Real Housewives of New York Recap: Ramona Gets Ramonational When Confronted by The Gals [Episode 11]

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We are welcomed back to the Berkshires with a house full of hungover housewives. Kristen, of course, has her game face on and looks like a bucket full of sunshine.  How? What? Wow. Sonja reflects on the night before and her 30 year friendship with Ramona. She feels awful to have been manipulated. As the women are creaking and moaning, Kristen is outside with the yoga master getting ready for their session.  The conversation in the house turns back to getting even with Ramona, Sonja wants a piece of that action.  The yoga session isn’t bringing the peace of mind it should, as Sonja is gassy and joking about it. Carole is annoyed as Kristen joins the “pass the gas” game.  Earlier Carole commented about the group being bonded over Ramona’s manipulation.  It shows. They’ve never been so friendly toward one another.

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Back in the city, Carole is having her make up done for a photo shoot for Bella Magazine to discuss her book tour. Carole is also writing a Town and Country article on manners. I know. It’s a thing. It’s really happening. I had to pause the dvr so that I wouldn’t miss the rest of the show while laughing. Carole is beginning to remind me of SITC’s Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie’s column was something I never took seriously as part of the show. The other characters felt authentic in their occupational roles, but Carrie’s column, for me, was a gimmick – running commentary of her jacked up love life, or the jacked up love lives of her friends, but never anything I thought that anyone would read, even in the serialized version of such an amazing city.

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Countess Lu calls while Carole is in the makeup artist’s chair and decides to ask Lu to stop by so she can ask] for tips for her T&C article.  And again, I’m laughing. Does LuAnn get a co-writer credit for this? Carole, who publicly shamed LuAnn over designer duds is now seeking her help about manners. Time does heal some wounds.  They are getting along so well that the Countess is thinking of a great guy she can use as a set up for Carole.

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There is taking candy from a baby and there’s Heather.  Kristen and Heather are meeting in central park with Kristen’s son, Cash.  Heather asks if she can have some ice cream and actually EATS some of it.  They drag Cash into their Ramona-centered conversation asking him if he knows he’s not supposed to throw anything.  He’s annoyed and says that his mother tells him that all the time.  I’m enjoying the funny scene of Heather actually eating a little of the poor kid’s ice cream. I’m enjoying the city as a central character on the show.  I’m just in love with the architecture.  What I’m not enjoying is the constant discussion about Ramona. How do you make a housewife the queen bitch of the show? Keep talking about her. LET IT GO, people. I’d tell you what they’re saying, but it’s exactly what they’ve said in every scene for the last two episodes or so.

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While the use of the word “intervention” is disturbing in connection to this planned confrontation, what’s more disturbing is the way these women go about it. I believe every bit of Ramona’s story, that her father was abusive, that her family was dysfunctional, that she still relives some of those days. I don’t believe she has been sufficiently remorseful, at this point.  She has had too much life experience to fault someone else for her actions. Having said that, the “get Ramona” attitude is insane – it is the grown up version of “mean girls,” minus the clever plots. They decide to literally trap Ramona in the booth so that she can’t get away from the table. Lu jokes that Ramona won’t get past her, because she’s like a linebacker for the 49ers (Didn’t Ramona call her a linebacker last week?)  This behavior is beneath these women. Marginalize Ramona and move on.  

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Lu talks with Sonja about meeting Ben the one time in the Hamptons and uses it to segue to Ramona’s Great Big Hampton’s adventure at Molly Sim’s party. There is a lot of cross talk, yelling, and accusations. Carole is offended when Sonja keeps referring to “her” instead of using her name. Ramona thinks they should all just say what they mean and mean what they say instead of starting frivolous arguments. Ramona shuts down at some point and then comes back stating that her tears were real, she told them that the Berkshires were too much like upstate NY with her family.  Ramona is literally trying to push her way past LuAnn.  She’s yelling, they are yelling back at her, the patrons are turning and looking. The staff looks stunned. 

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The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Ramona, a Banquet and Some Issues.clipular (13)

Ramona eventually admits that she was completely wrong.  She needs to make amends.  In her TH she mentions that she would have said anything to make them shut up.  It’s a clusterbang and my head hurts.  Licensed clinical psychiatry/social work is not in the futures of anyone at that table. Thank goodness they did one smart thing.  They didn’t have poor Kristen sitting there with them.

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We’re back with Kristen and Josh. We see that Kingsley has a therapist who visits 3 days a week to help her develop the strength she needs to walk. Josh admits that he would rather be at work.  Kristen wants him there to try to motivate Kingsley. Josh is actually complaining to the therapist that he’s there because his wife is “busting his chops”  and that he’s there despite the fact that it’s hard for him to find two hours out of his day for this stuff. WTF?  The NY version of Vicki Gunvalson checks his emails while “watching” the session. He even takes a phone call. 

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The couple argues in front of the seemingly uncomfortable therapist. Sad. The arguing gets worse when the therapist leaves. Kristen tries to convince Josh that he’ll miss the moments he’s not spending with the children when they’re older, even if he gets up with the kids (4 -6 days a week).  At some point she does what she seems to do quite often in talking with him, she begins crying and he tells her to not get emotional.   He must have a lot of money. Why would anyone put up with this guy?  She later tells him she wants him to do something romantic on occasion, and he tells Kristen he’d like the same from her.  He doesn’t come home that often because there is never food on the table. He must have a VAULT full of money. Dear Josh, keep in mind that Karma is not a bitch; she slays bitches and you might be at that top of her list. No food on the table?  Not worried about what the kids are eating when you stay away?  I get impression that he could afford to hire a chef for the family.  He could at least pick food up on the way home several times a week. However many zeroes are resting comfortably in his bank account could never be enough, for me.

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If it’s not sad enough, Kingsley is crying and they continue with the arguing.


Ramona is working out with her one roller prominently displayed (also on display is a bottle of pinot, sitting at a table in the bedroom).  Mario comes in and the roller mysteriously flies from Ramona’s head to the floor.  He jokes with her about drinking wine instead of water when she tells him the wine was for him.  She puts the roller back in place and proceeds with a little whine of her own <— like how I did that?  It’s an art form!  She tells him about the dinner.  I can’t tell if Mario is amused or if he’s totally checked out.  I can’t gauge his facial expression when Ramona mentions their successful marriage and I also can’t tell if his slight recoil when Ramona kisses him is because he doesn’t want her to touch him or if he’s just not use to her being affectionate.  It was a strange scene.

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The interstitial is of Sonja planning a dinner party and the interns looking dazed and confused.  What it must be like working in that house with her.

LuAnn and Jacques bring along Nick Gregory (an actor, ex All My Children, ex Another World) who is the set-up for Carole. She mentions that she talks too much when she’s nervous and it’s the first thing I’ve found endearing about her because she really is awkward. I’m in good company. Countess Lu thinks the same, before adding that she expects Carole to get better as she dates more –  noting that she can’t get any worse.

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The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Ramona, a Banquet and Some Issues.clipular (2)


From fun to foolishness: Ramona and Kristen meet to talk, as requested by Ramona – who apologizes and says that she’s embarrassed by her behavior and repeats that she’s really sorry. I’ve never heard Ramona apologize repeatedly. Ramona even gives her flowers. I don’t know what to think. Kristen wants Ramona to know that it’s the first time she’s had anyone throw anything at her.  In a turn I didn’t see coming, Kristen asks Ramona if she is drinking too much, if she was drunk when she threw the glass, etc. WHOA! She asks one question that I find to be legitimate.  Is Kristen the only person toward whom she feels aggression. Ramona was as wrong as two left shoes to throw that glass, but I am surprised at Kristen’s lack of grace at this point. If the point is to meet and let Ramona know there is no forgiveness without her seeking counseling for her issues, I could understand that, but anything else was a waste of time for both women – and for the audience.

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The Real Housewives of New York City Photos - Recap- Ramona, a Banquet and Some Issues.clipular


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  • cutie pie

    I find Kristen’s dude abusive. I’m so hoping this is scripted nonsense, cuz if not, she has to consider leaving him. josh has no idea how to treat a woman…none whatsoever.

    • Norrth

      He is so incredibly dismissive of Kristen’s feelings. He makes me think he’s pulling a “Kelsey” and trying to set Kristen up with something that will sustain her while he moves on. I’ve never seen a HH so seemingly uninterested in his family. Heather’s husband is a doll. Josh is what I would call a nightmare.

      • cutie pie

        I agree…he keeps telling her to ‘man up’…perhaps he’s rather suck dick.

      • cutie pie

        ps..thank you so much for the blog post…

      • RonnieIsBack

        ooooh that is a good one. I never thought about it that way….yep I see this also.

  • cutie pie

    the most upsetting thing about this episode is it’s the last aviva free one. next week we get her pity-fuck-me old man back…so these two barely home trained animals can interract with disgusting inappropriateness.

  • Sue Shore

    I’m going to give the other view to Kristen’s marriage. She married a man who works a lot. It appears he is successful. She KNEW this going into the marriage. I’m sure his success/wealth was part of her attraction. Is he cocky? Yes! But again, not new to her. Nagging him about how he’s never home doesn’t work, it does the opposite. She should consider what he is saying underneath the mean tones. Have a nice dinner waiting for him, spice up their romance. Entice him to want to be there. His salary afford the 3/week therapist for their daughter and the nanny. She reminds me of Shannon from OC. Both marriages are very rocky and putting the problems on national tv seems like a disaster to me.

    • Norrth

      I agree with your view, to a point. I don’t doubt he has a tough schedule, but I’m betting Kristen can remember when he did sneak off from work for hours at a time – when he wanted to. I think she nailed him when she asked him if he took phone calls during a business meeting. He seemingly has enough money to hire a therapist and to hire an assistant who could handle small things while he’s away. He even told Kristen he would come home more, if she cooked. ;(( Josh is selective about his time and his family is not his first priority it seems. If that guy doesn’t have a woman on the side, I would be stunned. He’s too entitled and privileged to not have someone tending to him in the manner he pleases. (FTR, I have no idea what that man does with his time or with whom he does it — I am getting a “Kelsey Grammar” vibe from him.)

      Unless they are broke and we don’t know it – and he’s struggling to make money to save them, I don’t buy that he’s too busy to be with his family.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    I decided after not watching this show for months, I would give it another chance. I really like most of the characters, with the exception of Ramona. She was the main reason I stopped watching and she is the reason I will not watch it again. She ruins the whole show and until she is fired, toodles!

  • SAMRA1116

    Kristen is like a broken record—-Romona did apolize for throwing the cup, her luck didn’t bleed. They would have showed the blood. This is the season of LIP GATE..
    Kristen needs to cook a meal for her husband. She home all day, with HELP, she whines too much. Why have them all gang upon her, I not crazy about Romona, but damn they are making a mountain, out of a mole hill…
    I like Sonja haircut in her talking head.

    • Norrth

      Kristen does that thing my young nephew does when he gets upset. She adds a syllable. Ramona made her bleed-a. She’s right about Ramona’s behavior, but takes things to such an extreme. It’s as if she’d rather have everyone hate Ramona than have Ramona accept responsibility for her actions.

      • SAMRA1116

        She’s also taking out her frustration out. Romona was wrong, no if and or butts. But she reminds me of her friend Brandi. Jmo

  • twifan2

    Brilliant recap, Norrth! 🙂
    Thanks! I would much rather read your recaps than watch RHNY!

    • Norrth

      Thank you.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap Norrth!!!!
    I was dying at Carole and her date….he was looking like “don’t ever ask me to take her out again!” I love Lu…Jacques seems like he can be a bit of a snob and a jerk…Ramona is hilarious..just when I want to punch her she cracks me up. Mario is a cheating heaux and it was so obvious he wanted to be with his mistress than film with Ramona…Kristen’s husband must have a ton of money. He is a jerk and a prick…he speaks to her like she is the help. I see why she is neurotic.
    Speaking of which Sonja..just sad….but their hangover faces were histerical.
    these NY women drive me to drink when they speak in such a frenetic fashion. They do not take a breath. I hated it when Methenny did it…at the table I would have crawled under it and left. and the screaming…I was like shut up dammit!
    ADiva and her nastyazz daddy return next week. I’m going out to by alka seltzer…

    • Norrth

      Oh, how I agree. I think it’s the most we’ve heard Jacques speak and I realize that I don’t care much for the guy. He was as awkward as Carole – and a bit pushy. Maybe he was nervous, but it was weird.

    • Dani-K

      It was nice to have a 2 week break from Aviva.

  • SAMRA1116

    Oh don’t get me started on Carole, she is sickening. Who talks about orgasms on a first date. If a man would’ve said that she would be upset n repulsive. She didn’t show any dating skills, for a first date. Those top teeth are too buck and too big. JS

  • Happywife

    Brilliant recap, thanks again for another great one.

    I agree that Josh sucks entirely, but he’s trapped into that role by his wife who might be, shall we say, a wee bit passive aggressive with him. Hopefully they have now seen the episode and can also see themselves screaming at each other while the toddler in Kristin’s arms gets more and more hysterical as their verbal sparring gets louder. I’ve really liked Kristin so far this season, or at least she’s recovered from her ” .. but I’m pretty!” tag line.

  • Awesome recap, Norrth!

    The “intervention”. Ugh!!!!! How many more of these are they going to force us to pretend we believe? Who really believes any of those ladies ( besides Sonja) gives one hoot about Ramona or why she does anything? I agree with Ramona.. Sonja was most upset at missing a more fun party. I think the Berkshires young man-less white bread affair was boring the gas out of her.

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    They shouldn’t have done that to Ramona. #1 it will do absolutely no good. Ramona doesn’t need an intervention with a bunch of narcissistic fame-Ho’s who all have issues of their own, she needs a REAL therapist. That “intervention” might have made THEM feel better but they are kidding themselves if they think Ramona benefited from it. With Radrunka, it’s in one ear and out the other. She’s needs therapy AND rehab if you ask me. (Did anyone catch Mario telling Ramona to go back to working out? She IS carrying some alcoholic bloat, it was noticeable–particularly in that tee shirt scene).

    I feel so bad for Kristen. What an ASSHOLE that husband is! I agree with the author (nice job btw!) that there simply aren’t enough zeroes in any bank account to make me put up with that kind of abusive (and it IS abusive) behavior.

    I have to wonder why Kingsley isn’t walking yet? I have a friend who literally carried her child for so long that the child had no motivation to walk. I would have liked to hear more whether this is a biological or psycho-somatic condition. In any case, I felt so bad for Kristen and what she puts up with every day. I gave my husband a HUGE kiss when he came in late from a business trip last night. He treats me like gold–and seeing a marriage like Kristen and her husband’s makes me really see I should never take it for granted.

    I’m liking Luann this season quite a lot–and I couldn’t stand her when she was FT. She’s not nearly as arrogant and condescending as she used to be. Perhaps the smackdown to becoming a “friend” of the HW’s was somewhat humbling for her.

    Great recap!

    • Birdie11

      Very true about the Ramona paunch…she is looking so rough this season in general..not happy! My last child took 16 months to walk, and it was no biggie. He was just a chill kid, and had three siblings hauling him everywhere. I am thinking that Kingsley must have been diagnosed with some muscular issues or something.

      • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

        Hi Birdie! I definitely agree that kids develop at their own rate–it’s just that Kristen made quite a big thing about it, what with the therapy. I hope Kingsley’s okay–cute kid.

        I agree–Ramona looks like HELL this season. Too much drinking and way too much turning her head the other way while Mario cheated. That will give you a neck strain!

        • Birdie11

          I am bummed Heels! Pinot and Sonya together used to be my faves…now it’s turned into watching a depressed drunk and a delusional, broke floozie stumble through life! NO FUN!!

          • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

            Oh Birdie I know! They used to be my faves too-they were fun, ballsy, and just had fun. Now they are sad, tired, and delusional. Sonja is especially sad–the way she was going after that young man running the boat. He looked embarrassed and probably thought she was a pathetic old cougar–she’s almost old enough to be his GRANDMOTHER! (seriously).

            I think Ramona has just gone through hell with her marriage and Sonja is losing it because of her finances. Plus, add in the menopausal hormones and you have a recipe for disaster.

          • Birdie11

            You nailed that and OMGGG with Sonya and that 20 year old. I was beyond horrified, especially when she told him that him living with his parents was a deal breaker, like HE was pursuing HER!! She is one SICK chick!!!

          • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

            OMG, I know. I was SO embarrassed for her. I wonder what she thought when she saw it–or perhaps she is too deluded to care/know.

            I’m outta here–gotta go to the Dr’s.

          • Birdie11

            See ya! *waving*

      • Sara

        As a mom of a toddler with developmental delays, the therapy scene made me so sad and SO angry. That poor PT looked so uncomfortable! I can understand why Kristen wanted Josh to come to at least one (only 30 minutes!!) session. He claims to be super dad because he gets up with the kids at 5:00 (PS- work on your kids sleep schedules, that is way too early) “six days a week” (I call BS/I bet he’s working or exercising while the kids watch TV) – he could learn A TON from the PT that he could apply to their playtime, to help Kingsley develop!

        • Birdie11

          Agree 100%! I love how he expects us to believe that he’s engaged with the kids every morning…yeah right…if he was he would have been fascinated and eager to learn from the therapist! He’s full of crap that no one’s buying. Kristen should get him spending that time teaching the kids to stay in bed a couple more hours!!

          • Sara

            I agree. He’s not so busy that he can’t take one measly hour and put the phone away while watching his daughter undergo physical therapy because she has developmental issues. Perhaps he might learn some exercises/activities to use when he is up with his daughter at 5 am, probably the only time he spends with her (if that’s true).

            Seems he has all the time to run in a mud race, when it benefits him. Didn’t see him on the phone then, did we?

          • Birdie11

            I wonder if he ever really wanted kids…or did Kristen talk him into it. He doesn’t seem bonded with them (remember his monotone voice on the phone asking Cash about talking to mom)? He seems extremely self absorbed..and so clueless he doesn’t even know how to fake it for the cameras!! My guess is that Kristen didn’t expect his parent instincts to be so pathetic.

          • Dani-K

            While I watched this scene, I kept thinking that if it were me I would have thrown his phone across the room. But that really would have freaked out the PT.

        • murlut

          I agree. What dad cant take 30 minutes out of the day for his CHILD. Josh is a dirt bag.

    • Sara

      Josh does not care how Kristen feels about anything. She is little more than an underperforming employee to him and he recognizes that his wife is using his daughter as emotional leverage to elicit some sort of emotional investment from him and he’s not about to play along. Kristen wants her husband to care about her and value her but, because he’s a scorekeeper, he’s not about to accommodate her until she meets some arbitrary and shifting baseline. He withholds affection because it’s exactly what Kristen needs.

      • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

        Great analysis. I would kick that bastard to the curb so fast–but then I’m not one to put up with that. No one should keep ‘score’ in a relationship–relationships that do that are usually doomed to fail. He also seems not the type to consider couples therapy (and NOT on television for the purpose of fame-whoring!).

        I feel really sorry for her in that relationship, although I haven’t always agreed with her behavior.

        • Sara

          Thank you and likewise. Kristen should’ve known she was marrying a douche. When Kristen was a 22 year-old model do you think she would’ve given a “nice guy” the time of day? Probably not. She wouldn’t have “wasted” her time on a guy who was an elementary school teacher making a 5-figure income. Just like her pal Brandi trashed Moyce (who seems to genuinely love his wife) for being ugly. Brandi went for the hot/sexy actor husband and was shocked when he turned out to be a philanderer.

          I think (hope) Kristen does not turn out to be as bad as Brandi, but I think they both made poor choices in the husband department because they’re materialistic ex-models.

          • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

            Personally, I’d rather be with a loving, wonderful husband who made a schoolteacher’s wages than be with that blow-hard, abusive rich dickwad. She should have saved her money as a model and invested wisely–then she wouldn’t be dependent on an a-hole. Personally, if I were her, I would start stashing some ‘escape’ money. And it really makes you wonder what goes on when the cameras ARE NOT there!

          • Sara

            This is amazingly accurate and funny. Kristen is lacking the companionship from Josh and doesn’t know how to express her needs to him in a constructive manner. They are a partnership and I highly doubt she signed up without him thinking of the benefits to his business. Wasn’t the tough mudder sponsored by his business? He can reap some of the benefits of her being on the show while he continues to be a douche. I’m with you, give me a schoolteacher anyday over a dirtbag like Josh.

          • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

            Spot on again! They really do not have a clue how to communicate with one another in a constructive way. They are both busy pointing the fingers and blaming the other!

          • Norrth

            Wow I love the way you made the connection! I hadn’t thought about it but it makes complete sense.

    • Norrth

      Talk about an “intervention” gone wrong. These women seriously overestimated their ability to scare Ramona.

      • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

        Truly. An intervention won’t work with Ramona. But then, some people are ‘unteachable.’ I think she’s one of them. I could NEVER be friends with her. I like being around chill people–she’s way too hyper and crazy. She’s funny to watch on TV but I can’t imagine what hell it would be to have her as a friend. But she’s not as out of control as Trashi Trashville with her tampon string blowing in the wind while she’s falling down drunk!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks for the terrific recap,, North. I think what took me aback the most was how awkward and unsophisticated Carole was on that blind date. She was like a country bumpkin.

    • Sara

      I think Carole’s date was very handsome and she was intimidated by him. Carole behaved like she thought a younger woman would act, all coy and cute. I was not impressed with Carole on that date.

      • WestCoastFeed

        I hadn’t watched NY prior to this season so I was expecting a Radziwill to be more polished. Granted she married into the family, but I was surprised by how awkward she was.

      • Norrth

        She has really lost a lot of confidence. I wonder if the break up was harsh, more than she let on. She was “Mrs. Robinson” last year with the guy at the bar. Maybe she was intimidated. Wow.

    • Norrth

      Is her dating book out or is it in the process of coming out? I thought it was the latter ,and that was the book Aviva held up a couple of weeks ago. In any case, Carol is the worst person to sell a dating book. It was cute (but awkward) that she was so nervous!

  • Birdie11

    I feel sorry for Ramona…she’s under stress big time, and it shows. Mario looked like he would rather be in the dentist’s chair than in a chair with Ramona, and by the end of this episode I wanted to give Kristen a fat lip…she apologized already, and doesn’t need you to lecture her about her life. On the flip side, her hub is an ASS…it’s not about not cutting out from work enough…it’s about his utter lack of interest in his family. Kristen is fighting for her children to not grow up with a pompous, jerk wad for a father, and I don’t blame her. I am enjoying Lu, and don’t understand her friends status, she seems to be on just as much as anyone. Sonya, on the other hand, is losing me…her slurry, slutty ways are growing old fast.

    • Dani-K

      Agreed with everything you said. Josh did come off as a jerk. Sometimes people behave slightly better when cameras are on, so when I watched the scene with the therapist for Kingsley, I couldn’t help but think, “What is this jerk like when the cameras aren’t rolling?” It’s interesting that Kristen and Ramona are both “reacting” because of the treatment they receive from their husbands. Mario is dismissive of Ramona and would prefer that she go on a girls’ weekend every weekend. And Josh is superior and wants Kristen to know that she’s too dumb to live. I think that’s why Kristen was so ungracious with Ramona’s apology.

  • Sara

    I totally understand and the backlash Kristen is getting for being whiny/nagging is undeserved.

    If Aviva’s father is making an appearance next week, then please take Josh out of the picture temporarily – or even better, permanently! I’m afraid I can only handle one repulsive man on my television at a time.