Ashlee Holmes Slams New Season of Real Housewives of New Jersey Calls It a “Hot Mess”

Posted on May 26 2014 - 6:00pm by Editor


Former, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Ashlee Holmes is spilling the tea on Twitter. Apparently someone rattled Ashlee’s cage and the wild child took to Twitter to answer her critics.

After moving to LA, Ashlee landed a job as a writer for the entertainment website Buzznet. Her area of expertise includes celebrity gossip and of course “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” She is 23-years old now and lives in Hollywood. She’s independent and understands the value of things more now. Seems like Ashlee has finally grown up. Go Ashlee!

Even her look has matured. I barely recognize Ashlee in the following pic.


Ashlee tweeted:

“I think it’s funny when people tweet me stuff like “You aren’t on RHONJ anymore!” Almost in the sense of like.. *take THAT*. My reaction? Yeah… I know. GOOD lol. I’m pretty sure I left that show 2-3 seasons ago? My mom is JUST NOW on board lol –On to bigger and better things. #gladtobegone #sinkingship #hotmess #negativeenergy” - ashleeholmes- I think it's f.clipular

Miss Chatty Addie didn’t stop there, she then tweeted:

“I don’t know about you all but I think #ManzodWithChildren is going to be so much fun to watch. No more negativity. #positiveenergy#family”

Ashlee Holmes (ashleeholmes) on Twitter.clipular

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  • WestCoastFeed

    I hope she is right about “Manzo’d with Children.” I felt she was talking about the past 2 seasons of NJ when she tagged with “hot mess” etc. Not the season to come which she probably doesn’t know anything about.

    And, okay, she has grown up some, but is still a very self-absorbed young woman.

  • Birdie11

    Good Lord…Ashlee is certainly following the tradition of housewife face butchering. I seriously doubt her ‘independence’ was gained without a LOT of help from her parents.

    • noarguingwithstupid

      I would have never recognized the kid–Wonder how she will look in 10 years. She always was a know-it-all, so I am sure Karma will work her magic!!! She was a horrid teenager that I would have sent away to school somewhere–not to California to do God knows what!!!! She looks pretty slutty now!!

      • Birdie11

        She probably has that glamour shot hung over her couch!! YIKES.

        • noarguingwithstupid

          Well, they are all self-absorbed they can’t think normally!!! Who gets these glamour shots and why???I understand if you are an aspiring model and/or actress to have your own set of pics, but who in the world does she think she is!!!!

  • Cat

    “Star”? Really? Since when?

    • Bonita Gee

      Right, right…… Who was she on RHONJ? I mean who was she related to and why did she ieave? Was she somebodies daughter or wife on the show??

      • Birdie11

        She is Jacqueline’s daughter from another marriage. Her brightest moment was when she yanked out a handful of Danielle’s extensions in the middle of a hissy fit. She spent 99% of her time on the show being an insufferable brat.

        • Bonita Gee

          Oooooooooohhhh HER!!!! Okay! I remember Jacqueline’s daughter.. Yeah and she was finally sent away to California to go to school or something because they couldn’t handle her.
          But that was pay back for Jacqueline, she was such and bitch her daughter was TWICE the bitch she was though.
          Karma is a BITCH to though………… Aaaaaaaaahhh!! Now she’s out in California talking smack about RHONJ – good for her though. At least she got a job now.

          • Birdie11

            Yeah…anything is a step up from how she was on the show.

  • Marsbars09

    Hi Doc! Please read your e-mail immediately!

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ✿❀❁

    Oh Ashlee, Ashlee. You might have grown & you might have changed but it sure doesn’t seem you’ve matured! Tsk, tsk!

  • noarguingwithstupid

    Did Ashlee ever finish high school? Is she going to college now? Or is she still the lazy little selfish girl who boo-hooed every time she didn’t get her way!!!

    • WestCoastFeed

      She was going to cosmetics school the last I heard.

  • Vince Foster, Jr.

    Why is this spoiled child relevant?