Saturday Funnies: All Aboard the the Ramona Coaster!!

Posted on Aug 9 2014 - 3:05am by Trixie Felonabulous




She won’t be crying over spilled Pinot!


She’ll be going on cruises with friends!


Walking the runways of the fashion world!


Dancing with the turtles!


Watch her as she tackles obstacles!


Red or white!


She’ll make you smile!


She’ll go on tour with Sonja “Two Drunk Ex-Wives”



She has a few parting words for the mistress…Don’t Go There Bitch!


Earlier this week, Ramona announced, her marriage to Mario is over. We hope she can laugh at this. Laughter is the best medicine. It cures a multitude of ills. We wish her the best!

*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*

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  • Agstisme

    The thing that gets me about these psycho-celebrities (sorry..I meant pseudo) is they sign on to a show to exploit themselves and every aspect if their lives. Suddenly, when something “personal” occurs in their life they feel they shouldn’t have to speak about the event or, even better, ” please respect my privacy”. Are you kidding me? These people are famewhores!! They can’t have it both ways. When they signed on the dotted line, they gave up that right to privacy.

    • Well said, Agstime.

    • Lorn

      I can see where your coming from. I do think part of your personal life should remain private and is no ones business but yours and the other parties. Its one thing for you to sign up on a show for exposure and another for your kids and husband to be exposed without their consent.

      Its the similar argument many people have for actors and other entertainers–they act or perform for a living and once that side of their life is exposed nothing else should be.

      We’re seeing Ramona interact with the other housewives of NY. We shouldn’t necessarily have to know everything about her personal life unless she wants it. I say respect everyone and their comfort level–if Ramona isn’t comfortable sharing that aspect with the world, so be it.

  • Michael

    What’s this, Is Teresa getting a free pass this week? I’ll bet she’ll be gloating when she opens up her online Saturday Funnies. 🙂

  • Jennymckitty

    Very funny, Twi. I guess we won’t be seeing Mario on NY any more. I am trying to decide if will be appearing on “Stalked” or ” Happily Never After” next. If half the stories about his new bunny boiler are true, I think it will be one of the Shows on ID.

  • Marsbars09

    What happened to Tre’s funnies? Did the ideas already run dry? The blog is part of my Saturday morning.

  • Marsbars09

    After observing Ramona all these years, I wonder if she’s bi-polar. Her mood go from the extreme high to the absolute low.
    I’ve never liked Ramona as I found her to be rude, abrasive, and obnoxious.

    • Reality LuLu

      Mars I remember reading that she might be taking Adderall. It makes sense because amphetamines cause one to become hyper, have dry mouth (notice she licks her mouth a lot), mood swings, nervousness, restlessness, excitability, etc.

      • twifan2

        I thought it was her menopause phase kicking in. :/

  • Hilarious!!! Great job, Twi.

  • Birdie11

    BWAHAHAHA!! I love Ramona…she BRINGS the crazy!!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Excellent, twi. No need to caricature Ramona. She is a cartoon all by herself.

  • Reality LuLu

    Twi I laughed so hard when seeing Ramona on the roller coaster. That has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time!!

  • nan/4

    LOL!!!!! Each one is a gem Twi, but my personal favorite is the last one. SO FUNNY!!! I know that Ramona can be a first class bitc$, but there’s something vulnerable about her too. I do believe that she had an unhappy childhood which affected her later in life, and that this cheating scandal is humiliating, and her heart is probably in pieces. I wish her well, and I hope she stays on the show. I mean, look above…. now that’s comical, and the show sure does need a few laughs thrown in! It helps to break-up all of the YELLING!!! LOL 😉

    Thanks for making me laugh, Twi.

    I hope that everyone is doing well today! 🙂

    • Hi Nan, I couldn’t agree more. You took the words from me. Ramona may have her issues but she’s hysterical and the show would be a total flop without her.

      • nan/4

        Hi Doc…..;-)

  • Guest but post n read

    Awww that was great, poor Romona 25 yrs is a lifetime, in this day n age, but she’s attractive n she definitely not poor, so she’ll be fine, but ole Mario will be dust in the wind..
    I think I do turtle time today, when I dance to my music… LOL
    Good for Romona, she finally had enough humiliation, to DIVORCE the cheater—what is he teaching his teenage daughter.. Men n their pecker!,,, UGH

  • Marsbars09

    I wonder what’s going to become of Ramona now that she will soon be a “free woman”. Her daughter is going to leave the nest soon and she will be alone. What sane man is going to want to court Ramona? She has already shown herself to be unstable, mean, and volatile.

    • Hey Marsie…Happy Saturday! 🙂

      • Marsbars09

        Happy Saturday to you too!

    • Trippinhhard

      She’s unstable like most politicians wives. LOL
      drunks, sluts, liars,theives n etc
      Romona will be fine, probably will not be drinking so much, she drank
      From the start of the show, Jill always said Romona n her wine, bec Jill don’t drink..

      OT. Child I’m so glad to be back blogging—I sure won’t be telling anymore secrets..
      But for everything we pay for big time, folks with a little money gets free of charge, or dirt cheap, (which is my case) ….it’s pays to not be able to spell correctly—I’m a tester for many products, because in one way, I’m dumb as Dora LOL, but my IQ is 160 on drugs prescription only—tried weed once n coke once—ain’t for me—-on nothing
      180-190 but I still can’t spell big words but the definition I know. Lol
      Learn an get pay for doing something, u need —-I testing bookworm on line know, too many simple errors… Bookworm is teaching my brain to spell words.. Lol

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Trippin’! It’s nice to hear from you again.
        Did you used to go by the name of Samra?

        • Trippinhhard

          Yes, that name is gone, I can’t use it on certain sites n on others I can.. Miss reading n blogging …

          • Marsbars09

            OK. Sorry about that.

  • nan/4

    Totally OT. Sorry but I just had to comment on Kim Kardashian’s nEEWWW book! It’s called “Selfish” and it contains HUNDREDS of her selfies!!!!!! OMG. Gag me with a spoon. If ANYBODY buys that……they have to be NUTS!!!! She certainly got the title right though…

    Thanks. I needed to get that off of my chest. Can you imagine? The NERVE of her!!! Okay. I’m finished now. 😉

    • Ewwww…her fans are as classy as she is. I’m sure they ones that buy her book bought her sex tape.

      • nan/4

        Double EWWWW!!!! Now you put that image in my mind…..Well, this is one way to lose weight. I’m not gonna eat for a week. hahaha 😉

        • I have a feeling the same thing happens to the men that sleep with Kim.

          • nan/4

            HA! You’re funny. 🙂 That’s a great idea! The Sleep With KK Diet! We’ll make millions Doc!!!!

          • Brilliant idea!!! I like the way you think, Nan.

  • Vince Foster, Jr.

    Twi & Doc, check your twitter accounts.

  • BaybeK8s

    Hi everybody! Please tell me my AAtT family is NOT covering anything Kardashian. If you are, please allow me to take a Xaaaaaaaaaaaaanax before you break the news to me. I’m in a delicate state right now.