RHOA “Husbands Revealed” Episode Received Blockbuster Ratings…The Men May Get Their Own Show!!

Posted on May 20 2014 - 3:38pm by Avigail


[VIDEO] Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: 'Husbands Revealed'

Low and behold, Peter Thomas may hold a peach afterall…

On Sunday night, 2,128,000 viewers tuned in to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Husbands Revealed,” episode 27. That was a 20% increase in viewership than the previous week’s “Lost Footage/Secrets Revealed” episode, according to bravoratings.com

Those are fantastic numbers considering not one housewife appeared on that episode.

Overall, RHOA had blockbuster ratings. Coming in as the highest rated show in the Bravo Housewives franchise with 3,731,037 viewers tuning in for season 6. While other Real Housewives shows continue to decline in ratings.

The Real Husbands of Atlanta – Gregg, Peter, Apollo and Todd – got together for a night out and reveal some tantalizing details about their lives with their wives. The men “kept it real” on everything from who really wears the pants in their relationships to who has the best sex life, plus how hard it is to please women who have it all to their picks for the most attractive Atlanta ‘Wives.

Below are snippets revealed on the show:

The men share their picks for the most attractive Atlanta ‘Wives (besides their own of course).


The men talk sex and Gregg Leakes reveals how he keeps the romance alive with NeNe during their morning routine.


With such successful ratings Bravo may turn “Husbands Revealed” into something more permanent. 

The night the show aired, a proud Peter tweeted:

“Me and my #1 fan @CynthiaBailey10. This is what LOVE and a GOOD LIFE looks like. #TeamThomas#RHOA#RHOAHusbands”

And his wife responded with a tweet:

Twitter - CynthiaBailey10- @PeterThomasRHOA The Peter ....clipular

Stay tuned for more updates on this.


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  • RonnieIsBack

    Oh Gawd..now what will we have: The Thief, The Butler, The Mooch and Uncle Ben….(in my Florida Evans’ voice: Damn Damn Damn!!!!)

    • LMAO!! The thief is going away soon and Todd started his own company. So it’ll be Geritol Gregg and Uncle Ben

      • RonnieIsBack

        Hey Doc!!!! Uncle Ben and Geritol Greg…yawing because his big azz ate too many chicken fingers…Itis

        • SAMRA1116

          Greg sure did ask for those chicken wigs. We can see that’s all he does is eat and sleeps. I see his heavier frame. He went from telling Nene, what to do , to taking orders and begging.

          • Zoe D.

            Greg is such a wuss! I can’t believe he admitted to getting up early everyday just to set out Nene’s slippers and drying her after her shower…WTF! That’s not sexy…that’s kinda creepy!!! Well …NeNe is his meal ticket. Nice to know she at least feeds him well.

          • SAMRA1116

            He’s the maid n personal assistant —why pay for it when you have a lapdog. LOL

        • bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! you give me life, yaaaaaaaaas hunty!

  • SAMRA1116

    No one wants too see the Peach and newbie Todd, who I believe is a get over..Everytime I hear him say Prenup and Kandi’s money, I laugh hard, its not your money, so just sign the papers..
    If you are truly getting married for Love.. Then its all her money—we all know that. Greg was the voice of reason, but now hes a whipped puppy. Apollo nasty ass is going back where he belongs. These jerks think a woman is on call for sex. Wake up this is a new generation of women. that work and have careers.

    • OMG Samra!! Gregg’s story about powdering Nene down almost me throw up in my mouth. Don’t nobody want to see moose with her hoofs in the air and mounted. Lawd Hammercy!!!!!!!!

      • RealitySuxx

        I’m not surprised…he’s a “retired” pimp. LOL

        • Ahahahahahaha!!! Thinking he the mac daddy of the bunch! #DryFart

      • SAMRA1116

        I know he’s a puppy dog. But I admit my husband runs my bath n have a freezing coke in a champagne glass. I do the same for him.
        We’ve did that thru I entire marriage.

        • Awwww…that’s sweet! 🙂 You have a good one there, Samra.

          • SAMRA1116

            Yes good but I still tell him off, whenever he does something silly.
            He likes jokes, and I ruin them. LOL

      • Zoe D.

        OMG…I forgot the powder!!! Now, I’m gonna have nightmares!

  • RealitySuxx

    I do not like Peter – and he will be SO INSUFFERABLE with these damn ratings …. **BUT** anything that gets under Nene’s skin works for me, LOL. I think Todd is a little too busy to commit to RHOA with all of his jobs – and keeping up with Kandi’s new ventures which will keep her more out of ATL than in..so I agree with Dr. Seuss … looks like it’s just Greg and Peter.

    Apollo, I hope will be in prison by the time anything comes to fruition for Papa Smurf.

    …also…I hope this doesn’t mean that all the other husband want a show!!!..but how funny is it that the men of ATL got better ratings that the other franchise shows!!

    I REALLY didn’t expect Husbands Revealed to get such high ratings.

    • Yup!! Peter is the male version of Nene. Insufferable. The other husbands will be lucky if their wives keep their jobs based on the poor ratings. I have a feeling a lot of shows won’t be back for another season. Most have ran their course.

  • Birdie11

    OK…GROSS! My DVR taped this and I couldn’t get past the first five minutes. The minute I saw them all puffed up, cackling like women on the couch, I couldn’t hit the DELETE button fast enough.

  • Zoe D.

    These men are such a joke…I mean really? First, I suggest they take an English class. I’m really getting tired of the English language being chewed up…stepped on and spit out like a bunch of hoodrats. All I get from this sit down was that Greg is NeNe’s personal slave, Peter is a pompous ass..(but I think we already knew that), Todd is in a world all his own….but a decent guy so far…and Apollo and Phaedra had marital problems long before Kenya was in the picture. I don’t think they need a show…they need jobs, and something spiritual…like church or a trip to Disneyland.

    • Birdie11

      PREACH about the hoodrat English!! UGHHH!!

      • Zoe D.

        I know…it’s so annoying. BTW…I meant ..”all I GOT from this sit down..” lol

        • Birdie11

          Technically you could have been watching the sit down as you were typing!! LOL

          • Zoe D.

            Right!!! lol

    • AMEN!!!!! Thank you!

  • SAMRA1116

    Well what little respect, I had for Cynthia is gone. She allows Peter to say n do whatever he wants. His man job is getting into women conversations. Ugh

    • Zoe D.

      Peter reminds me of my neighbor…lol All he does all day is sit on his porch, and gossip about everyone in the neighborhood. His wife’s in Bingo all day because she can’t stand him prying in peoples business. . But if you want to know whats going on..he has the gossip. But you didn’t hear that from me…lol Maybe they should give Peter a gossip column.

      • SAMRA1116

        It’s what old people do here, on the porch all day, except to eat. But ain’t shit to talk about. They already know your business. As my grandmother would say “you told someone and they told somebody else” keep your business to yourself. Tongue and teeth fall out, but you put it back. No one would know, if you keep your mouth like a church mouse. LOL

      • Ahahahaha! Oh Snap! You’re neighbor is probably Peter’s cousin.

  • SAMRA1116

    Peter with ” our woman” instead of women. He’s worst than Greg’s corny jokes.

  • SpringBreeze14

    This is hard to believe considering hardly NO ONE on my timeline or at my workplace was talking about this episode! How in the world did this get more ratings than the lost footage episode and Kenya’s one on one interview? I heard the show was boring and people tuned in for the lame Billboard Awards instead. This right here should be a great indication to Kenya Moore that she needs to move on from this show. I’m team Kenya but her WWHL interview didn’t do as good as this, Porsha’s, or Nene’s.

    • Si SB! I’m totally shocked by the numbers.

      • SpringBreeze14

        Hey chile! I am too because I didn’t think they had a big fanbase but apparently the hoodrats were here for Apollo and Todd…smh…these men are failures and losers…nothing I’d want to be married to.

      • SpringBreeze14

        I heard some talk about Kola Boof possibly joining that garbage too…they’ll probably HATE her too…I hear she’s known for bashing black men all day on Twitter. LOL

        • Really? Now that would be must-see TV. Wow!

          • SpringBreeze14

            LOL! I’ve heard so many rumors about that woman. I heard she was the mistress of Djimon Honsou and she was Osama Bin Laden’s mistress as well…she seems to put everyone on blast!

    • SouthTampaLily

      I watched part of it and was BORED TO DEATH.

      • Hi S-Tam!

        LMAO! Who are these 2 million+ people?

  • SpringBreeze14

    They already going in on Vivica on Celebrity Apprentice! Vivica is tweeting now about her phone being stolen…omg…this will be such a hot mess…I’m about scared to watch!

    • Oh oh! That dusty old heffa, Donald Trump, suuuuure in hell knows how to get viewers watching his show. SMH!

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