LeAnn & Eddie Recap: Elephant in the Room [Episode 7]

Posted on Aug 31 2014 - 11:24am by Carole B.

LeAnn & Eddie

It’s no secret that reality shows are carefully constructed story lines rife with manipulative editing (which in most cases casts a bad light on the “stars”). This pleasantly mild iteration of the genre is instead crafted to crush controversy, and up the likeability factor for the titular couple. It oozes contrived cuteness – from the plotlines to the whimsical soundtrack that accompanies each adorably quirky scene. This week’s episode takes the staging to a whole new level – with a little thing called “Operation Dildo Bag.”

LeAnn & Eddie

The opening scene kicks off with LeAnn brainstorming over decor with her interior designer, Jonathan. Eddie enters the set, ahem, I mean living room, and LeAnn asks for his opinion about the current table to couch configuration. He says he likes things the way they are, which prompts LeAnn to decide to do the opposite of his suggestion. Eddie shrugs, smirks and rolls his eyes as if to say, Women, “you can’t live with ‘em, you can’t drown ‘em in the infinity pool,” (cue laugh track).

LeAnn & Eddie

Next, Eddie and LeAnn are cruising on the freeway, when Eddie claims to spot the paparazzi in the rearview mirror. We just have to take his word for it, since we never see the phantom Prius the paps are supposedly driving. Eddie flips them off out the window then calls LeAnne out on not valuing his opinions. To prove that that isn’t the case, LeAnn gives him the opportunity to decorate the Malibu Beach House media room. He accepts the assignment but makes her promise not to dole out any unsolicited advice.

LeAnn & Eddie

At their destination, Eddie, LeAnne and purse designer, Katrina, dive into the details of a clear tote bag they have been working on. The benefit of a clear bag? Swifter security clearance at the airport and football games (schlepp your six pack, etc.). Katrina explains the complicated concept; “That’s the whole thing, you can SEE THROUGH it.” Ohhhh, that’s how this brilliant piece of technology works!

“How did you meet Katrina, again?” LeAnne wonders aloud? Eddie responds that she just happens to have been the planner for his and Brandi’s wedding. Okay, so we only make it five minutes into this episode before the real “elephant in the room” makes her appearance. Does Brandi get royalties?

LeAnn & Eddie

Next, we see LeAnn and her bejeweled headress-wearing friend Liz, relaxing poolside. They discuss LeAnne’s see-through handbag line over nibbles of sushi (or something else that requires chopsticks – the plates look suspiciously empty). Liz admits that she is a bag whore, and just a big ‘ole whore in general. Giggles! To prove her point, Liz suggests that LeAnne use the paparazzi to promote her purse line by toting handcuffs, dildoes and other scandalous sundries in her bag of tricks.

LeAnn & Eddie

After the break, Eddie, LeAnn and Jonathan go shopping at a home decor store. True to form, LeAnn can’t help but chime in with a few suggestions, but mildly vengeful Eddie vetoes her at every turn. Slightly exasperated, LeAnn gives up, she has to meet Liz for lunch anyways.

“That’s right, time for Operation Dildo Bag,” Eddie quips.

Somewhere on Sunset, LeAnn and Liz are seated at an outdoor table, see-through handbag front and center. Tequila, vibrator, pregnancy test and handcuffs are artfully arranged within the haute couture plastic purse – sounds like a fun weekend to me! Mother nature must be in on the joke, since right on cue, she calls. LeAnn gets up to go to the bathroom just in time for a couple of judgmental looking Stepford wives to stop by the table, chat with Liz and scornfully eye the grab bag full of goodies. When LeAnn gets back to the table, Liz fills her in on the “chance encounter” with the soccer mom coven, including queen bee, Stephanie. In the TH, LeAnn worries that Stephanie didn’t realize tequila and sex toys were just a publicity stunt, since “the boys” are friends with Stephanie’s kids. Back at the table, paps show up and start snapping. Mission accomplished?

LeAnn & Eddie

In the Malibu man cave Eddie and Jonathan show LeAnn a tacky elephant sculpture. Never one to miss an opportunity to slam Brandi, Eddie jokes that, “Besides my kids, it’s the only good thing that came out of my first marriage” He then breaks the news that Stephanie cancelled a play date with one of Eddie’s sons. LeAnn is terrified that the bag of iniquity is to blame.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Terrell are up to more shenanigans – making the media room look as hideous as possible, citing Feng Shue among their inspirations.

LeAnn has bigger fish to fry. She’s off to meet Stephanie to clear the air about “Operation Dildo Bag” aka Dildo Baggins! LeAnn struggles to explain her publicity stunt but it turns out Stephanie cancelled because of morning sickness. Phew!

LeAnn & Eddie

Crisis averted, LeAnn returns to see the media room. Turns out the hideous decor was a prank. The man cave is now all clean lines and rustic elegance. LeAnn concedes that Eddie does, in fact, have good taste when he has help from a designer.

Preview scenes from next week’s season finale hint at a possible pregnancy. Do y’all think there’s a bun in LeAnn’s oven?

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  • nan/4

    I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna get me one of those handbags! What a GREAT idea! Why should I be the only person to see my toothpicks, Tic Tacs, doggie treats, and Rolaids? I want everyone to know that I use Vagisil Wipes too!!!! Just think of all of the things everyone could see!!!! YESSS!!! I wonder if I could find one on ebay? lol

    I’m beyond words with these two. Oy! They deserve one another.

    Thanks Carole for another terrific recap. I promise you, it’s better than watching the actual show. Honest and true!

    I hope that everyone here at AAtT are enjoying a very happy and safe holiday weekend.

    Be well everyone! 🙂

  • Agstisme

    Carole thank you for being the courageous soul who was willing to “fall on the sword” for the rest of us by watching this show and recapping. You watched so we didn’t have to….thank gawd!!!

    • nan/4

      Hi honey. Nice to see you, and I hope you are having a nice holiday weekend.

      Thanks again for the good wishes….

      Nancy 🙂

    • No problem! Glad to save you some DVR space.

  • LeAnn has a nice house. I love the view. It’s Sunday, I’m being nice.

    Great recap Carole.

    • nan/4


    • Yes, the house is cute and right on the beach. The kitchen is a perfect place to booty tweet as well 😉

    • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

      You mean the fake house they rented for their fake ‘we’re so haaapppeeee’ life for their fake shit-show?

  • TopGear

    Whats that old say go, the one without sin should cast the first stone! There sure is alot of stones flying around. Just saying.

  • Dana

    That’s the problem with taking away someone else’s husband. He had his family already.. he had his wife and kids and they made educated decisions on whether or not to have more… he’s already done all this… you walk in and think let’s start over but.. he been there done that.. you don’t matter. Yes, 31 is too old to start trying really.. you’re fertility rate plummets after 30… by 35.. you risk autism, down syndrome etc.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Thank you for a thorough recap, Carole. I’ll stick to reading your recaps because this show is awful. Why would America care about these two. Two adulterous semi famous people who got married. Blah blah blah.

  • Dave

    Rimes shouldn’t have children. Her gidget must look like a freeway tunnel during rush hour.

    • Gidget? Might need to incorporate that into my vocab. Lol

    • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

      Like tossing a hotdog down a tunnel I’d think!

  • Josie

    Nice recap. Cute show. Eddie did a great job. The house is amazing.

    • the ugly truth

      The house isn’t even theirs. They rented it for the show. The entire show is fake and made up except for the unrelenting hostility towards Brandi which almost seems like the whole reason for the show. Who keeps wedding gifts from their first marriage when they remarry, anyway?

  • Hmmmm

    This cracks me up.. Those see through purses, bags, whatever she wants to call it are sold at Walmart. What a ding she is. I could not care less about one thing that mouth piece sells. Funny how she used that term for Brandi. But hmmmmmmmmmm ! “gay mans wet dream” and the rape comment.. I think LeAnn is the mouth piece and not a very pretty one. Sorry