Exclusive: Ellen Minkin Used Rosie Pierri To Get On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fan favorite Rosie Pierri proudly introduced her girlfriend, Ellen Minkin to friends and family on a recent episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Well since that episode aired, Ellen Minkin has publicly expressed regrets over appearing on the show and even stated she felt manipulated. Since taping the show, the couple have broken up and both have given conflicting reports as to what exactly led to the break up.

Rosie took to her Twitter to reveal she is delighted the relationship is over. The RHONJ star says she’s currently single and and  ready to move on and date others. 

According to a show insider, the couple filmed together five times and appeared to be a happy couple. The source tells us however, Ellen exhibited signs of a being an opportunist and using Rosie to gain exposure from being on the show.

The source dished:

“Ellen did it [the relationship with Rosie] to get on the show clearly using her [Rosie]. It looked like Ellen was leading Rosie on.”

The source went on to say, at one particular Project Ladybug event held at the Brownstone, Bravo cameras were present and Rosie and Ellen appeared to be in a genuine relationship. Ellen held Rosie’s hand and the couple shared intimate details of their relationship with fellow party-goers. Ellen discussed introducing Rosie to her kids and expressed that her kids love and respect Rosie. Ellen gushed over Rosie when the cameras were present however once the cameras moved away she seemed less interested, according to our source. 

Ironically, Ellen accuses Rosie of using her for the show and making the relationship appear more serious than it was to boost ratings.

Do you think Ellen used Rosie for camera time? Sound off in the comments.


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  • twifan2

    Poor Rosie! Feel bad for her, but she’s putting on her big girl panties & moving on! 🙂

    • And those panties are big! Hahahaha! 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t resist.

      I feel bad for Rosie. She’s one of my favs! 🙂

      • twifan2

        Wonder if Rosie’s are as big as Big Bertha’s?
        We’ll have to ask Tre! ;D

      • BaybeK8s

        lmbo! I like Rosie, also. She seems like she is the only genuine one of the bunch. I like Kathy but, I still feel like Richie has a little Apollo/Juicey Joe in him. He just hasn’t gotten his hands stuck in the Cannoli filling yet.(imo) I hope not though.

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Doc! Please check your e-mail.

        • Hi Marsie….checked and responded! 🙂

  • italiano bambino

    Bravo is having the last laugh. I can’t feel bad for Rosie. She should waited a little more just n see if things were serious. Seems andy is really desperate. Don’t blame him the show is a big Flop

  • italiano bambino

    Rosie take your time that girl will come.

    • Good advice! I like Rosie a lot.

  • Marsbars09

    Everybody uses everybody in reality TV.

  • brasserie

    Everybody uses everybody, in reality.

    • Howdy! Ain’t that the truth! 🙂

      • brasserie


    • karma

      Ain’t that the truth

  • WestCoastFeed

    ROL is reporting that Apollo Nida has been ordered to report Sept. 10th to the Federal prison in Lexington, KY

  • WestCoastFeed

    Dear Rosie. I hope she find Ms Right.

  • Trippinhhard

    I thought that the first time I saw them—she was only there for TV appearance
    Poor Rosie, she’s sweet n she deserve happiness…JMTC

  • WestCoastFeed

    Bravo should have done their make up filming with Rosie and the Wakiles. They’re the only likable cast members left. A couple more scenes of Rosie and Juicy helping the girls with their homework would have brought in a lot of viewers.

    I’m sure we’ll get some scenes with Kathy since her dessert cookbook is about to be released.

    • Trippinhhard

      True that—-I like to see Joe with his girls, but he’s on his way to the big house, bec
      His wife wanted more than they could afford… How can a couple amass that much debt???
      I like Kathy, Rosie, her kids n her mother —–I want to eat at their table any day of the week.. Home cooked meals—-awww
      Oh I miss Jackie, Chris n the boys JS

      • RonnieIsBack

        Yassss I love their mom..and their family dynamic

        • Trippinhhard

          That’s how my family is, we are far from perfect, but we accept each other n talk about each other to ur face, but love n protect each other.. Um that’s what families are suppose to be about, all the different personalities, the live of a mother is something else—-Their mother touched my heart with her story—–she’s the nanna or Myme every child wants…..awww

  • karma

    I don’t know if i believe Rosie i do like however i can’t stand Kathy & Dick, didn’t Eileen girlfriend say that Rosie would go to their home & hang out with them she knew they were a couple & had children IMO this was a set up from Bravo for another storyline unfortunatly they used Rosie & made her look silly.

    On the eps that Ellen was on she barely put a sentence together, so if she wanted exposure why isn’t she keeping up the facade.

    I do wish Rosie would find true love she’s real & down to earth. I love watching her with juicy their so funny together & you can tell they have a real bond too bad juicy going away

  • CaliSteve

    I don’t know what to believe. I can see how either Rosie or Ellen used each other.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Welp the fact that Ellen had to actually let Rosie touch her……

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