Real Housewives of New York Recap: “My Father Swears Sonja Backed Into His Hard On” [Episode 13]

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Lady Sonja opens the show serving lunch in her fabulous garden; her guests are Cody and Aviva.  It turns out that Cody is a mogul, owning one of the most successful nail salon chains in Miami. Who knew?  Sonja gets a free manicure while she and Aviva pump Cody for information. Cody breaks out the Swarovski Crystals leading Sonja to say one of the most unfortunate things I’ve heard her say in years. She comments that with those crystals, her neighbors will think she has a dealer in her yard. Dear Goodness. Cody looks flummoxed but they move on.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (1)

Sonja and Aviva want to know if George is all talk or if they have an active sex life. Aviva does not want specifics. Sonja wants all the dirt.  Are toys being used? (Yes, replies Cody.  I just lost 40 pounds tossing up everything I have eaten in the last 3 years) If Cody has not been cast in the role of George’s fiancée, I have stopped believing in everything including Christmas. She is FAR too normal to marry that man. Aviva lets Cody know that she does not expect an inheritance – to which Cody tells her she is not with George for money, she’s already comfortable.  She’s already agreed with George to not have children until she’s 35, he’s freezing his sperm in the event he’s not around. The women interpret that as George showing care for his young bride.

Kristen, Luann, and Sonja are shopping for hats, getting ready to a trip to the Saratoga horse races as Lu’s guests. Sonja reminds LuAnn that she has a “pumpkin head” – which allows her to be beautifully photographed, but makes it hard for her to find good hats.

Reid, Aviva, and the gang are at the Museum of Sex for Cody and George’s engagement party. Sonja and Harry are together. Mario, Ramona, and friend are there – Mario is chasing Ramona and swatting her on the backside and it’s easy to forget their marital woes. Carole shows up to celebrate the engagement despite the fact that and Aviva have had conflict.Ramona doubts that George is a changed man, but she plans to tolerate George, despite the fact that she finds him creepy. Sonja asks that no one mentions Cody’s parents since both have passed, her mother most recently. 

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (3)

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (2)

As the happy couple walks in, George makes a beeline for Heather, and then gropes Kristen’s breasts. Both laugh and I’m disgusted.  I am FIRMLY against the use of shock collars for dogs.  No need to throw them out – they can be repurposed.  I’m perfectly ok with putting one on George (as well as on Ramona – and we’re getting to that in a moment, as well as on Kristen the next time she cries when Josh makes her mad or embarrasses her.  Seriously, get your grown woman on and handle his ass). It is amazing to me that these women accept the groping as “Just George.” Being the father of a friend is not a license to grope or stick a stiff penis into someone’s back (which is now being recast as Sonja backing into his erection).    

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (5)

Carole asks George if Cody is a “squirter” and then clutches her pearls when George begins talking dirty. Ramona finds Cody to be a lady and wonders why she would want to marry the guy. She tells Cody that usually younger women are attracted to older men for the money and power. When Aviva assures Ramona that it’s about love (and intellectual attraction according to Cody) Ramona comments that she knows that Cody has no parents – leading Cody to break down. Ramona claims she didn’t hear Sonja warn everyone not to bring her parents up earlier. George asks where ‘that bitch” is and says that bitches get “f-ed” by dogs.  Ramona has already taken off, knowing that everyone will be upset.  The other women are not amused by Ramoona’s behavior.   Aviva encourages her father to keep perspective and keep things together.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (4)

Reportedly, George has been joking that he is marrying Cody for her money, she has more money than him.  The men are enjoying the exhibits, of course.  Aviva toasts her father and Cody. She cries as she mentions her mother and says that she would be happy that they are happy. 

Sonja and Lu go for a bike ride (picnic baskets in tow). Has this show been sponsored by some design collective?  I don’t remember the HWs dressing this beautifully, even for simple days out together. Sonja drops her bike but don’t worry, the wine bottle is safe.  The wine is safe. WHEW! They talk about the engagement party from the night before. LuAnn comments that they have all lowered their standards since an outing is now a success as long as no one has clocked Ramona.  Lu is trying to figure out why any of them are still friends with Ramona, most especially Sonja.  It is noted that Aviva is picking the kids up from camp and won’t be at Saratoga, and neither will Ramona — she will be with Avery.  LuAnn finds Sonja to be fun and enjoyable to be around when she’s not on the “Ramonacoaster.” I honestly don’t see a difference.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (7)

The day of the races and the women are sporting their new hats and toasting with a liquid breakfast in champagne flutes.  At Aviva’s, Ramona brings flowers and an apology. Ramona mentions Cody’s youth, lost parents, and vulnerability, using her concern for Avery to say that she wouldn’t want her own daughter to fall prey to an older man. George comes in telling Ramona she looks fabulous, and he’s glad they are together. He reminds her that a person can make a party bleak and he did that at her party last year and  she was right to throw him out.  She apologizes for her behavior at his engagement party. As if on cue from a Bravo director, Ramona follows the apology up by telling him that if he really loved Cody, he would be unselfish and let her go. What the crap on a shingle is THIS?  I’m telling you, it came out of nowhere. Ramona calls Cody a young lovely lady who is having her life stolen when she could find a nice guy her own age. She reminds George that he has lived his life and should let Cody live hers. 

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (8)

Ramona refers to George as lecherous and asks if he wouldn’t just like a newborn. WTF? Aviva is horrified and reminds Ramona her father is a pervert, not a pedophile. Ramona doesn’t see a difference. Ramona refers to George as Cody’s grandfather, and then her great grandfather. Ramona is sure Cody’s parents would fight to keep George away if they were alive. What just happened? It gets even more weird when George keeps bringing up the issue of race – I don’t think Ramona is racist, in this instance. She thinks George is stealing Cody’s youth and keeps comparing her to Avery. George says that he plans to wet his fingers and stick them in Ramona’s vagina when she dies. Damn, you Bravo editing monkeys. Tell me this was all your doing! They can’t be this cray can they? What’s on the “missing footage” reel? The connecting pieces of this conversation? George thinks that Ramona picked on Cody because of her race, Aviva reminds him that she picks on everyone. Amen, sister. See: Kristen.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (10)

At the races and Sonja is flirting with a jockey. Carole wants to know something about his penis, she thinks that short men have longer looking penises. Sonja tells Lu that if she dated a jockey, she’d end up rolling over and killing him. The women are getting serious about which bets to place. It’s actually eerie to watch! Kristen says the only sure bet is that Sonja gets wasted.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (9)

The interstitial is of Lu and Kristen at a flea market and hoola hooping… it’s cute, light, and funny. It’s much needed after this firestorm of a show. It must have been from an earlier time because we return to the track at Saratoga.

The gambling beasts are still arguing bets.  They want to place 50 bucks each on their bet with Sonja saying it’s not the way it’s done with old money, she wants to bet $2 and then increase the bets as she wins. In a TH she claims that the other women don’t know what they’re doing, she’s been betting on horses since the age of 17 and she’s the best. LuAnn is snickering, most likely at the thought that Sonja has no real cash to bet with – as the other women are counting out stacks of cash while Sonja has a few bills on the table. She wants to spread her $2 bet on each race – which, as Carole notes, won’t net her much of a win given how much she’s laid out.  Sonja loses, the other HWs win — $3,340 on a $120 bet! The women are celebrating so hard that they don’t even notice that Sonja has walked off.  She does not respond to their calls or text messages – she’s too busy getting betting tips from one of the patrons and letting loose. They decide to leave her.

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (14)

She comes home, later, angry and shouting “They always do this. BITCHES!” She wonders what kind of friends they are to always leave her.  She’s been drinking and doesn’t seem rational. Kristen hears screaming and runs toward the sound (she’s that damned character who dies first in a horror film). Heather, who’d walked away earlier, is back upstairs screaming with Sonja. Kristen tells Heather to walk away, Kristen decides to engage her. Why are ANY of these women dealing with her knowing she’s drunk?  Some of you have said that Kristen likes the drama with Josh. I’m starting to think that’s true.  As immature as I find Josh in his taunts of his wife, Kristen does the same with Ramona and Sonja. ::empathy off:::

The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Sonja Vs, Saratoga, George Vs. Ramona.clipular (12)

The show ends with Sonja leaving for the Hamptons. If you own property in the Hamptons, I’m sympathetic to your plight, given what must be happening to your property values each week this show airs, eh, not too much sympathy, you rich bastards.

See you next week!

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  • italiano bambino

    Kristen loves all the bs. Sonja needs to married avivas father. Aviva dad is one NASTY old F***.. pinot no words she knows how to push buttons lol

    • Norrth

      I couldn’t believe that despite the fact that Sonja was toasted, Kristen and Heather kept going back to fight with her. Shameful.

    • Hey Bam!

  • Birdie11

    Sonya is the one who needs an intervention…for her drinking and her penchant for shopping in the junior department for cooch length dresses. Ramona was over the top…but I did understand her need to try and stand up for Cody. Big decisions shouldn’t be made in the wake of a big personal loss, and Ramona was probably accurate in thinking that her parents wouldn’t approve. While she was butting in…I think her motives were kind, and I agreed with her. I have no words left for George…he is a disgusting, abusive, revolting pig, with a freaky and inappropriate relationship with his daughter. It really says a lot about Bravo’s opinion on the value of women. Pay someone to grope and verbally abuse them for kicks. Disgusting.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Birdie! I agree with you about George. I. JUST. CANT with him.

  • Chloe

    For all that busy hat shopping, they all sure ended up with hats which made them look like a cartoon of Petticoat Junction or freakin Green Acres. Not one woman had a hat that flattered her or went with anything they were wearing and they all looked like 4 year olds playing dress up. Poor Ramona is so desperate, she doesn’t even know what she is saying anymore—she’s in some serious need of some Thorazine—- but her neighborhood florist must be REALLY busy. Bravo needs to get a clue and not renew her contract, so much of what she does is not even terribly interesting. It does seem though, that Luann or “Lu” may have been roughed up by the Bravo brass last year because she’s awfully passive this year but she wears it well, I kinda like her this way. Did anyone else notice how she called Carole “Radzi” in the kitchen? She’s known her for what? A year? My favorite, though was when “Son” and “Lu” were having their picnic and Lu tried to let Son know that She was a better friend to her than Ramonacoaster. It was so Mean Girls. Close the Ramonacoaster, already.

    • Birdie11

      I’m cutting Ramona some slack because of Mari-HO being a dirty cheater, and Avery leaving…but LMAO at her florist keeping busy! I was LOL at Heather always tipping her head back to see under her gigantic hat brim. I thought Carole looked cute…the others looked like they were auditioning for Mary Poppins!

      • Good points! I’m cutting her some slack too.

  • Great recap Norrth!

    This was one of the funniest episode for the season yet! I haven’t laughed so hard since the season started.

    Cody seems nice and rational but she’s also willingly attaching herself to an old pervert who looks like an over-baked scrotum.

    • Birdie11

      LOLOLOLOL!!! Keeping it going Suessie! Giggly Wednesday? YES!! Cody isn’t thinking clearly…Perv needs to back off.

      • Ahahahaha!!! Girl, you are DA BOMB! Thank you for making me giggle with delight last night!! 😉

        George’s teeth? Shall we?

        • Birdie11

          They look like the models they have in the dentist’s office…or those ones that wind up and chatter on a shelf for Halloween. One of those women needs to slap him silly and send them flying across the room.

          • Hahahaha!!! He kinda looks like a wrinkled up blueberry with TEETH. There must be something wrong with Cody. He has Nene Leakes dentist.

          • Birdie11

            She is either wracked with grief and needs a family…or wants the cash. The intellect (pervy) and the sex (wrinkled, and my guess, small)…sure! I hope that no overly sensitive denture wearer shows up here today! LOLL

          • AHAHAHAHA!!! With our luck they’ll be at least one. Cody looks sad in the eyes. I think you’re right.

          • Birdie11

            She does. It would be a very normal response, especially coming from an only child. Ramona’s points were all valid. I appreciated Aviva’s patience with Ramona…it made me think she was agreeing with her to some degree.

          • Bonita Gee

            i DON’T think this lady is in grief OR NEEDS the cash…….. I mean, she DOES have her own nail salon and was successful BEFORE she met George…. soooo.
            I like older men ……. although I must say I wouldn’t date anyone as OLD as George but some women are turned on by that.

          • Birdie11

            Older yes…ANCIENT…no. I lean towards her wanting a family…temporarily at least.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Doc! This episode was beyond perverse. More people seemed to be disgusted than entertained by what was shown last night. They need to cancel RHNY.

      • I know I’m in the minority but I view ALL these reality shows as scripted entertainment. I was not taking ANY of George’s act seriously. Bravo told him to step up the shock value. Bravo knew the footage they had was lackluster hence the year delay to film. Bravo really wanted to scrap the RHONY because of boring footage. George was told to step it up! And look, he got viewers talking. When he accused Ramona of being racist, I almost fell out of my chair in laughter….that was so staged!!!

        • Raine Woman

          Scripted entertainment 100%. But, the George comment about Ramona in a coffin and what he would do to her…..not too much entertaining about that. That one still make me nauseous. I need Tiger or Twi for some visuals to go along with the nausea.

          And yes, we are talking about it so you’re right…again. I hate and love that about you! 🙂

          • Ahahaha!! George goes in for the KILL no filter and nothing is off limits. There is no limit to his shock value. He’s a producer’s dream! And honestly considering how boring this season has been so far, George is the perfect dose of controversy the show needed to shake things up.

          • distressed

            What beast would ever think that the second scene with George at Aviva’s house would pull in viewers?

            And trumped up scripted phoney drama didn’t bring in ratings for BH. Brandi brought the drama and viewers said bye. At least she never threatened to rape Lisa’s corpse. I will say that for Brandi.

        • distressed

          I don’t disagree that it’s scripted, but if that was scripted then it makes it even worse.

      • distressed

        I agree. The ratings are abysmal to begin with George is just the final nail in the coffin, which probably arouses that sick f.

        Pick a new town and start with something new. There is Ladies of London. Maybe that’s a new show you can get behind.

        You can’t put rapey, necrophiliac George back into a box. And I can guarantee you the Aviva leg thing is going to end up as a total scam. Look at the glass throwing incident. They made it seem like a medical emergency with Carole courageously swimming for help and an ambulance sound. That was a complete misrepresentation of what occurred. I don’t think the leg thing will ever pan out.

        NYC out. The recaps and clips are more than sufficient.

  • SAMRA1116

    Something about Kristen rubs me the wrong way.
    Sonja had changed clothes when she got home
    LuAnn is talking smack all the time
    Romona was not being racist—foot in mouth disease
    Carole is so ugly and thinks she’s hot
    Holla back tongue is mildly devilish
    Aviva -get rid of her and her nasty ass perverted father, he’s too old to act an asshole

    • Hi Samra! Yes, Kristen rubs me the wrong way too. She’s very much the antagonist always in someone’s face pushing an issue like a damn child. If Sonja was drunk then she should have left her alone. Why was she trying to have a rational discussion with a drunk Sonja then turn around and she she’s a mean drunk? Ugh!!!!!

      • Raine Woman

        Hey Doc! Kristen? Really? I feel our separation starting…


        • NEVER utter those words!!!!!

          So you like her?

          • Raine Woman

            After the …”but I’m pretty” I was fully prepared to hate her and I don’t. I hate her husband, what a tool, but she’s actually pretty savvy. You never know with Bravo editing though, so I reserve the right to hate her in the future.

            I agree with you on the drunk Sonja situation, she should’ve left her alone; but maybe she was just trying to give it a shot and calm her down. You never what’s going to resonate with Sonja. I think Sonja was just being pissy because the ladies won some cash and the Queen of Saratoga, who desperately needs some, didn’t.

          • You have a valid point about the Sonja/Kristen situation. Bravo leaves a lot on the cutting room floor that we never see. I still don’t like Kristen BUT for you I will try and give the bitch another try. I’ll give my jury vote after another few episodes.

          • Raine Woman

            Aww, Thank you! We’ll compare notes.

          • You’re welcome and looking forward to it! 🙂

          • Birdie11

            She was so PISSED…plus I think it depressed her…hence the angry drunk.

          • Them winnning pissed her off. She looked so desperate and broke at their winnings.

          • Raine Woman

            But if Sonja had won (especially since she knows EVERYTHING about betting at Saratoga) and the other ladies lost, she would have been flaunting it in their faces.

          • Raine Woman

            Beware of the angry drunk! She was awful but amusing.

      • SAMRA1116

        Sonja does get in your face, when confronted in a drunken state. LOL
        New York is a wrap—let the wind out of the balloon

      • Birdie11

        I think Kristen is an uncreative thinker…it’s all she can come up with to create a character for herself. It’s how she takes a break from placing every hair in it’s proper place!

        • That’s the same impression I get of her too — a total airhead! She’s looking for attention and constantly playing victim after irritating folks. She’s not even pretty. Dumb is never attractive to me.

  • Marsbars09

    This has got to be the most disgusting, sickest housewives episode ever! I plan on contacting the head brass of Bravo or NBC about this. Some of the sh*t that was spewed should never have been aired.

    • Morning Marsie! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m not laughing at you just the show was so silly I can’t even waste energy getting mad. I just laughed at it all.

      • Marsbars09

        And I just responded to one of your comments below.

    • Raine Woman

      Hiya Mars! There were some lines uttered last that shocked even me. I didn’t know that could still happen.

      Have a great one, Mars!!!

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Raine! I hope you have a great day too!

    • Sara

      Is it any wonder Aviva is so screwed up? Her father is a predator, a lech, feels he has permission through Aviva’s relationships to sexually assault her ‘friends’, and an all around creep. An engagement party at a sex museum?!! How romantic?

      • distressed

        Aviva feigns embarrassment and disgust but she plays into it. They all seem to. Carole asked him about squirting? She’s a Kennedy. Get it together, lady! Kristin thinks it’s flattery when he assaults her in front of his fiance at his engagement party. Even this week Kristin’s blog has nothing about how wrong that was. Check her blog. Paraphrase:

        1.) I thought Cody was into George for his money. Now I think George is good in bed.

        2.) Kudos to Aviva for her choice of location for the party. “PERFECT PLACE”

        3.) I knew the assault was coming and I’m happy that he actually grabbed my breast in front of his fiance at his own engagement party. I guess he did it because I’m so pritttttyy. (this one is very para)

        And then that’s it. The woman doesn’t even have a single comment for the rape your dead body scene in this episode.

        Where do we go from here? I’m trying to like some of these women. I’m trying to get invested in some of these story lines. Throw me a bone here, Bravo. Work with me. How is that too much to ask?

    • distressed

      “This has got to be the most disgusting, sickest housewives episode ever!”

      You’re right. I can not agree more. George “fill in the blank here with offensive term you like and I co-sign” is one thing.

      Bravo choosing to feature rapey necrophiliac George for the second year and thinking that the second scene with George at Aviva’s house was okay for broadcast is so far gone I don’t know what to say.

  • Bonita Gee

    I love this love story…… I think Cody will make George happy and vise a verse.
    If they managed to be together for 2 years without anybody knowing, then who’s to say Cody won’t be with him for the rest of his days…
    I’m DOWN WITH THE SWIRL at any age………….. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Cody, YOU GO GIRL!!

    P.S. Aviva and Sonja, uuuuuummmmm, bitches DON’T HATE!!

    • Hey B…..I love me some drunk Sonja!

      • Bonita Gee

        I have to admit though I did NOT watch the show, but when I came to the site today The “Cody & George” story caught my eye……………… VERY INTERESTING!
        LOVE IT!

        • Ah Girlfriend…you need to catch it on the rerun….it was quite entertaining!

  • Raine Woman

    Thanks for the recap Norrth! This show has taken a turn and not for the better.

    • Hey hon….see my comment below to Marsie about the show. Let me know what you think.

    • Sara

      Why bravo insists on subjecting us to George is beyond me…I get it, Aviva has her contract but I don’t need creepy, perverted, sexual assailants on my housewives shows.

    • distressed

      This one was a turning point for me. I always liked the escapism that these shows provide, NY and BH in particular. I always thought Reals was a little more safe than many other trashy reality shows out there which I pretty much don’t watch. But now? You can’t put rapey necrophiliac George back in a box, Bravo. Doesn’t work that way.

      I was quite shocked, because I thought the worst of George was going to be the line about bitches and dogs. Then they pretty much explode an atom bomb in my living room with the second scene of the night with Ramona, Aviva and George.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Super recap, North, thank you. This was another episode that I haven’t watched. So I have yet to be exposed (yes, deliberate choice of words) to the notorious dirty old man who has so many viewers clutching their pearls. Bravo knows what it’s doing. This is much better than violence and probably brings in just as many viewers.

    • distressed

      We’ll have to see about that. The ratings are definitely less than stellar this season. I think we need to look at not only the “necrophilia episode” this week but also next week’s numbers. People might have tuned in to see this one because Bravo kept pimping the “bitches get f’d by dogs” line heavily, but the rape comment has me doing more than “clutching my pearls” over here.

      And I don’t think that Bravo knows what they’re doing at all. I think they are wholly unaware that they have so much hate for women. That they would broadcast the rapey George and feature him so heavily in not one but two seasons shows me that they are way out of touch with a majority of their audience.

      • Birdie11

        They are revealing a LOT about their true attitudes toward is disturbing.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    To watch this you have to be tipsy, and since I don’t drink alcohol it’s not going to happen. It is a typical raunchy Bravo show with raunchy people. Gross

    • Sara

      I agree with you. George is beyond disgusting, I think it qualifies as real parental abuse for Aviva; Ramona is crazy, rude and out of line – but she does have a good point about George taking advantage of Cody. Unfortunately, she’s so aggressive and obnoxious, the message is completely lost.

      But the worst offense was not dividing the winnings to include Sonja – that was painful to watch. I can’t believe that not one of them offered up that suggestion. They went together as a group and they should have kept it that way and shared their good fortune.

      • Birdie11

        Maybe it’s because I have 25 year old daughter…or that I’m crazy like Ramona…or both?? LOL I agreed with her, and I would want someone to say those things to any ancient pervert who wanted to marry my girl if I wasn’t there.

        • distressed

          I agree that Ramona was offensive, extremely so, but I didn’t disagree with what she said. And when George told her he would rape her in her casket, how does that translate into Ramona being the offensive one?

      • TartLemon

        Several times before the bet was placed, they asked Sonja to join. Sonja adamantly refused every time, even insulting them for the bet. The group was not wrong to exclude her in the windfall.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi NAWS! True dat!

    • Norrth

      They really are getting weird. Carole’s conversation with George about Cody shocked me. Why would she ask such a question about her? Then she acts as if she doesn’t want to hear George’s sexual comments.

      • distressed

        I agree, what kind of an idiot asks George about his sex life? And Kristin, she puts up with the assault like she’s flattered George grabbed her breast at the party. Sonja is no better at all feeding those lines to George last week. Heather, who is miss respect me or die, does absolutely nothing to shut it down with George. Aviva tolerates and encourages his behavior by filming with him. If I wanted to watch abused women I can turn on the news any day.

  • SAMRA1116

    Did anyone notice those red marks on Romona’s back??

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap!!!
    where was all this high and mighty talk from Ramona when her partner in drunk Sonja was marrying Old Man Morgan? Huh? His azz was near 90…..
    Fake bish…
    Sonja and Ramona are way more inapproproate than George. At least he doesn’t pretend…they say they are classy but they really are trashy…

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Ronnie! Actually Sonja & Ramona behave like they’re from a trailer trash background.

      • noarguingwithstupid

        I think Ramona is a hillbilly from northern New York. She behaves like a hillbilly, She dresses like a hillbilly and she has the hair of a hillbilly!!!!

        • Ahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • RonnieIsBack

          Yes she is!!!! instead of moonshine in a mason jar she drinks Pinot.

    • Norrth

      Good point! I guess Ramona is only disgusted when the woman is so young. I don’t recall Cody asking her to play mommy to her and get in her business.

      • Ramona can’t help herself getting into everybody’s business.

    • BOOM! Speak on it!!!!!

    • distressed

      “Sonja and Ramona are way more inapproproate than George.”

      I don’t even now how to respond to this. You are entitled to your opinion, but assaulting a woman at your own engagement party in front of your fiance and then telling another woman, any woman, under any circumstances that he would rape them once they’re dead is taking the all time trophy for inappropriateness in my opinion.

      Agree to disagree on George, I guess.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Ramona just lies all the time and I am sick of it. She states over and over “I didn;t her about the parents…but when she approached Cody she specifically said “you have no parents right?”..where she claims she didn’t hear sonja tell her not to say anything is irrelevant. As a 60 year old woman she should know better and she does but she doesn’t CARE. I do not like George but I am glad he perved her out..she talks too much. Cody is more successful that all these bishes…she isn’t living off an ex husband’s money and she is successful AT THE AGE OF 25. They couldn’t care less about her well being, the bishes are jealous that nasty George didn’t pick up any ole gold digging skank and if I was Cody I would have backed a bish up royally…
    Drunk Azz Sonja….a dayum shame…

  • distressed

    Okay so as far as ratings and George go. There is a lot of speculation here and elsewhere that Bravo has been encouraging George and broadcasting his rapey behavior in order to bring in viewers. I don’t disagree that was the intention at all on Bravo’s part.

    If you go the episode guide at wiki you can see that ratings are bad, but this one and the last one are the lowest for this already low season.

    This week was 1.13 million.
    Last week was 1.17 million.

    I’m very curious to know if they’ve taken the whole franchise past the point of no return with this cast and especially, in my opinion, by featuring rapey George in not one but two seasons.

    I’m not sure how to link here, but if you google “real housewives of X episode guide” one of the returns will be the wiki page for the show. And they usually update the episode guide with the ratings as they become available from TV by the Numbers website.