[Photos] Out & About: Kenya, Cynthia and Marlo; Is Marlo Hampton Joining The Cast of RHOA?

Posted on Jun 22 2014 - 4:02pm by Editor

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Is Marlo Hampton joining the cast of RHOA?

Guess who was spotted hanging together at the movie premier of “Think Like a Man Too” this weekend in New York? 

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None other than our three favorite Bravolebrities….Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Marlo HamptonMarlo posted the photo along with the caption “The hottest threesome ever @thekenyamoore@cynthiabailey10 #nyc” on her Instagram:

marlohampton on Instagram.clipular

Could this photo be an indication of a brewing three-way friendship between, Kenya, Cynthia and Marlo in season 7? Dear Lord, I hope so. We already love Kenya Moore and the addition of Marlo Hampton would complete the cast.

Ms. Hampton does it for the Gawd’s hunty! The fabulous and stylist Marlo would make the perfect addition to the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her bold, gutsy and spirited personality is what the show needs. And Ms. Marlo is not afraid to stand up to resident mean girl Nene Leakes.

I’m sure Nene is not happy about this three-way alliance  friendship and photo!

Do you want Marlo Hampton to join the cast of  the RHOA Season 7? Take the poll.


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  • WestCoastFeed

    And Kenya Moore also tweeted the pic and she included the hashtag #anewspinoff

    That would be fun, too.

  • WestCoastFeed

    And how about this tweet from Kenya, hashtagged, #myspinoff cast


    • Ahahaha! I love it. Nene’s eyes are rolling in the back of her head.

      • WestCoastFeed

        In the meantime there’s a tweet from NeNe being fitted for her Zumanity gig with a hashtag about working while others are playing. You think maybe NeNe saw what these 3 had been tweeting?

        • OMG! That’s a direct shot at the 3 ladies. Why is Nene is damn insecure? If she was truly “working” how would she know the others were playing? Have a seat moose!

          • WestCoastFeed

            Isn’t Atlanta due to begin filming soon? Maybe after NeNe’s Las Vegas gig is over? Let’s see what her temperament is like then. Right now she is just the same obnoxious NeNe.

          • Filming is suppose to start soon and I’m hearing there may be some surprises to the cast for season 7. Nene will never change. She can’t help herself.

          • Marsbars09

            True dat! Moose is probably jealous because she has to work any gig to keep food on the table.

          • RonnieIsBack

            Besides we know the Butler isn’t working…

        • RonnieIsBack

          Nene is so jealous and just hates it that others are having fun..meanwhile while Kenya was working on apprentice the Moose was posting pictures of herself shopping. #ContradictoryHeifa! Pick a Lane.

    • RonnieIsBack

      I hope it is true!!!!

    • twifan2

      Tre just couldn’t wait to ‘continue’ her business! smdh!
      Teresa Giudice @_Fabellini_
      Due to an unfortunate death in my family we will reschedule #EuroLounge #vb3 & #ParkAveBar&Grill I apologize & hope to see you all soon xo

  • SpringBreeze14

    I love it! I hope they do become allies… They are the best looking ones on the show minus the felon Apollo Lol. I wonder what they talked about while together…can’t wait to see their July 7th tweets! That’s when that criminal goes away.

    By the way what did y’all think about Jeremy Meeks?

    • There’s a post on Jeremy Meeks on the site..go take a look. I would love your perspective.

      • SpringBreeze14

        Cool on my way!

    • RonnieIsBack

      He is foxy but his azz is living foul….and he looks way better than Apollo’s dumb azz…

  • SpringBreeze14

    It would also be funny if both Kenya and Marlo got pregnant at the same time! You talking about some jealous hoes!

    • Hahahaha!!!! You so funny! Happy Sunday.

      • SpringBreeze14

        Lol! Thanks hun and you too! Can you imagine them both having a joint baby shower?

        • Moose would choke! Hahahaha!!!!!!!

  • JustLetrice

    Marlo brings the right amount of crazy and fabulousness that we LIVE for chile! Bravo is sleeping on Ms. Hampton hunny!

    • SpringBreeze14

      Well look who we have here, Miss Shady Boots! Lol!

    • Hey Letrice! Say that, chile!

    • Marsbars09

      And Bravo needs to keep sleeping on that crazy, violent heifer.

  • Marsbars09

    Cynthia is so spineless and wimpy I can’t stand her. She better be careful hanging out with Kray and Manlo. If she thought Moose was difficult and exasperating she’s got another thing coming “befriending” Kray and Manlo.

    • SAMRA1116

      Yes Cynthia is spineless and shady. Marlo was brought on the show to start shit with Nene.. Fhedra and Kandi was so friendly to her, until Nene just ignored the bait, about the broke football player. They became friends, still didn’t like Marlo. She dresses fabulous and has a very nice home, that’s paid for. She can be funny, but I’m sure there are other women dying to be on a hit show..
      This new season will be epic. IMO

  • RonnieIsBack

    Yasss hunty bring her on!!!!!