EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Fabellini Partner Ends Business Deal

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 4:31pm by Editor

Teresa Giudice Fabellini Bottle Signing And Tasting

The hits just keep coming for convicted felon, Teresa Giudice….more bad news to report. 

Teresa’s Fabellini partner Wine Wave has ended their business relationship with “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice in light of her felony conviction and impending prison sentence. 

Earlier this week we reportedTeresa lost a lucrative endorsement deal for her new “Fabulicious Gelato” bars. 

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Wine Wave is an importer and marketer of fine wines and specialty spirits. Their products are from more than 15 diverse family owned producers from throughout Italy. Wine Wave entered into a partnership with Teresa Giudice in April after her previous partner dropped her after her criminal indictments were announced.

Wine Wave confirmed the dissolution of the business partnership in a simple tweet:

Wine Wave tweet #1

The timing of the tweet suggests that a convicted felon did not mesh well for the company’s brand. All mentions of Fabellini has been removed from the company’s website.

Yesterday, we reported the Bureau of Prisons assigned Giudice a prison location and inmate number. Read the details here.

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  • michey

    One by one it’s all going to the pooper

  • BuckJohnson

    They are all walking away. Teresa will need Bravo like she never needed it before when she gets out or when she’s in and allow Joe to have a little show. Unless she doesn’t mind working at a grocery store as a food preper and living in a 4 bedroom apt..

    • Pinky Pie

      I don’t mean to be mean, but how could they afford even a one bedroom apartment. Maybe they could afford to sleep I. Their fancy Mercedes SUV with a tent and camping gear. Teresa’s phony life of luxury is over, unless they stashed the cash.

    • tia mimi

      I hope Bravo does not re-hire her. It won’t look good having a convict have her own show or on any show. Also keep in mind, the way Teresa has come off during her run, I doubt she will want us seeing her live in what I’m sure she will consider poverty, but the rest of us consider a regular life. Her pride will get in the way. The whole family should just to to Italy and defraud that country. And who the hell wants to see Joe in any form of a show, unless they film him going to AA meetings, parenting classes and drivers ed, I have no more interest seeing what these fraudsters do when they are done with their sentences

      • Anne Green

        I bet her 2 year supervised release could pose a hindrance with any filming she would be required to do for any show she may have. Supervised release is no walk in the park either.

  • She Stinks!

    Awww. Guess we won’t get to hang out with Tre, Juicy and the classless middle finger waving Miss Velocity Media Robin, for a price. Cash only!

  • Donna Lee King

    Good thing we have some Fabellini left…that’s stuffs bangin!!! If they ever bring it back, will continue to buy, if not…oh well

  • italiano bambino

    Whatever happened the fan base? NOONE is buying her bullshit Anymore

    • Poppies1

      You’re right! Hey, Bam!!

    • According the Thuggers on Twitter, they love love love their idol. How can they allow their queen to sink like this,

  • The empire is crumbling quick. The bank will move in for the house next.

    • tia mimi

      I hope the courts make her sell all of her ill gotten goods on ebay!!! Teresa, do like the rest of us, get a 9-5 and buy what you need just like the rest of us, a little at a time

      • The feds will start seizing her crap soon. All her revenue streams are drying up.

  • nan/4

    I guess that what’s his name? Leopard Man? Or is it Leotard Man? Whatever his name is must be busy buying up any and all of that crap he can get his hands on. I can just see him running with his arms full of bottles. What’s he going to do when there is nothing left to buy? OH NO!!!!!! 😉

    • Chloe

      Yeah, he is. On Twitter he has many photos of himself drinking Fabellini. It’s creepy. He’s a weirdo.

      • nan/4

        Yup! Anyone who is that fixated on her had GOT to be weird!

        Hope you’re doing well Chloe! 😉

        • Chloe

          Thanks Nan. Are you feeling better?

          I think Teresa needs to be careful with Leotard Man. His tweets scare me. He’s coming off unhinged.

          • nan/4

            I’m doing better, thanks honey! I just read what Anne wrote about him making a video about her???? Oh my goodness. What’s he gonna do when she’s finally behind bars? It IS scary!

          • Here you go. Refresh to view


          • nan/4

            DoI HAVE to watch it???? YIKES! It’s like a punishment!!!! hehe

          • LMAO!! If you need a good laugh, watch it.

          • nan/4

            I got up to a minute and thirty seconds and I’m ready to hurl!!!! No laughter involved either Doc!!!!

          • The lyrics are what got me. ROFLMAO!!!!

          • nan/4

            This guy is NOT paying with a full deck. I’m going to try to get through another minute of this idiotic video!

          • nan/4

            Is that him in the turquoise shorts and shoes?

          • Nope….Leopard’s at mark 4:20

          • nan/4

            I found him. Thanks Doc. Now my night is complete.

          • Bwahahaha!!!!!!!

          • nan/4

            “‘Aint nothin’ better than right now???” You have GOT to be kidding me. Yeah, I’m sure Tre feels that way Leopard Boy (or whatever the hell his name is!)

            Ewww……that’s so creepy!

          • Ahahahahaha! Oh this HILARIOUS!

    • Anne Green

      He uploaded a video to YouTube as a tribute to Teresa showing pics of her with her fans. I will admit….I watched it. The average fan was about 25 years old. No wonder they are blind. They are to young yet to know how Teresa’s criminal behavior had an effect on our economy. They haven’t experienced what it’s like to work hard all your life to have things such as owning a home, a car, paying taxes. They can’t relate to what she has done.

      • nan/4

        A tribute to her? This guy is really not right in the head. Kudos to you Anne. No way would I sit through 25 minutes of a tribute to that crook! I never knew so many young people watched reality tv. Yup, they have no idea how extensive her crimes really are. They see a face on tv and then in person and get all giddy! Makes me ill….really.

        Hope you’re doing well sweetie!

        Take good care,

        Nancy 🙂

      • Babson_Chick

        Good points11

  • TartLemon

    Looks like BRAVO is the only hold out. Doesn’t make them look loyal, just bad business decisions.

  • Dave

    Finally these companies are smelling the coffee. Teresa is bad for their brands. Gotta jump off a sinking ship.

    • Anne Green

      I wonder if it would have made a difference if she received probation. Maybe they would have kept her onboard. Something about a stint in a Federal Penitentiary tends to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

      • Dave

        I think the prison sentence was the final nail in her coffin because her deals were still active after the indictments.

      • Jennymckitty

        You know, by March she had per guilty with her plea agreement and was just awaiting sentencing. She was an admitted felon. I don’t understand why they are acting like she would be less guilty if she was on probation.

        • Hey Jenny! Good point. Their logic make no sense to me.

          • Jennymckitty

            The reasoning with these businesses angers me. If they think they can make money off her it doesn’t matter what she’s done. They only get moral if they aren’t going to profit.

          • All businesses are like that. Why you think they didn’t cancel Duck Dynasty when a large majority was in an uproar.

      • MorningYawn

        Like fabellini

      • TartLemon

        IMO, not only is it about the conviction and upcoming incarceration but also about the (un)likability factor. She’s never admitted or taken responsibility for her actions. Teresa has never apologized for STEALING MILLIONS.

  • Anne Green

    Nan, where are you??? I feel like I’m talking to myself again…..again!!

    • Hi Anne! 🙂

    • Jennymckitty

      Still at work but done for the day. How is everyone? I don’t know how I’ll get through life without Fabulinni.

      • nan/4

        Me either Jenny! What are we going to DOOOOOO????? LOL!

        I’m not a drinker anyway. Has anyone actually tasted the stuff?

        Be well Jenny! 😉

        • Jennymckitty

          I’ve not tried it but those who have said that it was swill.

          • nan/4

            That good, huh? lol!

    • nan/4

      I’m here. I just answered you honey! 😉

    • nan/4

      I can hear you Anne. Loud and clear! Over and out!

      • nan/4

        Okay. Now where did YOU go???? OY! 😮

        • LMAO! I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Anne Green

        I’m sooo sorry Nan! I was on call for work last night and had to dash off. The timing of it was just bad. I would never ignore you!

        • nan/4

          I know you would never do that Anne! Don’t you worry sweetheart! I totally understand…..No problemo!!! 😉

          I hope you’ve been well, and I look forward to “seeing” you again real soon!

          Be well Anne!

          Nancy 🙂

  • Guest

    US Weekly has exclusive about Joe and Teresa being distant. I imagine losing business deals is putting a strain on their relationship. I remember scene where Joe is in his home office talking about Fabinelli. All the work he was doing to get thru customs. Not to mention all the signings they did too.

    • Poppies1

      …and, it appears Jowwww does nothing to contribute to the household income these days.

  • If the loyal Trehuggers love Teresa so much why isn’t her fund over $1 million dollars by now.

    • Poppies1

      THANK YOU, Doc!!!

    • I can’t even fund gas in my car. Ain’t no way I’m sending it to her ass lol

  • Poppies1

    Quelle surprise.

    • Hey Poppies. It’s adios amigos time.

      • Poppies1

        Hey, Doc!!! How art thou?

        • I’m hanging in there, darlin’ and you?

          • Poppies1

            Shit, I could complain but won’t bother, lmao. I can’t believe Tre still presents herself as a “victim”, wtf???

  • Brenda Ann

    She is no Diferent then anyone else do the Crime Spend some time… she should of gotten more….I love the show but do not support her any more

  • Poppies1

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch this shitfest at all this season, I have been relying on the recaps.

    • You didn’t miss much besides Jim Marchese. lmao!!!

      • WaWaWaWHAT!

        Jim was the BEST part of RHONJ this season

  • Poppies1

    So…..is Jowwww going to go to work with little Joe, you know, shredding documents and such?

  • doggiedaddy

    Does that mean the brand is all hers and she can do with it what she wants.
    Like selling it under a new name in Italy, ya know Joes gota have a job when he skips town before he does time.

  • Abby_Wabby

    Aw so no more cough syrup wine for us? #sorrynotsorry

    • Hey Abby! Nice seeing you here.

      • Abby_Wabby

        Hiya Seuss

        • Hi Abby!!!!!! How have you been?

          • Abby_Wabby


          • Same here. About to get my Patron on! Enjoy!!!

  • September24

    And the empire came tumbling down. See ya in 2016.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    WOW! …but does anyone think that after she does her time that she’ll get more offers? …something tells me, while we think this is the end for her…something will pull her back up once time is served

    • I’ve seen this happen a lot and I’m with you on this. I see it happening, clear as day.

      Happy Friday WWW!

      • WaWaWaWHAT!

        Hi honey!
        Yes…while people are backing out now…she’ll just get offers once she is released…and probably a spin off with her & the girls while Joe is away…

        • I agree with you!!

        • Pinky Pie

          Teresa May get a shot at TV, again. But, the question is… How many people will want to see her, or believe a word out of her lying mouth. Even her convict P.R. Person says Teresa is currently lying. Although, maybe it would be like a game show for viewers: How many lies did Teresa tell before the first commercial break? Can you spot the lies? It seems like the real housewives series is about to be flushed.

    • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

      She has realized that she can market herself like the Kardashians and become “rich” by playing people. It amazes me how people continue to support her when she stole that much money and shows no remorse for it.

      She goes about life like she has done nothing wrong and people are calling her QUEEN???? and reflecting on how “strong” she is. Strong is a mother who works 3 jobs to support her children.

  • September24

    By the time she gets out and may be ready for a tv comeback there will be a new flavor in town. Remember Spencer and Heidi? They were the it tv couple. Then along came a little show called Jersey Shore and Speidi was never seen again.

  • Welp. How is she going to market a brand from prison anyway? Well .. Apollo is tweeting from prison so … maybe they can send their orders to Danbury … to inmate 65703-050.

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    I’m confused, on WWHL Teresa & Joe were talking about having a container load the stuff that was brought over from Italy, she mentioned that they Teresa & Joe had paid for it. She went on to say that they weren’t making any money yet because it’s a new business and like any business it takes time. So how does this happen? Hope I’m not being redundant .

    • Wine Ware distributed Fabellini. Without a distributor her product can’t get to stores.

      • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

        So this must mean that there will be no more Fabellini wine tasting events with Teresa & Joe. Plus what’s Joe going to do, isn’t he the brawn behind the wine, he won’t have a job, poor Joe.

        • She can still do appearances at locations that have stock. Joe drinks the swill and carry her bags.

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