EXCLUSIVE: RHOA Season 7 Spoilers – Phaedra Tried To Put Hands On Kenya Moore!

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The new season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” hasn’t even started and hot scoops are rolling in.

I got an email from a reader, who would like to remain anonymous. The generous person shared some piping hot tea with me. Thank you!

According to my source, Sheree Whitfield’s rumored return to the show:

“Sheree will not be returning to Rhoa!!” 

As we previously reported, newcomers, Claudia Jordan and Demetria Mckinney are introduced to the group and Nene is not getting along with the new women.

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The source went on to add:

“Kandi is just being Kandi. Cynthia and the new girls are making the show a hit!”

The source then dropped the following bombshell:

“Kenya has calmed down this season also putting all those lies Phaedra and Apollo made up to rest. And the truth will be coming out. Phaedra has been lying on Kenya this whole time. Also, she [Phaedra] tried to hit Kenya because Kenya told everyone that Phaedra been cheating on Apollo this whole time.”

A big revelation about Porsha:

“Porsha went off on Kenya again. Porsha is also sleeping with a married man so that half of a million dollar car was a gift from a 60 year old married guy.  

Stay tuned for more RHOA exclusive tea.


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  • She Stinks!

    Nene isn’t getting along with the new women? Shocking! lol

  • veronica

    Now this is my cup of tea! Love it. I cant wait for the season to begin.

  • CoolBreeze14

    Goodness now this is some real tea!!! Those girls are so threatened by Kenya, the ugly ones that is. I saw the pictures of Porsha at the Hip Hop Awards flirting with married Snoop Dogg! It’s amazing how two of the most judgmental chicks on the show are the fakest and have such thot ways. I’m glad this tea is coming out about them ugly chicks and it would not surprise me if Apollo told Kenya Phaedra cheated on him. I’m just waiting for someone to finally admit Dylan is not Apollo’s son!!!

    • RonnieIsBack

      that’s how it always is..the worst type of person is always judging when they really need to clean their FILTHY home..

      • CoolBreeze14

        Right! To think I was going to be done with this show for GOOD after last season’s reunion BUT…I HAVE to see Claudia and Demetria read Nene and Phaedra try to come at Kenya! It’s amazing to me how some folks are saying Kenya goes too far with her insults but it seemed like EVERY hood booger in America was cheering for Phaedra after that cruel sperm bank remark. Now all of a sudden that the tables are turning around on Phaedra she is this victim?! Just proves that people with VERY low IQs watch this show. LOL

        • RonnieIsBack

          I agree with you 100%. The truth hurts and when Kenya reads them it is filled with truth which is why they get so pissed..and others also…she may seem annoying but she is handling these heauxs much better than I would. If some nastyazz fake preacher’s kid and their convict huzzzband was lying on me publically every where I turned, then a dumb heaux tried to fight me and pull my REAL hair and then a big azz Moose tried to bully me just beause I wouldn’t sit all up under her big fugly azz and worship I would go on a epic crusade and finish them verbally, publically and nationally….she is a much better christian than I could be when it comes to payback…but the universe is doing it’s job and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

          • CoolBreeze14


        • Queen67

          Apollo made Phaedra look real dumb.Phaedra started that name calling:Kenya Moore W***.,Kenya can’t get a man and other sayings.

          • CoolBreeze14

            Yep and Phaedra better watch it because given her past and current reputation she probably will never get a dude that’s as handsome as Apollo to wife her up again! It’s not like she’s getting any younger.

    • Queen67

      Rumor: TOO SHORT

      • CoolBreeze14

        Oh wow you know that baby favors him too! He favors everybody except Apollo.

    • Oh Snap! I just choked on this tea….chiiiile! Too hot!!!!

      • CoolBreeze14

        Chile it’s been rumored that Dylan belongs to DJ Nabs and the baby looks just like him and Phaedra!

      • CoolBreeze14


  • CoolBreeze14

    Heard Claudia Jordan had a mouth on her! Good! The show will definitely be team pretty vs team ugly, I mean it’s so obvious!

    • RonnieIsBack


    • Love Claudia for years! So happy she’s joined the cast.

      • CoolBreeze14

        I am too! However I notice that she seems to have a few haters as well on urban blogs. Some women were calling her “whore” and all kind of stuff saying she was an industry jump off. I think these basic chicks are mad that another pretty chick is joining the cast and there’s nothing their linebacker masculine looking arses can do about it.

  • Yenta/LMN/Sophie Get U Banned

    Now wait a blasted second…was that an actual full race physical assault attempt, AGAIN but by a different RHOA (munchkin style) wanna be debutante on The Kens-ter?
    And then Porshit is still trying to convince people that there actually IS an underground train rolling around in the tunnels below… no…that’s not it…I mean Porshit was jackin’ around on KenYA again and beyond that she’s not closing her legs to married men…for goodies!
    OH MY…The Plot Sickens!

    • Jennymckitty

      I heard the married man was in production.

      • Yenta/LMN/Sophie Get U Banned

        What the heck are these unmarried wenches doing on these shows anymore?
        AND where’s NeNe and her declarations about a woman opening her, blah, blah blah, yada yada yada crap to one of these women and not saying to another?
        AND where’s the major apology by Fakera to K for the bucket load of lies she and her felon husband spewed liberally???
        No Integrity, No Character, No believability, No Watching this stuff for months and months or anymore!

  • Trippinhhard

    That’s a cup of hot tea—- I believe the lover of strippers would cheat, they act like they were hot one minute and can’t stand each other the next.. Fhedra didnt try to slap Kenya, no way, too short and I’m sure Kenya is not letting anyone else hit her again…. Ugh get some class Ms. southern belle husbandless thug ass…

    • Queen67

      Good Point

  • Marsbars09

    Whew! RHOA is going to get off on a great foot this season! I can’t wait to see the train wreck once again!

    • RonnieIsBack

      You and me both Mars..

  • They were cheating on each other! Apollo has been seen around town several different times with other women. TF. But Phaekdra is supposed to be this classy Southern belle? BS. Get that oompa loompa off this how.

    • RonnieIsBack

      And throw her prayer cloth with her…

      • Lorn

        Mhmmm [in phaedra parks voice]

    • Queen67

      What happen to the college girl ,who sent Phaedra the hotel receipt

  • RonnieIsBack

    Yassssss is seems like the angry birds (Horsha and Gater – Fakedra) and getting their PUBLIC comeuppance…about dayum time!!!!
    when most are guilty they start swinging….

    Will the real whores of RHOA please stand up

    Horsha -” Present!!, no wait, it’s tomorrow, should I say Future!..uh okay I’m here, I meanThot here, cuz Rickey told me that means T is Hot right?:

    Fakedra/Gator: ” Oh my…umm well I did sorta sleep with that man who says he is separated..I thought he was divorced but I seem to not recall when his papers were signed…Fix It Jesus…”

    I cannot wait!

    • Queen67


  • HOTNTX50

    Okay y’all…I gotta say that I don’t believe any of this “Tea”! LOL. I’m sure we’ll find out for sure when the season starts. Anyone know when this is yet?

  • Nene hater

    Ugh i can’t stand NENE she is so extra she looks like a damn man n that show she is doing in Vegas please bitch no one wants to watch a show with a 50 year old women trying to act sexy when she looks like a damn transvestite i wish bravo would fire this big bitch nene has no storyline anymore