Blind Item: Dropping Hints That She Is Pregnant

Posted on May 29 2014 - 10:23am by Editor


This singer has been dropping hints that she and her celebrity husband are pregnant.

She is not. It’s all just for attention.

You see, they are actively developing “story lines” to make themselves more interesting and marketable as a couple. The pregnancy storyline is one of them. In fact, they believe that this particular story line will be so popular that you can expect to see this same particular publicity tease over and over again for at least the next year!

She really does want to be pregnant. We just don’t know how that’s going to happen. It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex. He has been having sex… although not necessarily with her.





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  • cutie pie

    this has got to be cheater and tweeter.

    • ahahahaha!!!! I love that description

      Hi Cutie Pie 🙂

      • cutie pie

        hey doc! it’s cheaty and tweety for short.

        • Cheaty and Tweety!!! Ahahahaha!!!!!!!

    • Birdie11

      I’ll bet you’re right…too bad for her, no one will care, nor will it make her remotely interesting.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Alright alright I am not hip enough..who is cheater and tweeter…One is a singer….are they involved in reality tv? If so, I say kandi and Todd….(but I hope not)
    Oh wait..not that heaux Kim…she really isn’t a singer but she has been dropping hints like she is with child #7…

    • Birdie11

      LOL! Eddie’s the cheater, LeAnn the tweeter. OMG…Kim with #7??

  • SAMRA1116


    • RonnieIsBack

      oooh that is intersting…she did tweet something about having a much bigger problem to deal with now..hmmmmm.

  • Babson_Chick

    leann and eddie – my first thought. however nothing would make them interesting – but him messing around – hadn’t heard that………