LeAnn & Eddie Recap: Babes And A Baby [Episode 5]

Posted on Aug 15 2014 - 11:10am by Carole B.

LeAnn & Eddie

This week’s episode of LeAnn & Eddie starts off with the intrepid couple taking a hike in the hills. Eddie teases LeAnn about rattlesnakes along the path, then unsheathes his mighty sword and pees in the woods. LeAnn has a case of penis envy – she wishes she could also pee on-the-go with such convenience.

LeAnn & Eddie

Back at home, LeAnn’s childhood friend, Chrissy, comes to visit from Nashville, adorable baby en tow. As soon as the guests arrive, a spontaneous convo about LeAnn’s digestive habits ensues – we’re talking spinach poo. Eddie’s assistant reminds him that he has a hair appointment coming up. Ah, so that’s what assistants are for.

LeAnn & Eddie

At the barber shop, Eddie confides in his hairstylist, Mike, that “you’d think that my ex would be incredibly excited that the kids are with someone who loves them as if they were her own.” The stylist asks if Eddie’s ex (the elephant in the room crowding out every scene) is seeing anyone at the moment. “Would you date her?” is Eddie’s wry reply. His barber pleads the fifth and then complains about how hard it is to be single. Eddie volunteers to go out with him some time soon.

LeAnn & Eddie

Next, we see LeAnn’s mom describing her upcoming facelift in graphic detail which prompts Chrissy to show off her reconstructed boobs. Chrissy asks LeAnn to babysit, and she happily complies. In her TH interview, she reminisces about changing Eddie and Brandi’s son’s poopy diapers when they first got together. I’m sure Brandi’s ears are spewing steam right about now! Eddie wishes her luck as he heads out the door to meet Mike, the stylist, for a brewsky.

As if on cue, LeAnn’s producer phones with the urgent request that she meet him regarding an unspecified project (how staged can this show get? Every week it surpasses itself.) Suitably shod in six inch stilettos “Aunt LeAnn” heads to her SUV schlepping 100 pounds of baby supplies. She’s flummoxed by the complexities of strapping the baby seat into the car, so she calls Chrissy for step by step instructions.

LeAnn straps the baby into the carseat and they arrive at the restaurant in a flash. Her producer, Darrell, and Steve, the president of EA Music, look bewildered by LeAnn’s baby baggage, but being old Hollywood pros, they plaster uneasy smiles on their spray tanned faces. The three adults try to discuss a last minute project over the baby’s shrill crying and wailing. As LeAnn becomes more and more flustered, the producer and record label president become more and more insistent that she produce a demo for their last minute project within the next few hours. She holds her ground and explains that she is committed to watching the baby, she’ll just have to pull an all-nighter. Aww, way to balance the demands of a working mom!

LeAnn & Eddie

Elsewhere in LaLa Land, Eddie meets his hairdresser, Mike, for drinks at a chic outdoor bar. When Eddie arrives, he is shocked that Mike has invited two nubile, young hotties to join the party. In his TH, he quips that, “If Mike thinks I’m about to sit here and be his wingman, this double date is going to fail worse than my first marriage.” Yikes! Yet another Brandi reference. The girls are polite and ask about his marriage and Eddie takes that as a cue to bust out the family photos on his phone – after all, he doesn’t want to be seen as a cheating philanderer. Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

LeAnn & Eddie

Back at their cozy home, the couple tuck the borrowed baby into the crib, and LeAnn confesses that while she still wants offspring of her own, right now might not be the right time. She is not ready to balance work and baby duties. Nonetheless, she managed to find time to record the demo for the emergency project…So maybe this country gal turned starlet really can have it all (including someone else’s husband).

LeAnn & Eddie 

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  • nan/4

    Nope. I can’t do it. I tape the shows with the intention of watching, but something holds me back….COMMON SENSE!!!! LOL

    Thanks for the great recap though Carole! 🙂

  • TopGear

    This show is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I’m starting to realize this couple have a healthy relationship. I misjudged them.

  • Didi

    No mention of Eddie saying how he finds LeAnn’s shit sprayed all over the back of the toilet bowl and that Kiki can vouche for him? Disgusting. He’s trying to humiliate her on television.

    • Yeah – that was pretty disgusting. I tried to make it less graphic by alluding to the “spinach poo.”

      • And I for one thank you for that!. Yuck!!!!!!

  • I wonder if they’re going to make an appearance on Couples Therapy next season? Seems like they need a lot of media attention, and reality tv might be the only way left they’re going to get it. I can’t see VH1 putting another season of this out unless Leann bankrolls it lock, stock and barrel.

    • Dani-K

      Couples Therapy said they have a “mystery couple” who has a tumultuous relationship with the media, and at first I thought of Leann and Eddie. Then I thought of Tori and Dean. Then I figured these couples would not share screen time with 5 other reality couples.

  • Dani-K

    Great job, Carole.

  • Great recap Carole. I rather read your recaps than watch the show.

  • Little Sister

    IMO, morons both of them. They need to cast shade on Brandi to stay revelant. Sad.

  • georgie

    Hilarious recap! Heard Eddie’s “assistant” is actually a comedian. Just hired to play assistant on show. Eddie looks el stupido pretending to be trailed everywhere by an assistant anyway. Dude doesn’t work & is on vacay every other week.

    • Georgie – that makes sense! Terrell does just seem to be there to goof off. Interesting gig – he has a very creative agent.

    • That makes sense since I suspected some “funny” business going on between Eddie and the assistant.

  • Josie

    Nice recap. The show is not that bad. The baby was super cute. Leanne’s Mother is funny.Actually Brandi uses them to be and stay relevant; she wrote two books bashing them. She even talked about them on the RHBH. What they say on the show is very tame compared to what Brandi have said and wrote about them. It’s only fair that they are returning the favor. Brandi has no room to play victim now.