. I hope this cycle doesn’t carry over onto her own daughter.

  • Gabby

    Nobody should be posting pictures of themselves like THIS and acting like it’s normal. The picture on the left is extremely scary.