Married to Medicine Sneak Peek: ‘Dogs Aren’t People to Quad’s Husband’ [Episode 10]

Posted on Jun 8 2014 - 4:00am by SouthTampaLily

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Simone enlists Jackie’s help in a scheme to resuscitate her flatlining love life. While Simone springs a romantic surprise on Cecil, Jackie’s babysitting skills are pushed to the limit when Simone’s kids wreak havoc on the house . Meanwhile, Quad’s business venture leads to a heated argument with her husband that threatens their relationship. Toya and Eugene encounter an unexpected financial problem.


Gregory thinks Quad’s self-indulgent treatment of her dogs, Khloe and Korie are disrespectful to people who are struggling to make ends meet.


When Lisa Nicole enlists Cynthia Bailey to help scout models, she’s not loving the walks the options have.


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  • SAMRA1116

    Good for him, he’s tired of her faking wealth. Calm Quad down she thinks she’s a movie star.

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ✿❀❁

    Gregory thinks Quad’s self-indulgent treatment of her dogs is disrespectful to people who are struggling.
    HEY Teresa! You see this guy gets it & he’s not a convicted felon awaiting sentencing & he gets it!!! FFS!

  • Chloe

    Finally someone is putting Quad in check. She didn’t grow up like that, she needs to stop acting like she forgot where you came from. GO GREGORY!

  • Bonita Gee

    Dam SHE got READ to the CORE………… but her husband is right. and I LOVE dogs……..

  • RonnieIsBack

    I hope Quad’s huzzzzaband knocks her to the ground of earth where real people dwell…finally.

  • RealitySuxx

    Just to watch Twitter go bonkers and tear her to shreds …. I am going to watch M2M tonight, to see hubby go IN her again. LMAO

    • LOLOL!! You know it’s going to on and poppin tonight on Twitter. I can’t wait. Quad has turned into a complete fool and her hubby’s rant reaches far DEEPER than those dogs. Gregory sees that she’s changed into a complete clown and you can see the embarrassment on her face as he reads her.

      • Primrose

        I can picture what people from Quad’s hometown say about her and her embarrassing foolishness. She is also an embarrassment to her husband. It is okay if she wants to have her puppy couture line but dogs are dogs and it is silly to think that if they had a say they would consider it a compliment to be called human beings.

        • LOL—This is so true! Those poor pups probably think to themselves…..why does she keep treating us like humans…so inhumane!

      I pick #Minnesota or North Dakota ..

  • Norrth

    Ah… just hearing him rip on Reco Chappelle’s designs was worth it. LOVELY.

    • All About The Tea

      You could see the embarrassment on Quad’s face.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Agreed…Reco’s tacky azz stretch dresses LOL…in my Mariah voice…

      • Lorn

        I really want to know why the Humane society hasn’t been called in on this. Is the fabric they make those outfits out of even safe for dogs?

        Quad is really on another planet!

        • RonnieIsBack

          Agreed…she has no clue and she really believe folks just want to give her their money..I loved it how the men were like we will give you half and if you do not show us what you got, we are pulling out…I was surprised that she didn’t have any of the dogs model her garments, at first…and you can see they are not interesting in all that blingy chit…I think it will be quite irritating to dogs too.

  • Lorn

    I can see where Quad’s husband is coming from and I also respect the love Quad has for her dogs. I do think Quad spends far too much time treating her dogs like actual children to the point of being odd.

    I didn’t agree with how he phrased his dissatisfaction of her business. You can tell he has no interest or respect for it. I do not think it has anything to do with her being independent, but more to do with how he views her relationship with her dogs. I personally find nothing propitiatory about her business model but respect her hustle in trying to be an independent entity outside her husband. You can see the investors don’t really look that interested in her garments either. If she had developed specific textiles that were scientifically advanced (odor eliminating fabric,etc.), patented it, and then designed garments from it, any investor would be more interested. This is a niche market that so many are in it is going to be hard to carve out a space among the many different dog couture options.

    One thing I did agree with her husband about was Quads attitude. She is incredibly over dramatic and unrealistic with how she conducts herself. Even in the meeting with her investors, everything seemed so rehearsed down to her confidence. I know of no one worth their salt who acts and demands when they’re seeking investments. She’s inauthentic and seems to live in a world of manufactured personalities that display themselves at different occasions. Lisa Vanderpump you’re not, Quad!

    • Primrose

      I agree!

    • SAMRA1116

      Lisa has class n would NEVER carry herself the way Quad does.
      She’s just too extra this season

      • Lorn

        Definitely! I couldn’t get over how she was demanding the $30,000 dollars and wasn’t willing to negotiate. I’m in the process of working on a tech company around an actual invention I have and will be seeking investments. Most of the people I know who are investors wouldn’t have bothered. These two investors must be actors or just willing to dump money on anything without fear of getting their money back. I applaud her but I do not see her business taking off like she thinks it will.

        • SAMRA1116

          I know negotiation is the name of any transaction, but this arrogant woman, did not want to back down. She still received less and will need their approval n input on the success of the show 25K I would haven taken n made it work..they throw away food, they don’t eat.

          • Lorn

            What Quad needs to do is start knocking on doors with what she has. Get some orders from big box retailers, fulfill the orders and see how well they sell. If she can’t fulfill her purchasing orders I can understand going to investors to meet demand. Most investors also want some form of equity in your company. Neither of these investors seem to ask for that, which was odd.

    • AGREED!!

      • Lorn

        Thanks doc! I’ll check it out.

  • Primrose

    Quad is delusional. Does she think if the dogs could process what she was saying they would appreciate her saying calling a dog a dog is a negative thing? People like Quad make such fools of themselves being extra to be on tv.