RHOA Rumors: Nene Leakes Did NOT Receive A Salary Increase

Posted on Oct 9 2014 - 11:59am by Editor


The new season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” hasn’t even started and the rumors are spilling all over the place.

Yesterday, a rumor surfaced that Nene Leakes received a generous 50% salary increase which would bump her salary up to $1.5 million. Reportedly, the network pays her an insane $1 million salary to antagonize and stir up the drama on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

An inside source close to the show reached out to All About The Tea to confirm the rumor is FALSE. 

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As we previously reportedPorsha Williams has been given her walking papers and demoted to a “friend of a housewife,” for season 7. A rock solid source tells, “All About The Tea,” Porsha Williams has been FIRED from the Bravo reality series.

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  • CoolBreeze14

    Haha! I knew that rumor was false! I didn’t believe it when I heard it yesterday and it didn’t even make sense! I hear Bravo is done with Nene after this season and she will be shown the door. This is why this blog is the only one that I really comment on and go to. People believe everything these days. Nene is just trying to save face. She really has nobody to really film with other than Porsha and now that Porsha is fired (thank goodness) who is else is she going to film with? It’s obvious her and Phaedra are not REAL friends and she has never liked Kandi. Cynthia has moved on with Kenya and now she isn’t getting along with Claudia or Demetria. Nene is useless at this point! I really hope if this show continues to stay on for a little while longer they really consider that Marlo add!

    This rumor also confirms how easily misled many people are. They will hear something from Radar Online or TMZ and then repost it on social media like it’s FACT. LOL. I saw so many comments yesterday about how “Nene is winning and say what you want but she is making the most money and has the most opportunities…” Truth is Nene is losing and I didn’t like that little comment her PR put out about her being the show. How sadly mistaken they are because Nene lost a lot of fans after her nasty attitude last season and her insults to the gays. The majority of us don’t watch the show for Nene. We watch it for Team Pretty, at least I do. LOL!

  • twifan2

    I hope Nay Nay leaves & takes Crazy Crazy with her!
    The WHOLE HW franchise needs to be revamped OR just dropped!

  • She Stinks!

    Bravo is still a basic cable channel, not a network. They pay nothing. They don’t have the cash flow to pay these ‘bravolebrities’ the big money they report.

  • Norrth

    She is lucky she didn’t get a pay CUT! Brave shouldn’t wait to get rid of her. She should pick up her “Parade Grand Marshal” wig, her echoing husband, and her bad attitude and hit the bricks. So RUDE, so NASTY doesn’t play well when you are attacking the person who gave you your shot and whole groups of people. I hope she’s saving money.

    • twifan2

      Do any of these folks ‘save’ money???

  • Of course Nene did not receive a 50% salary increase.

    • italiano bambino

      In her mind

  • Anne Green

    I don’t know much about this Nene Leakes person. I never followed her or her career. I felt the earth move when she was on DWTS but never watched her. I will tell you this….the very first time I ever saw that woman….I immediatley was convinced that she was/is a man. My opinion has not changed. She is not attractive at all, she is the size of a small giraffe, has no fashion sense whatsoever and she just can’t shake the way she speaks. I’ve seen a few clips and heard her speak (I have trouble understanding her). She tries too hard to come off intellegent and educated. I will admit she is the perfect fit for the “wicked stepmother” in Cinderella.

    • Anne Green

      Look at the picture above. Everybody has a dress at knee length except Nene. Out of all of those women……she is the one who needs the knee length dress the most!!! She must look in the mirror and see a size 2!

    • italiano bambino

      There’s not much to follow.

    • CoolBreeze14

      “the very first time I ever saw that woman….I immediatley was convinced that she was/is a man. My opinion has not changed. She is not attractive at all, she is the size of a small giraffe, has no fashion sense whatsoever”


  • RealitytvJunkie

    Thank you confirming AATT. Another season of this uncouth loud mouth moose. Oh the joy!

  • Birdie11

    Thank goodness Porsha with her new porn star self isn’t coming back. Nene’s also the WORST…yuck.

  • RonnieIsBack

    I believe it..Moose always farting and then telling us we smell candy.

    • CoolBreeze14


  • I’m glad Poorsha is gone. Her attacking Kenya should have been grounds enough for her to be fired, but by Bravo’s standards that’s just not good enough.

  • Angela Petrillo

    I don’t understand why NeNe gets such a high salary even though she has been on longer than the others.She hasn’t even been present much this season and she has been walking away or not showing up for any of the parties or get togethers.1mil ? Bravo you are getting ripped off and put a white face back in the group, now who is being prej.?!!!