Nene Leakes Says Her Friendship With Cynthia Bailey Is Done! Confirms All The Ladies Returning Next Season

Posted on Jun 4 2014 - 4:49pm by Avigail


I guess the saying ‘time heals all wounds’ doesn’t apply to every situation. Following an emotional “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion, viewers witnessed the demise of a friendship between Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. And it looks like time has not healed old wounds, according to Nene her friendship with Cynthia is Done Dolla — Fineto — Finish!

NeNe told Hollywood Life the following in regards to reconciling with Cynthia:

“To be quite frank, I have no desire to speak to Cynthia. I have no desires to be friends with her or even have a conversation with her. Really, I don’t.  I wish her all the best, I just feel like we’re done.”

When asked about Kenya Moore:

“I think I was very clear at the reunion show and everywhere else that I have no desires to be friends with Kenya!” 

Is she team Porsha or team Kenya in regards to the reunion altercation and will Porsha be fired?

“In the Porsha [and] Kenya fiasco, I feel like they both were wrong. I feel like Porsha was provoked. She may not have been right in her actions, but she was provoked.”
“I think that Kenya’s great for the show. If they’re looking for the dark side, they’re looking for negativity, fighting, provoking, delusionalness, if that’s what they’re looking for, she’s 100 percent excellent for the show.”
“I doubt very seriously Porsha will be fired”

In regards to who’s returning next season:

“All the girls are good to go for another season”


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  • Susie Whats Her Name

    Dang. Why didn’t they ask Nene who wants to be friends with her? She wouldn’t have an answer.

    • Ahahaha! Good one Susie and EXACTLY! She has her nooose so high in the air she doesn’t realize no one wants to be her friend.

  • murlut

    Well I am not a NeNe fan. About the only ones on Atlanta that I like are probably Kandi and now Punchy Porsha. If it comes down to NeNe or Kenya, it would be NeNe. Kenya is a hateful person and tries to destroy people and their relationships. She flirts with married men, buys boyfriends and destroys friendships. The only reason Cynthia was on the show was because she was friends with NeNe. Now, what can she contribute?? Nothing.

    • SDC

      I think Cynthia brings style to the show, and…..yeah. 🙂 I’d rather watch her than Nene though. Nene is a hateful, vindictive, disrespectful, disloyal, narcissistic, hypocritical, vulgar, petty, rude, and disgusting ‘actress.’

      • BaybeK8s

        Well alrighty then. You’ve pretty much described Danielle to a T. LOL If Nene looked like Cynthia B.or Lisa Wu and had Kandi or Lisa Vanderpump’s money the world wouldn’t be big enough for her ego.

        • SDC

          Ha, I agree. But which Danielle are you talking about?

          • BaybeK8s

            Sorry for the confusion. LOL Daniel (Danielle) Boone

      • RonnieIsBack

        YES nENE IS soooooo nasty and sooooo rude and sooooooo ulgy….

  • Bonita Gee

    I can’t imagine that Nene will be back, and if she does, who is she going to kick it with on the show? She’s fallen out with everyone. No one wants to be friends with her. She’s not NEARLY as popular as she used to be so she’ll have to take a pay cut if you ask me.
    They can talk all day about Kenya, but everyone’s hating on Kenya, so that alone makes her popular. So of course Kenya will be back she keeps things POPPING!
    And that goes twice for Porsha, the arch enemy to Kenya. Of course they’ll have to have her back!
    Cynthia and Phaedra……… one word. BORING!! Snore, SNORE!!
    As far as Kandi……phhhffftt!! WHATEVER……… she needs to take Todd, Mama Joyce, go away with her spin off show and SPIN OFF INTO TV LAND OBLIVION! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
    Oh and bring back Marlo and Dwight!! Heeee heeeeeeeeeee!!! Love them with all their hot messiness!! Dwight can come back he ain’t doing nothing on Married to Medicine, they have a Reco for their Gay Drama Queen……… GIVE DWIGHT BACK TO ROHA!!

    • RonnieIsBack

      HUGE CO-SIGN!!!!

  • Marsbars09

    Did anyone expect Moose to take back Cynthia as a friend? Moose viewed Cynthia as disloyal when she befriended a woman Gregg used to date while they were separated. However, I never felt Moose treated Cynthia with respect. It appears friendships with Nene are one sided.
    If Cynthia really is returning to the show next season while Moose is featured she better watch out! We all know how Moose treats ex-friends…

    • RonnieIsBack

      They need to bring in Marlo…

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Ronnie! Marlo’s past is too violent to allow her to be a regular cast member.

  • SDC

    She keeps saying that this season was very dark and negative and she fails to realize that a lot of that has to do with her because nobody wants to give this ‘actress’ a damn job! Ugh! Idk why she keeps talking about “always considering if she wants to come back” every season. Child, you’re the one who needs this show the most, second to Porsha, anyway.

    • BaybeK8s

      LOL Yep! She has to keep Geritol Greg in the lifestyle he’s grown used to. He has that barber shop but, he is used to being a house husband. He is married to Nene Leakes, he can’t hold no 9 to 5. (His words not mine)

    • RonnieIsBack

      When has RHOA been full of love and light? Moose is delusional….

  • BaybeK8s

    I guess Porsha and Daniel Boone will be filming together since old blonde headed one has no desire to speak to anyone except maybe Phaedra. I know Danielle is hot under the wig/weave because Kandi’s wedding show had a higher rating than hers. I can image the negativity she will be talking when asked about Kandi’s wedding.

    • RonnieIsBack

      I was so glad that happened!!!

  • RonnieIsBack

    She needs to shut her Moose trap…she is not the authority on who is hired, fired, etc on Bravo and she knows it which is why she is pissed. Common sense would tell you that they are all coming back because there was no closure re: Kenya/Porsha; Fakedra and Convict Apollo; Moose and Cynthia; Kandi and Todd after the wedding….the fight with Cynthia just gave them BOTH new storylines…

  • iam1erica

    I don’t believe her.