Peter Thomas Confirms “Real House Husbands of Atlanta” Spinoff For the RHOA Househusbands

Posted on Jul 2 2014 - 3:07pm by Nancy


Peter Thomas finally got his peach and it’s well deserved! 

The star of  “The Real Housewives of Atlantaand househusband of Cynthia Bailey, worked his butt off this past season stirring the pot and creating a ton of drama! Peter seemed to be at the center of many conflicts between the wives and husbands. He definitely played the role of shady boots in season 6.

Most memorable drama are the explosive argument in Mexico with Gregg Leakes, where Nene Leakes called him a b*tch and the scene with Kordell Stewart discussing his divorce from Porsha Williams.

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Most RHOA fans are not surprised by this news since Bravo showcased the husbands only on a special called “The Real Husbands of Atlanta.” The show featured Gregg, Peter, Apollo and Todd. The episode was marketed as the men “keeping it real” on everything from who really wears the pants to who has the best sex life. “The Real Husbands of Atlanta” was a huge hit with viewers, scoring high in the ratings department, 2,128,000 households tuned in to watch.

The reality star confirmed the rumors of the Househusband spin-off with Madamenoire on the red carpet of the Debra Lee’s pre-dinner for the BET Awards

Peter confirmed the working title for the show is “Real House Husbands of Atlanta,” and the network wants to film a few episodes at the end of the year. 


The Bar One owner also confirmed:

  • He speaks to Apollo every week and Apollo is doing well for someone getting ready to go to jail.
  • He’s opening a Bar One location in Charlotte, NC and a bigger Bar One venue in Atlanta.


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  • SAMRA1116

    What are they going to do?? Film at the strip club. LMAO

    • twifan2

      That’s the only way he’ll get an audience!
      & ppl into his clubs-camera time. 😀

      • SAMRA1116

        I won’t be watching, I’m about sick of ATL and BH

    • Hey Samra! 🙂

      • SAMRA1116

        Peter is on a high now—he’ll be getting his own check, maybe Cynthia can save some money. The thing I still like about Cynthia, she never ever talk labels, etc. but girl grow a backbone and stop kissing ass. JS

  • WestCoastFeed

    Congratulations to Peter. Is he going to have rules at his new bars about how long anyone can stay at a table?

    • twifan2

      WCF, which story was taken down over at ‘the other place’?

  • nan/4

    Another Bravo show that I will not be watching. To be honest, I’m sure that it’s a very nice city, and from seeing it over and over again I feel like I’ve been there, but please Bravo….Atlanta again? If other forms of life came to this planet from another galaxy and a TV happened to tuned in to Bravo, they would think that they landed on a planet called “Atlanta!” There are COUNTLESS cities all over this great nation of ours that I would LOVE to see showcased. Bravo, ENOUGH WITH ATLANTA ALREADY!!!!!!!! (just sayin’) lol

    Hope everyone is well! 😉

    • Hi Nan! 🙂 I’m well, thank you. Hope you are too.

      • nan/4

        Hiya Doc. I’m doing fine, thanks!

        Take care! 🙂

  • Congrats Peter! You more than earned it with all the mess you caused this season.

    • Soncie22

      True, true..which is why I don’t get why Andy didn’t just give Peter a peach instead of a show!

  • Marsbars09

    Regarding Peter prospering in his businesses: I’ll believe it when I see it. Peter has proven himself to be a terrible businessman always borrowing money from his wife to bail him out of financial situations.
    I will not be watching the husbands as I’m not interested in the daily lives of emasculated men. I’m almost done watching the housewives franchise period.

    • Tre’s Felon Forehead

      Well I’m giving him the benefit. As a former business owner I can attest that the first five years are financially difficult. We too had to borrow money until we became established and work the kinks out. 17 years later sold the biz for a cool mil. I see Peter as a good businessman.

      • Marsbars09

        Uh TFF, Peter is no spring chicken to the restaurant business. He’s been in the business for a LONG time and I find it odd he still hasn’t figured out a way to be fiscally responsible.

  • Raine Woman

    No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

  • Norrth

    I wonder if that means Kordell comes back as a former husband, to film with Peter, and I hope Brandon can replace Apollo – sweet irony!

  • italiano bambino

    Got the title:

    Bar none owns the staff

  • Bonita Gee

    Soooo We know Apollo Nida not gonna be on this show. His BIG DAY is coming up! Sentencing day on the 18th
    But I supposed Joe Guidice’s sentencing day is postponed.

  • Tre’s Felon Forehead

    I’m happy to see this. Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m so sick & tired of all the bitchy, drunk, mentally challenged women from all of the Real Housewives franchises. I figured this would happen after the high ratings they got.

  • Soncie22

    One word for this–Yawn!

  • JustLetrice

    I actually think this will be interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing it.