LeAnn & Eddie Recap – Daddy Issues [Episode 3]

Posted on Aug 5 2014 - 8:53pm by Carole B.

LeAnn & Eddie

This week on “LeAnn and Eddie” we rejoin the couple as they prepare to travel to Nashville. LeAnn is packing her bikini and Eddie is packing his pride and not much else – apparently Einstein was a light packer too. Cue the tabloid style scene segues – in which we see them doing such scandalous things as brushing their teeth together! As they hurtle from the Nashville airport toward her childhood home, LeAnn describes her intimidating yet soft-hearted dad and the idyllic suburb in which she was bred. “It’s called Lubb-non,” she explains – in reality it’s spelled Lebanon, but God forbid you pronounce it the right way or you run the risk – according to LeAnn – of getting shot! I hear sawed off shotgun getting cocked somewhere in the distance. As it turns out, LeAnn went coon hunting with a shotgun for the first time when she was two years old. We see a montage of other more public scenes from her childhood – including a nod to the career-related lawsuit she brought against her dad. 

LeAnn & Eddie

As they pull up to her dad’s rural manse, Eddie is surprised to see a giant luxury tour bus parked in the driveway. LeAnn has ensured that she and Eddie have a comfortable place to stay – by renting a luxury home on wheels of course! She and Eddie greet her family and give them a tour of her mega mobile mansion while discussing meat jerky of every flavor. Eddie is desperate to earn “cowboy respect” from his father-in-law. Eddie, LeAnn’s dad, Wilbur, and her nephew, Cameron, all go skeet shooting. Surprise, surprise! Despite his occasional experience working with Chuck Norris, Eddie sucks! Still, Cameron and LeAnn’s dad are understanding.

LeAnn & Eddie

LeAnn is happy to give an interview to the local news station. Afterwards, she and Eddie hit the proverbial hay (romantic candles aglow in the lux-bus).

After the break, LeAnn’s dad and Cameron show Eddie the ropes – literally! They instruct him in the fine art of lassoing. LeAnn is on her way to do a soundcheck for a new album but takes the time to show off her roping skills on the way. Eddie hopes to show his steer-roping skills since – after all – he has done it a million times in the movies. Which movies, you may ask? I’m not quite sure – would love to know if any of you could solve that riddle! 

LeAnn & Eddie

Apparently movie magic doesn’t apply in Nashville or its outskirts. His plan doesn’t quite pan out – poor Eddie manages to incense the horse and get thrown off despite his best blazing saddle efforts. Cameron is less than impressed. Somehow I doubt Eddie will earn his “cowboy respect” during this trip down home. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.17.11 PM

Next, LeAnn is getting ready for a performance, and Eddie comes limps in – brought down to planet earth via his horse injury. This will be the first time that LeAnn’s dad has seen her perform in a long time, so she is understandably nervous. Her performance is a success. LeAnn’s dad tells her she did a good job and it’s obvious that this means a lot to her.

LeAnn & Eddie

LeAnn & Eddie

Back at the homestead, LeAnn apologizes to her daddy and family for not spending more with the family. Her dad twangs on the six string as LeAnn intones the old country church standard “Jesus Loves Me.” Her dad crows about how proud of he is of his little girl. Blood really is thicker than a lawsuit – and the family really does seem ready to live happily ever after.

LeAnn & Eddie

LeAnn & Eddie

Til next time y’all…


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  • Great recap Carole.

    This show does nothing positive for the image of these cheaters-in fact it spotlighted it. More than that, Eddie’s lack of mention, Eddie’s lack of mentioning his sons and his love for them-the pawns in this dangerous game they play of control-is what really bothered me. They took zero opportunity to really let the viewers know who they are without the tabloid drama-because they are obsessed with it-and I am afraid that common thread is the bulk of what holds these two togetherl! LeAnn whines too much-clearly she as more issues than Vogue-Eddie is super shallow and is NOT becoming a better (MAN or) anything with LeAnn Rimes at his side.

    • Dani-K

      Great job, Carole. I’m wasn’t an Eddie/Leann fan before and I’m certainly not after this. I think they’ve made a huge PR mistake with this show. In fact, I think they did it to one-up Brandi.

  • TopGear

    It just seems sad to me to continue dissing someone. Sad for all parties. Let it go no one really wants to see this terrible mess played out again. All the name calling and backstabbing. I do hope best for all parties involved. But let it go no one wants to see this anymore. I won’t watch the show even as much as I like LeAnne Rimes music.

  • Josie

    Good recap. I’m actually starting to like this show. I thought last night’s episode was cute. It was a nice break from the cat fights on the housewives shows. And, it reminded me that LeAnn is an amazing singer. I wish she would focus on her singing more. Say what you will, but she does have an amazing voice.