Jim Marchese Blows The Lid Off Of Nicole Napolitano & Bobby Ciasulli FAKE Relationship

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On last night’s explosive episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Jim Marchese dropped jewels on the viewing audience.

The drama erupted shortly after Jim and his wife, Amber Marchese arrived in Florida. The circle of friends were enjoying cocktails and shade, when the subject of Nicole Napolitano and Bobby Ciasulli’s relationship came up. Jim shared his two-cents with the group:

“If you love a woman and you respect her, you man up and you do what’s right. When I met my wife I told her within a month, I love her, we’re getting married. You make the decision and you do it. That’s what a man does.”

Jim’s commentary PISSED Bobby off, especially since Nicole sided with Marchese, noting Jim made valid points. Bobby has been under a lot of pressure to step things up in their relationship and make a firm commitment (engagement).

Bobby handled the situation like a child and ran to the bathroom to barricade himself. With that Jim upped the ante, telling the group:

“Bobby needs to grow up! If he wants to be with you and he truly loves you, then he’s got to make the commitment. This is bullsh*t.” Adding,  “I know what he’s told me about you for a year… You don’t think guys talk? I’m not going to talk about what Bobby said about your family and what he told me about you guys.”

But that’s not even the best part, Jim was not done! He continued on and dropped the following nuclear BOMB:

“You know when I’m going to laugh my balls off? When she finds out that he’s been f*cking some girl in the condo that he’s been keeping the whole time he’s been dating her sister.”

This bombshell is not new to us. When Jim did an exclusive interview with All About The Tea, we asked him, did he think Nicole and Bobby’s relationship was genuine and he had the following to say:

“Amber and I got contacted by a casting company, she [Amber] gets offered the job first, then they asked her to bring in 3 to 4 other women. We interviewed 8 women. They end up picking the twins. Bobby tried to sleep with every single one of the women that was interviewed to be on the show. He [Bobby] found the twins at the Dunkin Donuts and thought they would be perfect. Bobby started dating her [Nicole] because of the show. Not for any other reason. He didn’t like her or wasn’t attracted to her but he wanted to be on the show and that’s where the relationship started. And I did know the real girl he was dating. He and I have been friends for a lot of years and I’ve heard how he spoke about her [Nicole] versus other girls he dated and I don’t know if it’s genuine.”
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Stay tuned for part 3 of the epic Florida blowout next week.

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  • CeeJay

    Oh this Bobby is a big, fat BABY! What kind of a man runs to the bathroom and hides? Sounds like an 8th grade girl to me.

    • Birdie11

      NICE to see you here CeeJay! Poor Bobby…a girly tantrum was all he could muster for a response to some real heat.

      • CeeJay

        Thanks Birdie. I enjoy this site. The posts are well thought out and typically more accurate than some others. If little Bobby’s closet antics didn’t throw up a red flag for Nicole, I don’t know what would!!

    • Hi CeeJay! Always love your post. I’m with you….what kind of GROWN man hides in the bathroom and cries like a baby. Just shows how much of a rich spoiled brat he is.

      • CeeJay

        Hey Doc! Yep, and I think he’s beginning to realize you can’t hide from big, bad Bravo!

  • BuckJohnson

    Dirts coming out and it’s going to get dirtier you can count on that.

  • Marsbars09

    You know, all of these folks are losers. The only one “winning”. Nothing good will come from this for Amber, Bobby, or the twins. They are nothing but fake scam artists.

    • Thank you!!!! And amen to that!

      Hey Marsie.

      • Marsbars09

        LOL! How are you holding up today? I’m going to be contacting you later on this evening.

    • Jennymckitty

      You’re correct, Mars. None of them look good. And I’m not going to believe something just because Jim says it is so. His past shows me that he isn’t an honest person. All of these people are going to regret coming on this show.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Bobby and Nicole are still making appearances together as a couple. It looks like Nicole is quite happy to continue the pretense that they are interested in each other. Why not? It gets them both a spot on a reality show, which is what they both wanted.

    • Harleygirl0685

      This is OT…do you think they will edit in Thurs sentencing on Sundays show?

  • Let the mud slinging begin….

  • WestCoastFeed

    Bravo is going to run a NJ First Look tonight at 10:25. They must be expecting low ratings next Sunday unless they really hype this show. I’m guessing the general audience reaction to the newbies is about the same as mine. Pfui!!

    • Thanks. I’ll set my DVR

    • Harleygirl0685

      That was entertaining !!! I feel like such a horrible person taking so much pleasure in others pain! What in the world are people thinking signing up for Reality shows?

  • September24

    Team Jim! Hey Fredo, a b*tch just stole the show! No matter how many times your wife prances around in a bikini you will never be the stars of the show. You just got punk’d!

    • Ahahahaha!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

    • Birdie11

      I LOVE THIS!!! Truth!! LOLOL

  • DLister

    If Bobby ain’t really interested, it has nothing to do with her, but all about him, what he likes and where he is at in life. Nicole wants and is ready for a real close romantic relationship; Bobby doesn’t. Nobody is wrong here.

  • DLister

    I have to say that Jim is right in the sense that when a man makes up his mind to love and marry a woman, it’s pretty quick. Not talking about immature college kiddies. When you are in your 30s or 40s, you know if it’s right or not, you don’t take several years. When you’re ready and you meet that right one, it doesn’t take a year to “commit.”

  • September24

    So the coming attractions for next week’s episode were anti-climatic. No twin was shown ripping off their mic and running down the highway.

    Then they start showing a preview of caro-clown’s show. Time to change the channel.

  • Harleygirl0685

    Hi everyone! Why is Jim flat out lying to everyone saying Bobby told him about Rino & the mom? How is he going to talk his way out of that, or does he just not care?

    • GinaXOXO

      That isn’t exactly what he is saying–but it looks that way to the audience. He is saying that Bobby told him something about the family–it could be ANYTHING. Jim is setting Bobby up for looking like he is the source but he isn’t saying it.

      • Harleygirl0685

        You are so right, that completely went over my head! Thanks you!

  • She Stinks!

    Sounds like Jim is jealous of Nicole. More down low queen drama.

  • donna

    Welp, I believe Jim.