Real Housewives of New York Recap: Mirrors On The Ceiling, Vibrators & Engagements [Ep 12]

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Heather and the Countess LuAnn are shopping, later joined by Kristen.  There is a rehashing of the meeting between Kristen and Ramona. The ladies talk about the various nicknames for Ramona: Ramona Coaster, Ramona Monster, Crazy Eyes, etc. The nicknames are supposed to reflect her various personalitie.  She is a pill, but I don’t feel comfortable watching these women mock Ramona when they are so friendly in her presence.  I’ve always like RHONY because the cast seems the most genuine. There is something disingenuous with this behavior.  They bring up the various issues in Ramona’s life (including Avery going to school) – which don’t excuse her behavior, discussing Ramona’s use of the Hamptons as her “escape” when things get tough.

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As they continue talking, Sonja calls to inform them of her planned funeral for Millou, Sonja’s furbaby companion of 18 years.  She feels it is time to let go and move on. Kristen concludes that despite not being a dog person, it gives her an excuse to buy a fabulous hat. At Sonja’s there is a discussion of whether Marley, Sonja’s current furbaby, can smell Millou’s ashes. Sonja thinks he smells Millou from his old collar. Maria, a former intern, watches in what appears to be a combination of shock and humor as Sonja smells the collar to see if Millou’s scent can be detected.  They are then joined by Elizabeth and Cesar, also former interns. The interns look as if they don’t know whether to take Sonja seriously as she talks about Millou being her crutch after the end of her marriage. In a TH, Sonja feels that he deserves a funeral even more special than that of Princess Di’s.  YIKES! Cesar comes up with the idea to spread ashes in different places where Millou spent time with Sonja… just then, Elizabeth, holding Marley, nearly drops Millou’s ashes.


Kristen:  Just before they go in and meet with a couple of fitness video producers from JCore, Josh tells Kristen she looks great, minus her camel toe – but they’ll fix it.  He introduces Kristen to a branding expert, Marci, who he appears to be checking out as Kristen is hugging her.  Creepy.  There is a TH from Kristen reflecting on the end of her modeling career and a flashback to the meeting with the agent who told her that the business is skewing younger.  Kristen is not sure she wants to be home with her kids full time and is looking forward to this opportunity.  After being shown the workout, she realizes that she’s not as fit as she thought, stating that she is use to the lazy girl workout: Pilates once a week and walking her son to school.  She says it wouldn’t break her heart to not get the job, but on the other hand “a girl has  to do what a girl has to do.”

SPOILER ALERT:  We know that Kristen gets the job, she’s already featured on the DVD with Jay, one of the producers she met with during this episode.

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Carole:  Carole needs an assistant. Ramona offers to let her conduct the interviews at her office – an offer Carole accepts to keep random people from coming to her home (smart!).  Ramona gives Carole tips on the types of questions to ask, using Ramona Pinot examples, of course.  Ramona flirts with the first young man who comes in – and he is a cutie. Where was Sonja to see this one?  Ramona offers to hire him, instead of Carole.  Ramona is horrified by the odd questions Carole asks (Do you own a gun? How do you feel about Peonies? – to which the young man answers that he’s not a florist). Carole feels the questions will give her a sense of their personalities. I have a feeling that they are getting a sense of her personality.  What is oddest to me is that almost none of these 20-somethings have come with a prepared resume. Like Carole, I found myself asking if I’m old fashioned and no one uses them anymore! None of them have read her book. One young woman thinks her last employer’s death was a win for her, the job was awful.  Are they from central casting?  WTF is happening right now?

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Sonja:  Sonja is meeting with her spiritual healer (Aleta St. James, healer to A-list celebs).  As far as I can tell, Sonja is most impressed that the healer gave birth to twins at age 57. The healer is preparing her for the funeral by helping her separate emotionally.  Sonja tells Aleta that she is resentful that people take advantage of her, which includes Ramona who manipulates her. Ramona reminds her of her dad who manipulated her, too. Aleta tells her that she can’t heal Ramona’s inner child at the expense of her own. Sonja talks about Millou being a pure spirit, he was always there for her.  She cites her past with her ex-husband, and with Millou, as her highest highs.  She is sure she will have more of those in the future. She tells Millou she’s ready to let him go so she can let go of the past and learn to love herself without him.

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Aviva:  Sonja and Harry show up to have dinner with the Dreschers, and Aviva’s brother, Andre, and Wendy Madden – not knowing that George is coming.  In a TH she calls George “The Erection Bandit,” flashing back to the Miami trip when he stood just a little too close.  Aviva promises that George will leave Sonja alone, he is bringing his new girlfriend. Prepare yourselves, George shows up with a 25 year old young woman, named Cody. Sonja, who just complained about losing Ben, is horrified. They think she’s beautiful, a good girl, but too young. Cody says that for a while she thought George was keeping her as his “little black secret.” They met when he went to her salon – to get his scrotum waxed, adds George.  The dinner conversation takes a seriously odd turn – talk about mirrors on the ceiling and discussing sex with inlaws.  The only interesting thing that happens is we find out that George has been dating Cody for two and a half years.  George offers a couple’s trip to St. Tropez. I’m thinking, hell NO, even if he’s paying!

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The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- George Proposes, Milou Passes On.clipular (15)

The most unexpected thing happens, especially since earlier that evening, George offered to show Ramona what poked her in Miami. George proposes to Cody.  Maybe his bark is worse than his bite. The proposal makes sense of a flashback from an earlier season with Aviva telling her father that she only wanted to meet the woman with whom he planned to spend the rest of his life.  My guess is she wasn’t counting on her father marrying a woman who is almost young enough to be his granddaughter. Cody accepts the proposal and the ring is a ROCK. Cody is going to need help carrying that thing around.  If it’s real, she’s going to need to walk around with an armed guard!  P.S. Sonja knocking George’s proposal technique makes me wonder if she feels she missed the boat on George.

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Kristen:  Producer Jay and Kristen are working out in her living room. Josh looks on and asks Jay how long it will take to work her pooch off (I’m anti-violence and even I want to slap him). Josh says that if they’re going for realism, Kristen will end up quitting soon. He’s not reading the room because she’s upset and everyone else looks uncomfortable. Josh can’t stop himself.  He keeps throwing out the insults. BAM!  In a TH she nails him on being too busy to be with her and the kids, but not too busy to stand around mocking her in front of everyone. She tells Josh he behaves like he’s her pimp.

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In the interstitial, George is advising Aviva on mirrors above the bed and how hot the reflection of oral sex is; Aviva feels sick. I’m right there with you, sister.

Ramona, Aviva, Sonja: The ladies meet for dinner at Jaime’s. Ramona sneaking off to the Hamptons comes up, as well as the issue with Ben.  Ramona responds that she only wanted Sonja with a quality guy and when Sonja calls her out, Ramona smiles. Sonja says it’s not sisterly love, it’s sick.  Ramona says that she’s being ridiculous, she then tells Sonja she’s right about everything, that she loves her, and that she will be in her life forever. Happy Sonja flirts with The Jaime and decides to hit on him as Ramona promises not to interfere.  Ramona even happy dances and thinks Jaime would be a good catch.

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The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- George Proposes, Milou Passes On.clipular (19)

The day of the funeral comes and we see the preparations in progress. Guests arrive to a full program – something Harry finds hilarious. Sonja chose to display the “macho” picture of Millou, even though he was gay. Everyone shows up and they look amazing. 

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With Sonja’s breakdown, Heather realizes that the service is about Sonja moving on and appears empathetic. It’s sad, it’s sweet, and it’s strange. We end with a toast to Millou and releasing his ashes… on the sidewalk, on the dress Sonja wore to Prince Rainier’s funeral, but mostly into the river. It was the thought that mattered.

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See you next week!


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  • cutie pie

    aviva, george and his dentures have to go…all three of them.

    • distressed

      Hear, hear.
      And if Bravo gives George a wedding spin-off, I’ll just explode. Simply, explode.

      Aviva’s blog is up and she complains about how inappropriate her father’s talk is, but I think she’s being completely fake. She also pimps his twitter account.

      If she’s so grossed out by George, why does she engage him on his sex talk, set him up on dates with friends and associates and promote him on the show? She likes it, even now after the two of them have seen viewers’ reactions to the monstrosity that is George she puts him on the show to talk about his scrotum. “Dahhhhhd, grosssss.” No. She likes it. I feel badly that she had to grow up this way, but Aviva is an adult with four young children to consider. Do her little kids talk about “Grampies balls” too? I bet you they do.

      Please remove this family from my TV screen.

      • Norrth

        OMGoodness! I never entertained the thought of a wedding spin off for George. Well now I’m ill. 😉

        • distressed

          Think about it. If you check Aviva’s blog there are multiple comments there about how George is “more entertaining” than Aviva is. “Crude and hilarious deserves his own spin-off” was posted in another comment. “Your Dad is a HOOT” begins another comment. Really I’m not kidding at all. The George train needs to be stopped before it pulls out of the station.

          I’ve commented there three to four times today and all of my comments have been flushed out of the “pending” buffer. I never swear over there and I tone down my criticism in an effort to get them to post, but it looks to me like they are censoring comments on her blog this week in a very duplicitous way. As usual.

          Oh and Steve Madden, the guy whose wife was at the waxed scrotum dinner party, was convicted of financial crimes and received something like 41 months in jail. There’s some kind of Wolf of Wall Street connection there, not sure, but Reid is currently earning a living as a financial advisor, isn’t he? That was George’s business too, wasn’t it? WTF?

          • Birdie11

            I think that there have been rumors about Reid and shady business dealings…not sure of the details though. That is interesting! As far as the Bravo blogs go..that’s normal. Mine would be pending or not post at all, while practical illiterates go right through. I actually had an account completely blocked there before I quit a year ago.

          • WestCoastFeed

            I’ve never attempted to post there since it always looked to me like Bravo was only posting comments that supported their version of the story line.

          • Birdie11

            They are so full of it over there…it just killed me that they let complete dum dums post nonsense. I am thankful for the intellect here.

          • distressed

            I guarantee you they selectively post. I don’t have the actual data to support this but: Know That.

            And if they are selectively posting positive comments about George and his waxed scrotum that begs the question: Why.

          • WestCoastFeed

            Because they think he’s funny. I haven’t seen him yet, but am expecting a kind of Arte Johnson from Laugh-In character, just overdone.

          • Birdie11

            Oh my…ummm…not exactly.

          • WestCoastFeed

            I gather that hasn’t asked any of the ladies if they would like a walnetto yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.

          • distressed

            Arte Johnson might have actually been amusing. George is a garden variety disgustingly creepy dirty old man type. He’s clearly not a man in the traditional fully human sense.

            Last year, his first season, George:
            1.) Poked Sonja in the back with his erect penis under his clothes at a restaurant/club while on camera. They went to sit down at one of those beds instead of a table and Sonja literally jumped off the couch as soon as she felt it. Aviva didn’t even apologize to Sonja who she was trying to set-up with her father.

            2.) Told his daughter that she looked so good he’s screw her.
            3.) Told Carole he could give her her first squirting O, also at a dinner table.

            4.) Was then invited to a birthday party or something for Carole by Aviva where George gifted her with a lizard trained to perform oral on a woman.
            5.) Was shown filming with Aviva and trying to get a hook-up with Carole from her. Aviva felt like Carole was more like a sister and George said, “well, incest is best” after all or something like that.

            NOT KIDDING.

            Sorry to be so serious. But George has got to go. Hey Ho.

          • Birdie11

            Tell it! That doesn’t even count the sewage spewed from him last night!

          • distressed

            Bravo is the absolute worst with fairness in commenting, they skew no question. This week I will say it appears to be different. I haven’t really participated since BH ended over there, but my “pending” and not yet posted comments typically used to take days to disappear or post. This week this blog and those comments are completely gone in a matter of a few hours.

          • Birdie11

            Well you need to hang out here!

          • distressed

            Love this site. Found it during the last half of BH this year.

            Always read these recaps. Sometimes I don’t comment just because of time, but I always check the thread comments. You guys really know your stuff. Thanks for an amazing and necessary therapeutic for Bravo viewership.

          • Birdie11

            This site attracts smart and HILARIOUS people!!

          • No one wants to watch nasty George sexually harass women every week.

            Wait, Steve Madden? Not the Steve Madden I get My boots from right? lol.

          • distressed

            Yes, that’s the same guy. I didn’t realize this until a commenter somewhere else mentioned it. So I went a’googling and wow.

            Madden was removed as CEO or whatever he was of the company after the conviction, but I read after googling that he still took a salary estimated at 700K per year. And he’s been back at the shoe company now for some time, not sure how much.

            NYTimes did an article on him last winter:
            “It’s been a decade since Mr. Madden was famously sentenced to 41 months
            in prison for stock fraud (he served two and a half years) after a
            flameout fueled by drugs, alcohol and his love of money. He is now
            creative and design chief of the shoe empire he founded in 1990, having
            ceded the chief executive title to Ed Rosenfeld, a former investment
            banker at Peter J. Solomon Company”

            Not sure how to link here, but if you google “steve madden conviction” then an article from the NYTimes dated Feb 13, 2013 will pop up. He blames all his greed issues stem from his substance abuse. He’s set to cash in somewhere around 80 million dollars between 2017 – 2023. And the fraud or whatever it was has a Wolf of Wall Street connection.

      • Birdie11

        There is something extremely WEIRD about the George and Aviva dynamic.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks for the terrific recap. I haven’t seen this yet since baseball takes precedence in my house. But I think I am going to like this episode a lot. And I think I see a spin-off in the future for George. “The Erection Bandit of Miami.” It will be another retirement community kind of “Golden Girls.”

    • Norrth

      I can’t see how George has gotten away with his actions for this long! Could it just be an act for the show? I think Aviva tolerates him because he’s her last living parent, but sooner or later even she might get fed up with him. Harry must have seemed like a pushover in comparison to dealing with George.

      • WestCoastFeed

        I haven’t seen him yet, but I keep expecting to see him plop down on a park bench and ask Ruth Buzzi if she wants a walnetto.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    Really good re-cap. I have not seen this episode yet. I like Carol and that is the only reason I watch it, if I do watch it at all. Ramona has ruined this show for me and I just cannot bear to watch her!!

    • Norrth

      They were actually good together, yesterday. I just kept thinking that if Ramona had gotten help and wasn’t so impulsive (throwing things, yelling) she could have been a leading force on the show. She and Carole were hilarious.

      • Birdie11

        Ramona was more Ramona-ey last night. Thank goodness. They were cute together.

  • distressed

    Great recap thanks.

    Did anyone notice that Kristin met Heather and Luann the same day as her sit down with Ramona? That means she had a wardrobe change between scenes, including accessories and shoes. She even changed up her hair by adding the hat in the later scene. “Who does that?”

    And I’m getting an inkling on the Kristin – Josh hate fest. I think Josh is not making the money that Kristin expects him to make. That’s the root of the issue. She’s upset that he’s struggling financially and he’s hitting back with all these abusive comments. His obsession with work might stem from insecurity pure and simple.

    • Norrth

      I typically like Kristen, but the comments those women made about Ramona went too far in my book. “Crazy Eyes”? The show’s fans saying it is one thing.. Ramona’s coworkers/friends saying it is another.

      • distressed

        I agree and Ramona is uber sensitive to the Crazy Eyes term. So it’s a very underhanded and mean spirited way to get at Ramona. I mean there’s so much else wrong with everything about Ramona why not keep the criticism direct and fair? There’s plenty to work with.

    • Birdie11

      Kristen is killing herself to look glam…she is apparently auditioning for modeling gigs. Unfortunately, it makes her seem less genuine. I think her hub is just a general ass. No matter what Kristen is thinking, that’s no reason for Josh to belittle her and cut her down. He seemed jealous and threatened by the attention she was getting. They both have issues.

      • distressed

        Oh Josh is the absolutely the worst, no question about that. And his comments about Kristin’s weight problem this week and putting a meal on the table once in a while last week would be comical if they weren’t so absurd. Neither one of them look like they eat a big meal at night anyway. They both have a cut physique which Kristin gets from one pilates session a week. Cooking a meal and eating it at 7-8 at night is the last thing either one of them do as a priority.

        • Birdie11

          I knew she didn’t work out…she probably doesn’t eat either. He’s not even attractive…YUCK.

  • Sara

    Great Recap. This Sonja-centric episode was full of so much absurdity I was torn between belly laughter and tears on several occasions. As crazy as she is, I genuinely hope she’s moved on from Millou/her past.

    Josh is downright cruel and has clearly maintained the playground mentality of Teasing=Love well into adulthood. I really wanted to see Kristen insist that he leave, and ask the JCORE producers to help her facilitate that, if need be.

    And I’m too uncomfortable by George to even write about him. He’s vile, and I’m kind of shocked by how these women all tolerate his disgusting comments and predatory actions. Not shocked enough to keep watching though. Looks like I’ll need the fast forward button for next week, because he’s still hanging around to keep his daughter relevant.

    • Norrth

      I couldn’t tell which was more shocking Sonja or Josh (George is in a world of his own). Josh is a vicious guy, in my book. I can’t get over how he talks to Kristen.

  • SAMRA1116

    Your recap is better than the show was. LOL
    George is just vile, crude and weird, he’s just a dirt old man, sex crazy.
    The ring don’t look real to me, but if it is real it’s huge. Save the ring child, it more than you earn in a year, it can pay bills later.
    Kristen n her husband are in the crunches —-he rode her hard and he’s very unattractive
    nothing nice to say. I saw that camel top and said someone please tell her, that’s a bad look.

    • Norrth

      What a fantastic compliment! I’m going to live off of that one for a while. Thank you. The ring didn’t look real to me either, but I wondered if it was just the lighting or something unusual about it. It looked more like a huge Opal than a diamond.

      • SAMRA1116

        It’s the truth—it was scene by scene. LOL

  • I love your recaps, Norrth.

    Thanks Bravo for the image of George getting his 80 year old balls waxed.

    • Birdie11

      True…Bravo loves the waxing scenes..can you imagine??? He reached new heights of disgusting last night. If I were his daughter I wouldn’t allow him in my or my children’s presence unless he cleaned up his mouth. I wonder how his new chippy likes him feeling up every woman he touches.

      • Norrth

        WHOA! Good point. I can’t remember seeing him around Aviva’s children. I wonder if he cleans up his act in front of them or if he has been banned from speaking in front of them because of his language.

    • Norrth

      Thanks, Doc! No thanks, Bravo. If that young woman has seen the waxing and still wants him? I don’t know what to say!

      • Morning Norrth. I agree. Ms. Cody looks like she’s all about that money (imo)

    • Lorn

      Oh no. For some reason I envision hairy, dusty craisins.

      • Don’t forget the gray hairs all over it. Ahahahaha!!!

        • Lorn


  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap North!!!
    I would love to go shopping with Lu and Heather
    I would love to kick Josh in the balls
    Ramona should be smacked in her tacky little office
    George is nasty but he gets the women…Sonja is crushed she is missing out on that money…

    • Birdie11

      I liked Carole’s pants!

      • WestCoastFeed

        I used to own pants like that, but mine had bell bottoms and a dropped waist.

        • Birdie11

          I want a pair! I would wear them now!!

    • Norrth

      I would really love to see Kristen rip into Josh to let him feel a tenth of what he makes her feel. It’s ridiculous.

  • RonnieIsBack

    heheheh Milou was gay???

  • Birdie11

    Someone needs to tell Bravo that revolting, pervy men are not fun to watch.

    • Norrth

      Not for us, but someone in the corner offices finds that guy funny.

  • Dani-K

    After last week, I did not like Josh. Now, after this week, I can’t stand the guy. When will Kristen stick up for herself? I kept waiting for him to take a phone call from work–like he did with his child’s therapy session–but no. He has plenty of time to criticize his wife. So far, Josh has no redeeming qualities.
    And George…blech! That one mini-scene where he tells his daughter about oral sex with mirrors…why did Bravo choose to include that? He’s a disgusting old man. We get that. (We got that last season.) Don’t show us anymore of him, Bravo!

    • distressed

      I forgot about that vileness with the mirror discussion after the egregious comments at the dinner party. Thank you, thank you. I don’t remember things as well as I should when I’m overly nauseous.

      Bravo is totally supporting George on the show and this week on Aviva’s blog, check the convo down thread. A spin-off could happen.

    • Norrth

      In my book, Josh acts like a man who has it all, but doesn’t want it. He acts like he would rather be in the part oogling the girls with the other teenagers. He must be forgetting that his clients could end up watching the show.

      • I think its because he realized her married the wrong woman and just doesn’t care anymore. She is a woman who speaks of not having a desire to care for her own children. She comes across as selfish. Josh called her lazy. She don’t get up with the kids and probably used/using him as a come up and he see’s it and just doesn’t care anymore.

  • TartLemon

    Last season, Aviva was all up in arms when anyone spoke the truth about how disgustingly revolting George was. Now, after the fan backlash, she’s jumping on the band wagon too.

    Aviva’s a POS and needs to go! I have no clue why Bravo thinks this is suitable programing.

    • Birdie11

      He’s probably groping underage girls around town. I wonder if he crossed that line with Avery, would Bravo keep him on??

      • distressed

        Yes, they would. Until they filmed and broadcast the trial. Then they’ll replace him with someone of equal or worse value.

    • distressed

      Hey ho, that sick diseased pervert has got to go.

  • This present relationship George has popped up with isn’t going to last. Why does he do things for shock value? I just do not like that disgusting man. No charm and tact to him whatsoever. I find Josh and Kristen’s scene interesting indeed. Looks like Josh is regretting his marriage choice and isn’t happy with his wife whatsoever. She most likely married him trying to break into the business and use his contacts. He probably realizes that right about now and resents her for it. I just don’t see him being able to mend any fences with her with all the resentment he holds towards her. The marriage has the outward appearance of being over. He said some very interesting things about Kristen during that shoot. He thinks shes lazy first of all. She needs to find her own way and divorce because this marriage doesn’t seem like its going to get any better.

  • Bonita Gee

    I love this love story…… I think Cody will make George happy and vise a verse.
    If they managed to be together for 2 years without anybody knowing, then who’s to say Cody won’t be with him for the rest of his days…
    I’m DOWN WITH THE SWIRL at any age………….. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Cody, YOU GO GIRL!!