RHOC Feud Heats Up: Tamra Posts Lizzie’s Cell Number on Social Media & Lizzie Responds!

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The Real Housewives of the OC feud rages on. As we reported, Tamra Barney posted a scathing Facebook post yesterday reacting to Lizzie Rovsek and her former drinking partner bestie, Vicki Gunvalson’s comments attacking her character (or lack thereof) on Monday night’s episode of the RHOC.

To recap: On Monday nights airing of the RHOC, Vicki Gunvalson threw some serious shade at TamraVickie warned Lizzie….WATCH YOUR BACK around Tamra (pertaining their friendship) and expressed that Tamra is the cause for the divide between Briana and Brooks.

In the same episode, Lizzie took a couple of shots at Tamra as well. The newcomer, was upset that Tamra waited until the last minute to cancel attending her birthday celebration. Lizzie felt Tamra’s excuse for not coming was a lie. The sassy newbie even implied in a few of her “talking heads” that Tamra is the source of the drama between the Dubrow’s and the Beador’s.

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Well apparently, their comments sent Tamra into a tailspin and she went on social media to “set the record straight” and in doing so, exposed RHOC production secrets (secret: RHOC is staged). Tamra posted the following message on her Facebook page yesterday. She quickly deleted her post but not before many commented and took screenshots. Tamra also DELETED her Facebook account. Sounds like somebody got called into the principal’s office.

Tamra Judge Facebook

If you thought the drama ended there…think again!

Tamra was not done. She then went on to posts text messages between herself and Lizzie to further prove, Lizzie knew she wouldn’t be attending her birthday celebration (before she called). In doing so, Lizzie’s personal cell phone number was exposed to the world. Tamra is claiming it was an accident. Oh Puleeeeze Tamra! Knowing Messy Tammie Sue, the odds it was an accident are HIGHLY unlikely.

Read Lizzie’s text messages to Tamra below:

“The show works a little bit. I understand they [production] told you to wait to tell me you couldn’t go. On a personal note I think it would have been so much cooler of you to let me know that morning. I honestly wouldn’t have even cared if you just didn’t want to go.”
“I in no way ever want to put any pressure on anyone for going or doing anything. However, I was forced to film when both my babies and my husband were home projectile vomiting with the stomach flu, which I think it ridiculous.”
“The general vibe that I got from everyone; producers included, was that you just didn’t want to be there that night. And the yeast infection thing you told Vicki to tell producers wasn’t very nice. I’m just sorry the whole bday night even happened. I have always liked you a lot and sorry a fun night ended so badly.”

A short while after posting Lizzie’s texts, Tamra deleted the posts. She then posted the following acknowledgement of posting Lizzie’s phone number and a weak ass “very sorry.”

Tamra's Tweet 1

Tamra then followed the “apology” with more mean tweets about Lizzie. This time attacking her family values. 

Tamra Text 2

Naturally, Lizzie was gobsmacked by Tamra posting her phone number and concerned with the dangers that go along with exposing someone’s personal info on social media. On her Facebook page, she posted that she was inundated with phone calls and texts from strangers all day which forced her to change her phone number. A phone number, she’s had since she was 21. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.15.48 PM.jpg

Lizzie also spills the tea by outing Tamra for purposely stirring up drama on the show. In a Facebook post, Lizzie stated that Tamra told her, she didn’t call on her birthday on purpose to cause drama. Well, no surprise there! Tamra herself admitted on a “Watch What Happens Live” episode she gets paid VERY WELL to stir up the drama.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.14.35 PM.jpg

Lizzie received lots of support from her fans and I’m sure she’s gained a ton more thanks to Tamra’s shenanigans. And Tamra (if she has any) has lost fans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.15.13 PM


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  • twifan2

    Some other site is now reporting that Tamra isn’t coming back to RHW OC-she’s been terminated!?
    She defo NEEDS to be done something to if she posted Lizzie’s private info-her cell #!

    • Doubt it. There is no show without Tamra. Love her or hate her, she makes the show interesting. Had she never told Shannon about the “take down” comment..we wouldn’t have all that great drama and the meltdowns.

      • twifan2

        GIRL! Nope, Tambutt needs to go. She’s boring! Just recast!
        OR shut the show down. It’s all old, contrite, repetitive, etc…

      • OC123

        I don’t agree. I think they could have a heck of a great show with Tamra. I find her disgusting.

        • twifan2

          TY! 🙂
          She & Edwina make my skin crawl! eeeww

          • cait

            Maybe Edwina is Andy’s new Boy Toy ! !

        • Tammie Sue is vile but she knows how to make things interesting enough to hold the viewers interest. She doesn’t even have to be in the scenes but she knows how to plant the seeds to harvest the drama.

          • Jennymckitty

            Production loves her. She does everything they ask her to do…..no questions asked. Not a great quality to have if you think she will be a friend, but I doubt anyone really sees her that way.

          • Yes ma’am! Tammie Sue is a reality TV producers dream.

    • Izzy J

      I think the show has went DOWN HILL! People hated on past cast members but now it is even worse. Sadly RHOC should stand for Real Housewives Outta Control! Lol

      • Hi Izzy J. I think Tamra takes things way too far.

      • Marsbars09

        Izzy, I think RHOC has been down the drain for several seasons now. It has gone to a trash level.

    • Norrth

      If true, she should be celebrating having more time to make her gym successful. I won’t miss her.

      • If it was true, she would be tweeting all kinds of @#&%$%%%%%%

  • Jennymckitty

    Here is what I don’t understand…if some of these people are as vile in real life as they are in the shows, why don’t more of their ex-friends come on these message boards and trash them? Phadera has had folks spill the beans but many others don’t. I suppose that I would like to believe that no one is really this nasty in real life.

    • cait

      Wondered about that too Miss Mac ! What a nasty, dangerous thing to publish someone’s phone no. on media ! She’s a total mess, and she’s giving Simon so much ammo for the custody case !

  • cait

    Respect to Lizzie for not stooping to this fish wife’s level !

    • Hi Cait. I love that term “fish wife.”

      • cait

        Used to describe “the lowest of the low”

        • I learned that from watching Ladies of London.

          • cait

            In Dublin, when younger, knew some real fish-wives and they had more class than Tunara !

          • Damn!!!!!

  • cait

    Edwina and Andy sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G !

    • Bwahahaha! You’re a riot, Cait.

      • cait

        Fancy a tree Doc ?

  • nan/4

    What a low thing to do. Lower than pond scum!!!! Poor Lizzie. She’s so sweet!!!!!

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Nan! I don’t know about Lizzie being sweet, but she definitely doesn’t deserve what Tam did to her.

      • nan/4

        I get the impression that she is, and she seems to be a straight shooter too, but only time will tell. That’s true Marsie.

  • Michael

    I just keep thinking of all the people Lizzie is going to have to contact after having the same number all those years. If Tamera wanted to show she was sorry, she should have Liz give her the new number, then Tams could help contacting people 🙂 I wonder if Lizzie wqould fall for that. It reminds me of an wise saying, “She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s pretty”

    • Marsbars09

      If I were LIzzie I wouldn’t want Tam’s help. How could anyone trust Tam after way she’s been behaving?

      • Michael

        Yes, and this is why I’m not a comedian 🙂

        • nan/4


  • Marsbars09

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this wereTam’s last season. She is evil, narcissistic, two-faced, and possibly narcissistic. She is and never was a friend to anyone. Posting Lizzie’s cell number was especially dangerous.
    Now I understand why Bravo edits Tam’s blogs, she’s a loose cannon!

  • LoLo

    Tamra is immature & so desperate for a story that she has to put down & hurt others to have one. Her marriage & business are boring. She isn’t as wealthy as the others & needs this as her source of income. She will do anything to stay relevant & cause drama.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Lolo! I’m glad you brought that up. Do you think part of Tam’s problem is that most of her cast mates have a lot more money than she does? I have a feeling Tam would be on public assistance if it wasn’t for Eddie and the show.

      • LoLo

        I do think she tries too hard to make drama as she needs the money. I don’t know how her gym is doing but it doesn’t look that great from what we see. That’s why I was surprised that she told on production as they can now fire her for revealing inside scoop. She’s not the brightest nor the “hottest housewife” anymore.

  • kirklandmomma

    Tamra is wrong…though I would get a cell# just for the show not associated to personal info. Eg Prepaid. Just saying

  • Zoe D.

    OMG…this is some good chit!!! Tamra has gone plum loco…lmao

  • Now listen, Tamara knew damn well she was posting that number on social media. I don’t want to hear that she didn’t know, it was a mistake or any of the such. She sucks, her attitude sucks, and her behavior follows suit. Hopefully the Bravo God’s remove her ass from next season. I am so sick of Tamara I could scream. She throws the rock and hides the hand. I love Lizzie however, she’s sweet and seems to really connect with most people. Shame that it happened to her. I wish I had Edde’s number I posted that SOB from here to 2018. Now that’s real.


  • Babson_Chick

    I knew trashy Tamara was mean and publishing a phone # says it all – she need to go.