RHOC News: Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson Welcomes New Baby Boy!

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 3:18pm by Nancy


Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson gave birth to her second child, a boy, today in Oklahoma.

Vicki shares that Briana’s son weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs. 8 oz. and that Briana’s family (her husband Ryan, mom Vicki, and Vicki’s mother) were all present to welcome her baby joy, who name is not as yet given, into the world.

Vicki describes her new grandson “spectacular,” to The Dish, adding:

“Being a Mother is one of life’s greatest joys. I never knew there was a love out there greater than the love I have for my own children. Being a Grandmother, now twice, teaches me that love is never ending and life is full of divine surprises. We are so grateful to all the fans for your love and support. This is a for real Woo Hoo moment.”

Briana and her husband Ryan Culberson are already parents to 22-month-old son Troy. 


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  • cait

    Another possession for Vicky to own and control ! Has Michael told her yet, where he’s living ?

    • I read this and burst out laughing. You are so funny. Hahahaha!

      No, Michael hasn’t told her yet where he lives. Those kids treat her like shit.

      • cait

        NO ! She has treated them badly, remember that stunt she pulled when Michael was at college, and flirting with his roommates ? YEUK ! And turning up at a first date Briana was having ! The woman’s cuckoo !

        • To me, her actions doesn’t seem that crazy. She’s also paid their way through everything and gives them the world, even as adults.

          • Birdie11

            Hey Suessie…want to take bets on when that ‘baby’ weight comes off?? LMAO!!

          • ROFLMAO!!! I’m trying to pay my rent this month chile. Briana’s fat ass is a lost cause.

          • RonnieIsBack

            And she had her thyroid removed..so that ship has sailed…there isn’t enough Synthoid in the world that will speed up that metabolsim…a damn shame…plus Vicks genes…she is doomed.

          • Marsbars09

            I must admit Vicky is very devoted to her children. She will give them everything they want and need.

          • I agree and they treat her so bad. Briana’s constantly doing the passive aggressive thing with her.

        • Birdie11

          Michael is a wretched, ungrateful brat. Any girl should see how he treats his mom as a GIANT red flag!!

          • I agree. Both Michael and Briana are ungrateful disrespectful loathsome brats. And don’t get me started on Briana’s FAT ugly cupcake eating ass. LOL! 🙂

          • Birdie11

            HAHAHAHA!!! I love you Suessie!!

          • Ahahahaha! We sooo bad. Love you more! 🙂

          • Marsbars09

            Hi Doc! I’ve never thought of Michael and Briana as disrespectful. Vicky is the one that would rack anybody’s nerves.

  • cait

    To change the subject, does anyone think that Brook is a cheaper, weaker, downmarket, girlie version of Donn ?

    • Marsbars09

      Brooks if the most trifling boyfriend/husband I’ve ever seen on the housewives franchise. Vicky must have really low self esteem to even be giving him the time of day.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Brooks is Vicki’s karma…

  • Marsbars09

    Congratulations to Briana!
    I hope Ryan has his temper under control for the sake of his new family.

    • I was thinking the same. I hope so.

  • Woohoo!! Congrats Briana and baby! 🙂

  • equinox2009

    Slow down Brianna. This man has for the whole world to see a major problem with anger and women. Be careful and don’t bring children into this man’s vicious world unless you are sure about him!

  • RonnieIsBack

    Something tells me Brianna’s husband is going to keep her knocked up…