Married to Medicine Recap: Quad Gets Slapped With A Reality Check [Episode 10]

Posted on Jun 9 2014 - 11:24am by Nancy


Tonight’s episode starts with Heavenly and her daughter discussing Lisa Nicole’s princess party from the night before. Little Ms. Thang checks her messy mama for causing a ruckus at the kids party! Heavenly thinks her daughter is wise beyond her years and so do I. Hellish Heavenly is determined to fight with Mariah this season and going up against the queen is a bad move.  Kind of like Jill Zarin deciding to start a fight with Bethany

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Dr’s Simone and Jackie meet. Simone is planning a date night for her and Cecil. Due to Simone’s constant “charting” things have been off the charts in the intimacy department and need some spicing up. Jackie agrees to babysit Simone’s two boys for the couple’s special night.

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Quad is presenting her doggie couture line to her investors. She is talking a mile a minute while looking very unprofessional. And she wonders why the investors seem unmoved by her ridiculous ostrich feather presentation. Quad wants her doggie couture line sold in Neiman Marcus. Ha, good luck with that one! To introduce her line, she tells the investors she wants to hold a doggie fashion show. Then she informs the gentlemen, she would like them to fund the show, to the tune of $30,000. The investors entertain her bullcrap and offer $25,000 but Quad won’t bargain, she wants the $30k or nothing. Now, I love dogs but spending $30,000 on a dog fashion show when there are poor people struggling to make ends meet is unconscionable.  Somebody needs a reality check STAT!

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Across town, Toya and her hubby Eugene get some really unfortunate news about the house they’re trying to buy.  The contract on the house is coming close to the deadline and the owners want an additional $10,000 to extend the contract or they will lose their $50,000 deposit. This issue is not new. Apparently, the bank is holding up the process. Toya and Eugene meet with an attorney in hopes of finding a loophole in the contract that will save their $50k down payment.  At lunch, the lawyer informs them, if they don’t produce the extra $10k, they will indeed lose their $50k down payment. Toya is shaken by the news and becomes emotional. Eugene on the other hand, handles the situation in class and continues to eat his lunch. Tacky Toya is so upset she can’t eat and tells their waiter “We just lost $50,000!”  As if the waiter cares. I knew they called her Tacky Toya for good reason.

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Lisa Nicole is planning a fashion show for her upcoming clothing  launch. She enlist the help of Cynthia Bailey from the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Initially, the models are a let down as they see model after model who just don’t make the cut. Then finally they find some models to represent the Lisa Nicole Collection. Sounds like another She by Sheree situation jumping off.


Toya is still reeling from the loss of the $50,000 as she drives her boys to school. After she drops the kiddos off, she calls Eugene to tell him that another mom has to move because her NBA hubby got traded to another team. She says it’s a rent-to-own property but has no idea what rent-to-own means. Toya immediately thinks, I want their house and does a drive by. Toya falls in love immediately, even though she hasn’t seen the inside of the house. No surprise there! TT thinks she found the solution to their home problem but another house doesn’t change the issue with their loan. Perhaps, if Toya got a damn job to show a two income family model to the bank, they wouldn’t have such a hard time trailing the money. Toya is so delusional and will send Eugene to the poor house very soon.

married-to-medicine-season-1-house-tour-toya-01This is Toya’s current house that’s not good enough

Next, Quad and her hubby, Gregory argue over her treating her dogs like humans, specifically like her kids. I’ve never seen the mild mannered Dr. Gregory raise his voice before and to see him this upset leads me to believe he’s been harboring resentment.  Gregory explodes on Quad, letting her know that most people don’t have the time to buy their dogs frou-frou outfits, because they are too busy making a living, or making ends meet. He tries to bring her back to reality and remind her where she came from. Gregory is pissed that Quad has changed. In response, Quad has the audacity to question his charitable work in the community. Quad is noticeably embarrassed and tries to save face by showing him her doggie pitch. Gregory is not impressed and takes a jab at Reco Chappelle’s career for creating the line. Go Gregory! Quad is acting BRAND NEW!!! She forgot where she came from. Quad has decided not to give her husband babies and replaced babies with her puppies. That’s wrong!

Married to medicine

On to Simone and Cecil’s date night. Cecil arrives at the golf course for his date with Simone. Jackie takes the boys and leave the couple alone to enjoy their night. Jackie gets them home and struggles to keep them entertained and fed. The boys are hungry and Jackie doesn’t keep her house stocked with food. Dr. J is overwhelmed and can’t wait for the parents to come get their kids and they better hurry because Jackie is thinking of giving them Benadryl. Lol!

Simone asks Cecil what can she do to get their romance back on par. Cecil tells her that while he understands her need to chart, she needs to stop bringing the work home everyday. Men are not difficult creatures. Time and attention! He said he doesn’t need all that extra stuff. Simone agrees and commits to making the changes. Simone is truly focused on getting her marriage back on track!


Noticeably missing from this episode was Mariah and her family. They were shown for a hot second then poof, disappeared for the remainder of the episode. Nevertheless, she looked gorg and she’s still the queen bee!

Married to Med


Stay tuned for next week’s episode as the group’s long awaited couples retreat approaches, Simone encourages Mariah to make a surprise visit. The couples arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, eager for a break from the constant drama of Atlanta’s medical circle. Gregory makes a controversial statement that upsets several of the wives, and a conversation about adultery leads to a shocking revelation about Darren and Lisa’s relationship.


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  • Lorn

    Quads investors must not care about getting their money back. The fact they are funding a fashion show for this amount in the hope of Quad getting into Neiman Marcus is a bad move. Quad should have her LLC and trademark and be hustling like most entepreneurs by setting up meetings to speak to the head. She should work on a good pitch that would go over better than a fashion show. I don’t see the vision and think she is wasting other people’s money.

    This episode was better to me without Mariah and her antics. I find her exhausting and over the top more so than Quad. Plus her family is insane!

    I still can’t stand Heavenly and find her to be overbearing and annoying. She’s always talking down to others and telling them how they should live their lives. I feel really bad for her daughter. To have such an overzealous mother, who is so far up her husbands behind she can’t think straight is deplorable. I wonder what she will do when she finds out her husband is cheating or he one day up and leaves her for someone else? I hope her daughter breaks away from her mothers controlling and emotional abusive ways and carves out her own path. She seems like such an articulate and bright young girl.

    Even though I find Simone annoying, I did like the date night she set up for her husband. Getting the kids involved was sweet. I hope she gets her mojo back and finds a balance between work and her personal life. I will say, Jackie really should have prepared better for Simone’s kids. She knew they were coming over and had no food in the house. If anything, order a pizza! I hope Jackie just lets go of the kid thing its very obvious she is disengaged from anyone under 18.

    • Chloe

      I agree. I love my fur-babies but my love starts with my family first, not pets. Quad’s selfish behavior will trickle down to any future children and anyone else who crosses her path. Especially while she is in this negative state of mind…it’s all about Quad and trying to be relevant and getting what she wants along the way with no care in the world about meeting her husband’s needs as well!

    • Well said! I honestly think Quad’s investors are actors for the show. I don’t believe they are real or have any plans to do anything with Quad’s ridiculous doggie couture line.

      I loathe Heavenly. I can’t believe I use to like that woman, she turned out to be just as catty as the bunch.

      • Lorn

        Heavenly is so…well no one is building any stairways to meet her. It makes me wonder why she even bothered to waste her time to become a dentist. I hope her kids escape with their sanity. Most people today do not think like her.

        • She certainly is a special case ain’t she.

      • SAMRA1116

        The AA investor looks like a guy from millionaire matchmaker. Just saying

        • Chloe

          I thought the same thing.

        • Oh Dang!!! FA REAL?

    • RonnieIsBack

      It will be a charitable tax write you never know…Bravo may have insured their chit…they were not worried…

      jackie was going to order pizza for the boys and her husband…I guarantee

  • Chloe

    After watching last night episode it is clear that Quad only cares about herself. She was knew she did not want to have kids with her hubby but strung him along regardless. It’s clear she’s using her husband to further her goals and once she’s done achieving those goals she’ll be done with Gregory. I hope he divorces her after watching the episode where she asking Simone about undetectable birth control. That’s fraud and grounds for divorce.

    • Lorn

      Good point! I think maybe that’s why in the next episode Gregory is speaking about adultery. I think he is frustrated and recognizes Quad for what she is. I think it is wrong for Quad to have strung him along if she didn’t have the same vision for their future like Greg. She should just be honest.

      • Chloe

        I agree 100%, I think Quad will do anything, use anybody to become successful…even when she speaks about her husband it’s with thinly veiled contempt. Also, she’s become such a caricature ( or maybe “cartoon character is a better term for her) that it’s impossible for me to take anything she’s says seriously.Hopefully she’ll crash & burn quickly because she’s ruined this show for me.

        • Lorn

          Exactly! She was so over the top with those investors. “I need $30,000!” No negotiation was possible. Give me a break! I wouldn’t even have wasted my time with her and that buffoonery.

          • SAMRA1116

            I just said the same thing on the other thread. Quad is really strutting like a rooster, anyone in the real business world, would take that 25K and thank them. It’s jot the time to be a bitch, um they could say, u can get it on the back end of the deal. She says she was the top pharmaceutical salesperson in her region. Dr Greg put the old time beat down on her, WORDS.. LOL

          • Lorn

            She had stank face for days when they were sneering at her clothing line. She needs to consult the humane society to find out if her fabric is even safe for dogs to wear. They looked ridiculous and even Rico was questioning why he did it.

            Greg rightfully put her in her place because he now recognizes he got played. I think that is why in the next episode he is talking about how hard it is to stay faithful. He recognizes this marriage is on the outs and she really wants nothing but his money.

          • SAMRA1116

            I didn’t hear that part. Ummmm that’s interesting —- Quad doesn’t act like she’s in love and a newlywed. IMO

          • Lorn

            Yeah, its for this sundays upcoming episode when they go on that couples retreat. I don’t agree with what he said but he is being honest. I agree about Quad not acting like a newlywed, neither do I think she is in-love. I think Greg cares more for her than she does for him. Frankly, they act like roommates.

          • SAMRA1116

            They do—we couldn’t keep our hands to our self. LOL
            they act like they been married foe decades. Damn pay Greg some attention, men like attention. It doesn’t sound like her lingerie and snatched body is not working.

          • RonnieIsBack

            Yup she married his azz quick because Mariah told her she was puttin gon a show about Dr. wives..

          • RonnieIsBack

            Exactly…serioulsy how much do sliders and tequila cost anyway? You know this bish is not going to have a sell-out crowd or upscale food for the doggie show…hell Purina dogchow is cheap at Costco to feed the pups between walks… will be the same thirsty peeps coming for free chit. At possibly 100 people, she will not spend more than $5000 on food and drinks. It doesn’t cost $20,000 to rent on of their clubs or hotel conference rooms for 4 hours..she is crazy…She is trying to pad her pockets and give BeaverReco some money ta boot.. How much material will he actually use for canine creations anyway? I call bullchit! I think the investors know it too.

          • SAMRA1116

            All I can say is Quad is really more in love with her dog, than Greg.
            He won’t be getting that baby no time soon. Unless she’s pregnant now.

          • Chloe

            Exactly! Did you see how Quad talks about how She brought underprivileged kids hundreds of dollars in school supplies? Shouldn’t she have said she and her husband did this? Aren’t they a unit.

            Then she had to gall to ask what was he doing for the poor. The man is a psychiatrist, he helps people each and every day. Quad has little to no respect for him.

          • RonnieIsBack

            She is horrible…We all do that every year…She is full of chit.

          • RonnieIsBack

            I would not have given her $30.

          • Lorn

            $30.00 is a lot for clown costumes.

  • Great recap Nancy!

    Quad really needs to think about her hubby’s perspective and frustrations. I’m confident Quad knew before they got married he wanted children. She wanted to be married to so badly she lied lied to him about wanting kids. A marriage with a foundation based on lies will never survive. It’s obvious, Gregory was used as Quad’s stepping stone, just like she used Mariah. Gregory READ Quad for filth and I couldn’t stop rooting him on from behind my TV screen. She deserved every bit of the embarrassment Gregory gave her. Quad is only in it for the fame, opportunity and money. Period!

    Lisa Nicole is boring and irks me. She’s low-key messy…very sly and full of it.

    Dr. Heavy is annoying and needs to stop running her mouth about Mariah. It’s sad all these women use Mariah to get on the show then turn against her.

    Simone and her hubby seem like a healthy couple, I hope they can work out their issues and get back on track.

    Tacky Toya…LMAO!!! How embarrassing is her situation. She will be in the poor house soon. Her eyes are bigger than Eugene’s wallets. I hope Eugene wisens up and put the brakes on his runaway train of a wife. Toya is a trainwreck waiting to happen!

    • Lorn

      I forgot about Lisa and Toya, lol. Toya is going to run her husband into the poor-house. The basket-ball players house she was looking at looks way above their income bracket. She keeps spending money and does nothing for herself. She needs to get a job. I see nothing wrong with the house she lives in for the size family she has. Also, her announcing to the waiter she lost money was tacky. It is no one’s business and nobody is trying to hear all that at a restaurant.

      Lisa is really boring. I also find her fashions to be ugly. How is Dwight her business partner?

      • Exactly. Dwight just latches onto whomever has a tv show. He’s done the same to Nene, Phaedra and now Lisa Nicole. All shady women, might I add. LOL!

        • RonnieIsBack

          Reco is trying to do the same thing. Messy queens they are…

          • Atlanta must breed messy queens from FD to Reco!

    • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

      That sure was a great recap! Straight ahead and on point!
      Nancy, that was well written and concise along with your good descriptive opinion!

      • I agree, Nancy did a great job!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Boring Lisa Nicole is verrrrry messy….I cannot stand her smug azz…nobody wearing her chit…another Lisa Wu…with money.

  • Bonita Gee

    Mariah didn’t get shown much because it’s the ‘quiet before the storm’ with her . I think she is one more encounter away with Quad or Heavenly before everything BLOWS up!
    Dr. Jackie wants kids but she feeds these hungry kids pickles and popcorn?? Really?
    Poor, poor, Simone and Cecil, she’s between a rock and a hard spot with her husband. He simply just wants more TIME with her……. no sex toys or lingerie.
    Eventually Quad’s husband will stray, have an affair, and his side chick will have his baby, while Quad is still playing with her puppies……. idiot.

    • Mariah has been “grace under fire” for so long, I really hope she doesn’t lose her cool with the mean girls.

    • RonnieIsBack

      I think so too…they said on twitter that they are already filming the reunion…

  • RonnieIsBack

    Here is my thing…Why the hell is TOYA SO DAMN DUMB!!!!

    • And sadly a college graduate. Did you read her blog? The bish has the nerve to go after Simone and dance around the mortgage issue, blaming it all on Eugene and her reality. Bish Please!

      • RonnieIsBack

        Yes she is just redic…Either her man is really on the down low or he wanted a bimbo…eitherway, she fits the bill, but she if she keeps spending like she does they will need a Bridge Card.

    • VirgoLady (say_no_go)

      she must be a long lost relative of Porsha

  • RonnieIsBack

    I love the dynamic between Simone and her hubby. She and Jackie are true friends…Her kids are too funny..#Benadryl LOLOLOL…he is snarky but not disrespectful…a HUGE difference than Dr. Devilish child…toogrown for my taste…

  • RonnieIsBack

    I would not be surprised if Quad is on birthcontrol.

    • Ronnie…you know she is. That bitch is too self-centered (with her ugly ass) to have a baby. She does not love Gregory. She only married him for status.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Exactly Dome Checka isn’t fooling nobody. Fakeazz

        • Brenda Sullivan

          And y’all know she’s been under the knife cuz she looked worse than she does now. She needs to ask for a refund.

    • Brenda Sullivan

      Ain’t that the truth. She knows damn well she would not be where she is without her husband’s support.

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  • Brenda Sullivan

    Quad has the nerve to act bougie as though she has class and we all know the closest she’s been to class was when she was in class.
    If I understand the reason Lisa initiated the background check was because Quad solicited her as an investor. If that’s true then Quad was wrong for taking offense.