Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Tamra Bolts In Bali [Episode 17]

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It is the morning after the blow up with Lizzie and Tamra and Tamra is still furious with Heather. She won’t acknowledge any of Heather’s friendly chit chat, leaving Vicki to respond to her questions and comments. Heather becomes irritated with Tamra and confronts her about being angry. Heather is mystified by Tamra’s anger and thinks it is not necessary to agree with everything. Friends can disagree. Heather acts as if she didn’t already know that friendship with Tamra is tantamount to a one-way loyalty blood oath.

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Heather has bought a clue and in a TH comments that Tamra often forgets who her real friends are. I’ll know Heather is all the way there when she says that Tamra doesn’t know who her real friends are because she’s never been a real friend to any of the HWs. Tamra, who must have  brass balls of irony, tells Heather she’s still angry because she believes Heather tried to stir sh-t up between her and the other wives. Wait, she’s seriously calling someone else a sh-t stirrer? Her bass balls of irony just went platinum. Heather responds that stirring sh-t would mean speaking up in front of Lizzie, not privately to Tamra. No dice. Tamra can’t be bothered to drop her sunglasses (worn indoors, I might add) to look Heather in the eyes while she spews at her. The “Marry, Shag, Kill” conversation comes up. Tamra at once denies all of her insults toward Lizzie, while using MSK fight to justify anything she’s said about Lizzie. It’s hard to keep things straight with her. I’ve always thought Heather was a pretentious snot, but she was once a pretentious snot who didn’t kowtow to Tamra – which made her semi-tolerable. Heather is unrecognizable when her lips are stuck on Tamra’s  pinky ring.

Up next? A planned hike through local temples. Lizzie, Danielle, and Shannon are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes for trekking through the “monkey crap” since there will be monkeys everywhere. Heather, Vicki, and Tamra are dressed as if they’re going to lunch – including open sandals and sparkly  jewelry. Lizzie notes how big the divide is between the two groups just based on style of dress. Tamra snarks in a TH that Lizzie is wearing “booty shorts” to go hiking. If it matters, the hemline on Lizzie’s shorts pretty much falls where the hemlines on Vicki’s dress and Tamra’s “booty shorts covered by a long shirt” fall. Seriously, Tamra, STFU. 

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Even though I often hate when HWs go on location, the images from Bali are spectacular, even more if you mute the sound of the HWs. As the y drive toward the temple, Vicki can’t figure out how the driver knows where he’s going without street signs (since none are posted).  There is conversation about how an entire section of Pier 1 looks just like Bali. By the time they make it to the temple, I’m afraid of what they’ll say to the tour guides, Hym and Adi. In a TH, Shannon waxes poetic about spirituality in Balinese culture (waxes poetic? Not really, she rambles).  Heather says that she refers to herself as a Bujew (Buddhist?) but maybe she’ll become a HinJew after this trip. Buddhists and Hindus are probably trying to figure out how to introduce her to the Shintoists, who will introduce her to… you get the point. The wives are all welcomed and spritzed by a flower dipped in water. Vicki and Tamra act as if being spritzed is akin to drowning. Vicki thinks the beautiful temple looks like a funeral home. 

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Later she lifts up on a carved stone pillar to touch a large carved wood cabinet that, as it turns out, should only be opened during ceremony.  She just wanted to check to see if there was a head inside –dropping down and gasping to fool Heather and TamraHeather actually asks if there is a head inside.  Yeah. Ok.  I would pay these women to renounce their citizenship and claim to be from some other part of the world, right now. 

What is inside the cabinet? One of the tour guides explains that it contains Prayers, offerings, and holy water. Vicki adds, “…that’s your story and you’re sticking to it.” Hym and Adi either don’t get the joke or they aren’t amused. Speaking of “Dumb and Dumber,” both Heather and Vicki seem to lose IQ points whenever they pal around with Tamra. As they leave the temple Vicki announces a dinner party she’s planning in another two weeks and wants to stop and buy Balinese crowns for “the boys.” I’m already sick thinking of the dinner party.  These things never end well.  Vicki again, in a TH, again calls Shannon and Danielle dumb and dumber when they buy the same item at two different prices.  Shannon, and Lizzie, Tamra and Heather get fish pedicures, where the fish eat the dead skin away. Shannon freaks out and it’s hilarious. Tamra is screaming and it’s not hilarious. Heather is calm, as is Lizzie.  At the end, Tamra thinks it’s a clever way to get money, Shannon thinks her heels feel smoother.

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Back in the van, again, Vicki is screaming watching the monkeys who are OUTSIDE of the van. They get out and Dubrow shows some courage by hand feeding one who climbs up her body to eat from her raised hand. Color me impressed. She then yells at Vicki and Tamra to CHILLAX as they scream when the monkeys approach. Tamra jokes that she just got rid of her crabs, she doesn’t need fleas. I’ve never had sympathy for fleas, until now. Shannon takes the Dubrow challenge and also feeds the monkeys. Again, I’m impressed. Tamra refers to the monkeys as a street gang and she doesn’t want to get gang banged. My niece turns and looks at me.  I am ashamed to be a RHOC viewer for just a moment. Screw it, I have nine years invested. I’ll ride it out. Tamra shouldn’t worry. The monkeys have better taste –sorry, Eddie. As the women are enjoying the beautiful view, Vicki – who has stopped at the ladies’ room, loudly screams that she has no toilet paper. Tamra tells her to use a monkey to wipe herself.  K-L-A-S-S-Y, ya’ll. Klassy!  I’m just glad my niece left the room. I can take only so much viewer-shame.

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We’re back at the hotel and the women are poolside. Heather and Tamra are going biking. Shannon and Vicki are going to the spa –which Shannon refers to as her holistic heaven. Shannon and Vicki are fun and play like children. Note: no screaming and yelling, no childish outbursts from Vicki. Shannon feels that she doesn’t have a care in the world. As attention turns to the bike trail, Heather, who hasn’t ridden a bike in years, makes me fearful just watching her. She’s scary on a bike. Back at the hotel, poolside Danielle and Lizzie want to confront Tamra for being so rude, but without getting on her level. In a TH, Lizzie wants Tamra to cut the crap, she says she’s pretty sure she’s taller than Eddie. She doesn’t want him. Shannon and Vicki are talking about the apology that Lizzie and Danielle gave Shannon, explaining that they thought she was “crazy” because of Tamra. While Tamra and Heather are out, the other four women are talking. Lizzie tells Shannon that Tams wanted to give her a colonic because she thought Shannon was so full of shit. YIKES!

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The Vicki I adore is waking up again. She’s sad and embarrassed that Tamra would hurt Shannon. Danielle is shown, in flashbacks, saying really lovely things about the Beadors, only to have Tamra chime in with negative comments. Danielle calls Shannon classy, Tams adds “as long as she’s not drunk.” Danielle calls David a “good guy.”  Tams adds that he’s not sleeping with his wife. THIS is what Bravo really wants from a HW??!??! Danielle must have been turned into a ghost for having too many positive things to say. Vicki realizes that she’s disliked Lizzie because of Tamra. Vicki, in a TH, realizes that Tamra has a dark place where she can’t seem to find peace. Vicki brings up Brooks and her difficult past with him and Tamra only to learn that Tamra is still going around town bashing Brooks. We see in flashbacks that Tamra is trashing Brooks behind Vicki’s back –at times when Vicki is in the same room but not listening to her. She finds out that just a month before, Vicki was calling Brooks creepy.  While poor Heather is out with Tamra, the other four women have developed a “f-ck with my friends f-ck with me” bond.

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For dinner, our fabulous four are sitting and watching a traditional Balinese dance. In a TH, Lizzie copies the chggga-cha sound the dancers make and ends with “Chaka Khan.” SCORE! Heather and Tamra return. Shannon has planned to confront Tamra later that evening. The exchange between Shannon and Heather is pleasant. She starts the evening by thanking Heather for including her with the other women on the trip. Shannon is very gracious.  Heather likes vacation Shannon and thinks they could be friends. Tamra notices Vicki is quiet, even as the two groups talk about the day they’ve had. Tamra wants Vicki to go to the ladies room, Vicki refuses. Heather, oddly enough, out of the blue apologizes to Shannon for her behavior and even says that she feels terrible if she caused Shannon pain – she says that she’s not one to spread gossip so she’s sorry for her part in what happened. Equally out of the blue, she would also like Shannon to know how ANGRY Terry was when David told her to spread her legs when she got up on the bull at the groundbreaking ceremony. The Bravo editors must think it’s all bull, too, because they show the clip of Terry laughing heartily when David says it. Shannon thinks things will be even better when David apologizes to Terry. Tamra is silent – no apology.  S-u-p-r  D-u-p-r K-l-a-s-s-y! Vicki is so livid that she’s making Tamra (and me) nervous.  It feels as if Vicki would slap Tamra if she was sitting any closer.

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When Tamra goes to the bathroom, alone, Vicki opens up and shares with Heather what’s going on. Heather seems sympathetic. When Tamballs returns, Shannon confronts her with what she’s heard from Lizzie and Danielle. Tamra says it was taken out of context it’s not what she said.  In a TH, Tamra admits that she has said things about Shannon but claims it was only after that night at Lizzie’s. She thinks Lizzie is deflecting from her comments at Heather’s dinner. Both Lizzie and Danielle claim that Lizzie said “Marry” not “F-ck.” Tamra is yelling so loud she catches the attention of, pretty much, everyone in the restaurant. Heather swears that she and Terry heard Lizzie say the other, not Marry. Yet Heather can’t tell the difference between someone yelling and not yelling. Shannon brings up the “Take the Beadors down” comment and says she’s sure Tamra made it up, she’s heard how Tamra likes to play both sides and Tamra  said it to her of five different occasions, so why would she have believed, at the time, it was a lie?

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When Tamra again tries to turn the tables on Lizzie and bring up the Eddie comment, Lizzie tells her she’s crap and the most insecure woman she’s ever met (among other things) – sending Tamra running from the table screaming that they’ll never see her face again. No one chases after her. Heather comforts a fraying Vicki, who is crying thinking about how hard she’s worked to forgive Tamra. It kills Vicki to hear that Tamra tells her and Brooks that she loves them and then hears about how she talks so badly about him behind his back.

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Heather is stunned when she hears what Tamra had to say about her – though in her TH she says she’s tired of the “she said-she heard” business from this group. Tams reportedly called her anorexic and a fake friend. She reportedly commented that it was fake to have Heather in her wedding. Given Tamra’s  comments about Heather earlier in the season while at Shannon’s for dinner, who could be shocked? Heather decides to go see Tamra. Despite what we’ve seen in the video of Tamra trashing everyone, Tamra claims that Shannon is just a hurt woman lashing out, but that Lizzie is basically manipulative, lying, evil bitch. What? The woman who thinks it’s her job to stir up drama with everyone? The woman who has been caught on camera saying things she claims she never said? SHE thinks someone else is an evil lying bitch? Heather seems to be buying Tamra’s “outrage.” She also seems desperate to get Tamra to say that she loves her and that’s why she asked her to be in her wedding.  There are days when it feels like it’s clear that Heather is snobbier than she is smart. This is one of those days.

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Vicki is feeling sorry for Tamra for who/what she is. Tamra is screaming that Vicki should know better and that she should know that they weren’t telling the truth. Heather comes back to report “fragile” Tamra’s state.  They decide they’re all going home. What a waste of beautiful landscape.

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Next up? The finale. The Dubrows are in prime (pathetic) form. See you there!


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  • cait

    FACT ! Trampon IS a liar ! So the SCRIPT must call for the other girls to prove she isn’t !

    • RealitytvJunkie


  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap Norrth!
    Trampa is just awful and I am glad Lizzie and Shannon stood up to her bullchit..even in her funky blog she refers to herself as wearing the crown that Lizzie cannto this trailor park bish serious? Heather is just as desperate and boring…

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Tamra really is a terrible person. She is very classless and self-centered. I actually miss Gretchen. They should bring her back.

    • Norrth

      Lizzie and Shannon are on my A-list of HWs now, after standing up to Tamra. They’ve given Vicki a backbone!

    • equinox2009


  • RealitytvJunkie

    Tamra is horrible. Lizzie said she wanted to “F” Eddie, she blew that way up, and tried to say that was on the same level as her betrayal of ALL the ladies. Never was a Tamra fan, but she just gets worse every season, and her husband is a snooze fest

    • Norrth

      She’s always looking for an excuse to attack these women or excuse her behavior, in my book.

  • TopGear

    Tamra is just a miserable, pathetic human being. She’s two-faced, back-stabbing, lies constantly, loves to stir up trouble and wants to see everyone miserable because she’s miserable. I pity any man who chooses to take on this drama filled witch. He’s in for very unhappy life and it will not last.

    • Norrth

      …and those are her most positive qualities. I agree with Vicki about her “dark spaces” and no peace.

  • Chloe

    Tamra is really insecure. She doesn’t mind destroying other people simply to make herself feel better. Poor Eddie. Husband number 3 ain’t no charm. He’ll be unable to tolerate this at some point within the next year or two.

    • Norrth

      Wow, how did I forget that he is her third husband. Poor Ryan’s dad is out of sight, out of mind, luckily for him. Who would want to be dragged into her drama?

  • italiano bambino

    Was different to see any of the house wives coming to someone apologizing (Shannon) after having a wrong opinion about her. I think lizzie and Danielle saw what was going on Tamra using and turning everyone against and these two along with Shannon put some Brakes on tammy nonsense. Tammy had no chance. But to run.

  • italiano bambino

    Tammy was overdue and I thank lizzie Shannon and Danielle to do it.

    • RonnieIsBack was a lonnnnng time coming Bam

  • Jennymckitty

    This show has gotten too nasty and negative for me. I have been watching it for 9 years but last night was the end. I am no Tamara fan and I think that Lizzie is basically a nice person. But watching Lizzie (and I assume Danielle but we are never allowed to hear her speak) spend an entire vacation trashing Tamara and whipping the group up into an angry mob was too much. Yes, Tamara had it coming to her but it was the way Lizzie went about it. To me, she made herself look as bad as everyone else on the show. I don’t think I would be as disgusted with her behavior if I believed that she was a closet mean girl…I just don’t think she is. I get the feeling she did it so she would be asked back next year. If she doesn’t bring the drama, she is gone. Watching grown women fight is not why I started watching these shows. If Bravo thinks that is why most of us watch, they are mistaken. Every year it just gets worse and worse and becomes more scripted and producer driven and edited. I was hoping I could make it to season 10, but I’m done.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Taht is the way the show works..and Lizzie’s take down was way more softer than what they did to Alexis….that was brutal..
      I have absolutely no sympathy for Tamra who relishes and celebrates the fact that “bravo pays me alot of money to start drama”..her words…

      • Jennymckitty

        I don’t have sympathy for Tamara. I may be wrong but I don’t think this is the way Lizzie normally handles things. I felt like I watched her compromise her values for another season and it made me sad. I may be wrong. And I know that others feel that the end justifies the means. It could have been done without bringing yourself down to that level.

  • I dont understand how these women can be friends with Tamra after each season. Tamra is a friend to no one. And her blog this week is all about her.

    • RonnieIsBack

      it sure is..the heifa has the nerve to say they tried to snatch her crown..she is horrible…she must have nasty photos of Eddie with their husbands….
      Which poses the next question…how could he marry her along with her dirty feet and herd of animals….

  • RonnieIsBack

    I hope she doesn’t come back to the show and take Heather DuBoring with her…

  • Birdie11

    These women are in BALI and all they can talk about is past BS and who said what to who. If I was there, I would ditch these broads and go see the countryside alone. The lack of creativity in conversation, considering their surroundings, is quite mind boggling to me.

  • Is Heather’s alliance with Tamra out of fear, or strategy? Either way she seems like she made a miscalculation.

    • TopGear

      I think both. Heather is very smart and knows it’s better to be on Tamra’s good side. I doubt she trust her in the least.

      • Heather is certainly articulate and usually I think she’s very smart too. How smart can she really be if she needs to get her attention fix in such a trashy, humiliating way though?

    • Birdie11

      I think it’s important to Heather to maintain dignity…so by playing nice with Tamra it guards her from being goaded into some HS shriek fest. I think she is just protecting her image, and knows full well not to trust Tamra.

      • TopGear

        Here here! And that makes her as phony as Tamra.

        • Birdie11

          She’s a ‘working actress’ dontcha know.

          • TopGear

            She deserves an Oscar!

  • cait

    Heather joined the show as an educated, articulate prudish woman, with a good hubby, family and pots of self-esteem ! She seems to have been working off a script ever since !