Blind Item: He Paid Her Off To Keep Quiet

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 2:14pm by Editor

domestic violence. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

*All About The Tea Exclusive*

This reality TV bachelor presents himself as a “good fella.”

He plays the role of problem solver, not sh*t stirrer.

The type of guy that keeps the peace, he doesn’t start fires, he puts them out.

From outward appearances he treats his “girlfriend” like a queen. However, it turns out, he’s a liar and a cheat.

According to a police report, he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, got arrested for it then paid her off to drop the charges.

Paying people off is very easy for this bachelor, he’s loaded!

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  • twifan2

    Bobby Causilli, however you spell the name.

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

    Wowser! Now that’s some hot tea!
    Tsk-tsk Bobby!
    If it is Bobby & I think it is.

    • twifan2

      So instead of hiding in the bathroom, he paid her off? :/
      Bet Nicole knows-it could be her, & she’s with him.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        Didn’t have much respect or like for him to begin with, but if he puts hands on a female?!?! Sheesh!
        Then he actually makes Jimboob appear like a catch!

  • BuckJohnson

    Yep Bobby Casillus to be sure. I knew there is a lot of history with this guy and I bet Jim is part of it also. I guy that is part of a rich family that makes 300 to 500 million a year from their cars has to have a lot of people trying to be friends and women wanting to have sex with him.

  • CoinkaDinka

    Bobby Ciasulli, if it’s true it’s vile. These people just keep reaching new lows.

  • Babson_Chick

    Have no idea but would love to know!!