David Tutera’s CELEBrations Recap: Brandy and Ray J’s Family Feud [Episode 4]

Posted on Aug 23 2014 - 12:36am by Dani-K


We join David in his home office playing with his little girl, Cielo. Slomique tells David that she has received a phone call from Ray J. The two rehash who Ray J is so that we the viewing audience will know. His claim to fame is making the infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian. David says this it what launched Kim’s career. I’m sure the Kardashian’s are so grateful for his help. Not.


Ray J and Brandy want to throw their parents a surprise anniversary party. David says he loves Moesha/Brandy. She’s the good girl next door. Ray J must be the bad boy in the basement. Anyway, David has four days to put the party together. On they way to meet with the siblings, he and Montre discuss the size of the sex tape, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

When Ray J arrives at the restaurant, Slomique tells him that they’ve met before. They grew up in the same hood. Ray J wants this to be the biggest party his parents have ever had. It’s their 38th anniversary. Makes perfect sense to have the party two years before their 40th because this way they’ll really be surprised.


Brandy arrives and has no clue what the meeting is about. She tells her brother that this is not a good idea because their parents are not party-type people. Their dad is a minister of music, so immediately Ray J is thinking casino night with slot machines and sexy ladies. Brandy asks, what about the church people? Ray has another incredible idea: the first half of the party will be casino and gambling and the second half – the one that begins in the wee hours of the morning after everyone has partied all night long (cue Lionel Ritchie) – will be worship and praise. How does Ray J not have David’s job? The man is a natural!


Brandy wants something more simple. But wait, Ray J has more ideas. He wants explosions when his parents walk into the room. Brandy nixes that. She wants R&B love music. Ray J wants to compromise R&B music with Vegas casino style. When David asks how they intend to get their parents to the venue, the fighting siblings go at it. David asks about the toast, and bickering ensues again. David tells them they must promise to get along during all of this. Brandy says that they can not make this promise. Finally! Something Brandy and Ray J can agree on.


The next day, David meets with Brandy and Ray J at a clothing store to pick out an outfit for their dad. This is not a store where most sixty-plus year-old men would shop. This is a store that carries pink jackets, bright yellow shirts, and electric blue, plaid shorts. This is a store where Ray J and David would shop. Brandy is against this. She and her brother argue some more leading to Brandy walking out. Ray J stops her and tells her he’s just playin’. Brandy tell David that Ray J is no longer allowed to be in charge. David informs them that he’s in charge, so there. Brandy warns David that their mom is Brandy and Ray J combined, on steroids. David looks very worried.


Next, David is supposed to meet the sibling-rivalries at a dress shop for their mom, but only Ray J shows up. He purposely accidentally forgot to tell Brandy about the meeting. Brandy calls, and David tells her that believe it or not, Ray J is doing a pretty good job of picking out clothes for their mom. Brandy hangs up. According to Ray J the outfit is dope. (Not to be confused with hemp clothing.) Ray J wants to take David somewhere. Slomique tries to have a smack down with Ray J because they are all too busy to be rollin’ around, but Ray J ignores her. 


They hop into his Ferrari. (Side note: I guess sales are still good on the sex tape.) Ray J wants to bring David somewhere he’s never gone before. Color me surprised when they don’t go to a “gentleman’s” strip club. Instead, they are at a auto detail shop so David can help Ray J select car rims. What a great anniversary gift. I’m sure his mom will just love them. They are given whiskey while they shop and Ray surprises David with his sentimentality. He is flying in his auntie to surprise his mom. Ray J also says that he is in bed by 10:00pm. After the show, Ray J has a bridge to sell David.


It’s the day of the party and Ray J calls David to tell him that he’s picked up his auntie from the airport, but he doesn’t know where the party is. David says he can’t tell him, it’s a surprise, but tells him anyway and asks that he not tell anyone. What about the guests? Can they know where the party is? 

David shows up at the venue and cannot believe his eyes. Slomique has been slacking. There are only twelve pillows. Clearly, there are not enough pillows. Without more pillows the place looks like a trailer park. Slomique tells David that Brandy is outside. David runs out to stop her before she comes in. Brandy demands to come inside, but David says no. She gives up. They hug it out. 


David makes Slomique bring the outfits to the hotel where the parents are. She is too busy. There are pillows to purchase, after all. David explains that he can’t go. Surely they will recognize him on account of he’s so famous and everyone knows who he is. The plan is that Slomique arrives pretending to be a stylist. That’s not too far of a stretch because currently she is pretending to be an event planner.

At the hotel room we finally meet the honorees, Mama Sonja and Pop Willie. Mama Sonja wants to know why they are there. Apparently Ray J has told his parents that he is holding a musical showcase. Sonja likes one of the outfits Slomique has brought, but shoots down Willie’s outfit choices. They all decide that Pop looks good as is. 


When Slomique returns to the venue she is impressed with all of the orange pillows and orange flowers that have been added. Orange must really be the new black. She informs David that the parents still have no idea, but are suspicious of Ray J. Comedian Kim Cole is there to host the party and entertain as the guests arrive. Everyone is ready to shout, surprise!

David goes outside to greet the foursome, and guess what, their parents don’t recognize him. Willie and Sonja really are surprised, though. Tears of joy stream down her face when she sees her sister. Ray J says that he can see, feel, and smell the love in the room. Thankfully he doesn’t elaborate on what love smells like. David presents Willie with a platinum necklace to give to his wife and we learn that it was really Ray J’s idea. Awww. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.09.26 AM

Brandy and Ray J give their toasts (Ray J’s was better) to their parents. After the party, Brandy thanks David for creating such a beautiful memory for their parents – and for not have slot machines. 



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  • Dave

    Great recap Dani-K. People behaving badly or super spoiled or super entitled is not my idea of an enjoyable show. I love David but would rather see this show canned and he go on to a show that highlights him the way he is or was on previous shows and what he did for people that deserve it. NOT enjoyable to watch these celebs acting like they own David.

    • Dani-K

      Agreed! I think the planning session with the producers each week with the “celebs” goes something like, “Ok, now be extra crazy, spoiled, and disagreeable.”

  • Sara

    Slomique needs to be fired! Who in the hell does she think she is? First, she tells David she doesn’t want to take her shoes off in HIS house. Then she tells him to focus. How does she think David became successful? She is too bossy and controlling. Get rid of her. She has no class. I miss Alyssa. I’m about to stop watching because I cannot tolerate her.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Just finished watching the this episode. If this show gets renewed they need to upgrade from the D-listers. No one cares about the reality trash being showcased. Ruining your reputation David plus there is not one ounce of credibility in these shows. Everyone is too busy “auditioning.”