Exclusive: The Real Tea Behind The Napolinto Twins Quitting The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 3:58pm by Editor

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Rumors have flooded the interwebs regarding twin sisters, Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, quitting the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

The chatter started when husband of Amber MarcheseJim Marchese tweeted:

“the twins quit because of this, so I guess Bravo is trying to soften the blow in case they want them back”

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I’m told EXCLUSIVELY, the twins did indeed quit the show but their resignation was short-lived.

According to my source, Nicole and Teresa (TuuRessa) were distraught after learning Victoria Gotti filmed a scene revealing the alleged family secret regarding their mother sleeping with Rino (TuuRessa’s husband) and suffered a meltdown of epic proportions. I’m told all hell breaks loose on the cast trip to Florida and the sisters refused to film. However, with a some coaxing and promises from producers, the twins gave in and continued filming.

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The twins have responded to the rumor, they both deny quitting the show.


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  • WestCoastFeed

    Jim Marchese tweeted the same news. He said the twins got mad at 3 a.m., said that they quit and walked down the highway. But that they did come back to film the finale.

    • Walked down the effing highway over a lie? Nah…this affair is real as hell. Only the truth makes people this mad. Some hurt and embarrassment going on here.

      • WestCoastFeed

        I suspect that we now may know why the twins were not at the season premiere party. Did they stay long enough to fulfill their contract and then quit for good.

        • Jennymckitty

          Didn’t Nicole and Bobby film a pick up scene with Jaq and Chris? I thought I saw a pic of all of them with Kathy and Richie. I don’t believe very much that Jim says.

          • WestCoastFeed

            That was filmed last February or March. AATT had a blog about Jac and Chris being spotted with a film crew. It was Rosie who tweeted that picture and Jac tweeted something about remembering it was back in March or around then.

          • Jennymckitty

            Thanks. Were they filming this weekend with Mel and Joe or just hanging out?

          • WestCoastFeed

            I don’t see any indication of filming this weekend with anybody.

        • I think they helped promote the show thus fulfilling their commitment but may decline an invite for another season. If they do come back next season that will confirm they are total famewhores.

      • Bonita Gee

        RIGHT if they are reacting like that….. getting so upset and emotional, it must be true. I said in the beginning what reason would Victoria Gotti have to make up a lie?

        • Thank you! I don’t think the people saying Victoria Gotti lied really know that woman. If she said Rino said it (and amongst a group) then the mofo said it. Period…point blank! Rino is a thirsty wannabe gangsta anyways so effing the mother falls inline with trashy mobster shit.

          • Marsbars09

            Tell it Doc! LOL! If Vicky said it Rino did it. LMAO!

          • Right on….LMAO!! 🙂

      • Lorn

        Ehh not necessarily. Some people react like that over a lie. If someone is accusing you or someone you love of something and its not true and its a devastating lie-you get mad, sometimes very mad. Just saying.

    • distressed

      I love this twitter tea you serve up, thanks.

      But isn’t this guy under contract to Bravo and is so, how is he leaking or disclosing all this insider information? Isn’t he violating the terms of his contract? If Bravo wants to plant stories to boost ratings then that is their legal right, but how can a lawyer just shoot his mouth off like this?

      I’m not questioning the veracity of any of his statements just the legality of his public disclosures.

  • WestCoastFeed

    It certainly does appear that Bravo has just recently filmed some more scenes. Jim’s tweets and retweets seem to confirm it. Last night’s rerun may have just been a delay to give the editors more time to find a more fitting finale for the season.

    As far as I’m concerned the finale will be held at the Newark court house on Sept 23rd.

    • So it looks like Teresa and Joe Giudice didn’t attend the Florida trip.

      • WestCoastFeed

        Who is this with Bobby? Drinking Fabellini?


        • It sort of looks like Nicole but I really can’t make a definitive identification with shades on.

          • WestCoastFeed

            I can’t tell either. But the Fabellini makes me think Teresa was there.

          • It’s definitely Nicole….they were all in Florida in March and he wouldn’t dare post pics of the chick living in the condo. Bobby is not stupid.

          • WestCoastFeed

            Teresa went to some cheerleaders award show with Gia and Audriana when the rest were in Florida. If I have the dates right.

          • The judge probably denied her request to travel.

          • WestCoastFeed

            That may be the reason they give, but I don’t think she wanted to be present when the V. Gotti story got out to the world.

          • True dat.

        • Marsbars09

          Yeah, who is that?

    • Marsbars09

      Hi WCF! I seriously think RHNJ should shorten the season. This season has made a turn for the nasty and there’s no point in going on after the Giudices’ are sentenced.

      • WestCoastFeed

        Yes, this Rino/Santa story line is simply disgusting. When the sentence goes down, I am out.

        • Bravo has no shame. They took a gamble introducing the affair just to spice up the boring twins storyline. Look at how much they focused on the twins extended family before dropping the bombshell. They’ve never done that with the other main characters before.

          • WestCoastFeed

            And to do this to Nicole’s two teenaged sons really is revolting. Those boys did not need to learn this about their grandmother and their uncle on a trashy television show.

          • But I don’t blame Bravo, I blame the twins. The twins knew if they decided to do the show, all their skeletons would appear. If they wanted this secret to remain private they should have stayed away from TV…..period!

          • WestCoastFeed

            I still blame Bravo. There was no need to include this in this year’s stories. Bravo has no soul.

          • Marsbars09

            I just posted a similar comment.

          • Marsbars09

            But that’s who always ends up suffering-the kids. Most of them did not sign up for this. I don’t think their family will be the same ever again. 🙁

          • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

            Has anybody ever said that Bravo has a crappy work ethic that doesn’t give a rip about their “stars”? You know, how many have said that all Bravo cares about is the “all mighty bucks” they get from the advertisers on the show because a load of folks watch these freak show franchises???
            Oh wait, Yes! A number of us have been saying that for, what, a year or more now!
            Bravo keeps re-hiring convicted felons as well as, about to be convicted felons, on their shows because it is a draw to get people to watch their low life shows!
            More are joining those of us who have defected from watching Bravo. And many of us are happy and feeling all the better for not contributing to Bravo’s income!

          • WestCoastFeed

            After this season, I think Bravo needs to just give up on RHONJ. Teresa will be off in prison and there’s no one left to attract enough viewers to the show. Just let it die a natural death.

          • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

            I completely agree with YOU West.
            I don’t know how “natural” it will be, but it does need to go away like a bad smell in the air.

          • Marsbars09

            I wouldn’t mind that happening.

          • karma

            Yep i totally agree as much as many people don’t like Teresa IMO she is the main character in the show.

            I certainly. Can’t see Melissa carrying the show or Koma or the twins dumb & dumber or even Amber once Tre goes b jail i think its time 2 pull the plug on the show

          • WestCoastFeed

            The rumor that Jac has been asked back for next year, may turn out to be correct. She’s the only one with a large enough fan base.

  • Marsbars09

    I don’t know if I could have gone through filming knowing the rest of the world would soon know my devastating family secret.

    • You and I both but fameho’s do as fameho’s do!

  • WestCoastFeed

    For some reason Jim Marchese thinks he is going to be painted as the villain this year. He seems to think that he is going to be blamed for Victoria Gotti’s rumor. That must be part of what happened in Florida. I don’t see how the story could have been skewed to place the blame on him. Of course, the Gotti scene hadn’t been aired yet and they just had Amber’s and Teresa’s words to go on. And if Teresa wasn’t there, then Dina is probably the source.

    • Jennymckitty

      Do you think that is what Tre was upset with Dina about?

      • WestCoastFeed

        Yes, I think she asked Dina not to say anything, but that Dina revealed it on the Florida trip.

    • Jim Marchese has been painted as a villian.

  • Birdie11

    This whole story line has rescued this show from the trash heap of snooze.

    • WestCoastFeed

      I guess that is what Bravo is counting on. I think it’s revolting and it will drive me away. I just want to see if there will be a change in Teresa’s demeanor once she pleads guilty. I am waiting for some show of remorse before the sentencing.

      • Birdie11

        OMG it’s disgusting…like a throwback to Jerry Springer. But it was like watching paint dry before. I’m not sure which is worse, but at least I’m awake now. I have been hoping for signs of remorse too…but I’m on the brink of giving up.

    • Ain’t that the truth. It’s hotter than Tre’s legal mess.

  • September24

    Rino and Santa are to blame. This was no secret. Rino told several people about the affair – and dare I ask who does that – talks about their mistress MIL? They both knew this could come out when they filmed. The dim twins knew this could come out when they signed on to do the show in the first place. None of them cared. They wanted fame and money. They got it.

    • WestCoastFeed

      I find it hard to believe that they didn’t care about the rumor coming out. The story is 15 years old so they may have thought it was such old news that no one would care any more. And therefore it would stay hidden. What seems obvious now is that this will be their only season on RHONJ, so they have had the one shot at fame and money.

      • Marsbars09

        Whatever the reasons for them joining the show they should have known there was a chance Rino and Santa’s affair would be revealed.

      • Boinking your MIL never gets old. That’s something people will discuss like breaking news, 50 years later.

    • Thank you!!!! I agree 100% with every word. I wish I could up arrow this 20 times.

  • karma

    Um Rino is the one who told of his affair with Santa to Victoria Gotti & her group nd friends i agree Victoria should’ve repeated the allegations i don’t see the need for it.

    But to blame Victoria whole hardly is wrong Rino needs to take accountability as well

    Im also wondering if Bravo asked Victoria if she knew anything bout the twins hearing that rumors bout the family now Victoria could’ve said no but she went ahead & cooperating with bravo maybe she wants 2 be on Vic show as a full time HW

    • Hi Karma…word on the curb is Teresa knew of the affair from Victoria and took the info back to Bravo. That’s how Bravo found out about it.

      • karma

        WTF why would she do that u no i like Tre but this is just way below the belt what’s she trying 2 do take the focus on her & Joe situation NOT COOL TERESA theses kids involved don’t think she’d like it if it was her she’d be screaming bloody murder talk bout double standards AGH

        • Exactly! And many are saying her goal was take the attention off of her legal mess with NO regard for Rino’s kids. Tre’s actions were lower than low.

          • karma

            That’s exactly what i believe also take the focus of her legal screw ups & absolutely no regard for Teresa &Rino son.

            Im starting to see how selfish Tre is Im Def not liking it & that was such a LOW ACT.

            In shocked TBH because she’s all bout family & kids i can’t believe she actually went there i suppose that only applies to her family

            by the way Dr thanks for the heads up i didn’t know that only.u was Tre that took this story to Bravo. Thanks mate XO

          • Yes…only her kids should be protected. The same kids she exploits on TV for a few bucks.

          • karma

            Exactly Dr her kids are in almost every sceen.

          • distressed

            Look at what Teresa has done to her own children. She poses for what she calls family portraits and future keepsakes on the cover of magazines with the headline: “He cheated. Teresa’s secret pain.”

            These kids must be on the verge of home schooling due solely to bullying.

          • Birdie11

            Bringing others down is the only way she can feel better about her crap fest of a life.

          • MorningYawn

            But HER girls… Her poor girls…

      • MorningYawn

        Ahahahahahaha! Getting the bright hot lights OFF her by selling out painful secrets of others. THATS our girl T! Anything for the betterment of, well… T

  • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

    Oh come on now! You boff your MIL. Allegedly get caught inflagrante delicto & you don’t think that a ‘reality’ show is going to expose all your dirty little secrets?
    Where have you been the last 5 years? Were you raised in a cave?

    Check that. Anyone who would diddle their MIL had to have been raised in a cave!

    • WestCoastFeed

      Yes, in a cave.

      • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

        Ikr! That’s just too much even for reality TV sliminess. Their kids have to be mortified beyond belief!

        • WestCoastFeed

          Yes, I especially feel for Nicole’s two boys who are, I think, 14 and 16. And they have to go back to school to face this news. Classmates will be merciless at that age.

          • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

            I thought it was Teresa that was married to Rino? Did I get that wrong?

            OMG! They are in MS/HS? They’d get less teasing, ribbing & bullying if they skipped into school wearing full on Drag as New Jersey Turnpike Hookers than they will over this nasty mess! SMDH! For what? Your children’s self-worth & total humiliation is worth what?

          • WestCoastFeed

            Yes, Nicole is single and lives at home with her mother, the grandmother of her sons who visit her and their grandmother, the SIL shtuper. You think those visits aren’t going to be awkward?

          • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

            I could never look her in the face again without having that be the first thing that comes to mind. I don’t care how long ago it was. That doesn’t ever go away. Like some sort of tattoo on your conscience that doesn’t fade. Ever.

          • Santa the MILF! Granny does Dallas!

          • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

            I don’t think this is what they foresaw when Granny said she was goin’ down to Rino, errr. I mean Reno. ya know Nevada

          • Bwahahaha!!!!! Oh the halarity of it all.

          • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

            Think the next time some dude gets caught boffing another woman his selling point to his wife will be, “Well at LEAST it wasn’t YOUR Mother!”

          • Prefaced by “It could be worse….”

          • debbie509

            OMG lol I choked on my coffee.

          • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

            Eep! Sorry Debbie. You need to cover your laptop in plastic when you read all the sassy comments on AAtT!
            Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Didn’t see your post till now. Cause the new Disqus is sooooo much better than the old version! Said no one ever! Have a fab weekend.

          • distressed

            In this picture it looks like Santa is getting her sexy on with that pose. So sick, beyond treatment.

    • I’ll take cave for a $1000, Alex.

      • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

        There aren’t enough “ew’s” in the world to describe how completely & utterly yucky that is! & to allow it to be exposed for a few bucks & some air time on a reality TV show? Wow, just wow! Their kids must want to crawl in a hole FFS!

        • The father’s criminal actions and the mothers affair just dreadful!

    • Birdie11

      Yeah DUHHH!!!!

    • distressed

      This is such a great point. If these people want to act like disgusting animals that’s one thing. How did they think they could get away with it? That’s the question that has me in a state of frustration that is bordering on true rage.

      Here’s the kicker. The father served time in jail for doing something truly nasty with asbestos.


      You can google Salvatore Napolitano asbestos ECCO Construction and get newspaper reports to verify the excellent post from AATT last week. It was in the state of CT. This whole season has been about Joe and Teresa “going to college” and the twins have never mentioned their own experiences with their father’s incarceration.

      Tuttles twins. We hardly knew ya, and what we did find out sickened us.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Looks like all is forgiven:

    FollowNicole NapolitanoVerified account‏@RHONJTwins

    Best mom in the whole entire world @teresaA_RHONJ #blessed #grateful pic.twitter.com/xJbqjo5PEs

    • Ha! Nice PR stunt but try again.

      • Birdie11

        Mother love (ahem) is so beautiful.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Eggggxactly!!! Santa Clause 2.0 did a bad bad thing…oooooh wee.

    • Birdie11

      Oh JOY!! I guess we can move on now.

    • distressed

      Forgiveness can be a beautiful thing, but only if you accessorize with a little Louis.

      So rank. How much you want to bet that this rocket scientist signed a pre-nup the second time around? She’s on a tight leash, but at least it’s covered in sparkly, pretty crystals.

    • Vince Foster, Jr.

      Holy sh*t, it looks like Mom is pregnant with Reno’s child!!!

      • twifan2

        LOL Vincent!
        Will her preggo bills be covered by Medicare? o.0

    • check your email.

  • TartLemon

    Absolutely none of this keeps me from salivating at the expectation of a cuffed shackled orange jumpsuited perp walk.

    What happened to the countdown clock?

  • SDC

    I’m sorry but the only thing that caught my attention in this article is the spelling of Teresa’s name. Hahahaha! What’s funnier is every time I see it, I read it in Danielle Staub’s voice! LOL

  • karma

    Can’t wait to see the Florida trip & what went down. As for Rino & Santa totally disgusting how could a mother do that to her daughter if it were me i wouldn’t speak to either one of them again.

    And wth was Rino thinking going around telling people her scored with his wifes mum do these people ever think of their kids maybe he was trying to impress Victoria Gotti & brag 2 anyone who’d listen in his disgusting mind if prob thinks he’s a stud.

    Here’s a news flash Rino YOU’RE UGLY EWW0

    • distressed

      I know right? This guy? Remember what he said to his son. “Success leads to any woman you want.” That’s the attitude: if the guy has money then he can do no wrong. It’s up to the people around him to clean up the mess. And the kids will suffer the most.

      This revelation is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on this entire network and I watched the episode of NY with George when he threatened to sexually assault the corpse of a dead woman at her funeral.

      • Lorn

        Yeah only that success seems to only have led to sleeping with his mother in-law. How pathetic is that? I doubt any young, attractive women want Rino.

      • karma

        OMG that statement he made to his son was so disgusting & degrading to women Rino is so ugly even if he was a billionaire i wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

        Maybe the the women he’s dated & married &had affairs with with are that shallow & have no standards,morals or Facebookself esteem

  • Dani-K

    I really didn’t want the story of Rino and Santa to be true. This is a betrayal of ultimate proportions. Is it crazy that the person I like the most this season is Teresa Giudice?!

  • camelalampert

    These twins are real grease balls…and ugly……useless and phoney. Vain, superficial and
    has beens that never were!

  • Math ill

    I’m really late but omg he is so ugly. Do you remember the scene where he was almost naked in the bed with thing 1 or 2, whichever ugly skank he’s married to. He is beyond hideous. Lol.

  • R&R


  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    get rid of all of them……..and the NJ franchise period

  • Misti M

    when Dina and twins were on the RHONJ took a nose dive ,they are boring !! the twins voice’s were like nails on a chalk board.