LeAnn & Eddie Recap: Brandi…Brandi…Brandi [Episode 1]

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 12:40pm by Carole B.

LeAnn and Eddie

The long awaited debut of “LeAnne & Eddie” show  just hit the airwaves. Let the wackiness ensue.

The series opens with the couple introducing each other and extolling each others’ storied careers in the arts.  As most of the general public knows, LeAnn is the country music prodigy who is all grown up and as for Eddie – well it’s a bit more complicated. Actor/pop singer/Brandi Glanville’s infamous ex? Oh yeah and they were both married to other people when they got together. Well the couple just wants us to know that they are not as bad as all that. Cue bizarre opening credits featuring seductive spoon feeding and casually staged nuzzling.

LeAnn & Eddie Show

We join the couple in their limo en route to Eddie’s premier of the film “The Best Man Holiday.” Eddie seems eager to assure us that he actually does work. The couple jokes about unsubstantiated reports of his 50 million dollar divorce from Brandi as widely reported in magazine mainstays of nail salons everywhere – US Weekly’s, etc. They keep talking about how much they don’t want the Brandi related scandal to impinge upon their real lives or this cinematic premier, yet it seems to be all they can talk about with the cameras conveniently rolling. At least LeAnn acknowledges the irony – “It’s not like that’s what we do for a living or anything,” she smirks.  Eddie implores her – Frozen style – to just “let it go.” After all that preamble, we get a just a brief glimpse of the red carpet at the premier. It seems Eddie is peripheral to the production.

LeAnn & Eddie Show

In the next scene LeAnn stops by her record label to sign some paperwork releasing her from her contract. Apparently it is the “worst in history.” 

She celebrates her freedom from indentured servitude with her doting manager who at least got her this gig. As to whether she’ll sell any records any time soon… 

LeAnn and Eddie

After the break, LeAnn and Eddie toast the end of her contract with another couple – their closest friends who they have know all of five years – an eon in Hollywood time. Everyone is clamoring for LeAnn to get a new tattoo to commemorate the milestone. She gamely complies by heading to a weathered Matt Dillon lookalike ink artist. As she clutches Eddie’s hand, a feather is inked onto her ribcage. Once again – Eddie picks up a tabloid and reads it out loud – despite his thou dost protest too much attitude against his naysayers in the press. Amazing how the story was missed by the LA Times and other actual newspapers of record. “The likelihood of Brandi and I getting back together is slightly above the existence of Bigfoot and just below an actual Zombie apocalypse,” he waxes poetic. So I’m sure Brandi will be glad to know there’s still hope for her!

LeAnn and Eddie Show

Next Eddie talks LeAnn into skydiving…for charity of course– and she seems on the verge of taking the leap.

When we return from the break, Eddie’s husky trainer is eating an egg, cheese and meat bagel – Woody Allen in Sleeper was apparently the inspiration for the extra large funnel of sweet potato fries. They discuss Brandi yet again in an attempt to keep the spotlight off of that oh so clandestine scandal, and presumably also off his well-fed trainer’s bursting seams. 

LeAnn and Eddie

Sometime later in Elsinore, CA, LeAnn and Eddie meet his publicist at a skydiving venue to support vets with the organization Wings of Inspiration. LeAnn sings the national anthem before she and Eddie dive – of course cameras from the show Extra are filming – so none of this altruism will go undocumented. Mario Lopez mentions the 50 million dollar divorce – egads! Eddie handles the sticky situation with aplomb and LeAnn gushes.

LeAnn and Eddie

LeAnn and Eddie

In the next frame, we see LeAnn and Eddie jumping out of a plane as she sums up her feelings about her odyssey during her talking head segment. The tattoo and the inked feather have symbolized her liberation. She and Eddie are Eddie are on solid ground at last. 50 million dollar divorce be damned!!!

LeAnn and Eddie

LeAnn and Eddie


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  • Norrth

    I didn’t expect to like them so much. I was completely neutral to them, before since I never followed either — have loved Rimes’ voice whenever I heard her, but couldn’t tell you about either. Now? I could see watching this again. Thanks for the recap. Loved it.

    • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

      Oh no Norrth, say it ain’t so! Quick put your tin-foil hat on before the rays penetrate too deeply. LOL!
      I have to ask do you know LeAnn’s ‘history’ concerning Brandi & the boys?
      I just have a problem with LeAnn constantly striking out against the Mother of the boys she claims to love. Brandi is also one of the three people who were seriously harmed by Eddie’s & LeAnn’s cheating. So if your the side piece, why not back off & lay low? Jmho. If you want more info on the incidents between Brandi & LeAnn you can google it. The biggest public slam was the birthday, or anniversary cake she had made for Eddiot. On the top of the cake. a bed, under the sheets are 2 gummy figurines. of LeAnn & Eddiot. 2 tiers down are the boys. & she tweeted the pic & called it all the things Eddie loves.
      Come on now! That was some serious passive aggressive ish! Again jmho.

      • Norrth

        LOL, I can’t help liking them, but I will grab my tin foil hat! I don’t know all of Brandi’s history with them, but I do think she is no worse than Brandi, who also puts her sons in a position to have to horrible being around their father and stepmom, as well. Seeing Brandi at work all of these years, I don’t see any innocents in this matter, sadly for those boys.

        • Trippinhhard

          Thank you— I ‘ll have someone to post with. lol
          But I’m sure I will also be slamming certain things, but I think they are cute together. JMO

  • Awesome recap Carole B! You captured 30 minutes of these 2 loathsome souls miserable lives. God forbid something happens to Brandi, what would their relationship consist of? Who would they talk about?

  • Karma

    LeAnn is both stupid and delusional, she bashes Brandi with false claims, while doing exactly what she complains about. And she sets up/films an entire false scene in order to do it! That movie premiere was in the fall after day light savings time. It was dark outside when they left their home to travel to it! It wasn’t light outside. Sooo creepy!

    These two clowns are so obsessed with Brandi, it should be renamed The Brandi Glanville Show.

    Never mind that these two liars deserve each other but using kids’ words to bash their mother, is depraved! And even if those words are true, then clearly the kids know LeAnn/Eddies’s delicate psyche need to be constantly stroked. Being driven for years to try and float LeAnn’s “truth” she fails to realized the lapses in decency, logic, common sense, and even day light savings time that often reveal her lies or true intentions.

    And say goodbye to your career Eddie, there is nothing sexy about a beach bum, who claws back child support payments at the end of yet another jobless year. But know, this train wreck will put the final nail in that coffin. Who wants to hear a man whine and lie about his career prospects he has turned down while placing the blame on his kids? Ugh! Dude, you’re lazy, own it!

    Every other decent man out there wants to support their family, not you. You want to steal from your kids’ household in order to support your vaca lifestyle.

  • cutie pie

    the numbers are in..only 374k watched and only 252k in the desired 18-49 demo..it’s officially worse than a flop..as a matter of fact..the number in the desired demo falling short of 300 should get this cancelled…we’ll see.

    • Norrth

      YIKES. Maybe I am one of the few who liked them, LOL! I like that they have a platform to tell their story and get to refute some of the stuff said about them. How they got together was shameful, but the bitterness around them is bizarre to me when you think of how many high profile people are beloved after the same behavior – Donald Trump, Pitt and Jolie, Michael Douglas, etc I think these two have been vilified primarily because of Brandi – when she still had a fan base – and I think that’s a damned awful shame.

      • cutie pie

        they are being vilified because leann is an unstable psychotic who tried to drive brandi to suicide. it’s just a fluke that brandi was approached for a reality show and gained enough popularity to reveal what happened in her life. leann has been relentless for years..attacking viciously..

        people keep talking of and LR/BG fued…check out Brandi’s twitter feed…she never mentions leann…ever..and hasn’t in a couple of years..it’s always leann…this show backfired big time..the reviews…all of them…are scathing. one of the best was written by the Washington Post…they’re both just pathetic losers and leann financed this mess just to attack Brandi further…so she lost her shirt and the last vestiges of dignity all at the same time.

  • Trippinhhard

    I know my opinion is not what most thinks..
    I’m in an area on vacation, I don’t have TV at my home—but I hope it’s on demand, when I do go back home. I want to see for myself the LeAnn n Eddie duo
    I’ve always like LeAnn, she was one of the best young country singers around and her voice didn’t sound country, hence a new era of pop/country was born… Drama with parents, weight issues, marriage—shit I said why did she marry that wimp.. That’s my thoughts only n I know he was a good husband, but they never look like that hot young in love couple, who is also very wealthy. So I don’t care about what the media says about anyone, I stand in my own opinion. Brandi —lost Eddie long before LeAnn arrived—he was a known serial cheater n Brandi rep wasn’t so good. So if Angie Jolie can become a SAINT in most Americans eyes–for the slutty moves she made n never once apologized for her behavior or Brad ? But wow the are America sweetheart with a mixed race family–that’s actually beautiful. Don’t get it twisted she was just a common whorer with money and she’s drop dead beautiful. So in my little mind—I don’t care, but they all deserve a chance to be happy.., so I’m watching when I get home just to see fir myself. But LeAnn, don’t get on twitter or Facebook, with that passive/aggressive BS with her boys—that dead wrong—that’s what makes folks call your ass crazy—you can’t take another woman kids and try and portray anything with them or the world thru the media —BUT A STEPMOM—those boys have a mother, that they love, no other woman should ever try to change that.. Stay in YIUR STEPMO place.. That alone would stop all the talk and back and forth BS.. Don’t create nothing but harmony with those boys, and then, things will change. IMO

  • Dani-K

    Great recap Carole B! Whether you love to hate or hate to love, these two have found a way to remain (somewhat) relevant.

  • Smokin Grace

    I find it hilarious that Brandi, the stay at home Mom with no interest in fame when married, just raising her babies before she threw him out for his cheating is in effect keeping these two deeply weak sad vengeful people employed, particularly as they have done everything they can to destroy her, her life, her character and even her children with their total lack of morals, using the children the way they both do to hurt her. She was training as a realtor when given the chance to appear on RHOBH and has made lemonade out of lemons to support her children after being left homeless and penniless when her marriage ended. Yet they cling to her relevance in the hope of getting some of their own. I love life and it’s little ironies. Leann doth protest too much she is delusional and I can understand why Brandi goes bonkers occasionally having had to put up with years of their vicious hate. Leann you got the man, why obsess so much about his ex wife, Eddie get over being dumped by your ex-wife, treat the mother of your children with respect and stop using the children so cruelly in your stupid games.

    On numerous occasions Brandi has pointed out that her children adore LR and that they have a good father, she takes the higher ground constantly. LR has never reached out to B but has had her minions taunt her on a daily basis, her ex-husband is appalling, he has never got over his wife throwing him out so has made her life hell through sheer malice, one of these woman does take the higher ground and is given no credit for it.