Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Premieres Tonight!!

Posted on May 30 2014 - 3:49pm by Editor


It’s Going Down Tonight!! “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” premieres tonight!!


Five of television’s most watched reality couples will fix their broken relationships the only way they know how….on camera!  Although reality tv played a role in their demise. 

Determined not to fall victim to the ‘Reality Curse’, the most watched Reality Stars in the world descend upon the Marriage Boot Camp mansion for help with their struggling relationships. Relationship Experts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll will be faced with their toughest challenge, yet, in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Worlds collide with The Jersey Shore’s JWoww and Roger, Real Orange County Housewives’ Gretchen Rossi and fiancé Slade Smiley, Braxton Family Values’ Traci Braxton and her husband Kevin; and everyone’s favorite Bad Girl, Tanisha Thomas and her husband Clive. And in the biggest surprise, after 10 years of marriage, America’s first reality sweethearts, The Bachelorette’s own Trista and Ryan, walk through the Boot Camp mansion’s doors looking for help.  


Bad Girl Club’s veteran, Tanisha Thomas is the main reason I’m watching and recapping. This plus-size diva briiiiings it! She is a whole show all on her own.  Tanisha and hubby Clive have only been married for two years and already the marriage is on the rocks. 


Don’t miss “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” premiering tonight, Friday, May 30th at 9 p.m. EST  


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  • I can’t wait for this show to start tonight!!!

  • Raine Woman

    Okay, I’ll bite…who are “the most watched Reality Stars in the world” because it’s not these people. Although you gotta love Tanisha!

    • Ok…I was reaching…..Heee heee heee!!!! But Tanisha is gonna blow the roof off that mutha!

      • Raine Woman

        That’s one woman that scares me a little, but there is something so real and sweet about her, it’s makes her relatable. Now I’m going to have to watch this. Damn you, Doc! 🙂

        • Good! I need somebody else to partake in the foolishness with me.

          Tanisha is also a VERY beautiful woman in the face.

          • Raine Woman

            That she is!

            I don’t know who Traci Braxton or her husband are but I’ll assume she’s related to Toni Braxton, the singer. I’ll suffer through it with you, I need mindless entertainment after this week!

          • You taking one for the team and I thank you kindly! LOL! 🙂

          • Raine Woman

            First commercial break and so far this shit is HILARIOUS!

          • Tanisha is off the hook though. My God, how can Clive deal with her? Not that his dumb behind is a catch. LOLOL!!!

          • Raine Woman

            Yay! I didn’t know if this was on at the same time where you are.

            I’ve seen the Tanisha I would go have a drink with and I’ve seen the Tanisha I would run from, as fast as my legs could carry me! Part of me feels for Clive but the other parts are screaming “Find your Spine, Clive!” I don’t think a guy with a strong personality would put up with a lot of what Tanisha brings. Poor Clive,

          • True. Do you think if she had a strong authoritative man she wouldn’t act like that? No offense to Clive he’s too weak for her. Then he’s unemployed, dingy and immature with a multitude of problems. He’s legally deaf and wears a hearing aide (no offense to anyone).

          • Raine Woman

            I hate to say it but I don’t think she could get a strong authoritative man, Doc. Or even a half-way decent one with dual the personalities she’s got going on. I think she’s with Clive because, well, because he’s Clive and she can walk all over him. There’s no respect there, on either side.

            With all her confidence, if she could just be a little more gracious and get the anger in check, she could get a great man. I want to see the Tanisha who lost her mind over the see-thru fridge. That’s funny. Her screaming about luggage is not, even if he should have gotten the bags without asking. You’re right…he’s just not very bright.

          • You said it all here. CO-SIGN!

          • “Is your wife carrying luggage?” LMAO!!!!

          • Raine Woman

            “I don’t know, how long have you been a piece of shit?” to the reporter – LMAO!!!!

  • Harleygirl0685

    OMG!!! This is a joke right? You made this up right? This is all in your head isn’t it? You were totally bored today weren’t you and you just completely fabricated this show just to see who would fall for it! I just love your sense of humor! No one would really be stupid enough to do a reality show when reality shows are what screwed them up in the first place! Doc you have the best imagination ever

    • O-M-G!!! You almost made me peed my undies reading this! And regretfully, it’s not a joke! Another train wreck reality show has launched and the reality whores are doing circus tricks to entertain us. I kid you not!!

      • Harleygirl0685

        Lmfao! Now I understand why Bravo went with the circus theme for summer ! It all makes sense now

  • Tre’s Felon Forehead

    I am ALWAYS looking at shows/movies for flaws in the directing/filming. What I noticed right off the bat watching this show was when the directors were addressing the group, the camera did shots of Gretchen. In one scene her coat was on (right after dinner), in the very next shot, her coat was off, then on again then off again. And people say this show is real???? How many takes did it take them to film that segment? FAKE FAKE FAKE. And do NOT even get me started on Wretch referring to herself as the “White Oprah”.

  • nan/4

    What’s up next for Slimey and G-wretch? From the looks of their home already, all they have to do is fill it up with a little more crap….and it’s on to “Hoarders!” 😉

    I hope that everyone is doing well….