LeAnn Rimes Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth AGAIN!

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 4:35pm by Avigail



I swear LeAnn Rimes suffers from “asshole-itis” and “foot in the mouth” disease. The woman lacks emotional maturity to know when to zip it!

It seems she takes every opportunity to take a jab at Brandi Glanville when possible. I wonder why a 31-year old woman always feels compelled to respond to strangers on Twitter?!? I find it strange LeAnn is so deeply afflicted by the words of strangers?

A fan tweeted that LeAnn’s critics might be less harsh if she wasn’t constantly talking about the Brandi’s sons, LeAnn once again could not restrain herself and seized the moment to take a dig at Glanville.

The fan tweeted:

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi


LeAnn responded with the following unwarranted and “childish” response…the irony!

Twitter - leannrimes- @VeryPROUDAuntie No! They are ....clipular 

Brandi paid the unwarranted “childish” dig no mind and celebrated her son’s birthday. She surprisingly rose above the drama!


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  • IMMATURE NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH with severe abandonment issues….. aka one jealous bitch.

    • LOL–Ain’t that the truth! #Preach

      • Birdie11

        Check your email Suessie!

  • It began on Sunday, when LeAnn, 31, revealed to TWITTER THAT HER DAY consisted of “a flight and a bday party for 6 11year old boys”

    Brandi tweeted after her son’s party,
    “I just threw a very intimate bday party with my ex I have no issues
    w/either 1,” and noting, “lawyers r dealing with$” and payment for the

    LeAnn had a theory about how the nonexistent drama
    got stirred up and just had to TWEET: “this is all the crazies trying to
    make up something negative w/ the people they know at mags & blogs
    cause I have a busy press week in Nashville” “It’s no fail, happens every time. More too it than that also, but it’s not worth it.”

  • Sara

    Leann is an ugly person. Her husband cheated on his wife a million times and she thinks he will be faithful to her ? A man like that can ‘t stop. She ruined a family, a mother, a wife. Karma baby!

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ✿❀❁

    Falcor is the gift hat keeps on giving, Just like her husband K-Ed’s peen & his endless list of waitress hook-ups & STD’s! I hope Brandi has some intelligence this time & doesn’t put her foot in her mouth as usual. Brandi have some soup & take your own advice &

    • Sara

      This is perfection.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ✿❀❁

        Thanks Sara. Appreciate it.

        • Sara

          You’re welcome! 😀

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ✿❀❁

            Saw the soup & just had to serve some up to Brandi. I should offer some to LeAnn too! LOL!
            I think this advice is better suited to LeAnn though. Wisdom & a little advice from a 12 year old on Love…

  • Birdie11

    She is such an idiot. She is apparently infertile and it’s making her a bigger bitch than she already is. And BTW Falcor, kids should revolve around parents, not the other way around. God help these poor boys.

    • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

      I read the article and to the word, I said out loud exactly what you wrote in your first sentence.
      Holey Cow…what a rude mess Rimes is.

      • Hey Lady! How are you?

      • Birdie11

        Hi Twits! I think she’s trailer trash with some money…Eddie has a type!! Have a great Wednesday!!

  • TartLemon

    I understand Eddie is a serial cheater and broke up a Family, but so was LeAnn. What makes HIM think she won’t do it again?

  • LoLo

    If this were another situation, lets say Eddie & Brandi divorced amicably & then he began to date LeAnn. Then her comments would not be such a big deal. I know Brandi needs to get over it but I’ve had many discussions with friends who went through this & my friend told me “I will NEVER accept her for being with him while he was married. I have to accept him because he’s their father but I will never be ok with her ever & I shouldn’t be expected to be ok with her”. It stuck with me. I get it. People forget that Brandi befriended LeAnn & went on couples dinners with them. They both then lied to her about the affair before the truth came out so that makes it even worse. She sat & ate dinner with her knowing she was f’ing her husband. I’m not a Brandi fan at all, I really think she’s become super trashy but I get her pain & that LeAnn she knock it off. She can love the kids but stop replying & commenting on them when it comes to mothering.

  • iam1erica

    LeAnn is mad bc she was the other woman. She’s always going to feel like that, even though she married Eddie. She lives with the FACT of how she got him.