Exclusive Interview: The “Other” Woman In the Drea Kelly and Brian McKee Love Triangle Speaks Out!

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We first introduced JayLynn Umbleby to the world when “All About The Tea” broke the story on the Drea Kelly and Brian McKee cheating scandal (Read the story here). 

Jaylynn Umbleby Drea Kelly

JayLynn Umbleby

Famous as one of the women who broke up Drea Kelly and Brian McKee, JayLynn Umbleby opens up about the ordeal that has turned her world upside down.

andrea_brian_you-592x330Drea Kelly & Brian McKee

JayLynn Umbleby spoke with “All About The Tea” exclusively for a candid interview. JayLynn gained notoriety for her involvement in a relationship with Brian McKee, the husband of Drea Kelly of “Hollywood Exes.”

Who is JayLynn Umbleby? The 26-year old keeps herself busy working, she’s a business woman in addition to a Choreographer and has proven herself to be one tough cookie. This gutsy, honest, hard-working young lady bares her soul, answers the tough questions and addresses her harshest critics in our exclusive interview.


AATT: How did you meet Brian? Were you in love with him?
Jaylynn: “I met Brian when I worked at Sprint in 2012, we dated on and off since then. I wouldn’t say I was in love with him but perhaps in love with the attention [he gave me] and way he treated me. He was a great guy to me or as I thought.”


AATT: What drove you to come forward?
Jaylynn: “I don’t think it’s fair for someone to intentionally use someone else and cause pain upon them. We got into an argument before the show premiered. I wanted to know if the relationship was really just for tv or was it real.”
Jaylynn: “Brian got upset called me out my name and blocked me from contacting him, so I took it upon myself to reach out to Drea. I tried to contact her on IG after no response I reached out to Tony, her assist. When I told him me and Brian had been talking and he tells me he loves me all the time, Tony kind of sarcastically said ‘Well I’m sure he does love you and Jesus does too.’ This kind of hurt! I was upset that I felt like I was being mocked and treated as a liar, so I publicly posted screen shots of me and Brian’s conversations.”
Jaylynn: “After the screen shots, Drea said I hurt her and her kids. This was devastating to me because it wasn’t my intentions. I apologized and took down all the public info, without being asked to.”
AATT: Did Brian contact you after the show aired with an explanation?
Jaylynn: “No, before I even posted anything I messaged Brian on Google voice since he had blocked my number from a previous argument. I begged him to apologize to me and come clean and I will let everything go and be done with him and everything, he refused and called me crazy because he did not think anything he was doing was wrong. I have not talked to him since nor do I plan too.”
Brian McKee Text MsgA screenshot of a text message from Jaylynn asking Brian for an apology but he refuses and denies


AATT:  How did he explain being married on the show?
Jaylynn: “He simply stated it was just for the show. He even said in a text message that he had to do this for his family, he had to think about their needs but his heart was with me. And that’s all that mattered.”
Interview Questions from All About The Tea - allaboutthetea23@gmailA screenshot of Brian’s text message to Jaylynn 


AATT: You told me that you recently spoke to Drea Kelly. After your discussion, do you have a better understanding of why she was reluctant to believe you at first?
Jaylynn: “Absolutely, I know nothing about her lifestyle. I now understand, there are crazy people out there who try to hurt others or do anything possible for fame. I’m thankful things turned out better in the end.”
AATT: Some might say you exposed Brian because you’re seeking fame? Why did you come forward?
Jaylynn: “I exposed the truth simply because, if I was in her situation, I would want the same. Also in my heart I know what’s right and what’s wrong and God would not have allowed me to not have a heavy heart knowing what that man’s intentions were and not speaking up.”
AATT: Brian did a recent interview where he apologized to Drea, has he apologized to you?
Jaylynn: “No, and I am okay with that. I want nothing from him other for him to tell Drea and tell the world the FULL truth not bits and pieces. And stop making me seem to be some ‘side chick’ that’s after 15 minutes of fame. I’m not….I’m perfectly content with where I am and I want NOTHING out of this except the truth.”
AATT: Do you think Brian married Drea for love or to further his career?
Jaylynn: “I don’t think rather I KNOW it is for his career as it’s come from his own mouth to my ears!”
AATT: Another woman came forward and said Brian asked her for thousands of dollars. Has he ever asked you for money or gifts?
Jaylynn: “Absolutely not! He knew better. I’ve never given that man anything other than my precious time.” 
AATT: Did you notice a change in Brian’s character after the show aired?
Jaylynn: “Absolutely. I noticed a change in Brian when the show started filming. He was very short tempered. He would be very short in conversations and get angry with me over the smallest things.”
AATT: Do you think Brian is materialistic?
Jaylynn: “I know he is materialistic! He’s always been, however I’m a simple yet classy confident woman so it never bothered me.”
b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (8)Brian flaunting material items


AATT: Have you received threats since coming forward? 
Jaylynn: “I just received one weird email but I disregarded and ignored it. I did not take it seriously at all.”


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  • Babson_Chick

    Seems like another one bites the dust – relationship that is.

    • SAMRA1116

      Hey Blondie—I don’t think the relationship was real, from the start.
      Desperation is a bitter pill.. SMH

      • Exactly! Happy Memorial Day Samra!

        • SAMRA1116

          Same to you Dr.

        • SAMRA1116

          Hey Dr. You saw Kenya has a new man—something of that sort.

          • I did and from what I saw he’s fine!!!!!

      • Babson_Chick

        Hi Samra!! Yes, deperation is the Word!!

    • Hi Babs!!! Happy Memorial Day!

      • Babson_Chick

        Hi there Doc!! Hope you’re enjoying the Day!!


    What has the world come too where the mistresses are given a vehicle to air their dirty laundry.

    • imjustagirl33

      I know, this chick don’t know how stupid she looks to all the other women that have not come forward. She probably does not realize she was not special, just one of the many that got used by that fool. He must be better looking in person to fool all those women. I have heard a lot about him that has not come out yet.

  • RonnieIsBack

    A damn shame…he is horible but Drea was just so damn thirsty….

    • Preach!!! EXTRA thirsty on both parts.

  • Chloe

    Great interview!

    I don’t really care about these people but my question is why is Drea still using the name Kelly if she married Brian and was sooooo in love? Was the “marriage” real or just for the show?

    • realtalk

      You do know that you have to go to court to change your name. You just can’t up and say this is my name. So until Andrea goes before a judge to change her name. Her last name will legally be Kelly. And since her 3 kids last names are Kelly. she might as well keep the name. She earned it after being married to Robert Kelly for 13 years and putting up with his mess.

      • Red

        U don’t have to go to court to change ur last name. All u need is the divorce papers, to change ur name on ur driverS license. Also bring those same divorce papers to the SS office n have ur name change on ur as card. Legally!!!!

  • Divine

    WHY IS ANDREA HOLDING ON TO RKELLY NAME ALTHOUGH SHE CLAIMS HE ABUSED HER.? She has the option of using her birth name LEE or BRIAN MCKEE’s surname. According to her she struck gold when she got married to Brian Mckee

    • NiHi

      I can understand her still using Kelly as a last name. They were married for a number of years and have small children.

    • YouDisappointMe

      Actually you can only change your name a few times. Also she was married during the height of her career building and much like Tina Turner said after being told she was leaving the marriage with nothing, “I still havey name.”

      • Divine

        ONLY Andrea’s family and close friends knew she was married to RKelly. Unlike Tina Turner THE REST OF THE WORLD DID NOT. Andrea’s mother, Getti Cruze was married to Andrea’s Dad, Mr. Lee for a number of years. She is divorced from him and is now using her birth name. I still, think Andrea is using RKelly’s surname to build her fame and fortune

        • YouDisappointMe

          OK if she is. She got a reported 50 million in the divorce too and all of it is in an estate and entrusted. That’s why she doesn’t need a prenup to get married. No on can take it like that.

          People did know R. Kelly was married, at least I did, it just wasn’t pushed or commonly spoken of. People didn’t know her well but neither do they know the names of choreographers. The average person can’t name the top 5 or 500 choreographers in America let alone the world or who did there the last video they saw. Either way he had to pay for that time she stood by him and if she enjoys the rest of her life, she earned it and the use of any name she wants.

  • elle79st

    Wait a minute…. so he never slept with her after he got married. He shut her off and out of his life. She exposed him when she kept trying to communicate with him. Seems like she is doing more dirt than he is. Yes I see he was begging for money after the marriage, but I don’t see where he was intimate with these women. All Drea had to do; shut it down, give 1 final warning; keep is rolling.

    • Denetgrl

      Do you not understand that he was using AK too? Shut down what? He probably only shut the others off because AK had more money. I doubt he cared about any of them. In the interview he never mentions that he loved her or anyone else he was involved with or that he was attracted to AK, just that she was funny (I guess he could not say because she had some money). Funny? That was enough to pack up, marry, and move in within a week of meeting her? I think money played a big part in this. Neither of the two “extra” women are attractive and probably have low-self esteem. I hope he is praying real hard to change.

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  • Samantha Gibbs

    Brian McKee Speaks!! After months without hearing from him regarding Andrea and their relationship, Brian finally came out with a Tell All Video on Youtube. A must see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dJgfj-f8pU

  • 2happy2hate

    This side chick needs to quit…her intentions was to hurt his wife and family b/c he no longer wanted to be with her. She states that she knows what’s right/wrong and her heart and God wouldn’t have allowed her to carry on knowing that he was cheating on his wife and not disclose this information…she’s full of BS and now she wants to bring the Lord into it. And then goes on to say how classy she is. Classy, no, tacky, very much so. A classy woman, knowing the type of man he is, wouldn’t have continued dating him. She would’ve nipped this potential relationship in the bud. So for her to continue on in a relationship with him, makes her a silly and dumb broad, seeking attention, which apparently, she did receive. So now she can go on being someone else’s side chick. As a woman, trust, this woman would’ve eventually found out about her husband’s squandering ways, without having to compromise their children’s emotional stability of seeing their father publicly exposed in the media. Do you want a cookie for being a side chick and exposing a cheater? You seem to forget this incident also exposes the type of person you are as well.