The Real Housewives of New York On The Verge of Cancellation

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Is “The Real Housewives of New York” on the Bravo chopping block? 

Despite recent fireworks on the RHONY the reality show is in danger of being axed by the network because of dismal ratings.

The current Housewives are Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill,Aviva Drescher, and Heather Thomson. Season 6 returned to the airwaves in March 2014 after a two year hiatus, making it the longest break between seasons in the history of the Housewives franchise. And although major drama has gone down this season, #bookgate, Aviva’s dad vulgar displays and his 25 year old fiancee, Ramona getting Ramonational, Sonja going broke and her drunken stupors, the group has failed to connect with viewers. 

According to a June 6 report by The Hollywood Gossip, “The Real Housewives of New York City” is on the verge of cancellation. Most are not surprised by the news.

Since last Tuesday’s episode aired, Twitter has been buzzing with hashtags of George Teichner’s vulgar sex talk and his proposal to his 25 year old African American girlfriend. Some fans suspect the proposal, along with the ostentatious and crass sex talk, were all done to “spice” up the show to boost ratings.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- George Proposes, Milou Passes On.clipular (5)

The most recent episode only drew 1.1 million viewers which is an all time low for the series. And if you think that’s bad, it gets worse, just over 500,000 viewers in the all-important 18-49 demographic tuned in.

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Reportedly, the declining viewership has the network sweating bullets. Bravo is faced with a tough decision, pull the plug or conduct a major cast shake up. Hopefully the franchise can be saved with a major cast shake up. 

Would you watch another season of RHONY if Bravo brought in a brand new cast of ladies? Take the poll.


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  • Birdie11

    I would probably watch NY no matter what…although George makes me nauseous. I like the visual aspect of the show. The city, the clothes, the homes…and much less botox, fake boobs, and junior department clothes on 45 year olds. The overall look is refreshing and fun.

    • distressed

      Did you see the Ladies of London premier? That’s what the NY franchise was when it started out and I loved it. That’s what NY should be.

      Bravo is the one that didn’t maintain it. As late as last season, the St. Barts Trip, they were invested in the show. Now they’re doing Berkshires, Saratoga and Montana. Camping in Montana? On this show? No. Creepy George? No.

      • Birdie11

        I did…visually great! Montana? That’s just wrong!!

  • italiano bambino

    They NEED woman with Real $$$$ no half asses. sonja is a mess broke too. They need to recast asap

  • Tre’s Felon Forehead

    I voted keep Heather, Carole and bring back Luann full-time. Ramona is becoming a senile & mean drunk; Sonja is losing her mind right before our eyes. Aviva and her Dad are creepy and weird. This whole season has been a complete clusterf*ck of crap. It’s no fun watching drunk, rude, stupid, mean people.

  • Marsbars09

    I’m not sure if RHNY went downhill after Bethenny or Jill left. All I know is RHNY was at it’s peak with the dynamic of Bethenny, Jill, and Ramona. That is chemistry Bravo should have never dissolved.

  • Grim_Chickn

    george has to go.. the last two episodes were revolting and made my skin want to crawl off. sexual assault and harassment are not entertaining.. the back lash andy is getting on twitter indicates georges 15 minutes are about up though.

    would also dump aviva and maybe ramona..ramona is sad and sloppy now..understand her hard times but it is just cringy watching her now.

    keep the rest.

    • Marsbars09

      Agreed. The show is not entertaining anymore. Bravo should scrap it altogether.

      • RonnieIsBack

        they should scrap a lot of the HWs chit..I believe folks have moved on…

    • Tre’s Felon Forehead

      Agree. Ramona is showing her jealousy of Kristen. I think K’s youth & beauty is a reminder that her husband stepped out on her with a younger woman.

  • LoLo

    I only like Carole, Heather & LuAnn. But are they interesting enough to keep? Or maybe I just like them compared to Sonja & Ramona. Ramona really needs to go.

  • distressed

    I don’t disagree that the franchise is in freefall but for Bravo to claim that “the group has failed to connect with viewers” is complete and utter BS. Bravo is blaming the women on this show when it’s their own choices that have seriously damaged the franchise.

    They’re the ones that made the delay of two years between seasons happen then they get upset when viewers move on and the premier episode tanks. Anyone could have told you that would happen.

    And Bravo and its producers at Shed Media US and Ricochet Productions are the ones that decided to feature rapey George for a second season in Aviva’s storyline. Big mistake. In advance of last week’s show where the race card, the assault card and the necrophilia card was played, Andy Cohen tweeted that the show was “hilarious.” Okay, that’s the mentality that is producing this show.

    And in this week’s show, the drama will center around George having a threesome with Dana Cody and a pageant queen, possibly Miss USA, possibly Nana Meriweather. And they bring back Kelly Bensimon. Wow. Inspired choices. Why don’t you go ahead and give yourselves a big fat raise, guys.

    It’s Bravo’s fault and not the women’s fault, not even Aviva, the producers have been encouraging the creepy, molesterey George in her storyline the entire two seasons.

    • Lisa

      ITA with everything you said here. It’s totally Bravo’s fault and bringing nasty George in for these creepy scenes is just wrong on all levels. Hilarious is not the word I’d describe this season at all. Gross with a capital G is more like it.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Unfortunately they already did a cast rehaul/shakup..regardless of what folks think of Jill, they shoudl have kept her. She really gives Ramona a run for her money…If they had Jill, Lu, Ramona and Son, then they wouldn’t need crybaby Kristen and Adiva..Keep Heather and Carole.

    • Birdie11

      My thoughts exactly!!!

  • Lisa

    I see the audience has spoken! Time to move on. This George character is so incredibly gross I cannot even watch the show…at all. OMG. He’s truly off the rails and over the top but in such a nasty and vile manner. Goodbye, RHONY Good luck to ya all. Has WWHL gotten canceled? I haven’t seen it for a while.

  • Chi Gal

    Tonight’s show (6-10-14) was the lowest form. This show has jumped the shark LONG AGO! I hope that this former Miss USA sues the HELL out of Bravo and Andy for serious defamation of character. Since Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe franchise, maybe she can get some help from his high powered lawyers. Sonja is a mess and should be fired…she thinks she is being funny and sexy? She just looks old and desperate. Ramona is such a beyotch and pot-stirrer. Does she realize what she has done to her reputation? All those “society” invites are sure to disappear asap!