Teresa Giudice’s Crisis PR Manager Is Writing “A Tell-All Book”?

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 3:11pm by BeachSpin


Oh that Teresa Giudice…it has been a scant two weeks since she was sentenced to federal prison for numerous counts of fraud, and it’s no surprise that the money making wheels are already cranking in high gear.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is determined to bring ‘home’ the bacon, and no pesky prison stint will get in her way! 

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Life & Style Magazine is reporting that she is planning to turn lemons into lemonade by cashing in on….wait for it…a tell all book! Postpone the eye rolling folks…because it gets even better. The main thrust of the book is to share Teresa’s prison secrets, and it is all with the guidance and expertise of Teresa’s crisis public relations manager, and bosom lockup sister, Wendy Feldman. Feldman spent time in federal prison for a financial crime, and she is now the apparent go to gal for the ‘how tos’ of flourishing while up the river.

“I’ve spoken about my prison experience, and people are intrigued. Teresa and I have remained close because of that connection. I have shared my prison secrets and tricks with Teresa since day one.”

As All About The Tea reported back in March, Feldman was singing a very different tune prior to taking on the reality star as a client.

“This is the thing and this is why I wouldn’t work with her [Teresa]…she [Teresa] would be a disaster client..Because if it was my client…I would say… no show…no more interviews…no more selling things [stories] to the press…SHUT UP!”

Feldman also asserted at the time that she believed that Teresa would have benefited from a psychological evaluation, because her thinking appeared skewed. Can I hear a collective AMEN??

I guess we can assume that the tell all book is Plan B?  Branding expert David Johnson believes that if Teresa plays it right, she could be quite marketable and could earn up to $3 million from her time in prison. Could this be where the $150k contract advance came from to pay the Giudice restitution bill?

I know that all of your imaginations are running wild as to what kind of handy dandy slammer advice Wendy and Teresa have up their sleeves to share with the outside world.  Maybe things like…Kool Aid makes a great hair dye in a pinch, being that purple IS the new jet black. I think that the first tip would to be shell out some bucks to some non violent inmate who can write and articulate well…after all, money talks in the Big House. What are your favorite prison made painless ideas?  Share them in the comments below!


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  • Trippinhhard

    What is she going to write, we all know they’re crooks.
    They spent their money on THINGEES n don’t have squat to show for it, but 13milkion in debt.
    So good luck with your ghost writer…

    • Dani-K

      Hahaha. I wouldn’t read “her” book no matter what.

      • Trippinhhard

        Thank you—–even if it was at the library, I’m not interested in Teresa’s lies..
        I don’t think Teresa knows how to tell the truth.. I have never seen a person so FOS in my life.. She still can’t say what she did wrong. She just signed where Joe told her to sign.. But hey she surely know how to spend that money..
        Anywho her fans will be out in droves to buy her book. Damn fools need to help themselves n save that 19.99, cause she not worth one cent. JMTC

        • Dani-K

          That’s why I wouldn’t read it. Teresa has zero self-insight. And if her crisis manager writes the book for her and puts in all the proper buzz words and lesson’s learned, it won’t be from Teresa’s soul because she has none. She’s only sorry they got caught – which should be the title of the book!

          • Trippinhhard

            Now u on to something “I’m only sorry, I got caught” is the truth….
            She’s not sorry ine bit and she’s angry at Joe for everything. But she had to have the very best of everything.. Jail might teach her a lesson, she just knew her ass wasn’t going to jail. They are so lucky to get the sentences they have. SMDH cause these are the dumbest crooks I seen.

          • Pinky Pie

            Isn’t that one of the saddest parts of this: she doesn’t know how lucky she is that she is not in jail for 50 years. Plus, even if she thought she wasn’t going to jail: why the celebratory party, ” stay strong party.” How do u have a party, knowing your “honey” is going off to college. Where is her conscious? How does she wipe her hands off and walk away leaving him to do the time. Teresa is not in love worth him. She is using him. She should have t shirts printed that say, “it’s his fault.”

  • InnerPeace

    According to Blind Gossip, in this solved item that came out today, she’s filing for divorce. I know there have been rumors but is this proof of confirmation???


    • RealitytvJunkie

      I don’t believe it. She’ll never leave him.

      • WestCoastFeed

        Joe’s lawyer said the divorce story is false

        • RealitytvJunkie

          Thanks for the info. It didn’t sound credible.

  • WestCoastFeed

    I do wonder if the $150K contract advance that was talked about yesterday as the main part of the $200K fine, was really an advance by a publisher.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Those were my initial thoughts. Publishers give “advances.”

    • Trippinhhard

      WCF—have U found out what friend would be crazy enough to loan her 50K??
      Those lawyers cost big bucks

      • WestCoastFeed

        Don’t look too close, but someone’s big digging in the chicken coop.

        • Trippinhhard

          that’s where old ppl hid their money back in the 40’s..
          But with these two crooks, anything is possible

      • Raine Woman

        Happy Wife. 🙂

        • Trippinhhard

          Happy wife=jail life for them
          Most are happy their bills are paid on time, gas n food for the following week.. Gotta crawl before U walk, they started off running..

  • italiano bambino

    The secrets behind the forehead

    • Trippinhhard

      Ikr—what tell at—we already know enough and we know the book will be packed with lies. They are natural born liars n theives. She should just get ready for jail n call it a day.

    • BeachSpin

      OMG…this is GENIUS!!!!

    • DLister

      Sheer brilliance, Italiano! BTW, love your name.

  • Jennymckitty

    Wendy really creeps me out. I think Tre would do much better if she severed ties with her. I don’t really see how Wendy’s guidance has done Tre any favors….if Tre has taken her advice. I also think that she is now going to try to capitalize on Tre and put her self interest first.

    • My thoughts exactly. After listening to her long winded rant insulting Teresa, she’s all credibility. She’s only in this for the fame and opportunities that arise from it.

    • DLister

      Well said, Jenny! I totally agree.

  • She Stinks!

    That Wendy is a felon too, so I have a hard time believing anything she says. She appears to be a desperate fame HO trying to get her own talk show on CNBC or MSNBC.

  • TartLemon

    A tell all? Teresa is a FELON. Joe is a FELON. Wendy is a FELON.

    Birds of a feather. Who’s gonna believe them? Unless they rat out one another and others in the ‘Family’ business, what could they have to say?

    • WestCoastFeed

      A few months ago this subject of Teresa writing a book came up and was discussed by the various bloggers including that shrine to Teresa who has direct contact with the Teresa crowd. I think it was Heather MacLean who said the Teresa would not write about the exact events in her life, but about how she reacted to them. Or some similar statement that made very little sense to me.

  • All About The Tea

    Mark your calendars!

    Please join All About The Tea on Thursday, October 16th at 1:00 p.m. EST for a Q&A with attorney, Stacy Slotnick for a no holds barred discussion on the Giudice’s Fraud Case.

    Restitution, Prison Allocation, Tax Evasion, Bankruptcy fraud, Separation of their debt, Wendy Feldman and more!

    Don’t miss it.

    • BuckJohnson

      Thanks, I’ll definitely be there.

  • BuckJohnson

    Also I don’t think that Teresa will make money of that book because of the son of sam laws that where passed about felons making money off of their crimes. In fact what money made from that book will go directly to restitution and the debtors.

    • Harleygirl0685

      I thought that too. But as shady as these people are, could they work a deal between themselves that Tre gives all info to Wendy and it’s Wendy’s name as author and they split all profits?

  • DLister

    There is NO WAY this will ever be a “tell all;” it will be fabrications and obfuscations.