Couples Therapy Recap: “I’ve Got The Power” [Episode 6]

Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 10:17am by Dani-K

Couples Therapy

We resume with the group session of Evel Dick’s confession about his HIV diagnosis. He says that although it doesn’t define his life, it does affect his life. He mentions again that his girlfriend Stephanie tested negative, but they haven’t been intimate since he told her, three years ago. Dr. Jenn tells Dick that he looks like a weight has been lifted and he has set the bar for honesty. Everyone hugs it out. Over dinner the housemates are laughing and putting their pettiness aside…for a few moments.

Cicely is upset that Treach is acting like a victim. She’s the victim, damn it. The two still aren’t speaking about Cicely asking the human lie detector if Treach cheated. Treach admits he wasn’t always the stellar man he is today, but Cicely is still treating him like the thug he used to be seven years ago.

Couples Therapy

Next up, several of the housemates are discussing if anyone, besides Nikki, has ever said I love you to someone, and not had it returned. No one in this group admit this has ever happened to them. Juan Pablo asks if they have dated someone from Latin America. No? Then you don know nothing! Apparently 200 – I love you’s don’t equal 1 – Te Amo.

Couples Therapy

Just then Jenna, who is out of her cave for once, walks by and asks if it’s Groundhog’s Day. Nikki doesn’t get the joke that yet again they are discussing Juan Pablo’s inability to say those three little words. Nikki announces that Groundhog’s Day is in February, duh! The real question is did Jenna see her shadow and will she return to her cave for six weeks?

Couples Therapy

It’s time for another group session. Dr. Jenn wants to discuss the power dynamics in relationships that create conflict. The couples are given cards and asked to write down the name of the person in the relationship who holds the power. First up is Cicely and Treach. No surprise Cicely writes down his name, but Treach leaves his card blank to demonstrate that no one has the power in their relationship. Cicely calls b.s. on that and is pissed that Treach won’t acknowledge the damage he’s caused. Dr. Jenn tells Treach that he needs to recognize her pain, without it, Cicely cannot heal. Treach gives an apology worth of an Oscar. With tears falling, Cicely accepts.

Couples Therapy

Next up are Juan Pablo and Nikki. No shocker that they both write down his name. He was the one who got to choose, though he still hasn’t really solidified that choice. Dr. Jenn asks if he’s holding back saying those three words (I’m a douche) because it would level the playing field. Juan Pablo says he would rather Nikki show him her love that say it. Whatev!

Deena and Chris both write down Deena’s name. I’m not sure why these two are on the show. They don’t fight and are nice to each other. Could it be for Deena’s fledgling career in the public eye? Say it isn’t so!

Couples Therapy

Jenna and John both write down Jenna’s name. She is used to fighting for everything, she says. Now she wants a man to take really, really, really good care of her. John says that so far there hasn’t been a big power struggle between the two. (Give it time, John.) Jenna makes one of her many faces and declares that if she is arguing, it’s because she is right. Laughter ensues. Jenna makes another face. Dr. Jenn says that although she has over 20 years experience in therapy, she too can be wrong in a relationship. Jenna is thinking, well that’s you, biotch.

Couples Therapy

Jenna and John are by the pool. Jenna tells him that all men look between a women’s legs and at their armpits. Armpits? Okay, Jenna, if you say so. John doesn’t like it when other men look at Jenna “that way” but by Jenna’s own admission, 99% of the occupants on Earth have seen her naked. Really? Someone is feeling confident.

Jenna and Dr. Jenn have a private session because frankly, Jenna needs it. Jenna’s black glasses dominate her face. She says that John is insensitive to the topic of her family life and the abuse she received. Jenna was raped twice as a teen. She trusted the wrong people. Dr. Jenn tells her that no matter what, it wasn’t her fault, and to deal with the pain she has to go through it, not around it. Jenna says that she’s seen something in John that has her worried. He’s not being sensitive to her. Dr. Jenn tells Jenna that she has to ask for it, sweetly and gently – two attributes Jenna doesn’t exactly possess.

Couples Therapy

Outside Evel Dick, Nikki, Cicely and Treach are hanging out. Evel asks who’s with Dr. Jenn. When he learns it’s Jenna, he comments that even when Jenna does come out of her cave, she’s off in her little world. Cicely speculates it’s because she wants the cameras on her. Dick speculates about a drug problem and suggests that Jenna is detoxing in her cave. Calling Dr. Drew. Nikki speculates that Jenna is a caricature of herself. Treach is the only one that defends Jenna. He says he’s heard horror stories about Jenna’s childhood.

Back in Jenna and John’s private detox cave, Jenna is feeling bored and decides to pick a fight with John. She asks if there’s someplace he’d rather be. (Careful, John, this is a trap!) He says yes. She calls him a jackass. John backpedals and says that he meant he’d rather they both were out socializing. Jenna tells him to get out of the room because he’s cruel. And so he does, but not before Jenna tells him he’s embarrassing himself. Really? That’s how you see it, Jenna? Maybe there’s some truth to what Evel says.


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  • Dr. Jenn needs to stop cursing so much. She’s a good therapist but the language she uses is so stupid. She is supposed to be a professional. Love the show but cringe every time she talks. STOP CURSING DR. JENN. It doesn’t make you cool – just the opposite.

    • Midwest Housewife

      I think she is trying to show she’s “relatable” to her clients. Sometimes you need to throw the f word out there to get people’s attention.

      • Dani-K

        I agree. She’s mirroring to be relatable, but for me, it’s not professional.

  • Janice Marie

    I’ve been in NIkki’s shoes. It’s painful and horrible. Although she has the choice to leave, I can understand her holding on. I feel for her. She’s still a bitch – but I feel for her.

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