Nicole Napolitano Addresses Bobby Ciasulli’s Verbal Abuse In Florida

Posted on Oct 10 2014 - 3:36am by Editor


If there’s one thing worse than embarrassing yourself, it’s feeling someone else’s embarrassment even more acutely than your own. That’s how I felt watching Bobby Ciasulli, boyfriend to Nicole Napolitano degrade and demean her on national television.

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During the Florida trip, Bobby became infuriated after Jim Marchese complimented Nicole. Bobby ran off and barricaded himself in the bathroom. Nicole took off after her man and was met with belittling and hurtful words, Bobby threatened ”If you ever do that again….I’ll LEAVE YOU,” followed by, “You’re stupid, you’re stupid….you’re SO STUPID!” Ouch!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Nicole Napolitano is finally addressing Bobby’s “verbally abusive” behavior. In her Bravo blog, she describes it as “hurtful” and “damaging.” She expressed sadness and disappointment in her boyfriend’s treatment towards her and her twin sister, TereeSSa Aprea.

“There is no excuse on this planet for a man to talk to a woman and use the word “stupid.” It was totally unacceptable! Yes, of course Bobby apologized, but for all the woman reading this blog, I feel verbal abuse can be just as hurtful and damaging as physical abuse. I’m a firm believer that words are extremely powerful and can lift a person up or destroy a person’s spirit.”

The incident seems to have had a profound and lasting effect on Nicole, she expressed difficulty blogging about the Florida episodes. Nicole wrote,

“These past two weeks the episodes in Florida were not easy to write about. As a matter of fact I’m going to make this extremely brief, because it was too upsetting to watch and comment on”

Nicole also addressed the blatant disrespect Bobby showed her sister that night,

“I did not appreciate Bobby leaving me downstairs, but most importantly, he should have opened the door for my sister when she came knocking. She was there without her husband, and he should have shown her respect by opening up the door.”  


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  • KJ

    Thank you Editor!!
    I really was upset over this!! As WCF & I talked about before, SHUT UP is NOT allowed in OUR house!! My kids know it, their friends know it, & their friends KNOW it! My husband does NOT call me his “ole’ lady”, not is he my “ole man” those words have hurtful degrading meaning!
    Those people are on TV talking & saying things like that, wth are they saying behind close doors (if Bobby let’s her go behind the doors)

    • Good morning my lovely sweet KJ! 🙂

      I agree with you 100%. After seeing Bobby in action on national TV threatening Nicole, I can only imagine the cruel and hurtful things he says when no one is watching. That Bobby is a sheep in wolves clothing.

    • MorningYawn

      We don’t say that either. If those words come out of my mouth my kids know they have crossed a line… Way over the line!

      • DLister

        KJ and MorningYawn (love your name!) — awesome and kudos. I totally agree. You both are my kind of gal! Hope you and your families have a totally fun autumn weekend!

        • MorningYawn

          Thx DLister! Wishing you a wonderful family filled weekend!

  • Vince Foster, Jr.

    Bobby is a fiction who make up his own story line.

    • Boom! He sure has enough money to fake any storyline he wants. From fake fireman to regular Joe that hangs out at the Dunkin Donuts picking up chicks.

      • Karma

        Bobby is a spoilt POS

  • itsjustme

    I havent’ seen many of the episiodes and have missed all of Florida. I had no clue Bobby was so mean and hurtful to Nicole with his words. Any PERSON (not just man) who willingly speaks to another person like that is very insecure in themselves and obviously has very limited language skills. I’ll tell you what, if I were Nicole and he spoke to me like that. That would have been THE LAST time he saw me to speak to me at all. I don’t care wth you are. You do NOT speak to another person in that manner at all!

    • Morning Itjustme! Right on. Nicole allowed Bobby to humiliate her AND her sister on national TV. And I’m convinced he ran to the bathroom to delete numbers and pics of other women off his phone.

      • itsjustme

        Good morning Doc, Like I’ve said haven’t seen very many episodes at all. I know I’ve read about Bobby and other women supposedly, but I honestly don’t have an opinion on that either way.
        I think a big problem with me is I just have no care at all about NJHW. Right now show I would still have interest in would be BH, but since they insisted on keeping Brandi on that show I’ll not be watching that one either, so my days of watching the shows and forming my opinion on what happens on them will be limited to say the least.

      • Dani-K


      • That makes so much sense!!!!

      • Karma

        Ah good observation Dr I didnt think of that slimy rat

  • September24

    This from a girl who physically attacked Amber. The dim twins are imploding.

    • Very good point! I love your comments September 24!!

  • If Nicole and Bobby are still together that is sad, it shows how desperate she is not to be seen as single, and he is desperate for fame. It’s crazy to think that these two people are in their mid to late 40s. They seem to be mentally stunted at the teenage years.

    • Yep-It’s a shame alright. I get second hand embarrassment watching them try and keep up the charade on camera.

      • Karma

        LOL hi Dr

        me too I’m embarrassed watching them especially Nicole when or if the show ends or doesn’t sign up the twins or they decide not to come back you watch Bobby will leave Nicole in a heartbeat Bobby’ an ass as much as people dislike Jim I believe everything he a says bout Bobby

  • Barbra

    Bobby and the twins are unbearable to watch or listen to. I hope they are all gone next season.

    • Same here! The add nothing to the show. They can also take Dina with them.

  • DLister

    Nicole, he left you downstairs because he just isn’t into you. Wake up and smell the tanning oil!

    • Hi DLister. That’s the same impression I get also. They have no chemistry and he only dated her to get on the show.

      Happy Friday!! 🙂

    • Karma

      Yep thats exactly right Bobby has no attraction to Nicole he’s alwys rude to her he doesnt respect her AT ALL. I belive Jim when he says he’s only dating Nicole for the show

      • Hi Karma! Ditto. I agree 110% on this with you. It’s so clear those 2 have zero chemistry on screen. It’s very forced. And the way Bobby looks at Nicole says it all. He’s repulsed.

    • Abby_Wabby

      Nicole is too neeeeeeeeeeeeeedy to realize he’s just not that into her and Jimbo is prolly right that he’s banging other people. (did I just type Jimbo is right….sheesh)

  • DLister

    Also — that photo of bobby pulling his upper eyelid skin — that is a tell. He is demonstrating extreme discomfort underneath trying to come across as being convivial and companionable. I noticed he kept doing it.

    • What an astute and well articulated observation. I saw him doing it and I thought it was a reflex action from being uncomfortable pretending to like Nicole. He looks very uncomfortable with her sitting on his lap.

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