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Ladies of London

Over the weekend, I had a lovely conversation with Juliet Angus, star of Bravo’s new Housewives series, “Ladies of London.” The native Chicagoan was stateside and enjoying summer holiday in Chicago with her family.

Vibrant and outspoken, the fashion consultant, did not hold back for our interview. There’s no doubt why the producers chose her for the show and why she’s a fan favorite.

Juliet made her mark on London’s social scene by way of Hollywood and the New York scene when she moved across the pond in 2010. “Ladies of London” is not Juliet’s first experience on television, the journalism grad from the University of Southern California, has appeared on ESPN’s “Beg, Borrow & Deal” and WE tv’s “Diva Detectives.”

More recently, her knowledge and great eye for fashion has led the “style chameleon” to start her own personal styling business. Juliet lives in South London with her media executive husband, Gregor Angus and their two children –  both of whom have picked up English accents and manners. Read the interview below:

Ladies of London

Was it hard for you to adjust to British culture as an American transplant?
Juliet: Yes. It’s a great place to live, but there’s a certain way they do things here.When I first moved to London, driving and parking were big issues for me. Adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the road was a challenge. I would often hit the curb. Mags on my car are totally distorted from hitting the curb so much and thank goodness for bumpers! Another adjustment is trying to understand all the different English accents. There are many English dialects – OMG, it’s wild. Often, I have to ask people to repeat things and spell it. When you encounter the Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester dialects which are much more difficult to understand than someone raised in central London. 
What was it like working on a reality show with all women? How did the producers find you?

Juliet: Working with all the women was great. The producers contacted Caprice and Noelle initially because they are in the media. It’s wild how Caprice became sort of an overnight name in London once she came from America. And Noelle is in the media due to her fiance, Scot’s divorce. Noelle recommended Marissa and Marissa proposed I do the show. We all knew somebody and through word of mouth, we all came together. BBC Worldwide created the show and sold it to Bravo.

Viewers witnessed a lot of “behind the back” insults. Were you surprised watching the show? 
Juliet: I was not surprised about things that were said [about me] behind my back. I expected things to be said in the heat of the moment. I’ve said things on the show that did not make some of the ladies happy. Noelle was one of them. Noelle stopped returning phone calls of Marissa and I after the show aired. She felt we threw her under the bus and should have stood up for her more. The show can be hard on friendships. My friendship with Marissa suffered after the show. She and I were great friends prior to the show but during the course of taping, our friendship became strained. I felt whenever I had a disagreement with one of the other ladies, she would take the other person’s side, regardless of what they did or said about me. We didn’t speak for a long while after the show aired. We’re working on the friendship now. I love her a lot, her friendship will always mean a lot to me.
Annabelle and Caprice were extremely judgemental in regards to your attire and public display of emotion at the 4th of July celebration. How did you feel about that?
Juliet: In British culture it’s common to hide your feelings while Americans are expressive. When you’ve been living here for a while you realize you’re not supposed to say what you’re thinking. However, I’m 37 years old, I’m not going to shut down my personality to please others. I feel it’s ridiculous to hide your feelings. Some of my American co-stars try to conform so much to English society, I’m not going to change who I am. As for my attire, you’re suppose to wear cut-offs to a 4th of July celebration. I felt I was dressed appropriately.
Who would you say you bonded with the most and least?
Juliet: I’ve bonded with Caroline, Marissa and Lady Julie the most.  The least would be Caprice and Annabelle.
Have Caprice and Caroline made up since their season finale blow up? Are the ladies friends? 
Juliet: Oh God, NO!!!
Fans were disappointed there was no reunion. Why was there no reunion show?
Juliet: We absolutely should have had a reunion, the drama between us all has gone into full effect way more than when we shot the show


Can the fans expect a season 2?
Juliet: We all want a season two. We’ll see, it’s up to Bravo now.


Do you have any parting words for your fans?
Juliet: I would like to thank the fans for watching the show and supporting me through social media. I’m humbled by all the fan support. Please keep in touch with me through social media.
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  • Birdie11

    YAY!! This was excellent!! I love that Juliet has no stupid British wannabe nuances. This girl is REAL and I love her!! I hope the show returns…it was fabulous…bright colors, fun music, a glimpse of royalty, and diverse, colorful personalities. Bring it back Bravo!!

    • nan/4

      ITA!!!! I loved the interview! Carolyne and Juliet are my personal favorites, and I sure hope that Bravo brings this great show back!. At least when they argue they do so in such a dignified manner!

      Nice to see you Birdie! Hope that you and yours are all happy and healthy. 🙂

      • Birdie11

        Thank you Nan…I hope you and the family are all great too…I LOVE Caroline the most…Juliet #2…what a FUN show.

        • nan/4


        • Hi sweet Birdie! I really hope they get another season.

      • Hi Nan! I agree with you here. There’s something aristocratic about these ladies. Perhaps it’s the London backdrop. I thoroughly enjoyed this show.

    • Exactly! She’s REAL not an ass-kisser like Marissa, Caprice and Noelle.

      • Birdie11

        Caprice would say your name Dawcta Soooooohs. Then she would try it again to perfect the accent.

        • Bwahahaha!! I repeated that in my head. You are sooooo funnny daaaaaling.

  • Zoe D.

    Now, this is why I love her…she’s a normal down to earth woman…who lives a fabulous life. I do believe she would remain humble, and true to herself even if they had a season 7…she’s just cool. I’m sad they had no reunion…not even in the Club House. I’m crossing my fingers for a season 2…I hope it happens.

  • Dani-K

    Juliet did a great job of representing American women. We say what’s on our mind instead of sweeping it under the rug in the name of proper-ness. Great interview. I really hope they come back for a second season!

  • RealitySuxx

    I hope they bring the show back for a season two…though I’d like them to add a little color to the cast as well.

  • TartLemon

    Great interview. Took a few episodes for LoL to grow on me, but I was disappointed when the season was over.

  • Wow! Nice to hear directly from her – she was a breath of fresh air on that show. I see why she’s a fan favorite.

  • Babson_Chick

    Great interview – thanks!! Love the show and love Caroline who is very sociable on twitter.